Hoosiers clinch share of Big Ten title

The Hoosiers have clinched at least a share of the Big Ten title, and they didn’t even have to leave their homes to do so.

Purdue’s win over Maryland on Saturday, followed by Ohio State’s victory over Iowa on Sunday afternoon allowed Indiana to secure its place in the standings with two regular-season games remaining. The Hoosiers will have an opportunity to win the title outright on Tuesday when they travel to Iowa City looking to deliver the knockout blow to the Hawkeyes in person.

Indiana (23-6, 13-3) now has its second Big Ten title in four years after earning the conference crown outright in 2013. The Hoosiers have not won multiple Big Ten titles in a four-year period since the 1991 and 1993 seasons. This marks IU’s 22nd Big Ten title, which ties for the most in conference history.

For only the third time in 20 seasons, IU has posted 13 wins in its first 16 conference games — something the Hoosiers also accomplished in 2008 and 2013.

Ranked No. 18 in the Associated Press top 25, IU has now posted 20-win seasons in four of the last five years, while going 116-51 since the 2011-12 season.

Ohio State’s victory Sunday gives the Hoosiers another jolt of serious momentum entering the final week of the regular season. IU has won six of its last games, including three in row. At the most important juncture of the season, the Hoosiers are playing some of their best basketball of the year.

IU bounced back from a disappointing loss at Michigan State on Feb. 14 with a pair of home wins last week against Nebraska and Purdue. The Hoosiers, who close the season at home against Maryland on Sunday, are 16-0 inside Assembly Hall this season.

With his second conference title at IU in hand, Tom Crean is on the — very — short list for Big Ten Coach of the Year.

Meanwhile, a couple of the teams closest to the Hoosiers in the conference standings are slumping. It seems that Iowa may have peaked in late January. The Hawkeyes, who have a difficult two-day turnaround before facing the Hoosiers on Tuesday, have now dropped three in a row and four of their last five dating back to IU’s 85-78 win in Bloomington on Feb. 11.

Maryland, the preseason favorite to win the league, is also sliding into the tournament. The Terrapins have lost three of their last four games, and have watched sophomore point guard Melo Trimble fall into a serious offensive slump.

However, Michigan State, which is tied with Maryland for third place, is trending upward. The Spartans have won four in a row and eight of their last nine.


  1. It sounds like CTC has rested this team down the stretch versus his IU teams of the past.

    Dan Dakich mentioned during telecast of Thursday’s Ilinois game Indiana is a final four team.

    I have to say, they look fresh and are peaking at the ideal time of the season.

  2. Thank you OSU! Looks like Iowa and Maryland are experiencing that “late season swoon” so many of Crean’s critics predicted for IU.

    “For only the third time in 20 seasons, IU has posted 13 wins in its first 16 conference games — something the Hoosiers also accomplished in 2008 and 2013.” And to think IU has accomplished that twice in four years with a “clown”/ “walk-on”/ “cheerleader” head coach. Oh that’s right, I forgot, the Big Ten is weak this year.

    Looks like Tom Crean is going to be IU’s coach for a while longer. LOL! Go Hoosiers!

  3. Bart, coming from Harv, that would be high praise for Mike, and anybody else.

    Anybody notice the absence of Crean’s critics on this thread tonight? They must be busy trying to find new arguments justifying their disdain. Can’t wait to read the mental contortions they have to make in order to find fault with the job Crean has done this season. And a win at Iowa might make their heads explode.

  4. So we are supposed to be impressed with Houston winning at UCONN? I’m sure Sampson encouraged his played to roll a fatty and celebrate by taking off from class the rest of the week.

  5. I think if Johnson is cleared you need to play him for a little in one of these next two games. You can’t simulate game situations in practice and even playing for a 4-5 minute stretch to see how it feels would be beneficial. Also that would get him back in rhythm and flow of a game. You really don’t want his first game back to be that first round game after not playing for 2-3 weeks.

  6. I am convinced now: Tom Crean should be Coach of the Year. For those who are still on the fence it’s hard to choose from his vast body of work a representative sample but if I had to choose I’d have to say OSU – Iowa and Maryland – Purdue are two of the games that have cemented Tom Crean’s greatness.

    “For only the third time in 20 seasons, IU has posted 13 wins in its first 16 conference games — something the Hoosiers also accomplished in 2008 and 2013.” I wonder who was coach in 2008 probably a peer of that peerless coach Tom Crean?

