Hoosier Afternoon

Max Bielfeldt would love nothing more than to make a triumphant return to Michigan tonight, Mike writes.

Indiana slips to No. 3 in this week’s Big Ten power rankings, I wrote.

Indiana brings a former Wolverine and a superb point guard to Ann Arbor, Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press writes.

John Beilein has no regrets about the forward-looking decision that saw Max Bielfeldt transfer to Indiana, Tony Paul of the Detroit News writes.

A Q-and-A with Max Bielfeldt from Big Ten Media Day back in October, by Lev Facher of The Michigan Daily.

A look at what went wrong defensively against Minnesota, by Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall.

Yogi Ferrell is writing the final chapter of his story at Indiana, Justin Albers of AllHoosiers.com writes.

The journey to the NFL is keeping former Hoosier quarterback Nate Sudfeld busy, Sam Beishuizen of IUHoosiers.com writes.

For the spotlighted Mr. Bielfeldt, MAX with “Streets of Gold.”


  1. Have at it, Double Down.

    Yogi has played some fine basketball of late. It’s a shame that so many that sold their desire for banners didn’t want them with the same level of heart and hunger demonstrated by Yogi.

    “Everything hinges” seems like a long time ago….Some left IU after their “Going Home” parties coincided with a Syracuse bitch-slapping.. It’s a rare individual that will stay to chase banners when probable high draft pick status is awaiting.
    Tragedy found the doorstep of Devin Davis….Devin was probably my favorite Hoosier out of “The Movement” group. With that young man having his dreams blow up in his face, I’m not sure if it’s very classy for any journalist or family member to act like “one” Hoosier from that group stands above all others when it comes to defining such things that don’t really matter anymore.

    Without Austin Etherington’s tireless behind-the-scenes efforts to convince Cody to wear candy stripes, there is no “Movement.” Loved Etherington’s enthusiasm when he would go nuts from the Hoosier sideline during our huge ‘Back-to-Back’ years ….The harsh reality is that even when he was healthy, Austin couldn’t get minutes at Valparaiso. ….But his efforts to bring Cody to Bloomington saved Tom Crean’s ass.
    Now we are left with watching Crean take yearly ‘movements’ during every March Madness. Circle of Life, I guess.

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