IU, Wilson agree to 6-year extension #iufb

Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson has agreed to a six-year contract extension, the school announced Monday evening.

The agreement runs through the 2021 season, paying Wilson $2.55 million per year — or $15.3 million over the course of the deal. That figure is nearly double the previous salary for Wilson, who had been making approximately $1.3 million per season.

Wilson just completed the fifth year on his original seven-year contract, guiding the Hoosiers to an appearance in December’s Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium. It was the program’s second bowl appearance during the last 22 years and its first since 2007. The coach has a five-year record of 20-41 at IU, but the program has showed incremental growth across each of those years.

Wilson built a nationally-recognized offensive line, headlined by first-team All-American selections Jason Spriggs at left tackle and Dan Feeney at right guard. Wilson has also built Indiana into an offensive heavyweight, helping his Hoosiers to 47 school records, including single-season points, total yardage, passing yardage and rushing yardage. Indiana led the Big Ten in total offense, scoring offense and passing offense, becoming the first team since Ohio State in 1995 to do so.

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass said shortly after the regular season ended that he hoped to sign Wilson to an extension and delivered on that goal Monday. The timing is particularly important with the next open recruiting period beginning later this week.

“This contract reflects our commitment to Kevin, to continuity, and to Indiana University Football,” Glass said in a statement. “Kevin has done a great job building our program into one that is competitive with the great teams of the Big Ten and the nation. We are confident that he will continue to lead us to sustained success on the field and in the classroom.”

On Wilson’s watch, 38 players have earned All-Big Ten honors, including a school-record 12 this year. Indiana won its final two games for the first time since 2001, its final two road games for the first time since 1982 and its final two games with both being on the road for the first time since 1946. IU had not won back-to-back Big Ten games since 2012, two Big Ten road games in the same year since 2001, back-to-back Big Ten road games since 1993 and three road games in a single season since 1994.

“Thank you to President McRobbie, the Board of Trustees, Mr. Glass and the entire athletics administration for their support,” Wilson said in a statement. “Coupled with an already solid foundation, this ensures stability as we continue to build a winning program in the Big Ten East, one of the great divisions in college football. The administration has shown a total commitment to our program development, continuity, staffing, recruiting and facilities, and has invested heavily in the development of and experience for our students. We are excited for the opportunity and embrace the challenge ahead. My family and I love Indiana and we are all proud Hoosiers. Go IU!”

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  1. Well, this pleases me very much. I hope and am confident it includes measures for the top assistant coaches.
    Hopefully this will be a springboard for even more improvement and upward mobility for the program.

    Kudos all around. I give Mr. Glass a ton of grief. Hats off and applause.

  2. Very nice. This is good for Indiana Football.

    For you folks of years past, Bill Mallory had to have received that last contract extension for a football coach. What year was that?

    Nice to see some continuity. We’ll get there.

  3. yes! This is the news I’ve been anxiously waiting to see! CKW has improved the quality of recruiting at IU and you can see the improvement in the quality of our players on the field as well. Congrats for getting this done AD Glass. Congrats to you, too, CKW! Well deserved.

  4. Excellent!! This was a well deserved extension and raise. Very happy to see this get done and an also excited for the future of IU Football….

    Go Hoosiers!!

  5. Where’s Vesuvius?

    Congrats to Wilson and the improving Hoosiers…Seems like a couple years more than necessary…..We did only win 2 conference games. I hope this isn’t too much football sugar in our coffee for some other darker justification….that will nail us to a ‘Until Death Do Us Part’ extension across the parking lot. I get uneasy when I see any 6-year extension at IU right now.

    I know every situation is different, but in the context of how NFL jobs are being lost, was this much job security necessary?

  6. Well deserved. I’m sure this deal includes salary increases for his staff. Completely necessary to retain/attract talented position coaches/coordinators. The deal is done, get out there and close the deal on the 2016 recruiting class. Go Hoosiers!!!