  7. 6 games against 3 Bottom Feeders(collective 11-35):
    Illinois(twice) Nebraska(twice), Minnesota(twice)

    6 games against 5 Top Feeders(collective 54-27)

    MSU(once), OSU(once/Assembly), Maryland(once/Assembly), Purdue(once/Assembly), Iowa(twice)

    No SIGNATURE ROAD WIN against a T0P-TIER TEAM from our conference. Our one and only opportunity will come tomorrow @ Iowa

  8. The Big 10 Title banner should be made from reinforced Charmin. The trophy should be sculpted from a pile of Easter Bunny feces.

    But here’s a big plus on how we got to 20 plus soft wins and plowed are way through cotton candy and home wins: We also have NO SIGNATURE ROAD WIN against a top non-conference opponent as well….Yippee! Unless you guys are willing to concede that @ Michigan is a signature road win…LOL. I would beg to differ…I would say that defeating Michigan in the NCAA tournament(something Syracuse couldn’t do after spanking us) would be a SIGNATURE win.

    This leaves are one stellar achievement against a quality opponent away from Assembly was a neutral site win 45 minutes up the road against ND.

    The softest schedule in the history of Indiana Basketball….Happenstance Coach with a defeatist approach to all non-conference scheduling. Should be a minimum of 3 rivalry games(neutral or alternating with UK and always a pair against Purdue). ..Permanently ducked UK…while pounding are chest because Maryland is the team that has to play @ Mackey.

  9. And good for InTompetent for scrapping up that 4-year Michigan recruit …….Geez…Just think of the tragedy if Holt hadn’t been rolling a ‘fatty’ for a Hoosier kid that had a traumatic brain injury…. and we had no room for our fat cow coach to replace them with a pair of baby Beilein calves?

    The last vestiges of the Zeller ‘Movement’ (Yogi) + Easter Bunny Feces Schedule + Michigan grad transfer Happenstance (a.k.a. Devin & Emmitt Trick-or-Treat) = ?

  10. I don’t know why/how Harvard invests so much energy into beating his dead horse over and over. However, he does have a point…. as IU fans who have seen the clear limitations of Crean’s teams over the years, NOONE should be prematurely celebrating a possible conference title in very a down year for the Big 10. Nor have there been many signs that we’re in for the deep tourney run we’ve all been pining for.

    In defense of his point that this is the Same Old Crean Team benefitting from cotton candy scheduling, take our performances against Wisconsin as another relevant measuring stick. We clearly still can’t handle them. Put Crean up against a system-running historical nemesis that always seems to have our number, and we’ve shown very little evolution other than a scrape-by, win-by-attrition in the early going.

    I believe our Wisconsin play, at present, is the biggest predictor of our ability to confront Syracuse zones and other adversity that might arise down the road – situations where coaching will need to match our talent level if we are to succeed.

  11. Once upon a time a sports writer in Wisconsin wrote a critical article on a local college coach.
    A young college student took issue and wrote a letter to the editor singing the praises of and extolling the virtues of this college coach. A large Midwestern university in southern Indiana was so impressed with the students insight and knowledge they hired this coach to take over their own program. The new coach demonstrated his charm, glitz, and adeptness at back room lawyer deals and was assigned to hire the athletic department personnel. He immediately hired the college boys daddy as his boss and University AD. The daddy, a back room lawyer by trade, and the coach then set out on a course to solidify their success by first ending a long time rivalry when they offered the rival one game at Lucas Oil, one game in Louisville, and home and home knowing it was unfair and would be refused. Next they plotted a course to insure a favorable schedule by pointing out to the conference commissioner that the prominence of their school would mean more money to the conference if they posted a sterling record. The money mad commissioner, a back room lawyer himself, who had previously exhibited his great wisdom by inviting Rutgers to join the conference and make money for all was sold and together the schedule set. Needless to say the plan worked and it appears that all will live happily ever.

  12. Putting another notch on the B1G banner is great, but as the Wolf from Pulp Fiction once said, “Let’s not start………………..just yet.”

    Due to our low SOS, we still have work to do. We’re still just a 5 seeds projection. We can get a min of 3 if we win out and at least make the championship game of the B1G Tourney. A 5 seed is not going to cut it.

    Lots of Indiana fans whining about that projected seeding. Our SOS is still in triple digits. I’m starting to think we’re a lot better than that, but we haven’t really proven it. It is hard to objectively place us right now.

    We need to keep up the winning. This isn’t like 2013 where we could limp into the tournament losing 3 of our last 6 and still get a #1 seed. All this talk of COY stuff isn’t relevant yet. These next two games are critical. Lose them and we’re in the middle of the pack seed-wise.

