Wisconsin woes continue in IU’s 82-79 loss

MADISON, Wisc. — This was nearly Yogi Ferrell’s masterpiece.

The Indiana senior point guard willed Indiana as far as he could, carrying an otherwise uneven bunch of Hoosiers to the brink of a breakthrough victory on Tuesday at the Kohl Center.

But the ghosts of this building appeared once again, and a night that had the potential to be something memorable ultimately resembled so many other trips to Wisconsin.

It took an overtime period, but the Badgers held on for an 82-79 win, sending the Hoosiers to their 14th consecutive loss in Madison. It also snapped a 12-game overall win streak for Indiana, which returns home to face Minnesota on Saturday afternoon.

Ferrell scored a team-high 30 points, continuing his recent stretch of excellent basketball, and this time in the most hostile environment IU has experienced during Big Ten season.

The Hoosiers haven’t won at Kohl Center since January 1998.

As good as Ferrell was for IU, Ethan Happ and Nigel Hayes answered on Wisconsin’s end. Hayes poured in a game-high 31 points, while Happ, the Big Ten Freshman of the Week, won his matchup with Thomas Bryant and posted 25 points for the Badgers.

Turnovers were a central issue for Indiana, which finished with 19 errors for the second time this seasons against Wisconsin. While those mistakes were one dimension of the loss, Indiana was undone mostly by general sloppiness. The disparity in fouls hurt IU, too. The Badgers shot 28-for-37 at the free throw line, while IU went 16-for-18.

Bryant had his moments, finishing with 16 points. So did Troy Williams, who added 15 points. But Williams swung back and forth between playing reckless and violently out of pace.

With Ferrell at the helm, the Hoosiers asserted themselves early and led until the 4:04 mark of the first half. That’s when Jordan Hill beat the shot clock with a deep 3-pointer that gave Wisconsin a 24-22 lead. According to ESPN, it was the first time the Hoosiers had trailed in their last 109 minutes of action.

That deficit grew to as many as eight points with 1:10 left in the half, but IU scored seven unanswered points to close the half trailing only 35-34. Five of those points came from Ferrell who closed the period with 13.

But that late-half run by Indiana was essentially nullified at the start of the second period, when IU came out of the locker room and committed four turnovers in the first three minutes, while giving up five quick points to the Badgers.

Ferrell took the stage down the stretch and once again attempted to will IU to a victory on his own. He lined up and sank an acrobatic 3-pointer from up top with 1:13 remaining in regulation to give Indiana a 69-67 lead.

Hayes drew a foul with 46 seconds to play and hit both free throws to tie the game at 69-all, and yet there was Ferrell to answer on the other end.

Ferrell made a beautiful backdoor cut, accepting a pass from Max Bielfeldt and going to the rim to put Indiana back ahead with 23 seconds left in the second half. On the other end, Hayes hit a pair of free throws to tie it and help force overtime.

In the extra period, Hayes and Happ combined for nine of Wisconsin’s 11 points. With IU trailing 80-76 with five seconds to play, Ferrell hit a clutch 3 near the wing to bring IU within one. Hayes once again connected on both of his free throws to establish separation once more.

IU couldn’t execute its final inbounds pass with three seconds to go and fell yet again at Wisconsin.

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  1. Officiating was woeful. Indiana had their chances, but it is hard to win 8 on 5. Hoosiers never quit! Proud of them.

  2. Well…that was a gagger. Yogi was as much to blame as his teammates. Wisky tried to give it away, too. All in all a missed opportunity that will likely come back to haunt IU before the season is over.

  3. OMG…The referees are at fault and Yogi is the problem? UW people have just as much to complain about in regard to the referees as IU particularly in the 1st Half. If not for Yogi, Wisconsin wins going away in regulation I thought IU played very well defensively in the 1st Half. That last 5 secionds was really bad with the press losing their best player and then IUs inability to even inbound the ball. Oh well…They’ll bounce back but they weren’t and aren’t as good as their 7-0 record may have indicated. Top 4 in the Big Ten and maybe better though.

  4. Never been a huge fan of Yogi but what a heck of a game. I am now a fan…mentally tough, a leader, finally and tonight was fantastic. Our Achilles is not having a big man along w Bryant down low…asking Hart to do too much and Max is limited. They are ranked where they should be…for now!

  5. Tough loss for these guys but great effort. Why does ESPN think it is entertaining to watch Dakich demonstrate on court moves in his suit and dress shoes? Are they trying to be like the Fox NFL Sunday? Maybe they should add a partner with Dan next broadcast so he can demonstrate the entry pass from the wing…

  6. Another brilliant out of bounds play drawn up by Crean at the end of the game. If it comes down to a coaching duel at the end, iu will lose. It became evident Yogi’s freshman year, and it continues. Cream is not an x’s and o’s guy. Great recruiter though. I guess “the players got to execute” is always a viable out. Gonna be a quick out again this year in the tournament because there will be some close games where the coach is going to have to coach at the end and Crean can’t.