  7. Don’t mean to nit-pick, Mike, but isn’t it really a four year extension? I mean the deal is worth $15.3 million over six years, for an average of $2.55 million per year. But Wilson was already under contract for the next two years, so it sounds like Wilson got an immediate raise and that his contract was extended by four years. When I read the headline I thought IU had extended the contract by six additional year, for a total of eight years, which seemed crazy. But a four year extension makes sense.

    The money looks about right, but the duration is two years longer than I thought it would be. I’m interested to read about the details. How many years are guaranteed? Was Wilson’s pay increase effective immediately, or does it increase in increments?

    This news should be a big boost to recruiting.

  8. The IndyStar has an article that includes information on some of the assistant coaches pay increases

  9. Well deserved? I don’t disagree with the extension, however the size of the raise and the number of years on the contract are questionable.

    He’s won 8 Big Ten games in 5 years…One of the worst defenses in the country for the last 5 years…best year finished 6-7 and 2-6 in the Big Ten. Everyone praises the recruiting but the defense has shown no improvement (literally none, look at the numbers).

    Look he got to a bowl game but lets calm down the excitement. If he goes 5-7 this year does he get fired? Probably, well knowing Glass he probably doesn’t but a competent AD fires him after 5
    years of no bowling rather than a big extension. He walked a thin line and ended up on the right side of it.

  10. Tim and Harvard, my thoughts exactly. Cautiously optimistic here, but the celebratory tone of the Bill Lynch contract renewal built on a scant foundation of results rings all too clearly in my mind.

    The offensive achievements under Wilson are truly impressive. But they are equal in magnitude to the defensive deficiencies.

  11. I wonder, was he pressured into hiring a Mallory? Because that initial hire on the defensive side, plus CKW’s inexperience there, caused the dumpster fire on defense. Takes a long time to put those out.

  12. Beating Purdue saved his job… I just don’t understand this sort of loyalty to a coach when players they recruit often don’t show any. Unless you’re one of only a handful of programs that go two rosters deep with elite talent, I don’t understand the argument for stability. I think you have to be very inventive and leave your program in a position to be more the lurking shark than the dominant whale….A big name new coach can allow for striking quick.
    Jobs for most Americans show absolutely no loyalty. Most companies like turnover and fresh blood…People get burned out easily these days and change is sometimes good for everyone…Is long term dynasty building even possible anymore with so many dollars luring kids at the next level..? We see a lot of strange upsets and rankings seam to mean less and less…Look how MSU football got manhandled by Alabama? ND played Clemson tough as nails…Clemson is now battling Alabama with far more respectability than MSU…Does that make ND that much stronger than MSU? Sure makes it appear as no dynasty being built in East Lansing. I’m not sure if the Big 10(especially lower tier) has any team that should value long coaching contracts…

    I like Wilson. Hope he takes us higher and higher…But I’m just not sure if it all that job security is right for Indiana….Our programs have been pretty stagnant…and we need to adjust to the changes just as many recruits have no problem abandoning loyalty for their own short window of opportunity….Those few losses of big name players to early NFL dreams hurts our program far more than a place thick with quality depth….I think we sell Indiana short and maybe temper the fire in the belly when contracts are too long..

    It’s different animals….Indiana is a state very rich in hoops talent…Reloading under a new and exciting coach does not mean the hit to the program that most “protectionists” of the current state of contentment and just flirting with above average results would like to make many believe…. Football at Indiana is different…Stability and fighting for the gradual slope of improvement likely makes more sense…The brand is still nothing in the same world as IU basketball(..Attendance and media coverage alone makes hoops at IU much more attractive to big stage recruits…Add in the rich heritage in the state and a new face at McCracken is hardly a bump in the road….And when considering Crean’s X’s and O’s deficiencies, It’s likely a much faster lane of pavement to deep runs in March….

