IUWBB: Indiana takes down Rutgers, 64-48

Indiana continued its home winning streak with a 64-48 win over Rutgers Wednesday at Assembly Hall.

The Hoosiers are now 9-0 at home heading into a road contest at Maryland on Saturday.

Tyra Buss led the Hoosiers with 24 points, 16 of those coming in the first half. Buss hit all four of her 3s in the first half. Amanda Cahill and Karlee McBride each scored 12 points.

IU (13-8, 5-4 Big Ten) matched its conference win total from last year by beating Rutgers (12-9, 3-6 Big Ten). IU limited Rutgers to 36 percent shooting, and outrebounded the Scarlet Knights, 40-29. More importantly, Rutgers had only five offensive rebounds.


  1. Can the caption for image #8 from WBB be corrected? Identifies #11 Kim Royster with Rutgers’ player’s name.

    Great pix of Tyra Buss!

  2. Great defensive effort tonight and terrific play on the boards against a much bigger and more athletic team. We outrebounded Rutgers by a 40-29 count allowing them only 5 offensive rebounds which accept for Wisconsin (4) is our season low. This is a great stat for us when you consider that Rutgers rotates a 6’4″ center and two 6′ 3″ players off the bench. Concerning our defense, we did a great job on Rutger’s two leading scorers; holding Kahleah Copper to 5 for 15 from the field (although she scored 16 points and Tyler Scaife who was 3 for 13 from the field scoring only 8 points. The two of them have been averaging 37 points a game between them. On offense. although as a team we only shot 34% from the floor, Buss (4 for 7), Cahill (2 for 3) and McBride (4 for 8) were a combined 10 for 15 from behind the 3 point line which was huge! Jenn Anderson played big in the paint with 7 points and 6 rebounds and Kym Roster was very good tonight with 4 points, 6 rebounds and a blocked shot. Jess Walter only scored 1 point but played a very good floor game and was very strong defensively. Alexis Gassion was only 1 for 10 from the field but, had 6 rebounds and 5 assists. Speaking of assists, we assisted on 16 of our 18 field goals tonight which is OUSTANDING! It was really tough to score inside tonight because of the 6′ 4″ Rachel Hollivay who blocked 5 shots. We had a pretty decent crowd tonight of around 2,500 who at times were very loud. One other thing of note, coach Moren said during the post game press conference that both Buss and Cahill were a bit under the weather tonight and if you saw the players post game press conference it was quite apparent because Buss coughed all the way through it. All in all, it was a well deserved win. We now go to Maryland Saturday to play the # 1 team in the conference. They are ranked # 5 in the nation with a 17-2 record. They are almost the same team they have had the last two years in which they have been a final 4 team each year. This will be a very, very tough game. The girls are playing very well at this time and you never know what will happen. They for sure have confidence now that they have last week’s road win under their belt. Go Hosiers!

  3. I was right once again. Rutgers are not very good. We will win all of our games left except Maryland, who we could play close. What is wrong with Towner? she went from starting to not playing at all. Is she hurt or sick?

  4. Miike C;
    Thanks so much for your take on the game (Church kept me away the first half).
    Your thorough analysis of the game is always appreciated by me and I have to assume by others who are interested in IU women’s basketball.
    I also have to compliment Jon on his excellent report of the game appearing in the print addition this morning.
    Outstanding reporting all of this year, Jon.

  5. I just don’t understand how we can beat these teams that are bigger and more athletic than Us?? Also what are gonna do when we run out of Miller recruits that have been putting points on the board?? I don’t think morens recruits can score? I guess we will see with elberts eligibility…her and buss are gonna have great chemistry together haha

  6. As usual Hoosierfan can’t help himself, we win and he can’t seem to say anything positive about the team? Just more negativity with the coach. BTW, Elbert’s had a terrific freshman season at Marquette last year, look it up. And one other thing Hoosierfan, we beat teams that are more talented than us because of coach Moren’s emphasis on defense which was a foreign concept to your close personal friend, Curt Miller. Moren is a defensive coach and has always claimed that. BTW, did you ever answer my question of you ever attending a women’s game?

