1. Rutgers and Nebraska are going to be the bottom-feeders of the Big 10. I wouldn’t make too much of these victories. As Geoff said a few days ago…..”fools gold”. Problem is, we pay Crean a gross amount of too much in real gold.

    Iowa is very tough. Uthoff is quite impressive.

  2. Dipo, the next MJ, now down to 12.6/ppg for 2015-16..Wow…The Magic just looked brutally inferior.
    Only 14 minutes for Oladipo against top competition in Cleveland. Shot .273(3-11) for the game. At this rate of decline, he’ll be lucky to have as long an NBA career as Alford. Ola- deplorable. Should have stayed in college and brought Crean a banner. Keep singing…It may end up being your day job.

  3. I think these were two crucial wins for IU. Not only did it get momentum going in the right direction, but IU also sealed the deal on two road victories they needed to win in route to winning the big ten. IU has an extremely favorable conference schedule and locking down two road wins was imperative. Not ever top tier team will come out of those buildings with a win.

  4. Ben…Ben…Ben. These were very bad teams. You’re showing premature excitement. You need to take a deep breath and think normal ugly thoughts of Crean in late February and March. The last weeks of the regular season are the test.

    The most important thing on our minds at this time is whether or not Bobby is showing up for the ’76 reunion party.

  5. Harv, I can’t tell how much of your commentary is Harv being a Negative Nancy, or Harv being a rabble rouser. I doubt that’s by accident, nor that it matters. Still enjoy reading you either way. You da real OG.

    By the way, I think Troy has a better chance of playing in Malta than for any other college team next year. Or the year after.

  6. Glad we’re winning the winnable matches (so far). This being the last year of Crean it will make it easier for him and IU to part ways (especially for him, he needs to be able to get somewhere (e.g., Oral Roberts) on his own terms). Getting Brad Stevens out of Boston and into Bloomington by July 1st should now be the main priority of AD Glass ahead of any contract extension discussions with Wilson or anybody else. The basketball program should be (and should have been) his priority as it was in the beginning, and now, and always and into the ages of ages, amen.

  7. Has everyone been sleeping on Iowa this year? 2 solid wins by them and I am sure when most looked at that schedule figured they would be 0-2 to start the season. And Purdue, how do you lose a 17 point halftime lead? I think that game showed how weak they are at point guard seeing how they couldn’t break the press at all. Also, I heard TV Ted was officiating the IU game. How many calls went Nebraska ‘ s way and did he do a few dance moves while making the calls to make sure the game was about him not the players?

  8. I always think it’s most interesting, as an observer, to note things that are NOT commented on by the professional observers.

    In this case, that would be the following:

    1. Everyone has been saying that the Hoosiers go the way that Troy Williams goes. If we have good Troy, we win. If we have bad Troy, we lose. But in this case, I think we had bad Troy, and we still won. That is, in my view, significant, and has been ignored by all the commentators that I have read.

    2. Blackmon has been out for the last two games. As much as coach Crean has tried to say that he adds another dimension, we have won two games, on the road, without him.

    3. This last one is more of a cumulative comment than one based purely on the last game, but it seems to me that the current Indiana offense is designed to rush things. Rushing things results in more errors. Thus it is almost by design that Indiana’s offense commits a large number of turnovers. In essence, the coaching staff is making a trade off between the benefits of rushing constantly and the negatives inherent therein. If you rush, all the time, of necessity, you are going to have more turnovers. But it can still be a net benefit.

    Of course, having said that, you always preferred to cut down on turnovers regardless of how fast you are playing. But it is somewhat inherent in the offensive strategy.

  9. I believe the teams that will contend for the title are Iowa, Maryland, Purdue and Michigan State. I think IU is in the next group with Michigan, OSU and Wiscy Our schedule is so favorable for the next five games but they are always capable of blowing it because of poor defense at the guard position. This leads to our bigs getting tired or an easy kick out for wide open shots. It should be interesting if nothing else. It was nice to see Remy having a nice game at Xavier.

  10. WCH, you are correct. The offensive ‘strategy’ IS to get in a track meet. And it is fraught with errors and inconsistency. Precisely why we don’t like Crean’s style. I actually think his ‘strategy’ is to let conditioning win the game; not fundamentals like pick & rolls, solid defense and good shots.

