1. Please, for those who come in late, give the IU game time and score more often.
    I’m getting more on Linton than on IU — Not appreciated.

  2. Now you can see why Bobby doesn’t show up for these bogus reunions…13 years…25…years…30 years…40 years. 45 years.
    Fred can make a party every other year for the dude that hired him, but Bobby is not showing up for ugly basketball coached by someone WHO “sucks”(Geoff’s quote).

  3. More statues of guys now wearing Depends! Less banners! It will feel like the The Assisted Living Stepford of Hoops.

  4. That was by far my favorite game to watch of the season. I i’ve already gotten used to the fact that Blackman will be there the rest of the year. It’s beautiful in my eyes because it’s changed the philosophy somewhat of the team and forced them to use interior players more often, as well as play OG more minutes.

    It was great to see them play with defensive grit, and it was nice to see some of the different sets that they ran to get players in positions they were comfortable.

    They still need to cut down on unforced stupid turnovers which are simply from dribbling into bad situations, but even that was down a little bit today. They also need to stop passing to the wing and then cutting in front of the face of the post-up player ball-side. By the time they finish their cut the guy with the ball has lost his patience to look into the post and we’re losing great opportunities.

    The good news for me is I see areas that can be improved on offensively as they get used to playing without James. But if they play this style, with this type of defensive intensity, with these players that focus more on that end of the court, then I can actually see us beating teams that we previously wouldn’t have been able to.

  5. Wow…This was a real yarn-burner. I only saw Benson nod off once.
    I don’t know why Bob didn’t show up for this one.. It’s not like Tom didn’t put in the call.


  6. Just a theory here…and then I’ll turn all superior analysis over to Geoff.

    I counted 342 times that Crean passed back and forth in front of the bench during the 40 minute contest…If my math is correct(polished by the numerous spam protection trickery), that equates to around 8.5 times per minute. So why does this matter? Ever try to get into a movie when someone with big hair plops right in front of your seat..? What do you do? Yup, you relocate and find a new seat. But what do are bench players do when the game gets repeatedly screened out by an unidentified flying black cape continually passing by? They can’t change seats…They can’t go a couple rows up and sit with Doc Libby… How do they follow the action? How do they get absorbed into the idiosyncrasies of the offense or the guy they’ll soon be called upon to defend? How do they absorb themselves into the plot of a game? And the real bitch is the absence of popcorn to stay occupied..

    Blackmon is not responsible for ‘blackout.’ WARNING: This is a simulation of what it is like to sit on the bench of a Tom Crean team. DO NOT stare too long.

  7. H4H, did you happen the catch the # of times he ‘cheerled’ the crowd to stand-up & make noise? I thought about counting those but decided to delete the game from my DVR because I saw nothing I wanted to see twice.

    How far have we fallen to have open seats at Assembly Hall, particularly when honoring the best team of all time? Sad state of affairs. I know, I know, the students are gone, but that didn’t matter 15 years ago!

    I’ll take the W & move on…..

  8. Attended the game,Wisconsin was very limited on offense and smaller than IU had a good game plan to slow the game down, Wisconsin not an upper tier Big Ten this year. Ohio State game will be an interesting test for I U.

  9. AWinAZ-

    The drop-off is severe indeed….But I see a little Alford in Nickie Buckets….I see a little Isiah in Yogi…I see a little Abernathy in Hartman….I see a little Bobby Wilkerson in Troy…I see a little Jim Thomas in OG…I see a little Downing in Bryant….I see a little Keith Smart in Morgan…..If it looks like a duck…? If it quacks like a duck….? Then you must be possessed by Satan…because it ain’t a duck…It’s Tom Crean making Hoosiers of the past into his personal pimps and happenstance into fools gold. .

  10. We saw tonight how important it is to have a top flight head coach as Ryan would likely have found a way to pull the Badgers through. That being said, I’ll take the win – especially when Yogi was MIA for over 30 minutes and IU actually played some respectable half court defense. I do feel that criticism of the ’76 team reunion on this site is unwarranted. This team deserves to be remembered; who can be certain that these guys will be around to celebrate the 50th? And don’t expect fans to rush to Bloomington for an early season game when they can just as easily watch it on TV. There have been many years where tickets were available for early January games – – even during the windbag BK era. If that pompous d.b. had any respect for his “boys” and the many fans who supported him through thick and thin then he would have summoned the courage to make an appearance on campus yesterday.

  11. The only thing pompous is to act like your opinion is superior to anyone else on here.

  12. You should know as it takes a quack to know a quack and you’re the biggest quack of them all. You’re one of the problems in this world. If someone disagrees with you, it’s automatic they’re undermined and ridiculed. You’re opinion isn’t the opinion of all opinions and I’d bet you’re in the minority. Do you see a pattern? Nobody corresponds with you because you either refuse to listen or smoother the thread with constant posts. Let this blog breathe a little and quit destroying threads. This is a great place but you’re border line “raving lunatic”.

  13. Finally, showing some potential of playing some defense. What was it 3 or 4 Wisky shot clock violations the Hoosiers caused. Sure is satisfying watching OG and Morgan bring some juice with their play. Besides impacting the opponents it is also bothering Hartman and Johnson a little. Feed the post more. How many mismatches did Bryant enjoy tonight but no pass? I think there would be less turnovers if Williams had 1 hand tied behind him.

