1. Just a few minutes into the game and I am sick of Raftery and his monotonous voice inflections already.

  2. Per Andy, “best half of basketball since?”

    Zeller years, Sunday game at home, don’t remember who but IU had a perfect first half. Beautiful game of basketball. Second half ended with IU winning by 2.

  3. These are very depleted BIG teams…OSU lost by 20 @ UCONN.. No D’Angelo for Buckeyes = No D-Wade or D-Po… Rebuilding year….

    The Indiana season begins in the 2nd week of February(pretty much like last year).

    Did I mention Troy SUCKS!?(yes, that’s sarcasm for Geoff).

  4. But it is nice to see defense and scrapping against a very below average Buckeye team.

  5. Kentucky was way overrated…We all know that. That is not the UK of the last few seasons. Not that I’m disappointed for Crean’s oily buddy in Lexington..

  6. I find it amazing that this IU team is playing so well today given that they’re being coached by a “clown,” a “cheerleader,” a “total joke” and “a walk-on coach.” Oh that’s right, the guy coaching these players, who are dismantling Ohio State, recruited all these guys. But still, how can any group of young men play so well for 20 minutes when they’re coach is so incompetent?

    Where are all Crean’s critics today? Usually, by half time, there’d be a dozen posts in the comment section of “Live Ticker” reaffirming what a disaster this coach is producing. It must be a fluke, right? Just like IU’s 3 – 0 start to the Big Ten season is a fluke. And of course, OSU is not a very good team this year after losing so much talent after last season (that never happens to IU). But are they better than Rutgers, Nebraska, or Wisconsin? Well, take comfort all you Crean-haters, there’s always the chance IU will blow the 30 point half-time lead (at home), allowing you to return to the comfort of your “Crean-can’t-coach” narrative.

  7. I think he’s being helped a lot by Bedfelt bringing playbooks from Michigan….And Chuck Martin is probably providing the additional X’s and O’s. But this Buckeye team is depleted.

  8. Funny how this team plays better without Blackmon but the great coach couldn’t see it. Happenstance again has to lead him into this lineup like it did when he’d use Hulls only when (and because) Verdell was injured. Other than that we all know your narrative: when team plays well Crean recruited them and coached them. When they don’t play well he can’t control them or play for them… remind me how they played at Duke, will you Podunker?… Or last year Purdue games… Crean doesn’t know what’s going on much like you…

  9. No credit to the players and coaches when they soundly defeat a good – but not great – opponent? Pitiful!

  10. streetball at its finest. improvise and shoot the lights out. no plan no strategy, just run and gun. if it works, nobody can stop it. it’s like powerball: you hit the numbers you hit the jackpot. problem is, like with powerball, can you do it again and again preferrably in the conference tourney or the ncaa tournament?

    at the start of the regular season kenpom had us 8-0 in conference play at the end of january. so far so good. the second part of the schedule is a bit tougher. hopefully they’ll get through that okay, there’s a ton of talent on this team. no wonder it was ranked 15 to start the season, then it was “coached” out of national ranks but the players seem to have found a way out of that… good for them!

  11. streetball at its finest. improvise and shoot the lights out. no plan no strategy, just run and gun. if it works, nobody can stop it. it’s like powerball: you hit the numbers you hit the jackpot. problem is, like with powerball, can you do it again and again preferrably in the conference tourney or the ncaa tournament?

    at the start of the regular season kenpom had us 8-0 in conference play at the end of january. so far so good. the second part of the schedule is a bit tougher. hopefully they’ll get through that okay, there’s a ton of talent on this team. no wonder it was ranked 15 to start the season, then it was “coached” out of national ranks but the players seem to have found a way out of that… good for them!

  12. Good win even if it is against a below average Buckeye team(but not “very below average”). And UK is somewhat below average too this year but they are still a very dangerous team for anyone to play. I like the D in the 1st half but not near as much in the 2nd. Best game I’ve seen TW play; although he did not produce 1 offensive rebound.

  13. IU played well today, but let’s be honest OSU didn’t show up besides Lyles and that was in the second half. I will take it and hopefully we keep improving defensively. The team is better without Blackmon Jr because he is a defensive liability. Go Hoosiers.