    Hoosier Basketball can be the fast attacking Great White….Maybe football needs to grow more from baby Beluga…to big Beluga momma….and because our Hoosier Football by mere necessity needs longer arms in recruiting with so many close top programs(MSU, ND, OSU, Michigan), it’s better to play it safe and be a bit more of the protectionist a coach that seems to show steady improvement.

    And as Podunker is correct and this is really more of a 4-year extension, that seems about right… But this is a far different age in hoops..Long extension are not necessary at McCracken. As Geoff has alluded to many times, outside of a few names that are getting very settled at their gigs, there are dozens of top coaches that would jump at a chance to be head coach of the candy stripes. And I’m not even sure if the settled guys still wouldn’t give it very serious consideration…We’d be just as quickly ‘dancing’ to new streets..

  13. Even though the $ are little higher than I anticipated this is just about the contract description I was looking for. Old 7 year deal is now nullified and the new 6 year deal goes into effect immediately. Looks as though coaches GF, KJ and DM all got some kind of raise in 2015. No doubt all 3 are going to again get a little more soon. Wilson is at the national coaches convention as we speak. As the grapevine works everyone there now knows of his new found security in Bloomington. No doubt the timing is right if he has his mind set on replacing any staff it will be wheeling and dealing time in San Antonio. Also should firm up recruiting targets IU wants. Very good job AD Glass.

  14. Just one more thought on this and then I’ll let the true football experts….make of this as they will.

    Generally, a lower tier December bowl game is a very low bar/standard to gauge improvement….Though Wilson’s record barely met that low standard, my watching of the product this season told me differently with the easily clearing of he bar with the talent Wilson is bringing in….Our level of talent could have likely been very competitive is some much higher tier/higher notoriety bowls….There may still be some questions on the defense, but they showed some pretty damn good fight in many games that went undecided until final drives…

    It would have been tragic to fire Wilson for not making a bowl ….He has moved the bar up higher for Indiana Football….and this was not the same product of some Hoosier teams long ago that had lower tier talent = lower tier bowl. The schedule was brutal this year…Our BIG division is very tough…And this season’s match-ups were with few breaks between some of the best from the conference. The record was not indicative of the slope of improvement…The squeaking into a bowl was not indicative of a mediocre team with breaks and overachievers backing their way in. This is different improvement though same results on surface…

    We could be playing in much bigger bowls very soon. This is more the dam ready to break for us rather than against us. Does any of that make sense?

  15. While a 6-7 record on its face might not scream “extension”, don’t forget that IU was competitive in every game except MSU. That is a huge improvement from 3 or 4 years ago. I am now ready for reponses about “moral victories don’t count”…

  16. An additional 4 years, a hefty raise for Coach and key members of his staff as Podunker #8 opined is just about right. Indiana is not a good and a solid program, yet. However, IU could get there soon with our own brand of very interesting and entertaining football. Now we need some studs (4 star and above) recruits on D! Go get them Coach Wilson!

  17. Responding to #17 & #18. Harvard, it makes sense to me. The talent on IU offense is as good as anyone in the BTen, IU defense could have been good but the defensive secondary was decimated due to transfer, arrest/dismisal, & injury. Had that not occurred, IU defense might have been good enough to win 2-3 more games. KH, I don’t like moral victories, but with iu football sometimes moral victories were all we had to look forward to. I don’t believe that is the case anymore. The talent pool at IU is vastly improved. We need a little bit of luck here and there, but all in all I believe we are on the cusp of great things in the next year or so. Continuing to attract & develop talent and depth will pay dividends. Can’t wait for start of spring ball & next season. Go IU football!

  18. If the coach can continue the direction the program is going this will prove to be a very good move. Remember this, if the program continues to improve this will only be the first step. Retention of a coach who can win at Indiana will be a continual effort requiring more and more put in to keep him. If he can move Indiana into the national football discussion he will be the hottest coaching property in the country. Recommend you look at the salaries paid to the head coaches in the SEC. Even with this raise, Wilson would be at the bottom of salaries in the SEC. It will be difficult to compete should a traditional football power down on it’s luck come calling. Fortunately if Wilson can deliver, IU does have a couple of trump cards it can play which most of the programs which could possibly draw him away cannot, if they are willing to use them.

