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  1. Can’t seem to read the comments on the other threads…Please don’t tell me you’re turning this into ITH’s format.
    Don’t try to be the ‘Home Hoosier Depot’…There’s enough of that world of more, more, more with no expertise or character…Scoop was always the hometown hardware store where knowledge of every paint, nut, bolt, wrench, nail, hammer, hose, ladder was at the heart of its reputation…The friendly personal touch meets the old men of the sea….This is where I hoped Scoop would always be….Those that choose this place over the volumes of mass-marketed and inferior products knew they loved Scoop for its backbone, uniqueness, and truth in ownership built from the keel outward. Why on earth destroy that? Survival is worth that cost?

    Dare I say, Dustin or Korman would have known better…?

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