IUWBB: Purdue beats Indiana, 63-53

Purdue’s Sharon Versyp became the school’s winningest women’s basketball coach Sunday as the Boilermakers beat Indiana 63-53 at Mackey Arena.

Versyp, who coached at IU during the 2005-6 season, earned her 207th win at Purdue Sunday. It came against second-year IU coach Teri Moren, who was a teammate of Versyp’s at Purdue.

IU (9-7, 1-3 Big Ten) trailed the entire game and shot 35.1 percent from the field, including 2-of-17 from the 3-point line. Purdue (13-2, 4-0 Big Ten) wasn’t significantly better, hitting 40.6 percent of their field goal attempts, but the Boilermakers outrebounded the Hoosiers, 42-31, and blocked nine shots on the afternoon.

Amanda Cahill led IU with 13 points and 10 rebounds. Alexis Gassion produced 12 points, while Tyra Buss finished with 10. Outside of Cahill, Gassion, Buss and Jenn Anderson, who had eight points, no other Hoosiers scored more than two points in the game.

For the Boilermakers, Bridget Perry had 13 points. April Wilson added 14. Ashley Morrissette finished with 12, while Andreona Keys totaled 10 points, 11 rebounds and three blocks. Freshman Dominique McBryde, a Bedford North Lawrence grad, had seven points, four rebounds and a pair of blocks.


  1. It just upsets me that IU can`t seem to get players from Bedford, only 20 miles down the road. Looks like the chance to play in front of family and friends would mean something. I don`t know what happened with Allen after the coaching change. 3 all stars from last year and none to IU. I can understand with Bailey going to play for her dad just not the other 2

  2. bedford52, kids go where they want to go, who would blame a kid for going to a school with a much better women’s basketball tradition than ours? A winning tradition is what we are trying to build! After all, about 6 or 7 years ago, Bloomington’s Alex Guyton went to Purdue instead of staying home.
    We couldn’t hit the floor in the first half shooting 6 for 25 which put us 15 points down by halftime.Purdue’s size really effected us the whole game not only out rebounding us 42-31 but also blocking 9 shots. Hitting only 2 for 17 from the 3 point line really hurt also. Amanda Cahill continued her strong play of late with another double, double 13 points and 10 rebounds. Purdue holding Buss to only 8 shots was also a factor. As mentioned in the article, after Buss, Cahill and Gassion in double figures and Anderson with 8, no other players scoring more than 2 points was really a determining factor. This has been a reoccurring factor in a few games lately, we absolutely need to get more scoring from more players in order for us to be more competitive with good teams. We next play Wednesday night against a pretty good Michigan St. team. It would be great to get a large crowd there to help this team to victory. We have not lost at home yet this year. Go Hoosiers!!

  3. While there are nice players out of BNL lately, Bedford Indiana will not make or break IU basketball!

  4. Just hold tight and try to enjoy this season and the next (look at the heart of the players) Let Coach’s recutiting classes filter in and watch the wins multiply.
    This team plays crazy hard and will give you (the fans) everything they got. I dig when certain negative comments come through the board because
    I know without a doubt IU Women’s basketball will move up the Conference ladder in the coming years. Keep on keeping on MikeC and do your positive
    assessment. Trust me when I say this.. Recruits and Recruits parents read this board and feed off the vibe..
    Believe in your Coach and her vision..

  5. Great effort today! Couldn’t be more proud of the hard work on defense. We came up short due to some untimely turnovers and great defense by the other team. Still a great game by these determined ladies and I’m ready for Wednesday night.

    Go Hoosiers!

  6. Haha we had a player from in the state..6″0 wing but we were “playing” her at the post??

  7. I agree it will not make or break the Hoosiers. But if you have players in your back yard going to Purdue and Michigan State how does that look to recruits. You think other coaches don`t notice. Tells players they can`t even get all star players right down the road.

  8. Hoosierfan. I certainly hope the coaches are dressing to your satisfaction so that you don’t have anther thing to criticize about this team? All of the above posts other than yours have hit at least one point right on the head, this team plays incredibly hard which from a coaching and spectators standpoint is all that you can ask! Looking forward to Wednesday night. Go Hoosiers!!

  9. The three women from the Bedford north Lawrence teams that won two state championships had already made their college commitments BEFORE the Curt Miller debacle. Alexa Bailey chose Butler BEFORE her dad was hired as assistant coach, Dominique Mcbride chose Purdue in the same time frame, and Jenna Allen did choose IU but de committed when Miller left.