  14. What a HUMILIATING defeat for Ohio State !

    Our guys looked like coach reminded them that this was their one and only chance to get that NBA contract.

    Don’t get your hopes up too high, Podunker, the season is still very young………

  15. OSU “didn’t show up”? Must have been the coach’s fault. Maybe, just maybe, IU was better prepared today.

  16. Just think, only a few hours ago, Crean publicly stated something about how this Ohio State team was extremely tough, tougher than any team IU had played this year, including Duke.

    Just an amusing example of coach “telling it like it is”. I always love to hear his very wise take on all matters basketball. LOL ,

  17. Mendacity, all coaches praise their opponents in the spirit of political correctness. Try again…

  18. I like the way IU handled the Ohio State run and still won by 25. There is no denying this team is making progress.
    Podunker calm down. Even a blind hog finds an acorn once and awhile and if TC Can’t take this talent on a DEEP NCAA run he should resign. He has had eight years to do it.

  19. Thank you, RAM. Crean must know that the clock is ticking, too bad that the administration continues to tolerate mediocrity in both basketball and football.

  20. Shot well today and played good defense. I found myself wondering why, with 12 minutes left and a 30 point lead, we were still taking quick 3-pointers rather than playing clock control. If OSU weren’t going cold as ice and missing easy put-backs, on any other day, they probably would have closed the gap a whole lot more.

    Crean’s teams peak early. Until I see some postseason wins, I’m not going to repeat the mistake of getting excited at this point in the season.

  21. ‘street ball?’ I thought it was one of the most controlled games by IU. Ohio State sitting around #60 (KenPom). We’ve been beat by worse, UNLV @ 93 and Wake Forest @ 99. I’m thinking it was more of a playing at home thing. Guess we’ll see next Saturday.

    Good game by all.

  22. Po, all the haters were over on the Maryland site complaining how Maryland should have beat Wisconsin by 20 points instead of relying on a last second shot yesterday.

  23. In the unlikely event Crean ever wins an NCAA Championship with IU, I’m pretty sure his critics will say that it was a weak final four, or that it was a fluke, or that IU just got lucky. It just cracks me up to read comments posted by some of these “fans.” I’m reminded that no matter what Crean does, no matter how his teams play, he will always be a “clown, a “joke,” a “cheerleader,” or “a walk-on coach.” Yes in deed, TCDS is incurable.

    Let me get this straight; before he got hurt, some of you guys thought Crean should have benched IU’s second leading scorer and a former McDonald’s All American? Am I interpreting that right?

    Hey clapnesia (a.k.a., H4H or one of his sycophants) you don’t get it. I don’t feel the need to defend Crean, and I’ve been critical of him too (just like I was with Knight on occasion). And yes, IU stunk up the floor at Duke (which of course never happens to any other team). I just enjoy pointing out the absurdity of some of his most ardent critics, who attack him win or lose, and no matter how his teams play. Their are some severely warped Hoosier fans stuck living in the past, pining away for the return of they glory days under Knight, or hoping Knight’s clone swoops into Bloomington and returns IU to its former glory. They are so totally invested in their anti-Crean narrative, they can’t even enjoy it when IU wins. And if IU were to ever win a Championship under Crean, they would absolutely be the most miserable people on earth. It gives me a good chuckle.

  24. Seems like nuance in breaking down the Indiana Basketball program is lost in the noise of internet tribalism.

    I enjoyed the win today. I don’t think Crean is a great coach, but that doesn’t mean everything he does is terrible. It is possible to keep a critical eye towards the tendencies that this team has, while celebrating a day in which they played a good game. Been hard to evaluate where this team was when our schedule was filled with nothing but the Wayward Home of the Paraplegic all non-conference season long.

    I would love to see the team who showed up today play this way the rest of the season. Don’t think it will, but would love to be proved wrong.

    Anyway, keep it up with the strawman arguments in the meantime.

  25. Wow, first IU game in a long time I enjoyed watching. They played defense and they played together. Yes Ohio State is not what they have been in other years but this was still a very impressive win because it was a complete victory. IU looked good to great in all phases of the game. Hope they keep growing as a team.

