IUWBB: Indiana slips by Illinois, 68-66

Indiana survived Illinois Wednesday at Assembly Hall, holding on for a 68-66 win over the Illini.

Karlee McBride hit a 3 with 1:16 remaining to give the Hoosiers a 67-66 leads. Following a defensive stop, Tyra Buss made one of two free throws to boost IU’s lead to a field goal. Following a missed layup by Amanda Cahill, the Hoosiers were able to get a defensive stop on a last-second layup attempt by Brooke Kissinger with time expiring.

McBride and Cahill led the Hoosiers with 16 points. Tyra Buss was 2-of-13 from the field, but finished with 11 points thanks to 7-of-10 shooting from the free throw line. Jenn Anderson added 10.

IU (11-8, 3-4 Big Ten) trailed 62-51 following a steal and a layup by Kissinger with 7:11 left in the final period. But the Hoosiers went on a 9-2 run, caped by a layup from Alexis Gassion to cut it to 64-60 with 3:34 left. A layup by Cahill cut it to 66-64, and McBride’s 3 gave the Hoosiers its first lead since 3:00 remaining in the second quarter.

Kyley Simmons led the Illini (8-10, 1-6 Big Ten) with 16 points, including 4-of-6 from 3. Four other Illinois players finished in double figures.


  1. It was a very ugly game to say the least. We played very poorly throughout most of the game but, with 7 minutes to go in the 4th quarter and behind by 11 points the defense finally began to make stops and we got back in it. Karlee McBride’s 3 pointer with 1:16 to go finally gave us the lead that we maintained until the end. We just weren’t sharp for most of the game, turnovers, poor defense and giving up offensive rebounds plagued us until we turned it around in the 4th quarter. Amanda Cahill and McBride played very well both scoring 16 points. Jenn Anderson continued her recent consistent play with 10 points and 6 rebounds along with good inside defense. The really great thing in this game was a much needed 8 points and 2 assists from Jess Walter who hit 3 shots, two of which were 3 pointers. Illinois did a great defensive job on Tyra Buss holding her to a hard earned 11 points although she lead the team with 6 assists. Illinois constantly frustrated Buss at the basket blocking several of her shots but, she constantly continued to drive to the basket finally drawing fouls late in the game. The real positive in this game was as poorly as we played, we found a way late in the contest to come from behind and never quit in what was a very gritty performance. The girls never got down on themselves, and gutted it out for the win. This is the 5th game this year that we have come from behind late in the 4th quarter to gain a victory. I very much doubt that last year’s team would have been able to accomplish this feat? Although we had again, a disappointing crowd of only 2,200, the girls said in the postgame press conference that the loudness of the crowd when IU was making their late comeback was instrumental in their effort. We held Illinois scoreless over the last 3 minutes of the game, very impressive! We will have a very tough game Sunday in Chicago against Northwestern who last week beat # 5 ranked Ohio St.in the Wildcats place. Go Hoosiers!!

  2. Goodness, this was an ugly win for sure but it’s a win nonetheless. The whole team was playing flat and was seemingly despondent, however, they responded with the crowd and took over the game late in the fourth for the victory. I agree, the crowd was small but the weather most certainly played a part. Let’s hope next week’s game will have more supporters because these girls have been playing hard-nosed basketball and it’s extremely fun to watch.

    Go Hoosiers!

  3. A scrappy effort that was poorly officiated. The ladies showed grit, guts & gumption and stayed focused when things were not going their way. As a fan in the seats it made for an exciting finish and a hoarse voice. I think Herb Brooks said it best : “I’m not looking for all the best players, I’m looking for the right ones.”
    Well done lady Hoosiers!

  4. Northwestern has lost four of their last five. Should be no problem. We can take those same refs we had against Illinois. I like them. Is something wrong with Towner. I love her hustle but she has not played lately. The coach preaches defense in town or is one of our best

  5. Yes, it was an ugly game for 3 1/2 quarters from IU’s perspective. When IU went into their full court press; we picked up our defensive intensity, the crowd got excited and loud, and our defense became quicker and more intense. The IU women should feel good(but not satisfied) about gritting this one into the W column.

