Hoosier Morning

Indiana dropped out of the AP poll, down bracketology projections and spent Sunday evening practicing after the loss to Penn State, Mike writes.

The Hoosiers slip to fourth in the latest Big Ten power rankings, I wrote.

IU women’s basketball has vaulted into NCAA bracketology discussions off a pair of wins last week, Jon writes.

A look at some of the defensive miscues by Indiana that allowed Penn State to pull out a win Saturday, by Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall.

Indiana is an 8 seed in the latest bracketology with the toughest part of the schedule remaining, Andy Bottoms projects at Assembly Call.

The loss at Penn State muddied IU’s resume and makes the stretch ahead that much more important, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Iowa welcomes the attention as a trip to Assembly Hall awaits this week, Chad Leistikow of the Des Moines Register writes.

A business-like approach has served the Hawkeyes well so far this season, Don Doxsie of the Quad City Times writes.

IU offensive lineman Jason Spriggs continues to climb NFL draft projections, but he says the work isn’t done yet, Sam Beishuizen of IUHoosiers.com writes.

The consistency of sophomore forward Amanda Cahill has helped IU women’s basketball enter the discussion for an NCAA Tournament berth, Teddy Bailey of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

I detect a theme to today’s IU basketball stories, so here’s Electric Light Orchestra with “Don’t Bring Me Down.”


  1. I’m really rooting for Spriggs to be a first round draft pick. That would be great for him and great for IU Football. He seems like a great young man, and his upside appears to be enormous!

    1. Everybody,
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  2. Jason Williams on SportsCenter acting like a complete dumb-a$$….Puhhhhhleeeease, Jason…Please don’t tell me that a 17-year-old phenom arriving at a Louisville recruiting party honestly can’t tell the difference between a paid hooker and the coach’s daughter(or any other coed simply there for beer, basketball discussion, and autographs).. ..Riiiiiiiiggggggt.

    And why shouldn’t the current players be ‘pay the price’ for the current self-imposed penalties against the Louisville basketball program?…Please don’t tell me that a recruiting culture didn’t filter through many of the same sleazy agents selling the “perks” of Louisville parties to many of those now in uniform.
    Yes, the sludge hit the fan when a particular prostitute had her story published….The parties stopped once the rumors of what was to come began to circulate in the halls of Louisville. But don’t for a minute be so naive to think that many of the current recruits were not enticed via the silent “culture,” the same sell job from scummy agents privately acting as pimps to high school sophomores as they whisper in their ears of vulgar offerings and “favors” of which we’ll likely never have any full knowledge/details…

    Come on, Jason Williams….Pitino specializes in private lasagne dinners served in the backrooms of his favorite dining establishment ….with the equipment manager’s wife.

    Didn’t know they were hookers…..? I’m glad you went to Duke, Mr. Williams. It confirms all my previously existing stereotypes of that place where privilege plays the stupid card. …Yup, I love that dumb card…Just like those criminals of Wall Street that watched investment banks and the housing industry burn to the ground(along with billions in hard-working Americans 401K accounts)…simply because they love that stupid card. Stupid their way right out of getting sent to prison.

    Was DJ White a recipient of a 3-way call from Kelvin? Did DJ White not have to go through the mess of a witch hunt on the eve of March Madness? That’s pretty mild stuff compared to paid whores taking you to your new dorm room assignment. Come on, Jason. Didn’t know they were hookers? Yup, and Pitino thought he ordered carryout for his wife.


    Tragic news….After the unveiling of the next five years of Hoosier Basketball’s non-conference opponents, The ‘Pillsbury Dough Boy’ passed away suddenly from what was described as severe depression aggravated by a firm tummy disorder. It’s was initially reported that he was ‘googling’ flaky turnovers…..and he accidentally opened a Hoosier page. His softness took a turn for the the worse…The tummy hardened and he let out one final rather defeated giggle…His closest friend, ‘The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man’ provided the difficult details …He also spoke of a house of turnovers that surrounded defeated and hardened ‘Do Pill’ ….There was also a “farewell warning letter” for ‘Pufty’ written in icing from ‘Do Pills’ to never follow Hoosier Basketball with any serious regard to his own marshmallowiy days of self worth introspection.. .

  4. HI Jeremy, thanks for your post. I am one of those people; I’ll try emailing you separately. I’ve written several longer posts this last week, only to see them not show up on the screen. I created an account and followed all the steps.

  5. How quickly I sold out ….I believe I made a comment on Scoop a couple years ago basically saying that I would never do this if a “log in” was required. It will now all be ‘ever so careful’……Many fears will come with each controversial sentence thought…Will I be expelled…? Will I be denied membership…? Will I face obstacles if I do not conform to political correctness or the ‘culture’ of a hidden agenda? Is someone watching a mirroring of every word I type as I forward space, back space, and move about this box, my once private sanctuary, very differently than what comes from a heart of truly creative and free expression?

    I should probably reevaluate….I feel as if it’s the first step in marching to the drums of conformity that is nothing of Lady Liberty.

  6. Speaking of holier-than-thou ardent conformist made of snidely clay missing any semblance of heart and personality…and creativity….and sense of humor. Wow…The “New and Improved” face of Indiana….The Flippant Apologist…The guy that believes low RPI numbers are inversely proportional to ‘greatness’… .Tom Crean’s oily ‘snare lotion’ supplier and Lead Apologist assigned to the honky-tonk local reads.. ……The Grand POobah of Defeatism …The King of Un-Americanism who gnaws at the ankles and undermines all things of real progress and hope at IU… while allowing the CharlaTom King of IU Sports, the Corrupter of McCracken, turn sound and true maple into false pretense with a slathering of endless soft urethane gloss in a personal quest to raise one’s own virtues like banners of a Sweet 16 banana tree above that of Indiana’s storied history in qualified instruction and demands for the challenge a fiercest opponent….,

    Yup….There is no greater assualt to freedom and the humble truths glowing from the torch of Lady Liberty than the those who live in the apology now firmly guarded at McCracken. So carefully and narrowly guarded as the words a censored public. This is how they define “victory” ….whether in debate at a Love Boat Forum, or a Caddyshack Committee of collusion to secure favors a puppet ‘Department,’ or in 40 minutes of basketball against teams one foot removed from Division II.. Everyday they seek villains and spit defeatism on those five banners because they possess nothing of the truth in the \ American spirit….or the Indiana spirit ….or the Hoosier spirit.

    Truth at McCracken was once “nice” and most certainly earned “while it lasted.” Now it is merely an empty facade to protect a club for the King and all his essential oils and lotions of hype. We are in the second week of February, 12 weeks into the college basketball season, and yet to play a top-25 team….Does it get anymore un-Indiana? Does it get anymore un-American to bring former Hoosiers in “reunion” celebrations amongst the backdrop of such disgrace and defeatism? But lest we forget, it’s all in the name of a narrowly defined version of wholesomely “good” prayer and one definition of pureness in “Christianity” that it forever apologizes. . That makes it all worth it.

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