  26. I wonder if any Arizona basketball fans are saying that Sean Miller is a “joke,” a “clown,” a “walk-on coach,” a “cheer leader”? I mean, Sean Miller has never coached a team to the final four. And this year’s highly ranked Wildcats just lost two consecutive conference games to unranked UCLA and USC. They’re now 13 – 3. Time to bring Lute Olson out of retirement. LOL!

  27. You are the only one stuck Podunker. Games like this used to be just another one in the books when basketball was once measured on McCracken with perspective and kept contained with the quiet swagger a true winner…A win against a depleted OSU team in our house should be viewed as a walk in the park…We now act like we won the NCAA tournament when we beat an average team in our house in front of our fans…

    And Price should stop you in your tracks for your continual false accusation. I have never impersonated or assumed another screen name(other than the “Lord of…”)…You are a liar. And anyone at HT knows that I do not float around playing those games. Stop with the accusations.

    This is the fourth Big 10 game of the season. I wish I could be soiling myself over defeating an OSU team that is nothing of the days of Sullinger, Oden/Conley, Thomas, or even last season’s team headed up by Russell.

    You put your self in your place by being such a connoisseur of a very average coach. Crunch time is when His Holiness crumbles….We’ve seen it before. We’ll see it again…Need I give more visual reminders of how this man reacts to guiding a team in big moments?

    Outside of MSU, the Big 10 is in a very down year I highly doubt any team from the BIG gets beyond a Sweet 16 in 2016.

    Knight never praised any opposition… In the spirit of “political correctness,” my ass. Crean is in the spirit of always “covering his ass’ in case his team lays an egg(like getting bitch-slapped by “great” Purdue twice last year).. He has built a career on marketing slogans, reunions, and excuses..and praising opposition that is average.. He lost 6 of 8 down the stretch last year. This team has more talent and far better play at the post…But don’t hold your breath, better coaches have no problem adjusting to this salesman when the talent equations are similar.. Chaz, you couldn’t put a salad fork in its place. The Crean rerun movie is coming soon..

    Seahawk is in a good mood for a reason…His Huskies have started out strong in the Pac 12 and his pro football favorite was gifted a win today. When it comes to Indiana Basketball, he can play the distant emotionless card of apologist and being satisfied with a decade of Crean’s baby steps….

    Our Hoosiers have some good talent at certain positions. It’s not Final Four level with this coach. This is not even Sweet 16 potential with Bozo InTompetent and no Blackmon.

  28. I sorta overlooked Iowa….MSU is very Valentine dependent….Iowa is the team to watch.

    I would put Iowa into a potential Final Four status… Marquette is also an interesting choice for a deep March run…especially if they find a favorable region and the fortunes of a match-up or two where they are facing an early round overachiever.

    We’ll all have a much better idea where we stand when we play MSU and Iowa….and maybe Purdue…Purdue may have too many options inside…They’ll be legit if they can find some cohesiveness/synergy within those options and early season experimentation.

    Many teams grow throughout the season as their “youth” gets it figured out and their coaches settle into their lineups, strengths vs weaknesses, and rotations….It all needs to progress together like a fine dinner prepared by a master chef……. Crean always starts with the best of ingredients, but then he coaches it into a Swanson TV dinner. .

  29. I enjoy Harvard’s commantaries more then Geoff or Chet’s. Harvard tells it how it is. Geoff just relies on the seconds of film he’s watched. Keep blogging my man.

  30. you should defend your man day and day out not just after big wins or you’re a bigger clown than he is.

    That’s sorta putting the salad fork in its place.

    I find the current.Crean product almost less enjoyable than watching the teams of his first few years…I miss the scrappers that did anything to wear the candy stripes.. Give me that one beautiful monster dunk by Pritch over this fantasy I must live in knowing what a quality coach could do with prima donnas that think they’re better than they are….Give me Mo Creek talking to some fans while he’s on crutches after a game over overrated first round draft picks that can’t get out of town fast enough after NCAA meltdowns. .
    I think these guys do play for Crean more than Indiana…That may seem to provide oodles of talent options in the immediacy of his revolving door of next D-Wades, transfers, and grad student saviors, but it doesn’t thrill nor warm my heart…They want to promote their questionable coach who always finds their NBA ‘upside’ rather than hunger for the Hoosier banner up high…..