    There is a marked difference between pushing- & rushing-the-ball. I see far too much going air born and then figuring out where to pass it, too much taking the 1st shot vs. the best shot, and all-about-my-points offense vs. any defense.

    Also, I noticed one of the defensive problems @ Rutgers & it was obvious again @ Nebraska. Watch our defensive stance. Our players defend with the arms at their sides. Especially Troy. Whatever happened to the defensive crouch and wide arms? Obviously wasn’t on the VCR tape series “I want to coach college basketball” that Crean studied.

  11. Precisely why we don’t like Crean’s style.

    Speak for yourself. His recruits like his style. Many that he’ll take a gamble wouldn’t get the PT elsewhere. I also like his desperation moves to fill a roster(grad transfers, etc). And, most importantly, if he can’t make himself attractive to those phenoms from the East, the high draft picks and high-flying trapeze acts above rims, then what is the point? This is not a tactician coach. This is a coach that stays relevant by being the opposite of Milan and Butler ball….It has to be risk taking with certain ‘raw’ and ‘developing’ recruits, multiple substitutions to create multiple challenges to scout the Hoosiers, and ‘Confusion by Design.’

    Tom Crean is…..the most interesting coach in the world. I love the religious stuff mixed in too. It also adds confusion and muddles a recruits brain(on and off the court). You get these recruits to actually think what is drawing them to Crean and you’re asking for trouble…Keep them confused and believing they’re at IU for a divine and confused purpose.

  12. And don’t we have to give Crean some credit for landing Anunoby? I mean, you can’t just come on here and say..”Oh, gee, he’s pretty good” without giving due credit to Crean’s keen perceptions and ability to lure these recruits all the way from metropolises in the East to the southern hills of hillbilly Indiana.

    You also have to admire the heart this team is playing with….They seem to be rallying around their coach. Don’t think for one minute that they don’t realize the hot poker on his ass(coming mostly from the same hypocrites that brought Crean to Indiana on the heels of witch hunts).

    Yogi’s game was phenomenal last night. I’ve never been totally on board with that kid, but he brought some real moxie and fire that left me thoroughly impressed. Obi-Wan Anunoby = Jim Thomas….and another extremely impressive freshman that TOM CREAN brought to our CONFUSING(It’s a good thing) and DANGEROUS Hoosiers.

  13. Ogugua is from Missouri…but you get the point. Crean is the guy bringing them to Indiana…It’s not our 30-year-old banners.

  14. Harv, are you capable of contributing to discussions about IU’s men’s basketball without taking shots at and expressing your disdain for Tom Crean? Is it even possible? I don’t read many of your comments, but it appears, just from scrolling past your numerous and often consecutive posts, that you are still obsessed with criticizing Crean. I imagine you waking up each morning, maybe even in the middle of the night, excited about a new way to articulate your criticism of Crean, or a new way to express your disdain. The problem is, you have not shared a new idea, or expressed a new thought about Tom Crean, in years. How many ways can a person say he disposed another person before it become completely inane? You’re simply re-packaging the same old criticisms and complaints. You confuse new ways of saying the same thing with original thought! Is that your game? Kind of like playing solitaire, where nobody but you cares about how you turn over the cards or the result of your effort? Are you just trying to discover how many different ways to say the same thing about your favorite topic? I’m guessing that in your mind, or maybe even in some public forum, when the day comes that Tom Crean resigns or is fired by IU, you will take credit for it. I believe you have actually convinced yourself that your endless, mind-numbing criticism of Crean, as expressed on The Hoosier Scoop, and perhaps in other public forums, contributed to Crean’s departure from IU. If that is in deed the case, let me be the first one to congratulate you on a very thorough effort and a job well done.

  15. ‘Indeed’ is one word, genius.

    And how are posts #12 and #13 void of pointing out Crean’s assets as a recruiter…

    How many ways can a person say he disposed another person before it become completely inane?