  7. Once again T is delusional. Millers recruits are shooting the ball well. The 3s we hit last night was the difference in the game. Let’s wait two more years when it is only Morens recruits playing before we declare Coach Moren to be John Wooden. Towner is a good defender why is she not playing. Don’t confuse me with the only Hoosierfan.

  8. It looks like the difficult non conference schedule is paying off. The new Sagarin ratings out today rank our Lady Hoosiers # 46 out of 349 NCAA Div I teams. 50 % of our games have been against top 45 teams (Ohio State #6, DePaul #13, Michigan State #16, West Virginia #23, Purdue #25, Miami – FL #33, Michigan #34, Rutgers #40, Northwestern #41, Ohio #43). We play Maryland (#2) on Sunday. Our current RPI is 52.
    The coaching staff has done an unbelievable job considering they took over less than18 months ago under less than ideal circumstances.
    I love the fact that this team plays the old school game built on defense. I have attended every home game for years and have never had as much fun as I have cheering on this team. I also have never seen a team play harder for their coaches and teammates. There is definitely something special happening with this program. I love this team!

  9. Mike c. I have no doubt you are a loyal fan. In fact I agree with about 80% of what you say about basketball. You are right I am NOT a fan of Moren or buss and this predates Indiana. If I told you why I’m sure you would understand. You might not completely agree as you are hard headed. As far as the 2-18 comment I thought you would get that. When a player drives to the basket and flops or viciously gets knocked down as she shoots and misses and a foul is called this shot attempt is not counted. Buss’ shot attempts can be misleading in games where she shoots tons of free throws. I am a basketball purest and hate games with tons of free throws. When there is too much dribbling and one person with the ball such as Illinois, it ruins the flow of a beautiful game. As I said before players become disinterested and disengaged. 3 more things.
    1. like I said Rutgers cant shoot.
    2. after Maryland, every big 10 game is winnable as our schedule becomes easy.
    3. as far as Jess and the article in the paper, do you really believe everything you read? I can give you facts you can go check on yet you believe something some 20 year old kid writes. Political correctness Mike C. The girls will never say what they really think. As far as ‘down the hall’ goes I was an Indiana fan before you were born. If you don’t understand what game I was talking about stay out of our conversation. Troll on.

  10. Hoosierfan.. relax take a step back and try to understand these student athletes and coaching staff.
    They pour there guts out each and every day to compete, and give fans (not so sure you are one) what
    Indiana deserves. Try to critique strategies and game time adjustments, its way to easy to criticize the
    players and coaching staff. Lets check out your hoop knowledge.
    The today’s players are laying a foundation for future players and, IU Women’s Hoop will continue to
    climb the ladder of success.. (The future classes of Coaches will produce) why? cause she is a winner and lives, breathes hoop. its that simple…

  11. Hoosierfan10, no one ever said that Moren was John Wooden? One other thing, anyone who actually watched the game last night knows that we won the game because of the outstanding defense we played. We held their two leading scorers who average 35 points between them to 11 points below that average, simple math.
    Scwartzie, I agree with everything you said in your post, beefing up the pre-conference schedule has had a great benefit to us and our defense this year has been much improved over last year. Nathan, if you are the “pure” basketball fan you say you are, you would have hated coach Knight’s teams, every year they made more free throws than their opponents attempted, just like our girls do. If what you say is true, you must be really old. I will be 70 June 26, and I thought I was old? So, you were a fan before I was born, huh? So now we are to believe that the coach was standing next to Jess telling her what to say when she was relating this story to a reporter, REALLY? And when Buss, Gassion and Cahill told a reporter on separate occasions about good chemistry on the team, we are to believe that the coach told them to say that….:-) Me thinks you do protest to much. And as far as your comment on “down the hall”, I have absolutely NO idea what you are referring to?? You have completely lost me there? What ever it is you have against Moren, that is between you and her? As far as Buss is concerned and her style of play, in the days that I played, people would refer to a player who flops or gets knocked down viciously and there fore shoots free throws as a result would be termed as a “heady player” which would in turn give her team an advantage. Call it what you will, she gets the job done and it benefits the team. The team so far this year has been pretty successful to date and if the team is in your terms “disinterested and disengaged”, how in the world are they able to win the games they are winning? It seems as though a majority of the posters on this webpage agree with what I have said about this team, it’s good to know that there are still plenty of true IU supporters watching and supporting our girls!