    Did we really hang a UPI banner for the ’75 team… That’s sad. Great achievements do not require sugary cereal box commercials….

  31. Last comment and then the hijacking is over..

    Trojan Horse was D-licious tonight. …D-fries of fantastic hand-cut Idaho were D-livered hot..The basket serving was more than plentiful and I could tell they were fried in very fresh oil…D-gyros was stupendous…Dare I say that they were almost too generous on the uniquely roasted “blend of savory lamb, beef and spice”…? I could barely finish,
    The breaded dill pickles as the starter with cold Bud were the perfect warm-up drill….I’ve had a lot of breaded pickle spears and pickle slices at various barbecue and burger joints, etc…NONE are as tasty as the pickles at Trojan Horse….The Trojan Horse pickle spears have a crispy seasoned breading that isn’t like traditional fish batter coating you get on most deep fried…I don’t mind the battered variety, but what makes Trojan Horse’s pickle spears special is there sweetness without the excessive saltiness you get in most pickle spears. And the delicate Trojan Horse Zaziki sauce(not thick and sludgy like bottled salad dressings) is just the right balance of tang, cucumber pulp, and yogurt….making for a perfect pickle dunk

    Goodnight….and good luck.

  32. I think that 75 Banner has been there for years. I think since Knight was coach. Can`t blame that on Crean. I seem to remember Knight wanting something to honor the seniors on the 75 team that did not get to play for the championship in 76

  33. I’m not blaming it on Crean….I’m blaming Crean on Crean…and the bogus committee that hired him.

    I guess I just never noticed the UPI banner for a team that didn’t win it all i wasn’t able to go to any games the last couple years.

    Yesterday, CBS showed it on the broadcast and there was some commentary about it that I sort of caught at the last moment. Not sure what they said…I just remember a question posed to Raftery with regard to the ‘UPI” symbol designation on a ’75 ‘National Championship’ ..He asked what the “UPI” stood for I think Raferty said it stood for ‘Undaunted Pansies Institute’…of college basketball’s NCAA and it is rewarded to schools that keep raising banners and having ceremonies though they haven’t actually won diddlysquat in almost 40 years.

    And didn’t Fred and the Rubble Ressurector have another ceremony last year, March 7, 2015, after a game against MSU? Obviously, hoping for another return of Bob to validate the Banner Twins.

    Are you positive the UPI banner didn’t go up last year during a ceremony(I’ve lost count how many there have been) after the 2015 regular season finale against MSU…What a coincidence! Let’s give more ceremony if front of Crean’s old mentor.. Please come, Bobby…Please come..

    I’m sure somebody at HT could clarify when the banner actually went up. I just can’t see Bobby wanting a “banner.” He may have said it was his best team ever, but that doesn’t have anything to do with raising a banner that has the words “National Champs” under a UPI symbol.

  34. As a young fan of Big Ten college basketball, I could not wait to watch a game that Indiana was going to play in; said IU Coach Tom Crean. As I have had the opportunity to meet so many of those who helped peak my interest in the sport, I always come away with the utmost respect and admiration for those who have made such an impact in others lives, first as Hoosiers, but more importantly as leaders in life. What this team accomplished is simply astounding, but once you get to know the men whose lives were shaped while going to school and playing basketball at Indiana University, you understand they are a reflection of Coach Bob Knight, their families and every thing good that Hoosier Nation stands for.

    Did you read Rubble Resurrectior’s words in bold? That was a quote from Tommy C (‘C’ for “Ceremony”) just before the March 7, 2015 ceremony…Did you notice the words “everything good that Hoosier Nation stands for,” Dan Dakich?

    Tommy.C..? Ceremony? Tommy Mony? Ride the pony? ‘Cause you make me feel
    So good, so good… love you Mony mo-mo-mony

    I nominate this tune for the next banner CereMONY. Share the Mony. Be the MONY…Pay Tommy lots and lots more MONY. ..I’ll take no Shondells if it means no Scandals…

  35. Seahawk is in a good mood for a reason…His Huskies have started out strong in the Pac 12 and his pro football favorite was gifted a win today. When it comes to Indiana Basketball, he can play the distant emotionless card of apologist and being satisfied with a decade of Crean’s baby steps….

