Hoosier Morning

After Indiana’s turnover problems peaked earlier this year, the Hoosiers have made steady improvement capped by just four turnovers against Purdue, Mike writes.

The Hoosiers need to bottle what’s working at Assembly Hall for the upcoming two-game road trip, I wrote.

The commitment of four-star Lynn Bowden puts IU football on the national radar in recruiting, Mike writes.

IU women’s basketball couldn’t overcome a disastrous second quarter in a loss at Iowa, we reported.

From Saturday night, Max Bielfeldt and the Hoosiers took the fight to bigger Purdue, I wrote.

Tom Crean’s not a bum anymore with a Big Ten title in sight, Bob Kravitz of WTHR.com writes.

Eighty days after preaching patience, Tom Crean proved these Hoosiers worth the wait with a win over Purdue, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

After a win over Purdue and taking over first in the Big Ten, it’s a love-fest in Bloomington, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Purdue was bigger, but the size Indiana had played well enough to beat the Boilermakers, Brody Miller of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Controlling the glass, winning the turnover battle and some stellar individual performances keyed IU over Purdue, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Indiana is a surprise contender for the Big Ten title and controls its own destiny, Matt Charboneau of the Detroit News writes.

Breaking down the defensive breakdown in 2015 for IU football, by Billy at puntjohnpunt.com.

Since we’re talking about peaks, here’s The Moody Blues with “Peak Hour.”


  1. The second half resurgence of OSU and Wisky leaves Iowa with a really tough path to the title. Their ‘easiest’ game remaining on the schedule is Michigan.

    I’d love to see Purdue briefly imitate a good basketball team and beat the Terps before going back into hibernation.

    That home finale is shaping up to be a good one.

  2. Sure is. Definitely a winnable game.

    I’m curious as to the status of Robert Johnson. Looked like a pretty tough injury. His defense was critical in our win versus Purdue. He’s a big reason why our perimeter D has tightened up in B1G play.

  3. Anyone know how to load a picture here? A friend was out yesterday and saw RJ on Kirkwood and he was in a boot with one crutch, but said he looked like he was getting around pretty good. He sent it to me.

  4. Bob Kravitz’s “Tom Crean’s not a bum anymore….” story spoke to some of Crean’s critics who are struggling to find fault with the job he’s done coaching IU this season. Crean’s never been the best coach in college basketball, nor has he ever been a bum. But what Kravitz’s story did not explore is whether the players dismissed from the team have created a better team culture and eliminated major distractions from the players remaining. With considerably less talent, especially with the Bigs, this IU team appears to have much better leadership and team cohesion, not to mention what appears to be a genuine affection for each other, than IU teams we’ve seen in a while. Maybe Crean should be credited for creating addition by subtraction? Whatever he’s done, he deserves credit, at least until IU loses again.

  5. Po, when you say “considerably less talent,” do you mean versus our roster before the dismissals, or versus the rest of the B1G or nation?

    I think there was addition by subtraction. I think we may have been a better team earlier in the season with Holt. In the long-run, I think we’re better with where we are. DD’s health was a total unknown and HMP was such a bust. He was Troy Williams mentally without the upside. He might have gotten way too many “upperclassmen minutes”, while OG and Bryant struggled to get real minutes behind these guys. I really thought Holt was going to be pretty solid for us.

  6. Water tends to find its own level.

    While many of us harp when a player leaves there are generally two sides making that decision. No matter what they would like to think, picking a college can be, for whatever reason, a crap shoot. For various and sundry reasons student and players leave. When they pick their next stop they are armed with more information, both about college basketball and themselves.

    The kids who left IU over the past few season, by and large, are doing just fine. The players who remained, or transferred in filling their roster spot, are doing just fine as well.

    It’s a messy system but, at least in terms of recent history, it seems to be working out for current AND former IU players. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.

  7. DD, I meant versus our roster before the dismissals. On paper, IU lost a lot of talented big guys. But maybe those guys did not have discipline and were not contributing to the team’s cohesion. It is amazing what a small group of really dedicated people can accomplish when they really come together, care about each other and make their individual interests secondary to the group’s success.

    As for their dismissals, Chet is right. I hope the young men are wiser as a result of that painful experience. Too bad they’ll never get to experience what their former teammates experienced Saturday night inside Assembly Hall. IU did not dismiss those young men, they dismissed themselves. As my Dad used to tell me when punishing me, “you grounded your self, son. You knew the rules, you knew the punishment for breaking the rules, and yet you chose to break them anyway. You did this to yourself.” Then he’d make sure that the most valuable lessons were the most painful.

  8. Remy is currently in a very ‘painful’ experience while playing with a top-ranked Xavier team. Then again, he was one giant bum.