    ….said the guy that terrorized Mallory and Wilson(until Wilson got to Hoosier Football’s version of a Final Four…e.g. a lower tier bowl). Why don’t you go back to bashing Glass for still not having that Wilson contract extension ready?

  16. Did i mention Remy Abell scored 21 yesterday as Xavier spanked Butler..? Where’s that first Sweet 16 without Remy’s moxie against VCU? Answer: (click on ‘DocLibby’s Crossover’).

    Hollowell had 18 for Georgia State…

    Hanner had 4 more vodka assists to add to his convenience store parking lot record totals…

    Holt had a nice game of ‘Around the World’ against Devin Davis in a driveway.

    Ambi-Stan convinced Will Sheehey to shoot with no hands at his next NBA tryout……

    Oladipo showed Cleveland how Crean lottery picks get it done. ..Oladipo is coming home….coming home….coming home…but it ain’t in Cleveland.

    Voted Top Scoop Photo ‘Forever..’ .

  17. OG already displays more b-ball IQ and talent than Oladipo as a freshman….

    Not sure how this Missouri thing happened, but OG and Juwan were great picks. Wonder if Crean was after these two from the beginning or one of our assistants initiated the interest…?

    Has anyone else notice how Oladipo moves sort of like Quasimodo?

  18. Q-Modo actually went to play for the Irish. He was never heavily recruited….He was spotted by an assistant, who just sorta had a hunch. . …I think the assistants name was Victor Olahugo..Yeah, I know…funny coincidence. V-Hugo….V-Dipo..

  19. ….or when the day comes that Tom Crean resigns

    Wow…just..wow. How can that be considered anything but a ‘terrorizing’ statement? .

    That one statement from the Grand Defeatist of Scoop is likely the greatest defecation upon the storied history of our Hoosier basketball(college, h.s. coaches that are hall-of-fame teachers,fabulous history of our state tournaments…from every driveway in French Lick to every rim nailed to the siding of a weathered New Castle barn…to every backboard attached on a telephone pole in the streets of Gary).

    That hideous bomb upon the pages of Scoop is about as close to offering an “if, when, or maybe” to Joe Paterno waiting for Jerry Sandusky to resign…

  20. H4H, Crean is a great recruiter/salesman. Well documented. He gets good athletes, but can’t coach his way out of a class 1A Indiana high school team.

    BUT, what good is it if the kids with the most upside potential to produce a perennial TEAM don’t get their just opportunity to play. Crean’s basketball values are not in line with the IU basketball pedigree. And good, hard working, potential 4-yr. kids leave to go to Marquette (Fischer) & Xavier (Abel). Yes, transfers happen everywhere. But when WE, yes, WE, see a kid that should have more minutes not get them, it is maddening. And there are a plethora of posts on here to prove it.

    “Confusion” I like! Brilliant description of everything he does like sub poorly, draw up ill conceived out of bounds plays, and define the matador defense to a new level.

  21. AWinAZ-

    Geoff is correct. You are spot on….But those that hired Crean knew what they were getting. He came for a witch hunt, to offer jobs to Indy lawyers and power-players that could never meddle under Knight, sell Bibles by the bag full on our wholesome facade/image, and offer the majority of PT to high-flying phenoms with risky/questionable b-ball skills to go along with NBA potential.

    It was NEVER about getting to competitive basketball and deep tournament runs. Please don’t make this poor coach try to bring Butler ball to Indiana.

  22. Abell and Fischer are hardly poster kids for what ails IU. Meanwhile, too many are hung up on past glory and a coach whose antics contributed to the mess that the program has become. Enjoy the 40th anniversary, but think of how many opportunities were squandered since ’76 to reach the promised land. It’s going to take more than booting Crean to bring a banner back, and that is the scary part.

  23. but think of how many opportunities were squandered since ’76 to reach the promised land

    ’81 and ’87 weren’t “promised land?”…a Final Four in ’92? …Another Final Four and championship game in 2003(with Mike Davis and the Hoosiers defeating a #1 Duke in the regional semi along the way). There have been good memories not so long ago before dysfunction came on the wings a Golden Eagle.

    What does Tom Izzo have….? He has the runs, but he only has one banner. What does Purdue have? Nada. Indiana is still, after all these “droughts” still four banners ahead of every other team from the Big 10 outside of MSU…MSU has a whopping two.

