1. It is one thing to play fast and smart. It is something else to play fast and like you do not have any brains. Just say’n.

  2. when is williams going to get it through his thick scull that he is not good enough to go coast to coast through traffic?

  3. Those shots by Nick sure were pretty. But I’m not feeling confident that the “Shoot Contested Threes Offense” is a recipe for winning in the 2nd half.

  4. For the first time this year…. That reffing was horrid. Almost cost them the game. It was great to see Crean stick with players that were playing hard and smart instead of based on pedigree. Hope is creeping back in. We won on the road with one-sided reffing, Williams being a non-factor, Bryant doing as much bad as good, Yogi missing all his open looks, and Robert playing poorly. I guess that gives me some hope that when only a couple of those things happen that we’d beat good teams at home, and maybe even on the road. I’m sure they’ll prove me wrong soon. We haven’t really played a top-tier B1G team yet.

  5. Williams doesn’t look like a “factor” in the stat sheets, but he had some spectacular sequences…Games are won and lost on those sequences…His blocks were insane ..His put-back dunk of a a missed driving layup…and a very timely 3-pointer.

    Zeisloft’s sequence of triples was the other huge confidence boost….

    And Yogi had an excellent floor game.

    But to call Williams’ a non-factor is agenda-ridden stupidity. This team is a non-factor without Troy. It’s not as big a factor without Blackmon.

    This was a Minnesota team that will likely finish last in conference…That being said, it’s hard to be critical of the effort. Crean has them playing well. Noticed a lot of coaching coming from the bench…Chuck Martin out on the floor while guys are substituting in…But credit to Crean for bringing in a better “Cabinet.” Maybe he’s finally getting it. Hard to gripe about winning 10 games straight even if our conference wins are against the bottom-feeders….Minnesota, Rutgers, Nebraska, OSU, and Wisconsin will all be in the bottom tier.

    I think we witnessed how stellar the win against OSU at home after watching what Maryland did to them today.. Matta doesn’t look so great when he’s not picking the pocket of Indiana for “it factor” players that make the difference on a roster…His Butler momentum is finally drying up.

    Good win, CharlaTom…Good win. Have a couple beers.

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