    Cahoots Bum: Hired his own AD. on a ‘promise of sorts’ dating all the way back to a lovely letter written by Joey Glass when they were both at Marquette..

    Twenty Wins on Cupcakes, Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows Bum: Pathetically soft preseason scheduling year after year after year.

    ‘Homer’ Bigger than Real Indiana ‘Homer’ Bum; Abuses holier-than-thou faith by tying his ‘everything hinges’ faith knots to the second most heralded recruit from the state of Indiana since Damon Bailey. Proceeded to take ‘Cody & Glowing Crosses Co.’ and a preseason #1 Hoosiers no deeper than the Father Homer and Bryce Drew could take Valpo.. Translation: Valpo’s Homer prayer shots without “halftime locker room prayers” and Joyce’s Bible endorsements still work better.

    Cap’n Crunch-Time Bum: Can’t get it done in March Madness ..We’ve seen Crean’s hangtime.

    Scared of Blue Bum: By hiring his own AD, he was able to duck UK and steal from the fans one of the mot historic rivalry games in college basketball. Scared of Calipari Blue…Also gets spanked by Blue Devils.

    ‘Famous’ by Association Bum: Markets Michigan more than Indiana. Best h.s. Indiana talent leaves the state to play in Michigan. Advertises for state of Michigan(kicked out of coaching class by an MSU guy) …Married into a Michigan football family…”Oh, that brother-in-law” Happenstance of a Michigan grad transfer bringing his mojo rejection and Beilein’s playbook to Bloomington. Negative recruiter for the state of Michigan.

    Lowers the Lore Bar Bum: Bob knight = Eleven BIG Championships(paired 3 with National Championships. Mike Davis = One BIG Championship(paired with taking down a #1 Duke team + Final Four + Championship appearance . Crean = One BIG Championship(because of landing his only premier “everything hinges” recruit) + Sweet 16 spanking from a Syracuse team( a team later easily disposed of by Michigan…There’s that Michigan name again).
    Butler and Brad Stevens didn’t need BiG Championships to print ‘Back to Back’ Final Four t-shirts.

    Bracket Broken BarcaLounger Bum: Watches Final Four games with the Harbaugh’s from his recliner while Mitch McGary, Glenn Robinson and Spike Albrecht(kids from Indiana) take March Madness by storm and play in Final Four.

    Green as Green Can Be Bum; Highest paid public employee of the state while providing above noted levels of soft scheduling, substandard results, and defeatism more tied to Michigan success and happenstance than to the grit and genuineness of candy stripes.

    Reunion Pampers & Needs Constant Validation Bum: Can’t have a ‘banner party’ without celebrating those “irrelevant” diaper rash days via reunions with Knight players now wearing Depends.

    Self-Serving False Prophet Bum: Encouraged fans to ‘hate’ on anything Sampson in order to buy himself years of excuses…Proceeds to take all of that defeatism and self-serving destructive talk to put a Sampson recruit(Elston) on his bench. Nothing of glowing eternal light shines in such a self-serving version of forgiveness for his narcissistic podium built on hatred and talk of ‘decimation’.

    Makes Comb-over College Cool Again Bum: Turns what you’re supposed to do at home against Lafayette b-ball trash and proceeds to make a win against Purdue like they’re from the big scary ‘House of Five Banners’….

    O.K….He’s not a bum. He’s an opportunist genius. Kravitz is the bum. And we’re the Bums of Defeatism and Indifference for being so hungry as to sell out a truth once embodied in all things believed ‘Hoosier’ next to ‘Basketball.’

  9. Lest we forget…

    Bobby Bender, a Bloomington High School star, was a disgruntled guard at the end of IU’s bench before transferring to Duke, becoming a star, and winning a national title.

    I’m betting Remy’s story doesn’t end with a title, though. Either way he’s had a nice run, too.

  10. Lest we forget…(while we are speaking of Duke)

    Establishment Kiss-up Bum: Must kiss the butt of Doc Rivers(while filling scholarships and passing on true recruiting effort on Indiana guys like Branden Dawson, Gary Harris) for Establishment validation. Doc opens the ‘Pipeline of Eastern Going Home Parities” by permitting his bricklayer son, Jeremiah, to transfer to Indiana. Yippee! Thank you, Establishment…And the reward for kissing up? Duke gets the 5-star, Austin Rivers, while Tommy puts on more clown makeup. And what else has changed 6 years after kissing Establishment butt out East? Duke(in a down year no less) kicks our butt by 30 points this season with on hand tied behind their back…What’s up Doc?

    Painful lessons? The most painful lessons come to Crean recruits in March Madness..It is at that time they realize all the individual ‘lottery pick’ hype and team accolades built on cupcakes and favorable scheduling meet a train wreck of a coach who has no answers against the true teachers of the game.