    Don’t play Podunker. Don’t play defeatist on Indiana because some lawyers in a closed room hung us with Tom Crean.

    Indiana can be rebuilt in a heartbeat. Talent abounds in this state. it just takes a respectable coach.

  24. Troy Williams is what concerns me right now. Tom Crean described him as “a Swiss Army knife”, meaning that he has a lot of tools. And he does!

    But a knife also has a handle And Troy Williams doesn’t.

    A lot of tools without a handle equals a problem.

    Now, let me make it clear I’m not anti-Troy. I’m just thinking of ways to help him. If Troy gets a handle then his Swiss Army knife aspects – his athleticism, his leaping ability, his vision, etc. – will become unbelievable assets for his team AND him! If I’m Troy, I’m working 24/7 on improving my handle.

    But for now, good defensive teams know that they can stack the middle and swipe the ball. That mad dash driving stuff might’ve worked against lower-level teams with little defensive capability. But it didn’t work against teams like Duke and it ain’t working in the Big Ten.

    In my opinion, Crean needs to stop using that play.

    Until he does, it’s easy. As soon as you see Troy Williams at the top of the key bouncing the ball, you just instruct all of your players “He’s coming through on one of his drives. Get in the way and poke the ball loose.” And for the other team, it’s like found money.

  25. RJ certainly has his share of mishandled dribbling the lane against Nebraska'(I hate the term ‘handle’ ..It was.most likely a term dropped originally by some journalist that never played a game of hoops)

    Troy is taking a bit too much sh__t. There has also been mean-spirited comments on here that have implied he’s not very bright. He won’t go as high as the overrated DIpo and Zeller that declared during a weak draft, but his game will soar at the next level. He’s a phenomenal talent and he’ll be needed to make any noise in March….

    And I’m also going to stick with Blackmon. He’s just too damn smooth on that outside stroke to throw under the bus.

  26. Blackmon is a chronic knee waiting to happen again and again. he will become a 1-legged jump shooter; I’m afraid of his “whirling dervish” drives to the basket will cause him to take an unorthodox landing and screwing up his knee AGAIN. H4H I’m going to say I don’t think the ones that HIRED Crean knew exactly what they were getting …..what they wanted was a program savior and they HOPED a coach…well he cant coach 2 boards to be a fence. he has NO sense of offensive flow ( as demonstrated in the tournament against Syracuse) He is a waste as a coach! period

  27. That’s not to say that Crean’s a perfect fit. In my estimation, his biggest strength and biggest weakness are horribly mismatched with Indiana. Crean’s biggest strength is his ability as a promoter. His pre-game Jumbotron messages to fans, a mind-blowing number of promotional give-aways, and his tradition of shaking hands with the student section on the way out to the court all helped to build interest in the program. And while it never hurts to be a great promoter (just ask Bruce Pearl), I’m not sure that that’s what Indiana needs. Indiana basketball has never seemed to me like one of those things that needs much promotion. People in Indiana are always going to be basketball crazy, even if you don’t give then a bobblehead and constantly shake their hands. They don’t need to put butts in the seats–they just need someone that knows basketball.
    And that brings me to what I see as possibly Crean’s biggest weakness–he’s a pretty shaky game coach. Simply put, if there are 15 seconds left on the clock and my team’s down 2 points, I’m not feeling real confident if I look over at the bench and see Tom Crean putting together the plan (why do I feel like I’m foreshadowing a Wisconsin loss at Indiana next year where I end the night feeling like I’m being repeatedly kicked in the groin). I could be wrong, but Indiana seems to me, more than almost anywhere else, to be a place where they’d value an Xs and Os genius. Tom Crean is not that. His ability to get guys to run through walls for him can mitigate this weakness a lot of the time, but I have to think that his lack of remarkable basketball acumen with not play well with a fan base that expects their coach to be a skillful tactician.

    COMMENTARY ALERT: Chris West knew what we were getting…I don’t know Chris West, but Chris West was spot on. Certainly, many others had to know. Nutshell assessment of Crean from West: Promoter. Not a coach.
    Joey Glass(Fred’s boy who was attending Marquette during the Sampson witch hunt) gave a personal
    endorsement before Crean was hired by IU. He had to know what we were getting.