  19. I’m certainly not the oldest apple in the barrel but I’ve been watching IU football since 1966. I’ve watched a lot of really bad football. Under Coach Wilson, IU has gone from getting drilled by OSU and Michigan and MSU 55-3 to having a chance to win in the last minutes. So I’m thinking “Big Picture”. What does it take to make IU a winner in football? Well, in almost 100 YEARS they’ve been everyone’s flunky. I loved Coach Mal, but during “IU’s golden days” in the late 80’s and early 90’s the Big Ten was as awful as it is good now. Throw in a not so tough pre conference schedule and a favorable bowl game and you’ve got 8 wins.

    Coach Mal was “old school” and he didn’t adapt very quickly to changes in the game. His loyalty cost him his job when people who’s names I refuse to utter canned him. Those people wanted to “fundamentally change IU athletics” and did so. We’re all still fighting out of their hole. Note: Funny what happens when people want to “fundamentally change things”. It rarely gets better. But I digress.

    Coach Wilson came to IU with big ideas and had never been a coach. It’s been a long haul. His in game coaching has changed over time. His recruiting has gone from “who can we get?” to actually signing kids who have had other big time offers. He rolled the dice with JUCO defenders early and they didn’t pan out. His defense is finally made up with kids who are legit D-1 players. But in a division that features OSU, MSU, Mich, PSU etc… Having a guy who came down to Iowa State and you is not necessarily better than the guy at those schools. So building a defense to augment that offense takes time. It appears that IU realizes it’s easier to find 3 Big Ten defensive linemen than it is 4 at IU. So they have moved from a 4-3 to a 3-4. But their personnel didn’t really fit the change. So they are adapting the defense to their personnel. The kids they are recruiting now fit that more than the kids they have. But the transfers, suspensions, and injuries have killed continuity in the secondary.

    Coach Wilson has changed the culture at IU. He’s improved the recruiting. He’s improved the product on the field. IU isn’t a school that can just plug someone in and succeed. I’m pleased with the extension and hope it’s a starting point.

  20. I just hope that KW’s raise and extension will translate into a consistently competitive product on the field. If that happens then he will have made history. Still not sold on him, but willing to give him a passing grade for now.

  21. This reminds me of an employee who is doing just enough to save his job that as two kids in college and the spouse just got laid off. Deep down you know you can do better but letting the person go would look horrific to fellow employees and community. So you just plug along with what you have. I understand the improvement, I also understand there has not been a winning season. Wilson’s teams seem to have an uncanny ability to play to the competition, doesn’t matter is the competition is good, great or bad. Tough call, glad I did not have to make it. Would probably be looking for a coach.

  22. @Chuck

    IU fans have been saying “we can do better for 25 years.” It’s time to shut up and let a guy coach. And it’s obvious how much more competitive we are now.

  23. Well, our football team did bitch-slap Purdue in West Lafayette without our top running back. It didn’t even really appear that PU belonged on the same field with our Hoosiers….

    What did our basketball program do to Purdue last season at home and away? What did our basketball team do in the 8 final games of the regular season last year? What was the result of our final 3 home games last season?