  11. Not sure what the reference to Bobby Bender is supposed to mean…

    (1) Bobby Bender was born and grew up in Bloomington, Illinois.

    (2) He played for Indiana (1975-76) and won his only national title that year with Indiana (not Duke).

    (3) He later transferred to Duke and reached the national title game with them (but lost to Kentucky).

    A little more respect for facts, please.

    And since you brought this up… lest we forget:

    (1) Those kids were all Crean recruits.

    (2) He was forced to dismiss them by McRobbie.

    This is yet another case where happenstance saves the day for Indiana’s new Booby Knight.

  12. When you have the name Bob Bender, it sounds like you need to transfer to Duke. Duke’s current ‘Hall of Fame’ coach sorta bended away from Bob….as well. Didn’t Bender end up somewhere in the Pac 12…I seem to remember a Bender post that I put on Scoop some time ago…Wasn’t he a Washington Husky coach? .I do Rememberbendertenderly

    Robbie Benson….McRobbie…Bobby Knight…Bob Bender…Kent Benson….? Robbie Bobby Bender Benson…This gets confusing.

    coachw- I simply cherish that shot of Knight you posted. Funny as hell.

    Another shout-out to Rod Temperton! Just Give Me The Knight!

  13. I’m betting Remy’s story doesn’t end with a title, though. Either way he’s had a nice run, too.

    Chet- That’s too easy….Care to tell us whose story does end with a title this season? Do you consistently pick the winner of March Madness? Did you have Mitch McGary reaching a title game a couple years back?

    Remy was sure a solid kid….What a solid frame….Remember how he came in to save the day @ Purdue with a giant corner three? Remember how Remy would later save the day against VCU when Jordy couldn’t handle their swarming press? Remember how Crean went berserk in Jordy’s face on national TV…? .Man, Crean looked like Bobby(see coachw post) on that March Madness night. i thought Crean was going to kick Jordy in the shin or throw a chair……maybe even break a clipboard. But he thought better and simply clapped Remy off the bench…
    Crean: “Remy, you go in and bring that ball up court against that ferocious press of Shaka…I’ll just continue to clap and pray. Sound good, Remy?”
    Remy: “Sure coach…as soon as you cut me.”

    Maybe Remy doesn’t have a title next to his name…It’s not like the odds are any less in his favor than everyone else. But if there is a kid less deserving….? Or, If there is four more kids on the same team who simply get the job done when asked to do so in a manner no less selfishly for a team than Remy Abell, then your team has nothing to hang their heads low. All that kid did was bail Tom Crean’s teams out from under impending disaster. Not a bad kid to have on your bench.

  14. oops…if there is a kid [more] deserving…

    I don’t know…Sometimes I think Devin Davis may be more deserving of a title next to his name. Hard to imagine doing something so horrible to get kicked off a team while considering the tragic turn of fate thrown in that young man’s face right out front of Assembly Hall(Halloween eve no less).
    When hearing of gross and inappropriate stuff even a stellar human being like Peyton Manning was doing in Tennessee locker rooms twenty years ago, I think we could have had a tiny bit of compassion reserved for Devin Davis. But Crean backed himself into a holier-than-thou corner since his hire date…It’s really his only signature move….and he needed some backup in the post position …and there was Beilfeldt glowing with a Michigan halo over his head in the complete darkness of another happenstance prayer answered.

  15. Harvard, I NEVER pick the winner of March Madness. Probably the last time I got it right was 1976. I doubt I picked Indiana in either ’81 or ’87. I don’t think Xavier will win simply because they have never done anything impressive in the post season. I didn’t think an undefeated Wichita State team would do it either. It’s just a much bigger stage and they haven’t shown they can handle the bright lights yet. Maybe they will.

    coachw, thanks for the corrections. I didn’t look any of that up and my memory isn’t what it once was.

    The Devin Davis story is an unfortunate one but, along with the unfortunate incidents, he was provided with many opportunities few receive. He had some bad luck but he also made poor choices. In the big picture he’s still way up in the plus column. I’ve seen a lot of tragic stories and his just doesn’t reach that threshold. I wish him the best moving forward.

  16. GoDuke.com had Bender from Crown Point…..His daughter now plays soccer at Duke…Bender Like Beckham?

    Chet- I don’t put people on a tragedy scale…And I don’t really know what Devin did that was so horrible …nor how many real chances he was given…What I do know is that from a basketball standpoint, he was no use to Tom Crean…nor was the failed experiment of Hanner Perea…nor the desperation move of bringing in Jeremiah April(though his mother thought that the Messiah brought Tom Crean to her doorstep). What I also know is thy holier-than-thou coach gave up Twitter on the day following Devin’s accident. Giving up Twitter…Now there’s a tragedy..No more tweeting The Lord and Joyce…Now Tom Crean must text Jesus.

