IUWBB: Indiana vs. Michigan State

FINAL: FINAL: Indiana 81, No. 18 MSU 65. Indiana remains undefeated at home, and this is the Hoosiers’ second win over a ranked team at Assembly Hall this year. They beat Chattanooga in the Preseason WNIT. This is the first time the Hoosiers have won two or more games over a ranked opponent since the 2009-10 season.

4:53 (3Q): Tyra Buss has scored eight consecutive points for Indiana. She has 21. Now the Hoosiers lead 70-52.

END OF THIRD: Indiana 57, No. 18 Michigan State 45.

Hoosiers able to hold steady in that period. Jasmine Hines has 20 points for Michigan State, but no one else in double figures. Tyra Buss, Amanda Cahill and Karlee McBride all with 13 for IU.

HALF: Indiana 39, Michigan State 25.

Indiana has scored 27 points off of Michigan State’s 14 first-half turnovers. Aerial Powers is 0-of-7 from the field, including 0-of-3 from 3. A rough start for the Spartans, but a good one for IU. Amanda Cahill has not scored since that first quarter outburst, but she has seven.

Karlee McBride, in her first career start, has 13 points at halftime, including 3-of-3 from beyond the arc. She is 5-of-5 from the field. Tyra Buss with nine points, including two and-1 layups in the second half.

END OF FIRST: Indiana 19, Michigan State 13.

Indiana pushed the lead to 15-2, but Michigan State has worked its way back into this one despite six first quarter turnovers, and 15 points off of turnovers for IU.

6:58 (1Q): Michigan State has to call a timeout after the Hoosiers start the game with a 10-0 run, including seven points for Amanda Cahill. Karlee McBride, in her first career start, hit a corner 3, as well.

The Hoosiers (9-7, 1-3 Big Ten) are attempting to keep their perfect home record intact against the No. 18 Spartans. Updates to follow.


  1. If our ladies keep playin’ like this, they will be impressive coming down to March madness… Great job HOOSIERS!!!!

  2. A terrific win by our ladies tonight over a very good # 18 ranked team! IU shooting 54% from the field for the game put us in great shape to win but, the real reason we got the win was our outstanding defensive approach tonight! Playing zone almost the entire game really effected the Spartans offensive play. Aerial Powers averaging 19 points a game, who other than Kelsey Mitchell may be the best all around player in the conference really struggled scoring tonight with 14 points hitting 4 of 22 shots from the field, she was scoreless in the first half. Their other star, Tori Jankoska who averages around 17 points a game was limited to 8 shots and only scored 9 points. To me the real star of the game was Jenn Anderson who picked up 2 quick fouls in the first quarter and then played incredibly tough the rest of the way fighting inside with the Spartan’s Jasmine Hines who scored 24 points although most of them were made difficult by Jenn’s defense. This was a very physical game with 50 fouls being called between the 2 teams. How Jenn was able to stay in the game without fouling out was quite a feat to say the least and a tribute to her mental toughness. Fighting Hines inside was not easy. The other big reason for this victory was the fact that we scored 41 points off of the Spartans 24 turnovers which was a season high for them. Again a credit to our tough defense! We were 6 for 14 from 3 point land while they were 4 for 22 from the same area, again good defense.
    BTW Nathan Jessup, you questioned in your last post after the Purdue game if Moren was trying to run Danielle Williams off the team by not playing her lately and especially not in the Ohio St. game which we lost by 30 points. You obviously have not been paying attention, she has not been dressing for games for almost a month due to being injured? She did return to dressing for tonight’s game and did get in for a brief period of time in the 2nd quarter when Anderson was in foul trouble. And being referred to as a “bully” simply because I express my opinion seems a bit trite? You have opinions as do others on this website and you state them as others do also? Yet, when I state my opinions or answer a question that someone else asks as you did about Williams, I am a bully? Oh my, me thinks you do protest to much 🙂 One other thing, I was a little disappointed in the crowd tonight, 2,507 which is down quite a bit from the 3,600 we had in the 2 preceding home games. Fans really need to get out and watch these girls, they are quite inspiring no matter what a couple of people say. Go Hoosiers!!

