1. I actually like the casual t-shirt look….Very retro Indiana logo too. I always liked that style of logo the most.

    It’s nice to see Tom looking relaxed …..He looks in a good place. I, on the other hand, am a total wreck. .Blackmon was my favorite Hoosier and he is now the bastard child….. He was sorta the main reason I could continue to watch the candy stripes amongst all the carnival…James was the cool not belonging in the Sunday School….

    Shameful Admission: I have become so bored, that I even watched part of Purdue vs. OSU just because it was on….I drifted back to days that ‘square’ place seemed so far removed from the cheerful and hip grounds of IU’s Bloomington campus… McCracken and it’s banner reunions….now doesn’t seem as far from the stink and shallow waters of obnoxious Boilers…We used to seem such polar opposites….Purdue was always the crew-cut school with oily Coach Comb-over…and we were the cool school with the X’s and O’s genius…Maybe Bobby was a hostile man, but his players were always a wonderful blend of hometown ‘straight and narrows’ meets Bobby Wilkerson hip….

    I dare admit that the freaks in West Lafayette are almost more fun….And though the place forever seems stuck in 1951, it does so in something more genuine…I feel more sadness for Indiana than anything else…When I watch Purdue, it only provides comic relief rather than the old reinforcement of hated rival emotions and of thankfulness not to be of that fan base or alma mater. They are almost endearing in their steady identity….Purdue is still Frankenstein’s castle always mad in their envy of our immortal banners….And now they have monsters everywhere sprinting the floors of Mackey….They gobble boards…They eat Husky sled dogs for breakfast….They are not of human composition….Are they grown at the School of Agriculture? Were they a captured gift from an icy planet offered from NASA for Aerospace research? They say it’s from Arkansas….? No matter, I guess…The ferocious giant in the Purdue uniform is as fun as a classic Sci-Fi flick in black and white….His name is Haas….but they can’t fool me.

    But what of my IU? Remy is gone…Mo Creek moved on….James ‘Bobby Wilkerson’ Blackmon is nearly as spit on as Jamarcus Ellis…..EJ and DJ were such a nice pair….I’ve just learned to not really care….IU is running from something…..It’s lost its kindness and decency…It’s grown into a different monster of sorts..It makes big of nothing….and makes nothing of big…It chases the days of banners and then chases out of town its Hanner’s……

    Back to watchin that giant piece of Boilermaker broccoli for now….For now…Yup, it’s cold outside…And it’s cold in Bloomington…Husky Tom has left for Cleveland….Kirkwood and coffee shops no longer seem warm and inviting…..I just need something for diversion and fun….And the 7-footer ‘and them some’ …from…? …’Arkansas?'(yeah, right, Arkansas) monster of another world..who ditched his saucer in a field just outside of West Lafayette, momentary fills the need to get my mind off the Bloomington freak show….The warmth is courtesy of how “things” never change in places as removed Mackey. Strange place to find warmth, but it will have to do. It’s this or Cody choir boys ditched the Sampson sinners…and getting high on cupcakes in place of games true winners…..and Buckner in Depends crying for his Bobby boo-hoo….And to my Hoosiers, all those things I just can’t do. Thus, I watch ‘The Thing’ of Purdue.

  2. oops…I guess the thing that eats Huskies on Ritz crackers is from ‘Alabama’……

  3. So many many words, so very little substance. Meanwhile, the IU team you don’t like continues to play lock down defense while shooting the lights out and rolling to yet another win. First place in the conference must disappoint you terribly, perhaps even more than your lack of basketball acumen. Maybe there’s a remedial hoops forum you can post on so you fit in a bit better? If not, your less frequent posting during this period of success is a welcome respite.

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