    What is the “tough call” with a coach that’s been grossly overpaid for 8 years and fading into the ‘Oblivion Sea’ since Cody Zeller left town? What does “Because it’s Indiana” and “Hoosier Rising” and “We’re Back!” mean in that sort of apologist world of indifference at a place one of the best teachers in the game once reigned? If “we’re back” at McCracken then we’re the sorta dazed extras back for another take in our own zombie movie….Any game won on our home floor is now treated like a national championship. Those multiple national championships won against “GREAT” teams in January are the icing on the cake of games we blow a chance to win in a NCAA 2nd round “because” our bench can’t coach guys to stop a clock with foul…? What choice do we have but to make every win against a depleted BIG team on our home court be celebrated as if “we’re back” from something….? Yes, “we’re back” again…..”Back” waiting for Purdue to whoop us at home in a few weeks…”Back” waiting for another choke job in the NCAA tournament when we’ve lost our fire “because” of too many defeatist celebrations for wins at McCracken that were once viewed walks in the park. But back to those “tough” decisions….

    Giving Wilson what really amounts to 4 more years was more than necessary to counter the “tough” acceptance of drowning in the inadequacies of defeatists celebrations next door at McCracken. Did we raise a banner for our basketball Hoosiers finishing LAST in the Big 10 Conference in TEAM defense? I hear a lot about the “defense” Wilson is struggling with…? What can an 8-year coach teach to a last place defensive team that hasn’t been covered before?

    With regard to contract extension details: There should be clauses in contract extensions to return 1-year paid salary and remove any future guarantees on the number of years remaining on an extension when a “TEAM” falls into any LAST PLACE category. But let’s raise a banner because we played ONE game with without our usual 20 turnovers and some semblance of defense on McCracken in early January against a depleted OSU team.

    I don’t now how Glass makes his “tough” decisions at Memorial, but I sure as hell know how the “easy” decision is being “easily” avoided at McCracken.

  24. If you finished in LAST place amongst 13 other coworkers at providing one of the most important measures of competency and progress within your department, would you be keeping your job? Hell yes you would!

    And what if you were in your 8th year of above said job and the only decent couple years of progress/better numbers in your department is when they assigned you this “everything hinges” 2-yr. temp secretary that left for a different job like a bat out of hell? She did have wonderfully long sexy legs…They whisper behind your back that without “Charlotte Washington,” you’d have probably lost your job four years ago. Since Charlotte’s leaving, they also whisper around the water cooler that the only positive “Movement” in your numbers has been left to the bathroom stall. But somehow you keep selling the boss on those 2-years you had her legs and strong influence working until the McCracken of dawn……

  25. Congrats Coach Wilson on your new contract. I”m delighted you have another six years to resurrect IU’s football program and make it a solid program unlike we haven’t seen in years.

  26. Charlotte Washington…? Love it. Now there’s a screen name! I will sell it in the form of exchange for a $25.00 gift certificate to Trojan Horse.

  27. I don’t think Kevin Wilson is the perfect coach. The perfect coach wouldn’t take the Indiana job 5 years ago.

    Wilson has shown the ability to grow as a coach and get better. He’s a much different guy than the one that started on day one. It also shows in terms of his coaching staff continuity as well.

    Indiana football hasn’t finished laying its foundation yet. Wilson isn’t perfect, but he’s the right guy for us. I’m truly hopeful for the future and feel football is in a better place than it had been at any point since I arrived on campus in ’95.

  28. Thomas Quino laid a foundation. She found a new job at New Brunswick Aggregate(NBA)…

  29. Mike,can you post the salaries of the other Big Ten Football coaches for everyone to have a benchmark to compare Coach Wilson’s contract?

  30. As we approach the middle of basketball season there are 34 posts so far on this football article instead of three or four as in the past. Some are uncertain of the wisdom of the new contract but it seems that 90% + are favorable and I think that is significant in signaling an understanding of what it will take long term at IU. As pointed out by another commenter, the dismissal of Coach Mallory by people (primarily one person who felt we “needed to take the program to a higher level”) set the program back in my own view more than any other bad decision in the last 60 years. Keep your perspective here as OSU and Michigan etc, will continue to be the big dogs in football as we once were in basketball, but let us hope that Mr. Wilson gets this defense to a point they are a big part of the wins instead of the prime reason for the losses. I think he will.

