Hoosier Morning

The IU women’s basketball team kept rolling at Assembly Hall with a physical defense keying the win over Nebraska, Jon wrote.

The IU men’s team fell for the trap at Penn State and struggled against the kind of big lineup it will see against the Big Ten’s best, I wrote.

All the reasons to believe in Indiana after the Michigan win turned into doubts after the Penn State loss, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

The loss at Penn State hurts, but it hurts even more given Indiana’s forthcoming schedule, Brody Miller of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

The struggles of Yogi Ferrell, the turnovers and the damaged resume among the takeaways from Penn State, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Bob Knight was a Boilermaker for a day on Saturday without a mention of Indiana, Hoosiers or Assembly Hall, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

IU basketball isn’t a must-see on Saturday night anymore, says Kent Sterling for nuvo.net.

For former Hoosier and Super Bowl champion Cody Latimer of the Denver Broncos, here’s Radiohead with “Supercollider.”


  1. Had a death in the family, so I’ve been out for a week. Missed the PSU game entirely. Haven’t read anything about it, don’t know a single thing that happened other than Yogi having a bad game.

    I see this new comment thingy isn’t exactly wooing people to participate. It is a ghost town around here.

  2. I’m done with Bob Knight. For a man that molded so many adolescents into men, preaching accountability, hard work and mental toughness, he sure is as weak-minded and petty as they come. He’s not just ignoring the Hoosier faithful, he’s outright rubbing their faces in it (what else can you call speaking at a fundraiser for Purdue).

    I went from, “it would be nice if he came back, but don’t count on it,” to “my indifference to Knight returning to Indiana is bottomless.”

  3. Right there with you.

    As have so many others, over the years I’ve made many an excuse for the guy’s childish behavior. The reality is, his immaturity has no limits. Plenty of people figured that out long before I did.

    He’s doing all of us a favor.

  4. Well said, Chet. There’s no shame in enjoying what he brought to Indiana University in the past. You don’t have to throw out all the incredible accomplishments across 30 years of hoops in order to dismiss the petty crank that Knight is now. I’m not upset with the old man, I just no longer care about anything he does from here on out.

    You’d need the Hubble Space Telescope to measure the end of my indifference to him.

  5. Both of you said it well. I think it is well past time for IU and IU’s fans to move on. We need to stop inviting Knight to IU’s various ceremonies. We need to stop discussing the possibility of naming some campus building after the man. We need to balance our regard for his performance as IU’s coach with his behavior since leaving IU and the pettiness he has demonstrated on numerous occasions since that departure. I mean, who does he remain upset with? Who, amongst IU’s administrative team, is left for him to be angry with? The man who fired him is dead. The athletic director involved is long gone from IU. The two people who are now in those positions have invited him back with open arms on several occasions. The bottom line is that Knight has always been a walking contradiction and a bit of a hypocrite. He would grab the microphone off the scorer’s table and chastise IU fans for chanting “Bull Sh!t, Bull Sh!t” after a bad call, then return to the bench and scream profanities at his players that would make George Carlin blush. I still believe he was a great coach, but he was never bigger than IU. Maybe his problem is that he believes he was.

  6. Like I have said before, It’s not about who the coach is (or was) It’s about Indiana Basketball.

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