Hoosiers climb to No. 12 in latest AP poll #iubb

A win at Illinois and a share of the Big Ten title have propelled Indiana to its highest spot in the Associated Press Top 25 this season.

The Hoosiers climbed six spots to No. 12 in the AP poll Monday, leaping over both Iowa and Maryland a day after clinching at least a share of the conference crown. IU will have an opportunity to win the league title outright for the second time in four seasons with a win in either of its two remaining games.

Indiana’s latest ranking is its best in the AP poll this season, after entering the preseason slotted at No. 15 and climbing as high as No. 13 on Nov. 23 prior to the team’s disappointing showing at the Maui Invitational.

As they pursue the outright title, the Hoosiers will first head to Iowa to face the slumping Hawkeyes, who dropped eight spots Monday to No. 16 in the poll. On Sunday, IU will close the regular season against a similarly slumping Terrapins team that fell four spots to No. 14 this week. At No. 2, Michigan State is the only Big Ten team ranked higher than the Hoosiers. Purdue is also included in this week’s top 25, jumping five spots to No. 15.

IU also picked up steam in the USA Today Coaches poll, climbing four spots to No. 11.

While voters are bullish on the Hoosiers, Indiana remains in good shape in the latest NCAA Tournament projections. ESPN’s Joe Lunardi and CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm each have IU lining up as a No. 5 seed in a matchup with Arkansas-Little Rock. Lunardi has that game taking place in Denver, while Palm puts the Hoosiers in Oklahoma City. USA Today’s Shelby Mast has IU as a No. 6 seed facing either Temple or Alabama in Providence, R.I.


  1. Oh brother. The way that high ranked teams have fared this year, this new number simply means we are the next to be humbled.

  2. Crazy year. Last week MSU was in fifth place in the conference and this week they are #2 in the country and they have beaten #1. Kentucky and Duke are back in the bleacher seats. SMU is close to wrapping up the SEC. Oregon is the pride of Pac Whatever basketball.

    Strange times.

  3. Yea, MSU won’t win their conference championship, but they’ll be ranked in the top five? Goes to show that a lot of this is about the coach’s reputation. Bob Knight lived off that for years. MSU is a good, very well-coached team, but they’re not a top five team in the nation.

  4. I would rank MSU higher than Indiana after they pistol whipped us up in East Lansing. The rankings are not about the total body of work, but how people feel about these teams now. MSU is super scary and playing better than anyone in the country. Plus, they beat the current ranked #1 team Kansas. We didn’t play a ranked team until Feb.

    Who cares about these polls anyway. I hope we see MSU in the B1G Tourney. I’d love another shot at them. If we beat them, we should jump ahead in the rankings that matter: NCAA Tournament seeding.

  5. Justin Albers made a good point when he wrote, “In essence, this season has been a microcosm of Crean’s tenure in Bloomington. We live in a result-driven world, but even so, few have faced the kind of game to game, week to week criticism that Crean has. The noise stops when the wins come, but the critics don’t become supporters. They merely stay quiet and wait for the next chance to jump on Crean again.
    His career at Indiana has been one of the most bizarre, interesting and tumultuous that we’ve ever seen. Crean gets little praise when he wins, and carries loads of blame when he loses.”

  6. I’m going to stop you at “Justin Albers made a good point…” He’s not only the worst journalist covering Indiana, he’s the worst thing that ever happened to the printed and typed word.

  7. I don’t disagree with you DD, but in this case, he made a good point. That being that when IU wins, Crean’s critics are silent. But when they lose, they’re out for his scalp. As for Albers, remember that even blind squirrels find a nut once in a while, and a broken clock is right twice a day.

  8. Hehe. I’ll give ya that one.

    Phew. Albers is terrible. Wonder how Terry Hutchens felt having to work with that guy for a year.

    Terry is over at BTownBanners now. Whoever runs the Twitter account for them has been all over Albers’s stupid Tweets this year. Hmmmm. 🙂

  9. As for Albers, remember that even blind squirrels find a nut once in a while, and a broken clock is right twice a day.

    You just described Crean.

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