  31. KH, the “competitive in all games” argument doesn’t really matter if you can never win one of them, any of them. Bill Lynch had seasons where his teams played close games. The point is that good teams have breakthroughs. When was the last frickin’ time that IU beat a conference heavyweight? They say that even blind squirrels find the occasional nut, but IU disproves that saying… the long-running conference ineptitude is baffling and seems to defy the law of averages.

    Even so, at this point, I think I understand the case for the extension. It’s probably a lower-risk move to roll the dice and trust that KW’s increasingly gaudy offensive prowess, the promise of program stability an extension brings, and the trickle of momentum from the bowl appearance will lead to bigger and better things.

  32. Tom, In those close games no teams in the last couple of years played down to IU. I always felt when Lynch had a close game(which I think there were 2)it was because the opponent did not take the competition seriously. He had way more blowouts than close games. Also the competition is stating much different challenges of what IU offers in competition both pre/post game. And the last time IU beat a conference heavyweight, the heavyweight was in some less positive times as compared to now. The future of this program is in the best position it has been in since ’67’-’68’. Damn near 50 years and I go back even farther than that to recognize I can boast that claim. I will be attending 2-3 games this next year to see if the buzz grows.


  33. Clarion, I’m thinking back to Lynch’s 2009 team being the most painful “close but no cigar” year. The close losses against good teams were @ #23 Michigan (33-36), @ Northwestern (28-29), @Iowa (24-42) (We were pounding them into the second half in that one, I remember, before a terrible collapse), Wisconsin (28-31), and @ #17 PSU (20-31).

    Every one of those losses that year, if I recall, featured a promising second half lead undone by timid play calling and “wilt under pressure” execution. There was NFL talent on those Hoosier teams, too; it’s not as if it was Verdell Jones, Bobby Capobianco, Bawa and Jobe out there.

    I hope you are right about the current direction. I always enjoy your optimistic posts, which are backed up by good data. By the same token, I am skeptical of optimism in too large and too frequent doses; it begins to smell of delusion.

  34. I could be wrong, but didn’t the BIG divisions somewhat realign since Lynch’s tenure? And even if Lynch’s tenure was partially in the post-realignment phase, did he ever have anything approaching OSU, @ Penn State, @Mich St., Iowa, Michigan in the course of 6 weeks? Only Rutgers was tucked into that brutal stretch. OSU, MSU, and Iowa were all in contention for the top-4 college playoff late in the season.

    We could quibble over possibly one or two years too many on this extension, but that schedule was as brutal as it gets…..They didn’t pack it in after such brutality…They continued to fight and bitch-slapped PU in W. Lafayette with Purrrrrdon’t poised to play bowl spoiler.

    Those that watched the games(are outstanding running backs and quality QB) are seeing momentum shift…..I’m not sure if Wilson will be the next Bobby Knight for Memorial, but there is certainly something about this guy that emits “winner” mentality….Lynch tossed his chewing gum and looked the part of the old “defeated” regimes of anger and victim act. Wilson is not only a huge upgrade in Memorial…He’s a refreshing breath of fresh air compared to what we get over at Assembly. He is accountable. I never get the feeling that he’s responding to reporters in a protected or snidely manner. And he has never blamed any poor results of this day on the shoulders of how indifferent our attitudes and failures of the past. He is truly a renaissance man for Hoosier Football. He has no problem being forthright, confident, and comfortable in his own skin. To have fired him would have been tragic. He is the only thing that gives IU Sports any current validation on its own right. This is not a carnival salesman that the Establishment was gleeful to find land like a blob of stagnancy on McCracken. At least Wilson is genuine. And if he miserably fails in this football experiment, he won’t look for our decades of decrepit halfhearted pigskin priorities(or any other make-believe villains/ghosts) as an excuse.