    “Gifted” is an understatement. Huskies have started well but games have been close nail-biters. We have a budding star named Andrew Andrews. How ’bout that? Those repeated names sure are funny.

    Jealous you got to go to B-town and eat at the Tro-Ho. Although those fries, must say, they are always too darn soggy. I love that they are fresh-cut, but shucks, come on….they are leaving out a crucial step in their frying process: the double-fry. Everyone who has made fries at home knows that you fry them twice, with a rest in between, to get the crispiness. I don’t know how Tro-ho has gotten away with neglecting this step for so long…

  36. Oh Lonnie! Get to a doctor as soon as possible. “Harvard tells it how it is” is an indication that you may be infected with TCDS. Harvard tells it how it is for people suffering from delusions and those living in an alternate universe. Get help soon.

  37. Not soggy last night….Absolutely delicious…They are pretty large cut and no fry will stand exceedingly stiff under such rules of physics….But I rarely get anything too saturated with oil…Maybe I’m just lucky…I don’t mind them having some give…I love fresh fries slopped into ketchup…The gentle bend of a perfect Trojan Horse fry allows for easy pushing into the side plate I have squirted large amounts of Heinz.

    I watched the Huskies game against UCLA…Wow… That was a great game…The Huskies look very solid. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them… They will be one of those teams you don’t want to see as your opponent in a early round NCAA bracket…They will upset some very good teams. You’re having some good years of late following your favorite teams….

    I, on the other hand, am in a Twilight Zone of sogginess and cold offerings….The Bears…The Bulls…..The Hoosiers….define soggy and ill-prepared. Endless “help wanted” signs with overpaid management and staffs that don’t produce anything temping my taste buds of late. Plagued with inconsistency and hype that never meets reviews or menu prices.. if only a fried Cutler could be as delectable to watch as a Trojan Horse pork tenderloin cutlet sandwich to devour…….

    Can’t believe your Seahawks escaped……I must be your good luck….

  38. Harv,

    I’m pretty sure that UPI Banner has been there for a long time. Funny how one’s memory responds to things like this, but I’m fairly certain it was there in ’95 when I got on campus and saw my first game at AH.

  39. Podunker-

    For some odd reason you look cute to me today…. You’re mouth is like a giant Harvard toenail trimmer.. All my hideous foot fungus and you still want to nibble…nibble…nibble. ‘Toenail Clipping Deficiency Syndrome’ may be your Harvard thing….?

  40. I simply have no recollection of it, Double Down. UPI National Champs? That sounds so defeatist….Are we sure Bobby asked for that to be removed from his office? And there was the ’75 ceremony last year when only the benchwarmers showed up…That had to be weird as hell. Does the UPI send nets and trophies too?

    No banner should say “National Champs” if it isn’t a result of a final bracket game played. I will gladly stand corrected if someone can provide one iota of proof to any day prior to 2001 of a ceremony it was lofted in Assembly(press release..video,…anything). They won the Big 10 in ’75 and I’m sure that’s on a banner somewhere…But UPI National Champs banner is just stupid and wrong. You don’t win via votes….You win playing the game.

  41. “They are pretty large cut and no fry will stand exceedingly stiff under such rules of physics”

    You’d be surprised how stiff even large cut fries will stay when properly fried. Go next door to the Uptown Cafe and you’ll see…large-cut “steak fries” come out like golden-brown scrumptious canoes so stiff that one can scoop with them. Order them with a side of blue cheese dressing and you’ll marvel at the way you can use the fries to scoop out the chunks of blue cheese crumbles that swim in the dressing.

