1. Jeremy-

    Just wanted to compliment you on a really strong ScoopTalk intro…Really nice delivery. You”re showing a lot more game as an on-camera analyst… Didn’t watch the whole thing and I thus didn’t get much of Mike’s early input, I’m sure he was steady and insightful as always…I’m sort of tired….. Just wanted to pass on those thoughts. Sincerely mean it. Great job.

  2. As a lifetime fan, I have not rooted for IU since 2000. I have only sporadically seen parts of games since 2003. I have dogged Crean’s Hoosiers ever since the “We’re Baaack” joke. But yesterday I was in a situation where I had to watch most of the game. With a lot of reluctance I did.

    I have to admit that that was really the first time they resembled an IU basketball team in years. Not just a bunch of individuals running around in candy stripes. If I’m going to dog them at every opportunity, I have to admit when I was impressed. I was impressed.

    Blackmon’s absence does several things for IU:
    Tightens the defense out front by putting Johnson in the game.
    Allows the Williams, Ferrell and Bryant to get most of the shots. They get them naturally and aren’t fighting each other for possessions.
    Gives IU a chance to play the kid from Missouri more and he can play and doesn’t dominate the ball.

    A year from now Blackmon can come back in and play in place of Ferrell and Johnson can play the point.
    IU will still have 3 primary scorers and only one poor defender.

    I don’t know how the OSU game might have been different if the Bucks could make a layup or shot well from the perimeter. But they didn’t. So kudos to IU yesterday. They played well and it wasn’t simply a matter of shooting.

  3. It worked well yesterday….against a depleted OSU team that was more than asleep in the first half..

    Too many ‘big man on campus’ guys on a roster has always proven to be a problem for Crean…He can’t get past putting winning basketball ahead of PT for “chosen one” recruits. But you can’t blame that on Blackmon…The team has more identity when roles are more defined….I do love the fiery attitude of Bryant and the humbleness/work ethic of RJ(a better shooting version of what we had in Remy..and a very solid frame/defender). OG is another very unselfish player and he’s the ‘overdrive gear’ that could propel this team beyond earlier expectations…What we are seeing is a nice blend on the floor and the leadership role is more in the hands of Yogi…..

    Can it continue on the road and against teams like MSU, Iowa, and Purdue…and a Northwestern team showing vast improvement under their very bright young coach?

    But good for you for taking a high road….I think we’ll miss Blackmon’s shot and the inevitable difficulty of teams adjusting to numerous deep threat options….But having said that, I’m very impressed with OG’s range and he could provide some of the inside-outside versatility that will drive defenses nuts. He certainly is not playing like a typical freshman…He has real swagger….

    Crean has traditionally gone East for 90% of non-Hoosier state recruits… I asked a question a few weeks ago pertaining to the Missouri connection…It was not answered….Was there an assistant that first located these guys? Was it McClain….? Chuck Martin? No matter, I guess. Crean brought them in and it was a smart choice to finally recruit in the Midwest for some humble swagger(in addition to Nickie Buckets…and the young preferred walk-on from “Buckets” same h.s.). All of these guys(Biefeildt of Peoria, Ill.; Zeisloft of LaGrange Ill OG of Jefferson City, Mo,; Morgan of Waynesville, Mo; Niego of Western Springs, Ill. are providing more grit and guts that was not present with the Dipo / Zeller team.

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