  3. WOW! Great victory. Can this really be just the middle of Coach Moren’s tenure? She is transforming the team into “her” team, and it is working! GO IU!

  4. Great win for the Hoosiers! That was as complete of a team effort that I have seen in a long, long time. The coaching staff put together an excellent game plan and the players responded by maintaining their intensity and focus for the entire 40 minutes. Now they need to continue to play with that same intensity in Minnesota and steal a victory on the road.

  5. Basketball has been, and always will be about making shots. Against Purdue we were 2-17 from 3. Last night we simply made shots we hadn’t in previous B1G losses. We now know what we will get out of Tyra and Amanda game in and game out. When others step up like McBride last night, the Hoosiers will be a very dangerous team. Now lets try and get a B1G road win in Minnesota this weekend. Men and Women’s team both!

  6. Don’t gettoo ahead of yourselves, moren lovers. Her record at iu is 25-23? And shes doibg it all with millers recuits. You know, they wont be here forever terri. Also, I almost can’t count wins at assembly as wins anymore because we screw the opposing team so bad every time it cheapens the win. We play the flop game. If a ref doesn’t call enough fouls on the person guarding buss, we won’t see that ref again. These wins at assembly feel cheap and unearned because of the manner in which we “earn” them. If we get the same amount of fouls called on us as our opponents in a game, we will lose. That’s why we’re 7-0 at assembly and pretty much lost every game outside the hall. Moren talked about playing bad teams wasn’t doing us any favors, neither is screwing a good team over with fouls being called on one side of the court. I would prefer if we were good with 5 players on the court, not 8. Ohio state even had a write up about how we never seem to foul but always GETTING fouled. Not a coincidence.

  7. Mike C some of the posters on this blog don’t actually come to Assembly Hall and sit and watch the games, its TV, box scores and etc, that help form their opinions.

  8. Mike C I always enjoy your positive reviews of the Women’s team. A big thank you to everyone that supports the team by actually attending games. Remember…….. don’t piss with the skunks.

  9. #7 I do believe the Big 10 provides the officials for conference games. Hoosier mens team has almost always made more free throws than the other team attempts. Happens all the time as much as I hate it sometimes home teams get the calls. Not just in Assembly Hall.

  10. Hoosierfan, Bedford is right, the conference provides the referees. BTW, the short haired official last night was as bad as any official I have seen this year, she was terrible both ways, not favoring either team, she was just plain bad. And by the way Hoosierfan, everybody that follows basketball knows that the home court advantage is the officials ALWAYS favoring the home team, that is part of it. It happens everywhere you go. What you are saying is no great news to anyone. We don’t “screw” the visiting team, “we” have nothing to do with the officials calls, they call what they call. That’s the nature of the game. It really seems like that instead of being an IU fan, you just simply want to be a Terri Moren detractor and when we do win a game, you don’t want to give the girls any credit for playing their asses off and earning a win. That is really a shame, these girls deserve better from their fans. Your continued negativity is really sad. You really come across as an anti-fan if anything? We need to support this team as much as possible. Sure hope nobody takes this post as bullying 🙂

  11. MikeC– enjoy your posts as they always seem to “hit the nail on the head” and are a great capsule of the game. #11–in this case, stating the facts is not bullying.

    The zone defense used in the game was confusing to MSU because of the fast movement by IU. When a zone defense moves that quickly, it looks like a man to man. We played man to man for a few short stretches and then quickly reversed to a zone, further confusing MSU. One of the better uses (women or men) of a zone that I’ve seen this year. This team “hangs their hat on defense”. They are fun to watch.

  12. Coach Moren wants to run a man to man defense instead of a zone. Because of the matchups in this game, she went with a zone. Smart move.

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