    Jess Walter appears to be getting her mojo back. I think she is about to have a breakout game. Karlee M. starts because she provides more offense as of right now. She is an excellent 3 point shooter and a good driver of the ball.

    Our refs last night consisted 2 men and a woman. I told my wife to prepare for a poorly refereed game and thus it seemed to be the correct read. When we have 3 women refs, it seems to better a refereed game. Yes, this is coming from a man.

  6. Irish, I watched the game when Northwestern beat Ohio St. last week. Even though they have lost 4 of their last 5, they are truly capable of beating us at home. They are a talented team. They are very athletic and long. This will be a very tough game for us, trust me. We are certainly capable of winning in Evanston but, life on the road in the Big10 is incredibly tough, just ask # 5 ranked Ohio St?

  7. I sat behind the bench…Buss was freaking hammered every time she drove to the basket by multiple players. She was beaten up and had nothing left at the end. I felt for the kid…that’s how catastrophic injuries happen. Piss poor refs…but what’s new these days. Crowd came alive and they pulled it out. A little disconnect between coach and an assistant about who was going in for defensive purposes at the end. This team plays so hard, love it!

  8. I think we can beat Northwestern if we use our dribble drive offense like we do it home. They have lost four out of their last five games. I think Mike C is right we are so much better this year since we got rid of all those troublemakers from last year. We when it have Beaton Illinois last year. I am just learning the game but I think we should have Tyra drivin and fall down every time. Let the other girls defend and rebound. Also follow her on Twitter she loves her coach and teammates. Chemistry is so much better

  9. Troublemakers from last year? Like who?? Hahahaha don’t make me laugh. The thief and the liar are both still on the team! I just hope they realize what happens in darkness is exposed in the light! I just need to drink mikeC’s positivity kool-aid and just pretend everything is hunky dory!

  10. Irish, at no time did I say we were better BECAUSE we got rid of trouble makers, don’t know where you got that? I at no time have ever accused the players that transferred as trouble makers? The girls that transferred were either upset with the coaching philosophy or lack of playing time. This is what happens all across college basketball every year. I never heard of any of the girls that transferred causing any problems for the program. And as usual, more negativity from Hoosierfan. I am really trying to remember the last and probably only time Hoosierfan has ever said anything positive about the women’s program? He is like the “grim reaper” hovering over our program. Although according to Hoosierfan, apparently things aren’t “hunky dory” but, here’s what I know, this team plays very well together and they play very hard! This is something you can’t say about other teams? While some people on this website continue to try to emphasize as much doom & gloom as possible, the team continues to represent our university well. Go Hoosiers!

  11. The haters have come out, jealousy at it’s best. Perhaps an ex player or a family member of an ex player. Trash talking, funny to me. Tyra takes the ball to the hoop strong. If a coach tells her players to beat Tyra up, she keeps driving, she’s not scared. She is Mr. Wallace’s friend on Twitter btw

  12. Mike C;
    Please simply ignore hoosierfan041931.
    Don’t get down in the mud to wrestle with a hog, because the hog likes it.

    Go Hoosiers!

  13. Sorry Mike C misunderstood we have won so many games this year that we would not have won last year because we are bigger and more athletic with Coach Morens new recruits. Hoosierfan we don’t care about liars and thieves we care about winning. Marcellus W. is right about Tyra should shoot free throws whenever she falls down. I want to be her friend on Twitter so I can follow her. everyone should follow Tyra on Twitter. I personally know Tyra and I will give you a helpful bit of advice she might be good at ball but she is not what she comes off to be as a person. We should beat Northwestern as they have lost four of their last five.

  14. True ILL. was a very ugly game, IU came in flat and stayed that way for a lot of the game. But I give ILL. credit their goal was obviously to close and seal the driving lanes that Buss usually finds. Just because the Cats lost 4 of their last 5 does not mean they are a weak team. They are still ranked #20 by the coaches for a reason. It will not be easy we will need to be sharp the entire game to pull out the win. Cmon hoosier ladies bust thru that wall and get your first BIG road win.

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