    These choices were all made during the Miller era. Only Allen’s de-commit was a result of the coaching change.

    On a side note regarding the Bedford team, the herald times provided very little coverage of the two recent state championship BNL women’s teams. The lack of coverage was glaringly noticeable, particularly since Damon Bailey was the coach and his daughter was one of the stars of the team, not to mention the “human interest ” aspect of a father/daughter combo from which each one’s team won a state championship. I actually wrote and phoned the HT staff about the lack of coverage and was given some lame excuse about Bedford being “out of HTs coverage area”.

    Maybe the ladies are just returning the same lack of interest.

  10. Seriously, this is a trip. People not in the Bedford area were shocked Bailey’s daughter showed Indiana no love. I thought the HT covered the girls team and their success at BNL just fine. The answer given is correct. You haven’t seen two pages of Yoho from Eastern at Wright St…he dropped double digits at UK. As the women at Indiana improve and stability from the coaching staff is seen, they will own the local area in recruiting. Again, Bedford will not make or break IU basketball…mens or womens.

  11. Good effort by the Lady Hoosiers yesterday at Mackey Arena. That is a tough place for any visitor to play. A crowd of 8500 made a great atmosphere for the game. Just imagine the advantage a crowd of 8500 at Assembly Hall would give our team. Get out and support our team Wednesday against Michigan State. A large , loud , fanatical crowd is a great recruiting tool. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Get your butt to the Hall and make some noise.

  12. Scwartzei, couldn’t have said it better myself, excellent post. I have been posting for 2 years now about hoping to getting increased attendance at our women’s games. The last 2 home games we have had very enthusiastic crowds of over 3,600 which is really good for us. What I really am having trouble understanding and have said it for years, I really don’t understand why we can’t seem to get any students out to support our women when you consider they get in free when they show their student ID? We have the largest student season ticket base in the nation for men’s games yet, we can’t get them out for the women? Boggles my mind?

  13. I’ve noticed how IU is looking more and more different than places like Duke, Kansas, MSU…when it comes to, not just numbers, but the demographics of fan attendance. Even with such substandard results for decades in football, it does seem IU students remain disproportionately disinterested in comparison to other programs with similar traditions and strong history.

    Our basketball games do not have the energy anymore…Assembly tickets are gobbled up by an older crowd …When you see the faces in Assembly Hall, it often looks like everyone stayed from the 1970’s except Bobby Knight. What is changing in Indiana? Is it a less sophisticated young crowd attending our universities who would rather be locked in rooms with video games and favorite cable TV shows(when not crashing books)? Or, is it a more sophisticated student that feels education is not living up to its bargain and this drives them to be more distant and not as attached to the brand? Do they get soured a bit by the ridiculous salaries paid to coaches and the dollars spent on propping up the Athletics machine as they see the price of a college degree approaching mortgaging the average price and time frame of a new home?

    And maybe our destruction of a single class h.s. basketball tournament has had gradual destructive consequences on the level of enjoyment in viewership…?

    And the killing of the UK vs IU rivalry may also fuel overall need to put more elderly in the stands because these were the sorts of historic battles/contests the students really got up for and anticipated..?

    Whatever is causing the disinterest, the limited demographic variety in the stands, and the general declining numbers elsewhere(outside of Men’s hoops at Assembly) does not bode well for the future of IU Athletics…or h.s. sports..

  14. I think Bedford’s point is why don’t we recruit Indiana better than we do? Anyone who questions anything or brings up critical points is quickly struck down by Mike C. Please posters continue to voice your opinions as I learn a lot by listening. Some of you obviously have inside info that is interesting.You can be an I.U. fan and still question things. The irony or hypocrisy of the whole thing is Mike C. will make critical comments about Coach Miller, Crean, and the men’s team, but when someone questions something on the women’s side he turns into a bully. I will continue to question things. Why do we recruit New Zealand better than Indiana. Are we developing Williams are running her off. Losing by 30 to Ohio State and she doesn’t get a minute. Why do we shoot 20 more free throws a game at home and not on the road. Are we not using our dribble drive on the road? Casual, all the Hoosier fans, Steve G., Shooter and all you other poster’s who ask good questions, keep asking.Its your right. Don’t be bullied into silence.

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