  12. Its been a fun ride so far , lost a couple heart-breakers along the way but have gotten better in the process. I love watching the development of the players. On the outside not many people believe in the these lady hoosiers they feel like its a team they can count as a win on their schedule , not so much this year. They dont quit , they dont stop cause they believe , in themselves , in the coaches, in the system. Last year you couldnt say that but this year they are a better team because of the defense they play as they put their heart and soul out on the court. So all the so-called IU men followers you are missing the building of a team , a culture change thats going on right under our noses. You do what you will I will continue to watch and follow this up and coming ladies team. They are a bit of sleeper sneaking thru the ranks of the Conf.
    With Maryland coming up on saturday I dont give them much chance as they will need to be well focused , hitting on all cylinders like they havent done yet this year. But as I say that my mind goes back to the fact Buss and Cahill are both sick, will they recover enough to play well or will they go downhill, all I can do is hope for the best and I will. Tough part of the schedule is upon us. with Iowa and Neb. to follow. Neb. with Sheppard of the recent 35 pts 20 reb as a freshman , scary. Still I have hope for this improving and believing young hoosier team– Go Hoosiers!

  13. archer, I understand your position and I hope it works out for your girls. We’ll find out in 5 years. I’m sure I go to more games than you do. Mike C what’s up with Towner no one seems to know.

  14. HoosierFan 10, I really have no idea about Towner but, my best guess would be the emergence of Walter now that she has fully recovered from her concussion and is starting to play as she did last year. At the start of the season when Towner was starting, Walter was out with her injury and unavailable. As the season moved on, and Walter became available, she started acquiring more minutes. Although Towner scored 18 points mostly from lay ups off of steals in our first game against Tennessee St., her high offensively since has been 7 points against Michigan. Although her defense is very good, she is not a good shooter and now that McBride is starting because of her offensive production and Walter is coming off the bench, minutes for Towner have become scarce. I don’t know if that scenario is right or wrong but, that would be my thought as to why her playing time has decreased?
    Nathan, after Maryland you say every game is winnable, that is true but, it won’t be easy as you seem to state. Iowa and Nebraska at our place will be tough, Illinois on the road will be tough as we were lucky to beat them by 2 points in Assembly Hall. Minnesota at our place will not be easy and Iowa and Nebraska at their place will be incredibly tough. Winning on the road is not easy as has been shown this year with only one conference road win. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that all games are winnable, just saying that it won’t be easy?

  15. Mike C…..I agree with your assessment about the lack of playing time for Towner. Jess gives us more size and length in the half court defense and is a better scorer that can stretch the defense with her 3 point range. With Tyra, Alexis, Karlee, and Jess all playing well and with Big Ten experience under their belts it will be difficult for Tyshee to get substantial playing time.
    According to my understanding of the WNIT requirements we are 3 wins away from becoming eligible for their post season tournament. I believe 4 more wins should be a lock. Hey, I know the ultimate goal is to make the big dance but the WNIT would be a fantastic accomplishment considering the mess this program was in a few short months ago ( THANKS CURT).The upside for us fans is that the WNIT will most likely give us more home games to attend this season. We better enjoy it because I have a feeling the future will bring a lot of dancing in March and we will be watching on TV.

  16. Back when I played if someone was Flopping they would walk away with a limp. Surprise the Big Ten officials call as much as they do. As long as they call it keep doing it. Enjoy your post game analysis Mike C as I cannot attend most games. I don’t understand why you seem to believe all the stories coming out of Bloomington. I don’t know what’s true or false but I know these girls will always say the “right thing” if they want to play. Hopefully you don’t believe everything Hillary Clinton says.

