1. Was this made in-house? First, who cares? Secondly, get your facts straight….Oladipo is averaging 13.5 ppg.

    Lastly, compared to a guy like Isiah Thomas, a truly legit NBA star who once donned the candy stripes and brought a BANNER to Assembly Hall, these guys are chopped liver. …..and always will be.

  2. I did like the voice-over….It was as soothing as an Belsomra commercial…and with the same side effects as watching the Orlando Magic play.

  3. Oh, and I’m pretty sure that Oladipo played at IU for three seasons from 2010-2012 (not 2007-2008 as presented in the video).

    Does anyone at HT watch this after they Frankensteined it together? I know time flies, but Dipo in the NBA for nine seasons? I would need some extra doses of Belsomra to sleepwalk through that much non-existent time.

  4. Yeah, that’s the ticket…..along with the correction to Oladipo’s field goal percentage.

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