    I knew what we were getting the first day i watched Crean open his blowhole at a microphone….pretending to be a born again kindred soul of the cream and crimson. Whenever you see someone coming in singing lyrics to “The Wizard of Oz,”(as in Because…because…because it’s this way or that way..or these 19F’s and that wrecker), you have a hunch that the guy is all blackboard and zero chalk.

    Those Establishment sabotagers of Indiana caddyshack committees knew exactly what they were giving us in Tom Crean. They anonymously donated his genius upon us. All that empty blow with no chalk is still writing their checks back tenfold in the form of meddling interest payments and jobs for friends of friends..

  28. HH… Re your comment, “those that hired Crean”… It’s “those WHO”. You routinely make this grammatical error (in what is a veritable sea of mangled syntax). Please clean it up.

  29. Yeah…That’s one I’ve tried to make more recent effort in fixing…Husky Tom used to point the who/that out to me regularly. I think you found the haystack in the needle.
    Thanks for being perfect. And if you had the nuts to write more than two sentence, I’m sure you’d have even more perfection. I’m sure you’re also very handsome.

    I actually used to play the syntaxaphone in high school.. Admit it…You love me…Everyday I’m a Scoop Elvis.

  30. ….just me… that guy….trying out the new blogging name….Who be that man….? That be Harvard who mangled that? To be, or not to be that, who that Harvard is, is that question, you, who ask?

    Mrs. Nequist, my high school ‘Writing for College’ teacher, was such a bitch. I was in mid-sentence crisis…She was in midlife crisis…That she was. Men were no longer undressing her from opening paragraph to interested conclusion…The face piled with thick makeup and with such frustrations, her only recourse was to undress a bitter and inner hostility upon my sexy sentences.. She is likely long passed on and beyond food for worms….But I shall proudly carry on and provide mangled syntax for worms the same.

  31. Satxhoosier #13

    Sunday, December 27, 2015 – 2:30 PM EST

    H for H… You are a pedantic, nattering negativist. And your boated, arrogant prose (not as good as you no doubt believe it to be) is tiresome.

    You’re such a fan…I love it. I think you’re my second biggest fan since Tracy Smith’s ball and chain.

  32. Harv, #16 and #21 are weak and lame responses. But given your low standards, even that drivel is not original. And I see that you continue to be irresponsible and grossly insensitive in stooping low and using a reference to “terror.” You’re like a guy who learned how to play chop sticks on the piano and now claims to be a musician. I’m not defending Tom Crean, I’m just pointing out how you’re a metronome inserted into The Hoosier Scoop. Your comments are like a virus that bores people and destroys potentially interesting discussions. I laugh out loud at the realization that once Tom Crean is no longer employed by IU, you’re going to be absolutely miserable. You won’t know what to do, or how to spend your time! But I imagine, given your obsession, you will continue to regurgitate your criticisms of Crean until you take your last breath, or until another IU basketball coach expresses his Christian faith in a public forum.

  33. Gosh, Podunker…You’re so hostile….and so hooked. I really need to start selling tickets. Tag-teaming up with SatxHoosier now? Just add one more and you could go searching for a dark porch.

    Now go back to kicking Mallory…or Wilson…or Fred in teeth…Anyone, but the guy you must have rented the caddyshack room out to. Cling to the fraudulent blow of your preacher. I have no problem with Christianity. I have issue with frauds pretending to be basketball coaches and those who corrupted Indiana by shackling such deceptions upon our wonderful basketball heritage. You are a terrorizing sabotager of truth.

  34. This is not hostility, Harv. I just asked you a question, “are you capable of contributing to discussions about IU’s men’s basketball without taking shots at and expressing your disdain for Tom Crean?” The answer is, obviously not. You’re not worth getting hostile over, Harv; you’re too boring. Why waste hostility on a metronome? “Frauds?” There you go projecting again.

    1. OK, nobody wants to read Harv and Po bickering, so you can both stop or both take a vacation. I think we know where you guys stand well enough.

