4-star athlete Lynn Bowden commits to IU #iufb

Indiana landed the most significant addition to its 2017 recruiting class on Saturday night, accepting a verbal commitment from four-star Ohio athlete Lynn Bowden.

According to the 247 Sports composite rankings, Bowden is considered the No. 162 overall recruit in the nation, a top-five player in the state of Ohio and a top-20 athlete overall.

Bowden chose Indiana over reported offers from Tennessee, Michigan, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Kentucky, among others.

“After talking with my family I’m closing my recruitment,” Bowden wrote in a tweet.

At Warren G Harding High School, Bowden rushed for 1,827 yards and scored 20 touchdowns, while completing 52 of his 92 passes for 640 yards and eight scores. He could play at running back or in the defensive backfield at Indiana.

Bowden is the fourth member of IU’s 2017 recruiting class, joining Avon athlete Bryant Fitzgerald, Arkansas receiver Josh Johnson and Florida offensive tackle Tyler Knight.


  1. Wow, last year no one wanted to commit to IU early and now we get a 4 star recruit and have the 24th best class in the country? Things are looking up for IUFB! Great get- hope Ohio State doesn’t offer and change his mind. But wow, great job. Looks like this kid could be a difference maker on offense or defense (and special teams). All the kids that have committed for 2017 would rank in the top 10 for 2016. We are not only getting early recruits, we are getting highly rated recruits. This could be the class that cements IUFB as a perennial bowl team. Momentum is building in Bloomington!

  2. 123, like you I am impressed that IU is now in the hunt for top recruits. We all know the commitment right now isn’t in cement but if IU is recruiting quality young men that are also top recruits they will follow through with their commitment. It is great to hear that IU is being chosen over SEC and B1G schools as in the past we were competing with top MAC schools finding diamonds in the rough. Lagow was rated the #1 JC QB in the country and Thompson was rated the #2 Safety coming out of JC.

    We need to start seeing some quality wins this coming season as we have the athletes to pull off an upset or two. I also see PSU, MSU, Nebraska, and NW as winnable games. It is early in 2017 recruiting yet it is nice to see IU recruiting up to #24 for now. Pulling of a special season this year will solidify the recruiting but if IU stays around .500 or even a bit below then there is still a big hill to climb. I think last year’s team showed how close IUFB is to being one of the better teams in the B1G but the last bit will be even harder to achieve. Still it just takes talented athletes that believe in themselves and their team to finish the turnaround.

  3. Hope he ends up in B-town, but until he puts pen to paper next Feb. 1, I’ll remain cautiously optimistic. I’ve seen way, way, way too many football recruits back out of and change commitments. Sounds like he’d be a great get, though.

  4. We have never had 4 commits this early in the process, let alone a 4* and three 3*’s. Yes, it is extremely early in the process, but I would much rather be sitting here with 4 highly regarded commits who might get poached away than with 0, which is exactly what we have had in the past at this time of year.
    Just like in a game, there is such a thing as momentum in recruiting. If prospects see that other good prospects are committing to a program like IU, other highly rated players are more likely to follow suit.
    The more you have, the more you are likely to sign come next February.
    Sure would like to see a 4* QB commit early!

  5. CalChaneyfan, I’m with you. This is good news because it creates some positive buzz for the program and it creates the impression that IU is gaining momentum, but these early verbals mean nothing. If he has a great senior season, all the power football schools are going to be coming after him real hard. Then we’ll see how committed he is to play for IU. But I do give IU’s running backs coach great credit. He has proven to be a great judge of talent and a wonderful recruiter.

  6. Early. So by time fall rolls around IU fb has 15 high quality recruits committed. Provided IU wins and 12 of the commits stick and sign. Then, during and after season because of the high quality already committed IU will need to add 8 more solid recruits to have a class of at least 20 or maybe even more.

  7. I don’t remember when we’ve had the 24th rated recruiting class at any time of any year ever. Yeah early commitments don’t always lead to signed players but this is still a great momentum boost for the program. The long contract extension by Fred Glass is looking like a shrewd business decision right about now…

  8. As everyone has said it is early and we never know who will stick but IU RB and OL have shown IUFB is the place to excel. I like t’s comment and hope all stick with IU but if not it will be a core to build on and show other top recruits that IU is a place to come to and play early.

    It is very important for the team to win games and beat teams they aren’t favored to beat. There has been all kinds of good news this off-season and it should lead to winning more games in 2016. It is nice to be a Hoosier FB fan and see good things happening. Spring practice should show signs of a very good team and I hope the players and coaches develop a winning attitude that can produce good wins in 2016.