    My sports teams haven’t been all that fun to watch, and yours haven’t been that terrible; you’re off on that point. The Mariners have been awful since 2002 and plagued by bonehead management, unlike your Cubs, who build more and more momentum and look like a franchise on the brink of exploding. The basketball Huskies had a great start last year and then went into a legendary swoon that saw them miss the postseason…the football Huskies are still scraping for respectability…the Seahawks gave away a Super Bowl last year, then relied on Lady Luck to advance yesterday against a team with a QB that can’t throw a pass more than 5 yards. Then there’s the Hoosiers, our shared emotional burden, whose promising starts and half-season coaching MVP awards only make the pain that much worse when they eventually wilt under the most minimal playoff adversity.

  42. It’s chemicals….that make them stiff. A lot of fast foods are using chemical process to increase hold times after frying…Believe me, you just haven’t had good timing with
    Trojan’s…..fries. You must get them delivered right out of the frier…A waiter or waitress not on his or her game is why you’re getting soggy fries. They were delicious…Trust me.

    I’ve tried oil blanching techniques at home…Never really get stupendous results….

    My mom was a great cook….She never double fried french fries ….Made fried chicken I still can’t come close to duplicate…She didn’t make fries to often, but when she did, she would often let them swim around in water with ice cubes beforehand…She would then wrap them in dish towels…and keep in the cold fridge…and BAM! …into hot oil…Serve. Delicious.

    I make fabulous oven fries…. You must use Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese(Expensive but well worth it…You’ll only need 1/4 to 1/2 cup) and a very hot oven(450 degrees). Switch between bake and broil a couple times….as they crisp and brown. It’s most of the time on bake…Move them up closer(about 6 inches) to the broiler just a couple times

    I start the process by simply putting the cut fries on a jelly roll pan(I peel everything but the ends of a couple Idaho potatoes)…Take a basting brush and dip into some vegetable oil(you’ll need less than a quarter cup)…Don’t brush the cut potatoes with the oil…Only flick droplets of the oil(as if doing a spattering technique with paint) just to hit them and give coverage sort of randomly….Throw them into the hot oven…with technique noted in last paragraph(switching between 80% bake time..and 20% broil time)…The first turning is usually after about 10-15 minutes….Hit them with your first pretty generous coating of the Parm after 10 more minutes and another dislodging and turning…..Switch to broil a couple times while continuing to turn Add one more dusting of Parm on the side still in need….Sometimes they’ll stick a bit to the pan initially, but once you get the fabulous Parmigiano-Reggiano Italian cheese on them to begin its browning, they’ll start to be less stubborn I’ll hit them with just a light dusting of Morton’s Seasoned Garlic Salt when they’re almost ready to come out of the oven….Not too much salt…The Parmigiano-Reggiano is already pretty salty…

    Once you get this method perfected, you may love them more with a steak than anything from the frier.

  43. I use a technique very similar to your mom’s, with the cold water and ice cubes and a good rinsing to eliminate the starchiness, followed by a squeeze inside of a dish cloth. I fry the potato wedges once for about 6 minutes in 300 degree oil; I then rest them for half an hour on a baking sheet, turn the oil up to 350, and fry again for another 5 minutes. Extra crispy goodness every time.

    Your baking method for fries sounds awesome; I’ve actually been doing a recipe like that for a while too, to avoid the messiness of the deep frying. I usually leave the skins on, and bake the wedges skin side down. When done I toss them in parm, chili flakes, parsley and garlic powder. Sounds like we’re on a very similar wavelength.

    I hope fate will bring me back to Bloomington so I can have another go at the Tro Ho fries. Maybe it has been the waitresses all this time. I would love to taste those fries at the top of their game; I always liked their deep brown color. Just wish they were stiffer.

  44. The Cubs getting swept by the Mets was an offensive assault to my hopes…It was also an offensive assualt to any of us approaching Depends years that lived through the black cat summer of ’69. I would have rather exited against the Cardinals than lived to see another embarrassment/choke at the hands of the Mets. Just a complete no-show in the NLS against the Mets…And where was Murphy to be found against KC? Nada. I think he went 3 for 23…or something near those horrific numbers…Against the Cubs, he was All-World

    There is always voodoo in the air when it comes to Wrigley and the Cubs…..Once every couple decades they get our hopes up…and then the history gets into their heads…or is it “the curse”…..Whatever you believe, the unhinged result is always the same, said Steve Bartman of the Florida Marlins….I’ve witnessed every debacle…Buckner’s muff…the grounder between Durham’s knees at San Diego(the Garvey years)….The meltdown against the Marlins…and the return of the black cat in the form of Jesus residing in Daniella Murphy…Seem them all.. All I hear is Jack Brickhouse’s voice echoing through the call from the grave to the pain of it all….”What a heart-breaker..” was his famous line.. Moneyball? Small ball? It doesn’t matter…It just doesn’t matter….Somebody is guaranteed to choke, interfere…muff…blow….and suddenly not show. Here is the story of the Cubs in a nutshell.