    Was Jimmie Wisman not in attendance for the celebration last night or did I just miss him?

  14. Another coward hiding behind a name likely not the regular handle on here.

    But back to addressing the question of Bob Knight showing up…

    Was the man not fired? Indiana disenfranchised Knight as they kicked him out the front door for his ultimate, last ultimatum, crime of passion for disrespecting a frat rat.
    Talk is cheap…We had ‘zero tolerance’ for him before he was fired. Now, a circus salesmen coach and a pyrotechnics expert of Mad Men(both of whom Knight doesn’t know from Bonnie and Clyde) want to open their loving arms to say Indiana is willing to let bygones be bygones…?

    It’s time to move on. (as in Fred Flintstone and Barnie ‘The Rubble Resurrector’ Crean). It’s Fred and Crean that stalk this man for their own weak validation. The former players have been honored plenty…Jesus, how many different ways can we make entrances and mini museums within Cook and Assembly to sell accomplishments 40 years in the rear view mirror(just so Crean can put his oily office doorknob next to the wall graphics while they cozy up against his stenciled twitter quotes)?

    Lastly, every time any D-1 college team flirts with an undefeated season(big ‘thank you’ to UK because they are the best advertising for Depends commercials at IU), the ’76 IU team is mentioned regularly on ESPN many networks, and radio,…and print…and blogs…and, well, EVERYWHERE. Is that not honor enough than to have unintelligent fans of the new and improved Apologists Skjodt Machine Arena clap like seals for a few minutes? These men received the best reception a basketball player from Indiana could ever dream when they got off the plane with an NCAA championship trophy.

  15. How’s that for a coincidence…? My spam question is 70 + 6 = ?

    Dakich should be ashamed for blabbering on ESPN that “Yogi won 2 state championships” without giving reference to the “class” those championships were won in. There is no ONE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP in Indiana. It is a watered down apologists form of nothingness offering everyone a blue ribbon. Whenever a sportscaster in Indianapolis is reporting on scores around the state during tournament time, the “class” designation is always offered….Dakich is a fool for delivering adulation to a Hoosier in an unnecessary and deceiving fashion to the listeners that don’t know better. Yogi is one hell of a college basketball player, He helped his high school team to a pair of 2A state titles. Come on, Dan.

    You know better, Dan….1A…2A…3A….4A. The last guard to take a small Indiana high school to THE State Championship was Scott Skiles….or was it Dan Dakich at 1A Crown Point?

  16. We were playing our “defense” with the big extra juice of Depend-a-Hoosiers in the stands…and against a very depleted and jumbled Wisconsin team without their longtime seasoned, veteran coach.

    Yogi & Co. were playing what is now a 2A Big 10 team. It might as well have been Kennebunkport State. The defense was mostly fools gold. Troy’s athleticism will be required against 4A defenses. Blackmon’s added outside threat and versatility to scrap inside will also be missed against the 3A and 4A teams of the conference(and it will be missed if this team backs its way into March Madness again).

  17. AS you correctly predicted Marcus, smothering blog by H4H; filled with verbosity and words of Little meaning other than to take up space I have to wonder if Murcus’s blog was a pseudo name so that H4H could chat with himself

  18. Jeeze Harv, do you have to rage with moral indignation over every single slight or perceived injustice? So Dakich didn’t going into a long soliloquy about how there is no longer one state tournament in Indiana anymore. Big deal. Had nothing to do with his point.

    I think you may be doing a little villain chasing yourself here. Your’s is more of a phantom, however.

    I say this with hugs and butterflies. Don’t rage on me. Just saying.

  19. I went on the long long soliloquy..Dakich merely needed to tell the truth rather than deceiving the ESPN viewers by absence of information he knew full well he was omitting. .

    Crean has not recruited any starting guard , center, or forward, …from Indiana that came close to sniffing a 4A state championship. I’m not even sure if he’s landed any player from the state that played on a 4A team since Danny Moore and Finkeleinhorn. He does not land the elite players of Indiana that have been tested against the biggest schools on a regular basis. And the blue ribbon for everyone philosophy now adopted by our state is more of a defense of Crean than a criticism. He finds nice boys that have won nice safe tournaments. It’s a nice world with no pimples on the butt until you play Syracuse.

    I rage to bring back the Double Down…I rage to bring the Chet. You guys love playing Daddy Head-shrinker….It’s just theater, DD. Don’t hate me for being no different than the motives that brought our basketball program to this level of irrelevance. When there is nothing else to hold up a rickety house, it must be theater.

    Crean basically works in real estate….LOCATION..LOCATION…LOCATION.

  20. oops …Hulls But Hulls was coming with or without Bozo of B-town.

    But, I guess that’s the whole point. Wasn’t it beautiful when there was a day in Indiana h.s. hoops when a small Park Tudor could pull a miracle run to get to a state finals of ONE state tournament? And in some other world of timetables of birth dates, wouldn’t it have been fun as hell to see a Jordy on 4A Bloomington South going against a Yogi at tiny Park Tudor?

  21. Don’t be so sensitive.

    I know you have your pet causes, some which I agree with, others I have bottomless indifference to. I live in California. I should be the soft one. 😛

  22. Those were the days indeed Harvard when it’s was just ONE state tournament. Many good times for sure when it was taken more seriously. Shame on the higher up trying to fill their pockets and destroy a good thing. I wonder if any state anymore has one tournament?

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