    For now, I will revel in IU recruiting being #24 in the country right now. Coach Allen needs to really work on the Ben Davis DT as he says he is hoping OSU offers him. It is time for Indiana’s top FB players to come to IU and help them become one of the B1G powers. If Indiana’s best players would come to IU it would help the out of state players make IUFB a power in the country. I don’t understand why Indiana players don’t want to be the ones to turn around IUFB but if they only care about being on a team that is already a power they don’t have the attitude IU needs. 2016 IUFB will determine if many of the Indiana players decide to come to IU. It is great to get players like Bowden and I hope the commits keep coming in the next few weeks.

  9. v13 wrote: “It is very important for the team to win games and beat teams they aren’t favored to beat.” I’d settle (at least right now) for beating the teams IUFB should beat. Upsets (Missouri 2014, e.g.) don’t amount to a hill of beans unless regular business is taken care of. And squeakers over the likes of So. Illinois and W. Ky. don’t count as taking care of business.

  10. davis, I am saying beat the teams they should and upsetting teams other people don’t think IU can beat. Don’t come up short on wining games that last year’s team came close to beating. The Missouri upset was the year that losing Sudfeld after two backups leaving. That year was too short of quality backups but last year the team played the tough teams close while PSU was another game with losing two important offensive players. The 2016 team has quality backups and should play well if a starter or two that misses games. The Rutgers game was on Sudfeld for throwing the two interceptions. I would point out that WKU was far better than you think and they won 10 games despite losing to IU and LSU. Their offense was one of the better ones in the country.

    2016 should be the year that now has depth and being able to deal with missing starters. It should also be a team that learned how much harder they have to play and our new defensive coaches should really improve the defense but we will have to see. The are many talented players on this year’s team and with talented players that missed the year due to transferring in or out all year with injuries will create more depth and add more talented players on defense. I am hopeful this 2016 team will beat the teams they should and good enough to win a couple of games others think are upset.

  11. I don’t care how they do it, just win at least seven games during the regular season and avoid huge blow-outs. I’ll take baby steps at this stage in the program’s re-birth.

  12. v13- Rutgers on Sudfeld? Were I eating corn flakes right now I’d be spouting milk out my nostrils. To give you the benefit of the doubt I looked it up; Sud’s interceptions were both well into RU territory. After IU was +25 with 20 min. to go RU scored on 3 TDs and an FG (4 out of 4 possessions starting on its own 32, 35, 37, and 32 yd. lines). Had the IUD been able to hold Ru to a FG instead of a TD on just one of those possessions, IU wins. Sudfeld, indeed.

  13. v13- WKU’s record 2015 vis a vis what it says about IUFB is negated by SIU’s 2015 record (El Stinko). Had not the SIU receiver dropped the ball on the last play, we’d probably all be writing about IUFB’s new head coach right now.

  14. Guys- yes, they gotta start winning the close games. Yes, Wilson’s contract extension was questionable for most of last year. But, hey, he squeaked out 6 wins and got an extension. Now that long extension is paying dividends in the form of better athletes. This kid has ELITE quickness and especially elite lateral quickness. He is the type of guy that Ohio State has used to to beat us over and over again. Now at least on paper, we have that kind of weapon.

    Yes the defense has to get better. Not worst to first but maybe worst to 10th in the B1G. Then Allen and Hagen have to get better d line recruits. Then some of the athletes we have stacked up on the offensive side of the ball have to switch to defense. But all of these things are obtainable. If they happen, we are a 7,8 or 9 win team every year. That is a real possibility for the first time since Bill Mallory. Will they win 7-9 games? Who knows, but at least its a possibility which in itself is an accomplishment.

  15. Yeah they got their highest rated recruit ever but there’s still 23 schools ahead of them.

    Yeah they are competing for the B1G title but it’s only because Michigan and Ohio State had off years.

    Yeah they are in the playoffs but ticket prices are too high.

    Yeah they won the National Championship but only because they sold out to athletics.

    Even great will never be good enough for some. I wonder if IU is really that bad or is it the lens some use to view the world?

  16. A historical perspective might help…prior to CKW, IU did not have the talent, coaching or facilities to compete at the FBS level. While we did manage to win some games and even get to a bowl once, the fact is we got blown out in most games, deservedly so. Our strength and conditioning was so poor, our guys were huffing and puffing with their hands on their hips by Q2. Our defensive coaching was so poor that those coaches are no longer coaching anywhere! Opponents expected that they could throttle back when playing IU and still win easily. They were rarely dissapointed. The program was in a complete shambles with no reasonable expectation of improvement.

    Today, we are competitive in every game. We don’t quit. Opponents, even the top end ones, will tell you that playing IU is not longer a walk in the park. Our talent level has improved dramatically as has our facilities. The program is well organized and managed and is on an upward trajectory. There is more than reasonable expectation for success.

