IUWBB: Hoosiers fall to Minnesota, 78-76

Indiana had its chances to win a Big Ten road game but couldn’t capitalize on its opportunities Sunday, falling to Minnesota 78-76 at Williams Arena.

Jenn Anderson, with a chance to tie, missed a shot from close range with five seconds left. Just as disappointing to the Hoosiers had to be Minnesota’s offensive rebound following two missed free throws by Annalese Lamke with four seconds remaining.

IU (10-8, 2-4 Big Ten) led the Golden Gophers after one quarter, 21-16. But Minnesota (11-6, 3-3 Big Ten) hit 12-of-15 shots in the second period to take a 43-38 lead into halftime.

Each team scored 20 points in the third quarter, and Minnesota led 73-67 with less than three minutes left in the contest. Amanda Cahill, who sat much of the first half with foul trouble, scored 12 of her 14 points after halftime, including a 3 to cut the Hoosiers’ deficit in half, 73-70, with 3:39 left in the fourth quarter.

Another basket by Cahill brought IU within one point, 73-72, with 2:16 remaining.

Karlee McBride, in her second career start, hit her only field goal of the afternoon to put Indiana up 76-75 with 38 seconds left. But Minnesota’s Mikayla Bailey knocked down a 3 to put the Gophers back on top with 24 seconds to go in the final period.

Minnesota’s Rachel Banham led all scorers with 24 points, along with nine rebounds. Tyra Buss led IU with 17 points, eight assists and five rebounds. Anderson finished with 14 points and six boards, while Kym Royster contributed 17 points and eight boards off the bench.


  1. Very evenly matched game today. Disappointed with the end result obviously but we had a shot to tie at the end… Missing that close shot and the key rebound were extremely disappointing.

    Still extremely optimistic with the level of effort these women have put forth so far this season. Keep working hard ladies. Don’t dwell on this one too long. Learn from your mistakes and get ready for Wednesday night.

    Go Hoosiers!

  2. Really tough loss on the road, a game which was there for the taking if we could have grabbed a couple of clutch rebounds. Although the rebounding was almost even (39-35 Minnesota), we gave up 4 key offensive rebounds in the 4th quarter which really hurt us with the key rebound being on a missed Minnesota free throw with 4 seconds to go and us being down 2 points. We did a much better job defensively on Banham in the second half after she scored 20 points in the first half. We had some real bright spots in this game, Buss lead us with 17 points, 5 rebounds and 8 assists. Anderson and Cahill both had 14 points and 6 and 7 rebounds respectively. What was really great to see was Kym Roster scoring 17 points and grabbing 8 rebounds, both career highs. Both team’s stats were almost even for the game, they had 17 turnovers and we had 15 but, they scored 16 points off of our turnovers which hurt us. One other thing that hurt us was only hitting 4 of 17 from the three point line. Alexis Gassion only scored 4 points today which hurt us, we really need her scoring to make us a more diverse team offensively. It quite obviously is really tough to win on the road in this conference, This game was there for the taking but, we just couldn’t get it done because of our failure to do a couple of little things like grabbing those 4 rebounds in the 4th quarter. We now have Illinois Wednesday night in our place. Lets get out and help these girls come back from this disappointing loss. Go Hoosiers!!

  3. I wonder what’s going on? It’s been 24 hours and so far no doom and gloomers on here berating the team and coaches? Hmmm, very strange indeed…..

  4. I know you miss me when I’m gone mike! I’m waiting to see this next game before I make any judgment. I did see that Royster had a decent game finally! Walter has dropped out of the lineup again too. Like I said..this year’s agler

  5. The bully has no one to bully. No one needs to say anything. We have you. The know-it-all.

  6. Well Nathan, the so called’ bully” makes every effort to attend every game he can on the road and at home (although he will not go to Purdue) and loves to express his opinion just like you do. The “bully” has been a season ticket holder for around 25 years or more and drives 200 miles round trip for each home game because he LOVES IU women’s basketball. The “bully” sits in his seat at every game and loves to talk IU sports with those around him. He treats every game as an event and tries to support the team and coaches as positively as possible. He finds it sad that there is negative comment directed towards the girls and the coaching staff when all he sees is a team that plays as hard as possible and sometimes are unable to overcome an opposing team that is more talented than they are. These kids work and play as hard as they can and deserve our positive support. When this team wins, he does not make excuse as to why they won, he simply applauds their effort and accomplishments. When they lose, he tries to give his opinion on the reason why whether others agree with him or not? The “bully” played basketball most of his life until he was 49 and also coached girls at the high school level. He does have an understanding of the game. One thing you can be certain of Nathan, there are many people on this site that appreciate my comments and have expressed that on occasion. They, like myself are true IU women’s fans, they do not criticize our team or the coaches and constantly comment on their love for the team! This is what true “fans” do. Go Hoosiers!!

  7. Tough to win on the road. Royster has a nice game. Good to see. 12 games left. Majority of them are at home and majority are winnable. seven or eight average teams in the middle of the pack we can get on a roll. wish Coach Moren would show a little more class in the post game comments after a loss. Saying we are not big enough 4 athletic enough just you the girls excuses to think they’re not good enough. Royster has a good game and she admonishes her for not Being consistent enough. Build her up don’t tear her down. By the way does anyone know how the girls who left last year are doing? Those were some good kids

  8. Mike C – I admire your dedication and look forward to the game reviews you provide. both the good and the bad. Thanks.

  9. Same here, MikeC. I enjoy your knowledgeable game recaps. You are certainly the most avid fan of IUWBB on the Scoop.

  10. Ditto…to MikeC

    Sad news today ..A lot of memories of buzzing around the streets of Chesterton in my Firebird. .One of my favorite tunes from high school days.. and, especially, the nights. I know Chet was a big fan too.

    Kelvin vs. Larry Brown tonight!

  11. Mike . This is about the 4th time I’ve read your resume. I am certain you are a good fan who has basketball knowledge. I also have played and coached for the last 40 years. Lots of people post things on here I don’t agree with but I don’t feel its necessary for me to rebut everything. People’s opinions are based on what they know. Obviously some people have information you don’t. Hoosierfanfan, I think you are spot on saying Jess is this year’s Agler. My sources say jess is in the morens doghouse for undisclosed reasons.

  12. MikeC, I float my boat with the other fellows. Even though I do not follow regularly the girls program I come on here to read your analysis and thoughts to keep in some kinda touch. Because you are so embedded following the program you have a perspective I appreciate. I get from your posts the program is going in the right direction.

  13. Jess Walter is not yet playing at the same level she did in her freshman year. She seems to be a split second off in making her decisions. Physically, she seems to be recovered from her early concussion. Mentally(the hard part), not quite there yet. She should show improvement as the season progresses. She was one of the bright spots on last years team and fun watching. I am definitely pulling for her.

  14. Nathan I enjoy your input as well as Mike C’s. Keep it up. If you are who I think you are I know you know what you’re talking about. The fact that you don’t always agree with what’s going on doesn’t make you any less of a fan. How about the men’s team and Coach Crean

  15. Hoosier fan, Laryn tore her acl and recovering. Liz was told by NCAA she couldn’t play for anybody but Indiana so she works in INDY. Taylor and Maura are sitting out at Ohio and Belmont respectively. Girls dont seem to know about Victoria as she disappeared during preseason after she was kicked out of conditioning session for being late. Miss all of them. Thanks for asking. You are a hoosier fan.

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