  17. I know you weren’t directing it towards me, Harv, but this is just for the record. I was never in support of kicking those kids off the team. HMP maybe. But Holt and DD? No.

    It remains to be seen if DD ever plays competitively again. He’s got a lot of heart and he’ll keep trying to come back, but the traumatic brain injury he suffered was so bad that if he were to get a stray elbow to the back of the head it could kill him.

  18. But here’s the bottom line for all you apologists;

    IU did not dismiss those young men, they dismissed themselves.

    That statement is total crap. More than 50% of Crean’s guys pushed/encouraged to leave their candy stripes behind did nothing that was deserved upon themselves…Of course, these many breaks of trust are not refereed to as “dismissals”….Roth wasn’t needing a painful lesson….Guy-Marc was brought knowing he probably wouldn’t be eligible….Creek didn’t require painful lessons because of broken down knees Crean believed no longer useful… Remy, Fischer, Noah’s early departure….April…Perea…Just about every potential 4-year player never stays under Tom Crean…There’s always the next best thing coming through a happenstance revolving door….And most of the guys he once begged to wear the uniform are usually given a dismissive heart in the end…They are not dismissed because they needed to be taught some painful lesson.
    And you wonder why so many recruits from the state don’t trust this guy? Sure, he has his few “chosen one” players(VJ III, Jeremiah Rivers, Dipo, Troy), but most are simply disposable…Crean doesn’t spend any time developing character…He simply labels it with thick judgment(accept for those he needs to pump up his resume only good for finding darkhorse NBA talent).

  19. Patterson…Hollowell….Stan Robinson… Yes, all horrible young men that need to be taught some lessons? Really? That’s where we are going?

    Sure, we have a talented bunch now. Who in the hell wouldn’t when you play kids like a roulette wheel at a place like Indiana? Sooner or later a number is going to come up where you actually have a chance to get to another glorious Sweet 16 at Casino McCracken.
    Bloomington hoops under Crean is akin to the GOP….Always marketed to the Christan Right for approval, walls, censorship, protection, make the press the enemy, name-calling for everyone that’s in your way(“You wrecked the Party!”), deception, outright lying, abstinence from deep tournament runs preferred over berth control, riches of coach get richer while the 1% hoops get poorer, horrible decisions once in power, hunger for podiums more than principles, search out black votes(recruits) but paint a black/minority president(former head coaches) as the sinner/bad guy, and continual Bible thumping until those poll numbers for your approval finally stand tall….Keep celebrating(attaching yourself) the good old Reagan/Knight years…Yup, Crean and the GOP in a nutshell.

  20. Who are these ‘apologists’ you refer to?

    I guess you mean the people that have said they have had it with CTC but didn’t do it quickly enough for you.

    Who is making excuses for CTC on the Scoop?

  21. “…I don’t really know what Devin did that was so horrible…”

    Me neither.

    But…I don’t know all the details of what went on during Devin’s time at IU. I don’t know if there were other issues that the powers that be kept quiet. Was this an example of what they dealt with on a regular basis? Or not. I don’t have access to that kind of information.

    Do you?

  22. Chet- When the writing on the wall looks like a new painting of the room, it’s sorta been “quickly enough” for a very long time. We’ve gone from labeling all of Sampson’s recruits as thugs to doing the same for half of Crean’s own recruits….When is the charade going to end? And for what reason must it go endlessly on….? A couple Sweet 16’s….? Hiring this man is the only painful lesson we’re learning. Never get so hungry a cure as to go for the snake oil.

  23. No I don’t have access to that “kind of information.” Nor does the blowbag that keeps acting like everyone treated dismissively under Crean was in need of some “painful” fatherly lesson. What a boatload of crap. This guy has spun nearly a dozen decent kids away from a senior night that did nothing but play their dedicated asses off for the man. Troy Williams and Yogi Ferrell were in the same sorts of trouble those painted as screw-ups. There are guys still on our roster that were in the car with Perea and his bottles of vodka….The only guys dismissed and painted as degenerates are those the most disposable(replaceable .when grad transfers, etc…looked like better odds) Please…Let’s start telling the truth. Crean doesn’t develop character. If anything, he probably places a negative effect upon character.

  24. Austin Etherington, the unsung hero of sorts that endlessly marketed the banner push to bring his friend, Cody, and ‘The Movement” to Bloomington, ….? Yeah, he also needed some painful lessons in his encouraged dismissal….Because we all know he wouldn’t have wanted a ‘Senior Night’ at Indiana….

    We bring Cody to pump up the fans for the recent game against Iowa….What sad bullcrap…We should have been bringing Austin Etherington a coach..

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