  45. Crispy Fresh Cut French Fries

    Russets cut into desired size-soaked once and rinsed twice-patted dry
    A high temp smoke product for frying-
    Peanut Oil-Good
    Lard-Best(like McD’s used to)
    350 degrees-5-10 minutes depending on thickness
    drain on paper or shake in a paper bag-adding seasoning before you shake
    No limpness allowed when using this process

  46. Loved watch my Mets starting rotation turn your big bats into balsa wood. They are the real reason for your demise.

    The broom they swept you with was littered with those shattered bats.

  47. Just wish they were stiffer.

    Now you be careful. How’s the wife? You’re gonna get me banned.

    I’ll give your home frying method a try.. I’ll probably use some shortening added to the liquid veg oil….I just find that Crisco(I know it’s terrible for the arteries) brings a crisper and better taste….I think my mom used all Crisco…My heart is stronger because of it.

    I don’t cook too much anymore…Couple really good stir-fry things and some simple pasta dishes..But I get lazy….Do far too much going out for pizza.

  48. It was the Schwarber curse…The ball he blasted to the top of the cursed Budweiser sign only installed for greed and block the view of fans watching from rooftops….combined with the Harvard curse….meets the Seahawk/Marlin Tom curse…..meets the ‘Steve Bartman in Ottawa’ curse. Did I eat any goat cheese during the week of the NLS?

    I actually blame Tom Crean for the Cubs getting swept. He probably hooked up a few tweets with Smith and down the tubes she went.

    Nobody is gonna remember your Mets, Double Down.. They got their Royal ass-whoopin’ …They just had a bigger audience to show their impotence against a far better team.

    Clarion is on the right track…Those are Freedom Fries! Give me liberty …or give me Lard!

  49. Defense was the Mets undoing in the World Series. Those 3 blown saves were killers. This team is positioned like the SF Giants have been the last 6 years. Probably a better starting rotation. We’ll be back.

    See ya next post season. 🙂 Hope the Crean curse lives on. 😛

  50. I hope the Cubs get there next season, DD…But I’ve seen this movie before…They’ll likely miss the playoffs altogether…. And the Cardinals will likely be there again…Getting lucky with the Cardinals is a rare opportunity that should not be squandered, said The Pope.

    Q: Whats the difference between the New York Mets and a mosquito?
    A: A mosquito stops sucking.

  51. Haha, somehow I knew that the subject of home-cooked comfort food (french fries) would tease Clarion out of his hiding space.

    God help me if I ever have to look upon the amount of lard it would take to fill a dutch oven for deep-frying!

    Speaking of fried chicken (Harvard), I made it for the first time a few weeks ago for Xmas dinner. I used – hold your breath – the Paula Deen recipe, and it came out like magic. No buttermilk brine necessary; just some egg wash mixed with hot sauce, and coating featuring good old self-rising flour mixed with salt, ground black pepper and garlic powder. The chicken came out golden brown, and the best part is, the coating took on a life of its own when it hit the fryer, springing out little crispy nodules of breading. 5 out of 5 on a scale of easiness (1 being the hardest) and 5 out of 5 in deliciousness.

  52. Harv, that the nicest thing one could say about the Mets. But for a few random peaks, they’ve been pretty miserable.

  53. The UPI banner has been up since I was a student in the 70s. I think they raised it during the ’76 season. I didn’t get it then either.

  54. I stand corrected…Chet is older than Double Down and this makes two eyewitness accounts…That long, Chet? If it was hung within the span of a year that the real deal was brought home, then I guess it’s a slight qualifier. But it’s still stupid as hell.


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