    We are now far more competitive an

  17. Wilson has improved recruiting relative to historical standards. I am optimistic about the 2017 class, especially given the early verbal commitments. But in spite of the two JC transfers, the 2016 recruiting class is not a strong class. It’s not terrible, but it does not include the same level of talent found in the 2014 or 2015 recruiting classes. I think the timing was bad and it diminished the quality of this class. The timing of the DC change hurt this class and the delay in announcing Wilson’s contract extension also worked against IU. Hopefully, next year, with a new DC, a second year of improved performance on the field, an offensive tackle being taken in the first round of the NFL draft, and the complete understanding that Wilson will be around for a long time, the 2017 class will be the best in IU Football history. That needs to happen. And if it does, it will be a sign that Wilson has finally got that big “battleship” of a football program (LOL) turned around.

  18. In my span as a student, grad, and fan of IU there have been 11 football coaches come and go. Most commenting here would not even recognize the name of the first of the 11 coaches (1st name Bernie) but he was only one of many bad choices in the past 100 years of poor administrative support, poor facilities for many years and bad teams most years. Coach Mallory was the only one in my time to produce reasonably competitive teams most years and If you erase his first year of 0-11 he would have been the first coach since Bo McMillan to have a winning record. I think Mr. Wilson is the best hope we have had since Coach Mallory and I say that with all respects to Coach Hep who may have been the right man. The next two years will determine how well Coach Wilson does and provide a proper basis for judging his performance. I think it is going to make a whole bunch of IU folks real happy.

  19. I’m sure this has been discussed and I just missed it but what kind of ratings did our 2 all Americans this year have coming out of high school?

  20. Both were very solid but not outstanding (247 Sports): Spriggs 84.0 Feeney 84.4 . FYI Sudfeld 87 and Latham 91. All 4 were at the top to middle of the ratings for our recruits. This shows that better-rated recruits generally become better-rated college players but that there is some movement both up and down from where they were as high school players.

  21. Aside from the two JC transfers, did any of the recruits in this class have a rating coming out of High School close to 84?

  22. PO- Yep. Cronk, Enis and Morris all rated better than the 2 Juco’s who were 85’s. Then Drayton, Bryant, Stover and Nworah were 84’s. A few of the lower rated guys I think still have a chance to be impact players. You watch tape on Cole Gest and he’s just an electric running back. He’s only 5-8″ 195 but he can flat out fly. Also, Allan Stallings is only 6’2 ” and 230 at defensive end. He only runs about a 4.9 fourty. So he’s a little small for defensive end and not great as a sprinter but he really explodes off the ball. You can’t block what you can’t catch and he’s really, really explosive. And when he hits guys they just crumble. He many not have the measurables but looks like a better player than the 2 d ends that decommitted. Also that Tyler Natee wasn’t rated and is now listed as an 82 because he’s only 5’11” and runs a slow fourty. But he doesn’t run around guys, he runs through them. He is going to be exactly what we need for 3rd and 4th and short and redzone plays. He is 260 and looks lean. He is a brute. When you watch the tape, there are some real diamond in the rough players. Marcelino Ball is only an 82 as a Saftey but he’s literally only 16 years old. Give him a redshirt year and then a couple more to develop and he may end up as a 4 star type talent. This group is not as lean on talent as you might think.

  23. 123, I’ll take your word for it and remain optimistic. I trust Wilson’s ability to evaluate and recruit offensive talent, and the new DC has significant experience, but IU really needs to increase the talent level and depth on defense if they’re to produce winning seasons on a consistent basis and fill Memorial Stadium. I’m optimistic that Wilson’s contract extension, the new DC and another solid season in 216 will result in a new level of success in IU football recruiting.

  24. 123 wrote “its [sic] a possibility which in itself is an accomplishment.” Really? Possibility = accomplishment?

    PO wrote “produce winning seasons on a consistent basis and fill Memorial Stadium.” A much more defensible proposition, but plenty of empirical evidence says otherwise. Example? NU went 10-2 regular season in 2015 but drew sparser crowds (from a metropolitan area of +8,000,000 people) than did IU in tiny Bloomington.

    Harvard: Notwithstanding the above, this dope is springing eternally with hope for IUFB.

  25. davis- yes, putting oneself in a position to achieve a higher goal can, in and of itself, be an accomplishment. Example: Donald Trump improved his position to win the Republican nomination for President. Changing his chances of winning from highly unlikely to possible is a momentous achievement. Yes NU has poor attendance by B1G standards because of a tiny alumni base. That is all….class dismissed.

  26. No one knows how a kid will develop as a player over time. I sure am glad that IU has Page in the slot and to return punts. He wasn’t even a 1 star.

  27. Last year I was a 30th-year red shirt. I would have been the ‘next man up’ if both Danny Cameron and Nate Boudreau got hurt. David Anspaugh is calling about the movie rights….

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