  17. Mike c. The last two sentences of my post were not for you. I know you are much older than me. By the way, I love knights teams as coach knight had no favorites. He treated everyone the same. Bad. You really can’t seem to grasp that these girls will not say anything bad in the media. It’s a simple concept. I guess you think the five girls who left last year love coach too. Also, coach Miller is 100% to blame for last year’s problems but let’s stop running his teams down. If you really must, you can compare his record to coach morens. As you said, you can look it up. Hoosierfan is obviously someone who is friends with or even a family member of someone treated poorly by moren last year. It seems personal with them and they have a lot of anger. Probably a student. Everyone’s opinions are based on their personal experiences. Iowa and Nebraska were hit hard by graduation. We should do fine the rest of the year. We’ll see how things turn out four years down the road. I know some of the people posting on here have been recruited to do so. The girls on occasion have been asked to put positive things on Twitter. So believe we all love each other.

  18. Yeah, this whole ‘trying to draw a foul’ thing is a relatively new development in basketball. You never saw an RMK team try to get to the free throw line and foul out opposing players.

    Comments on the men’s basketball stories are frequently brutal toward CTC but they tend to stick to his coaching or at least events that have actually occurred. In general, players are critiqued on specific basketball issues but comments also tend to stick to on court matters unless someone does something really bonedheaded such as getting a DUI.

    The personal attacks on the coach and players on the women’s stories are quite over the top. It all seems so personal for a handful of you. You can’t just criticize the coach or the on court play, you insist on being the arbiter of who is and who isn’t a decent human being.

    So, what players say aloud doesn’t mean anything because, apparently, some of you claim to have access to their thoughts and their thoughts say otherwise..

    Coach Moren’s tactics and player rotation aren’t based on winning games but on some Machiavellian scheme for settling old personal scores for which only you privileged few have the inside (true) information (which you never seem to be at liberty to share).

    It never seems to come down to basketball, it’s all about personalities. Who likes whom and who is a meanie head and who stuck a nasty note in whose locker.

    Some of the comments on women’s basketball sound more like a middle school sorority meeting than a sports blog.

  19. Chet, couldn’t have said it better myself. There are a couple of posters on here that seem to have a very personal grievance with the coach and a player. It all seems very personal to say the least?
    Nathan, I have never ran coach Miller’s TEAMS down, just him over his rumored moral character. Of course girls left for one of two reasons, normally it is playing time or in Larryn Brooks instance her difference with coach Moren’s philosophical style of play (so we have heard)? Just curious if you have seen Nebraska and Iowa play? If not, trust me, these two games will be tough, especially at Nebraska. If you have not seen these teams play and are just going by their record, you may be in for a surprise. I have seen every team in the conference play at least 3 times. The teams in this conference are better than you think, they just continue to beat up on each other. And as I said in my previous post, at Illinois will be really tough. Don’t put the cart before the horse. I really hope you are right about the schedule but, I know this is going to be a process.

  20. I don’t think that it matters a great deal whether it’s the player’s that Coach Miller recruited that are scoring the majority of the points or if it’s the player’s that Coach Moren recruited that are doing the most scoring because it’s not Miller that’s been coaching those player’s the past 2 seasons so the credit belongs to Coach Moren. And it’s always pleasant to know that some of the Hoosiers women’s basketball fan’s on here don’t have enough faith in them to believe that there’s a decent chance for them to beat Maryland tomorrow. I definitely believe that they’re capable of doing so and that they’re probably going to do so.

  21. Seriously, if you didn’t have anyone you could send to Maryland, I understand but, you couldn’t have a reporter of some kind listen to the game on the radio feed and write an article about the game to post on this website? Second time this year this has happened, sad that the women are being treated like second class citizens. I do see that there were at least 2 of you in Bloomington for the men?

    1. MikeC,
      Posted the IU release on the women’s game. I just got done with a high school game tonight, so sorry for the delay, but when I was covering the women four or five years ago, I never posted the road games to the Scoop. So I give credit to Jon for making a habit of posting to the point where it’s expected.

  22. Jeremy, sorry I jumped the gun a bit, when I got home from church tonight I thought there would be a game post up and at the time there wasn’t. Glad to see it was put up a little later. Again, sorry about that 🙂

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