  35. Get in my belly, ‘Paula Plantation’ fried chicken!

  36. Yes Tom, correct, but those are the playing down to games done regularly in the past by opponents I hinted above. Nobody respected IU under Lynch. He did build a decent organization throughout his staff but on the field never could get over the hump. Wilson has. And another reason he has is Glass keeping proper emphasis on FB. As I stated I see no one playing down to IU in the last 3 seasons with the exception of Mizzou. They clearly left their best in the locker room for the 2nd half.

  37. @Tom

    You are giving too much credit to the 2009 season

    For one you ignore the OSU, Virginia (3-9), and Purdue (4-8) games where IU was down 2+ TDs before half – that didn’t happen once this year.

    Michigan was actually pretty bad that year, yes they were 23rd when we played, but they went on to lose their last 7 conference games.

    And IU wasn’t really competitive against PSU. IU score a garbage time TD to make the score somewhat respectable.

    And if you’re going to give the 2009 team credit for being competitive for the first 3 quarters against Iowa, then IU was “close” against MSU.

    In 2009, IU won or had the ball with a chance to win/tie in the closing minutes in ONLY 6 of their games that year, and kept it close in another but never had the ball with a chance to win (Wisconsin), and were never really competitive in 3 games

    This year, IU won or had the chance to win in 9 games in closing minutes, were close but didn’t have the ball to win/tie in one (Iowa), and managed to hang around through the first 3 quarters in the other 2 games.

  38. Dakich was echoing exactly what Seahawk was saying on this thread…It’s almost as if Seahawk was a streaming stenographer for 1070 The Fan…..Husky/Seahawk must be a fan of Dan.

    Dakich is never right. He was burned and passed over after the Kelvin witch hunt…Since, Dan only has bridges to burn when the subject is IU. Any agenda of Dan Dakich is anti-IU…I would thus beware of any opinion of someone in love with the Pac 12. East Coast.Establishment agenda..West Coast.Establishment.agenda…..Dan’s Inferiority Complex festering into his anti-IU agenda? It’s all the same garbage….There being on the same side of the fence easily explains supporting Crean and the undermining of improvement found in the genuineness now taking root at Memorial….

    Washington State fan

  39. Tom,

    This year, Indiana played a schedule that was leaps and bounds harder than anything they’ve played in a quarter century.

    4 of the 8 B1G teams we played were ranked in the top 15, with three in the top 10. The rankings of the teams they played at the time they played was #1 (OSU), #7 (MSU), #9 (Iowa) and #14 (Michigan). Western Kentucky was unranked, but they finished the season with only 2 losses, to us and LSU in Death Valley, and finished ranked #24.

    The Rutgers game was inexcusable.

    Sudfeld & Howard going down against PSU was a huge blow to us, too. Could have won that game with at least one of those guys healthy.

    I, too, am exhausted by close-enough, but not enough to get over the hump, too. But our schedule this year was pretty brutal. Don’t think it is totally fair to compare versus Lynch. The caliber of players and their development is much better, too. We’re still a pretty young team, especially in the secondary where we had our biggest issues this year. Next year will certainly be interesting.

  40. Glass really had no choice but to try to extend Wilson’s contract with a big pay increase. On paper, his options were, 1) do nothing, 2) extend Wilson’s contract, and 3) fire Wilson and hire a new coach. Doing nothing made Wilson a lame duck, risked making him mad and almost assuring his resignation next year, which would have devastated recruiting and setting the program back by years. Firing Wilson was almost impossible, because a) the bowl, b) the contract buyout (wasting cash), c) devastate recruiting for years, and d) cost to hire an experienced/proven coach. You can make the argument that if IU fired Wilson, they’d have spent the same or more money to attract someone who had the pedigree to replace Wilson. So, unless IU was willing to go back to an unproven OC or DC without any head-coaching experience, they would have spent at least $2.55 million per year to attract a proven coach with head coaching experience. The key hint to Glass used to justify this decision was his use of the word “continuity.” In other words, better “the devil you know, than the devil you don’t know.” Continuity equals less risk, financial and otherwise, and Glass is, by training, a risk-averse “manager.” Glass is NOT a bold, risk-taking “leader.” Under the circumstances, I believe Glass and IU made the right call and selected the best available option for IU. And I think the combination of money and contract duration was ideal. I think Glass did very good on this deal, but only time will tell.

