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  1. Looks to be another blowout…..The Missouri Compromise, Morgan & OG (not of Eastern ‘Pipeline’ Promises), is making the difference this season.

    Gotta give InTompetent credit….Beilfeldt, Zeisloft, Morgan, and OG…have rounded out a roster that would have really been hurting without this group…Transfer, graduate transfer, and Missouri Compromise could just make for the depth and bench power that’s been lacking for the last 8 years. The deals made to land Cody, the bringing in of A-Hope recruits and personal friends in the AAU circuit, hurt this program when it could have been Final Four material.

    If Crean had only originally recruited like he did at Marquette(along with securing legit Indiana/NW Indiana/Midwest/Chicagoland talent not tied to other A-Hope deals or NBA friends out East), and not pandered to the locals(the “must recruit ” implications surrounding Hulls and Zeller), this is the sort of team we could have witnessed him eff up five years ago…Maybe even a team that gets to the Final Four if all the ‘happenstance’ of simpler rotations falls into place.

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