Snow doesn’t slow Diamont, Cobbs #iufb

A couple inches of snow didn’t stop a couple Hoosiers from going to work.

Through a series of videos shared through social media on Monday, we know that Zander Diamont and Simmie Cobbs took to the snow-covered field at Memorial Stadium to get in a little throw-and-catch session yesterday.

First, it was Diamont — clad in snow boots — looking deep down the visitor’s sideline of the stadium:

Then, Diamont tested his accuracy on the snowy goalpost in the south end zone:

The final video featured a shirtless Cobbs, who hauled in a deep touchdown pass in the same end zone:

Stay warm, fellas.


  1. Meanwhile, cobbs drops pass after pass after pass, including one in the end zone against Duke that essentially cost IU its first bowl win in a quarter century. But when you give a coach a 100% raise, a coach who’s yet to sniff a winning season, and who has EIGHT B1G wins in FIVE YEARS, who really cares.

  2. Thanks a lot, Double Down.
    About choked to death on my sticky rice cake this morning reading your comment..

  3. I would have said same ‘Paige’…. Hee-hee…Appears my posts run speedier routes…

  4. Dunbar’s post still on the Scoop sideline and yet to even find the spam huddle…It looks like we’re going to have to burn a timeout…Hee-hee. Referee Jeremy must be spinning through White Castle on the way home….The post is still under further review…..”Nipples” was ruled complete…? That sorta surprised…I thought that would be ruled down by contact…..

  5. Upon further review, the ruling on the field is overturned. The HT player on the intercepting team had one foot out of bounds.. No timeout will be charged to Dunbar. Repeat 2nd post. Please set 2 hours and 45 minutes back on the Scoop clock.

  6. I know a lot are enamored with Zander as our QB and I look at him as a positive in the program also. But if Tre Robinson who has a better arm, more elusive runner and just as competitive could not win the QB job I see no way Zander even when he becomes a senior can be the IU starter. I am also because of his build am skeptical he will be the 1st in rotation for backup. But talking out the other side of my mouth I admire his leadership and gumption on a snowy day for helping Cobbs improve his concentration and eye hand coordination. We need guys like that at every position. Good luck to both.

  7. Zander is to Indiana as Hud Mellencamp to Duke….They’re bad-asses……at IU and Duke. They would be the ‘Gatorade Girls’ eye candy on the sideline just about anywhere else..Nuff said.

  8. It is good seeing Hoosier football players having fun playing football in the snow. There are better workout conditions inside but to see them outside is a good way to welcome in 2016.

  9. The play just before the clip: “Simmie, if you drop another pass you have to play without your shirt.”

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