  41. Having said all of the above, and acknowledging that Glass and IU have done their part, it’s now time for The Hoosier Nation to do our part. Which simply means, GO TO THE GAMES! Buy tickets, fill Memorial Stadium, stop leaving at half time, and make some noise while while you’re in the stadium. It’s not difficult, and IU plays an exciting brand of football. Next year’s offense has potential to be just as productive as last year’s offense was, and the defense may be slightly better (maybe, kind of, hopefully). Filling Memorial Stadium with excited, cheering IU fans (as opposed to the opponent’s fans) will help improve the team’s performance on the field. And it will definitely help Wilson and staff be more effective in recruiting better players. No more excuses, folks. Glass has done his part. From now on, The Hoosier nation will get the football program we deserve.

  42. We fill Assembly…Who da hell is deserving Crean upon our nation? There is no correlation between butts there and what we deserve.

    Fill Memorial and empty McCracken would function as the best “deserve” equation…..McCracken is basically an old folks home for hippies having nothing better to do……Nothing of the energy that used to be in the place.

    I would also make it a goal for 2016 football season to remove the kids end zone play-zone (Knots Landing Park..?… or whatever the hell it’s called) from Memorial…No football team can stand legit when it serves as part daycare facility, part pancake house, …part drunken parking lot…part sparkler show…and part reunion theater for the next halftime honoring some b-baller form the 70’s featured for a Hall-of-Fame induction in hopes of Bobby showing up. But, most importantly, get rid of the playground….I have yet to see a big time football program or big time bowl game with anything approaching that level of quaint homey defeatism. Football is a “killers” mentality game. Didn’t anyone watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincy Bengals? Did you see the cameras continually panning over to the Kids Zone to watch ‘Little Danny’ throw ‘Little sister Cindy’ a cute little pass from the jungle gym for a mini touchdown?

  43. Placing a playground in a football stadium end zone area = Serving limp fries. It symbolizes soft, no stiff defense, with no ketchup spewed onto the field …It’s service with a smile with a “I don’t care attitude.” We play friendly, no contact, football that is safe for the little kiddies to emulate and witness. Limp fries, indeed.
    Our opponents enter Memorial wondering which intimidating team they’re going to face; the one in Knots Landing.PlayZone Park warming up just outside the end zone…or the one with the 150 lb. 9th-grade QB from Venice Beach playing for twitter pictures to send mommy and daddy..

  44. After been frozen out for a couple of days and visiting my mom as she recovers from a hip replacement surgery, I finally found my way back. It was great news to see that IU is not trying to move IU football up past the lower level teams in the Big Ten. This contract is a good one for IU football coaches but it is even better for IU football. No longer are football teams the little brother of IU athletics.

    I hope coach can keep the improvements coming and 2016 is better than 2015 was. Coaches have their work cut out for them with the # of players moving on to the NFL but they have recruited players to fill weak spots on the team.

  45. The best news about Coach’s pay increase is IU now appears to be wiling to put IU football on a competitive level. I hope Coach Wilson is the coach of the future but he needs to move IU football forward from here. If he can’t get the job done then this increase will allow IU to compete for better football coaches in the future. At least we aren’t still in the era where basketball coaches made the money and football coaches got paid very little compared to other football coaches.

  46. Harvard, I agree wholeheartedly with your comments #17 & 39. CKW is building an honest to goodness football program at IU. We haven’t seen that in a LONG time.

  47. Yeah, I sorta did an about-face…..I like Wilson, but I fear that this extension will be used as propaganda to give the same to a very poor coach across the parking lot. I’m not sure if that is worth the cost.

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