  35. The votes for a new Crean contract extension are iin. …

    Please do equate the votes of confidence with other Harvard deficiency syndromes.

  36. Please do [not] equate the vote of confidence with other Harvard deficiency syndromes.

  37. Hoosier Clarion#47

    Tuesday, December 1, 2015 – 8:44 AM EST

    Po you are so full of it you could heat all the structures in Buffalo.

    No doubt, Clarion, no doubt.

  38. Jeremy, I think people would rather read our bickering compared to the metronome’s continuous anti-Crean screed. I could be wrong, but it seems the “string killer” is driving contributors and readers away and diminishing The Hoosier Scoop. Who wants to read the transcript of a soliloquy written by a person obsessed with the same narrative? “The one unforgivable sin is to be boring.” – Christopher Hitchens

  39. ITH is a very stimulating place.

    Jeremy- I’m sorry if I’m a “string killer.” But strange how supposed IU fans would be more worried about a “string killer” at a Hoosier blog receiving “diminishing interest” than replacing the coach that is a “respectability killer.” Narcissism can be quite infectious, but I will never place upon another the rewarded arrogance to be a “killer” of Hoosier Scoop . The Herald Times has had too many exceptional journalists and writers to assert the product is superior, or inferior, by the expertise in discussions delivered within these boxes by ALL numbskulls of ideal time.
    Scoop is superior because the HT has journalistic integrity and strives to remain an objective eye within the keen knowledge of the sports they collectively cover with incomparable thoroughness and variety(Live Chats, Thursday Chat, ScoopTalk, Hoosier Morning, etc, etc) . Scoop has no competition that I can find. Sure, there are sites for zombies that must be similar to the the type of place a Kentucky fan would visit to beat a certain drum … But such places for the abundance of dull tools in the shed CANNOT compete. Scoop will never be a bandwagon stop for a particular “party affiliation” to a particular coach, creed, following, or ideal. And, although my voice is a dissenting one of regularity when the subject is Tom Crean as a sound choice for Indiana, I can rest assured that the site I visit, remains, first and foremost, poised to be neutral and without agenda in the PRESENTATION of its product.
    I most sincere hope for Indiana rests in knowing the “integrity” remains inherent in the heart of Scoop’s mission though my own gets often abandoned to emotion.

    Podunker #16

    Wednesday, November 25, 2015 – 7:32 PM EST

    No more excuses for Crean. None, zero, zilch, nada. Ironically, all the talent he has assembled on this year’s team is exposing his weakness as a coach. This team is in disarray.

    I assume the above post was legit, Jeremy …You never labeled it as from an impostor. So, to the above post, I also say AMEN!. Sometimes, though very briefly a rose will blossom for all its thorns to protect, the sun rewards even the most guarded a stem and a thought.

    The ITH McDonald’s drive-thru can be very busy with lots and lots of customers feeding a gut and a mind without much discerning taste….It’s America…At times, it just is what it is….But the best burger in town is found at Hoosier Scoop. I’ll visit Scoop to just see Jeremy’s Hoosier Morning song choice before I could even digest one nauseating thought to join the masses of clapping zombies commenting forever about the bark on one tree.

    SCOOP RULES! Korman, Graham, Kellenberger, Kartje, Dopirak, Price, Miller! Now that’s MUSTARD! NOTHING compares. NOTHING comes near. Harvard just provides the beer..

  40. And AMEN to the following…(And thanks again for the article you encouraged me to read, Geoff. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I found the perfect barn for Crean to play in).

    Geoff       #22

    Thursday, November 26, 2015 – 11:54 AM EST

    Confused why anyone would think that a high profile coach wouldn’t want the IU job… I mean, no one is going to leave a cushy gig at a great school for IU, but for anyone not named Izzo, K, Self, Williams, dude in AZ… whatever… anyone else would be foolish not to look at it very hard.

    Crean sucks, but he’s proven you can recruit to IU… 5 McD’s all-American’s in 5 years… 2 or 3 top-10 recruiting classes… A great state of talent to choose from… the ability to recruit nationally… a basketball school…
    This job still holds a ton of appeal.

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