  7. @ cwigg: Crean actually had 2 chances, at the end of regulation to win it and the end of the OT. Both plays turned into 0 points and only 1 shot.

    Quite simply, we do not have a late game, out-of-bounds play. The brilliance of Tom Crean…..yet again.

    Remember the out of bounds play on the side near the bench vs. Wake in Maui? Twice. Chaos. Result = 0 pts.

    We haven’t hit a key shot to win a game since CWat vs. UK. Period. And that was just the kids making a play.

  8. Stats don’t lie.

    8 bench points on 3 – 9 shooting.
    Bench guys had 12 fouls, 4 TOs and 2 assists.

    The bench didn’t show up.

    And as for the starters, 6 assists and 19 TOs.

    Game over.

  9. Wisconsin time and time again played Wisconsin bb as in past schooling IU both, offensively and defensively. Still IU had a chance but the better team was Wisconsin. Wisconsin was tougher both, physically and mentally. The game was not quit as close as the score indicated. Again, bad decisions by Troy Williams, Z or someone shooting a 35 footer from 3 point land, Bryant getting punished defensively down low. Offensively, IU was making bad decisions because IU was getting a little frustrated and 3 point ball not dropping as much. Made for Wisconsin win. The best team won last night. Plus IU got a couple calls from refs in their favor.

  10. Really not a bad showing. The team is not deep. With the exception of Yogi’s leadership it continues to reveal some glaringly youthful spots. I can easily see us ending up 12-6 in the B1G, which all things considered, will be a very good run for this team.

    The perception from the administration is that they are content with IU being competitive in the B1G. It wasn’t so long ago when there was discontent if we were not competing for a national championship. A national championship will NEVER happen in Bloomington under the current leadership!

    So as long as a top 3 or 4 finish in the conference makes for a successful year for some, get use to the enthusiasm levels coinciding with us falling in and out of the AP top 25.

  11. IU is a good team but not a great team. We’ll make the tourney but most likely go down in the first round.

  12. Straw man,
    This is the USA. We have freedom of speech and opinion here. If you don’t want to hear it or see it don’t come on this site. IU lost. That’s life on the road in the BIG. ONWARD IU FANS ! And for you Straw Man, onward through the fog.

  13. IU at home last game was not sold out, tons of seats in the baloney. Does that tell you anything. It does me. A lot of fans don’t believe that this team is a good as its’ record.

  14. Year after year the inability of IU to pull off a successful inbounds play is striking.

    Why is that so hard for the Hoosiers?

  15. I am sick of hearing about the greatness of Yogi Ferrell. I believe his only assist, for which he gained his recent notoriety, came late in the second half. I quit counting his turnovers at 10. As a team, their actual first field goal attempt in the second half came almost FIVE MINUTES in, a make by T. Bryant, because of poor ball handling and in most instances, unforced errors.
    As ALL teams do, they are a direct reflection of their coaching. Think of the poise of John Wooden (UCLA) and Red Auerbach (Celtics) then envision Crean constantly actually being on the playing surface during live action.

  16. A good showing from IU, but the game exposed their flaws. They simply do not have a strong interior defense and will be beaten by athletic, big men in the paint. Max and Connor have good offensive skills but are limited defensively. Bryant needs to get physically stronger and he will. That being said, when he is out of the game, the Hoosiers get destroyed inside by good teams. Crean did not recruit and succeed in getting enough talented depth at forward/center position. IU will beat Minnesota and the lower tier teams handily but Iowa, Purdue and Mixhigan State will be very tough games. Nevertheless, at least it’s been an exciting season so far.

  17. I missed part of the second half but I find it hard to believe IU didn’t attempt a shot for the first five minutes.

  18. Chet, Troy missed a lay up at the 18:58 mark and Bryant made a shot at 16:18 mark! Not sure what Chonnie is up to. I get frustrated at times but keeping it objective…it is amazing the calls they get at Wisconsin. The proof of how good this team is will be discovered vs MSU, Iowa, Maryland and even PU!

  19. Chet,

    It’s sort of true. 5 min is a little bit of hyperbole, but we didn’t start well.

    Here’s Indiana’s possessions to start the 2nd half. It was a mess:

    20:00 Indiana Possession
    19:48 Yogi Ferrell Turnover.
    19:00 Troy Williams missed Layup.
    18:59 Indiana Offensive Rebound.
    18:49 Thomas Bryant Turnover.
    18:09 Thomas Bryant Turnover.
    17:51 Robert Johnson Turnover.
    16:14 Thomas Bryant made Jumper. Assisted by Max Bielfeldt.


  20. I’ve not seen it take place in any other game but Bryant’s feet looked nailed to the floor against Happ. IU was sloppy all game but 3 missed shots under the basket at the end of regulation and during OT blowed their opportunities to win.

  21. HC, yes. TB is doing great for a freshman overall, but the weakness in his game right now is his footwork on defense. He has the potential to get better, but as you said, his feet are nailed to the ground when he gets his hands in the air. On the other end of the court, he has moved quite well.

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