  13. iuhoosier1992,
    The thing about sprains is that we rely on the tightness of our ligaments for stability. Depending on the severity of the sprain, if there is much movement during the healing process they can mend themselves but, for lack of a better term, lengthen as they heal. This can result in instability…sometimes forever.

    You really need to be careful with a sprain.

    You can tell when someone knows nothing about orthopedics when they say, “Luckily, it wasn’t broken, only sprained.” Yeah, sometimes…if it’s a really minor sprain. I’d take a simple fracture over a bad sprain any day. A bad sprain can take a year or more to heal. Ligaments a very avascular, that is, they don’t get much blood flow and take longer to heal than bones.

    I’ve had a bad sprain. I was driving to the hoop and planted my foot on a curb under a backboard playing basketball in a parking lot. Nasty. Ligaments reattached. Six weeks in a cast. Physical therapy. Instability for over a year. Had I broken my ankle I’d have been back in action in 4 months.

    Without knowing any details I’d guess they are going to keep it in a boot as long as they can.

  14. where coaching will need to match our talent level if we are to succeed.


    The horse would be alive and well if Fred(The Charmin’ Charmin Boys of Marquette/Tommy & Joey) didn’t bring a defeatist whip to Bloomington. But when you’re a defeatist, you measure a program’s success by Cody Zeller averaging 7 points per game for Charlotte, cupcake scheduling, ducking rivalry games, and spankings delivered att Sweet 16’s…You can’t ride that,horse of malnutrition anywhere…. It will never be free and wild..It is contained as an exhibit in cruelty…It will be put on circus cars and run repeatedly for years in circles….It will be driven to boredom until it’s dead It’s how Ringmaster Fred and Bozo secure their millions ….

  15. Tom,
    What did you mean by a ‘possible’ conference title? The Hoosiers can finish no lower than tied for first at this point. I agree that they need to win outright. Limping into the postseason is not the way to go. Now, if they win the last two we need to give CTC some credit. On it’s worst day the Big Ten is light years better than the SEC. None of the major conferences are setting the world on fire this season. Remember how unstoppable the Big 12 was supposed to be the past couple years? They were destroyed in the Big Dance.

    BTW, NOONE is not a word. I assume that was a typo.

  16. Look, lemme try to broker a Mideast Peace Deal for 30 seconds and then we can go back to shooting at each other again.

    I am 100% celebrating Indiana securing a share of the B1G title. I don’t care with whom I have any disagreements with. I’m celebrating this accomplishment. Our rivals up in West Lafayette couldn’t manage to stand atop the B1G in a down year (haha Matt Painter–shoulda taken the Mizzou gig!). And that is a wonderful thing. 🙂

    Now, let’s go out and finish the job!

  17. Chet -I give you credit for giving me a taste of my own medicine with your snarky spelling comment. No, it wasn’t a typo.

    Also, as far as the “possible” title, I am speaking about outright championships, vs. the shared variety. A shared title following a loss in the last two games (or both) would be so in keeping with Crean’s moral victories. We should accept nothing less than an outright.

  18. I would surmise Tom meant ‘outright’ conference title. Everything else he said was without the apologist mentality that permeates all things Tom Crean.

    I’m pretty sure Yogi came back for more than a first place finish in the standings. Bless his heart.

    I really don’t care how they perform in the BIG Tournament…It’s overkill…Be wiser to give many more minutes to the bench and hope for the best… March Madness is the only standard of greatness. The Big 10 would have nothing to brag without the FIVE banners that hang in McCracken….The rest of the conference loves those participation trophies in all the other stuff…That’s their realm…It’s not the makings of what separated Indiana from their inability to ever finish a March job.

  19. Chesterton, I can guarantee that it’s definitely a typo, Seahawk surely meant to write:

    [No Juan] should celebrate [just yet].

    Seahawk has always been like this, a little Spanish in his head. Irregardless the Z-awk is most of the times right (or at least interesting) whereas you’re either dumbfounded or contemptous (or both) but almost always boring (and wrong). And yet I no you mean (as in vicious) really really well.

    At Iowa the strategy is simple: go on a 28-0 run like we did at Michigan but do it twice just to be sure. I am sure Iowa won’t be able to keep up… if they do there’s something wrong with them.

  20. Tom,
    No snark intended. It’s a common mistake.

    To save electrons why don’t you just post all you stuff under your own screen name?

  21. Why does Tom Crean need to be given any credit? He makes enough to pay for Fort Knox in cash….but still can’t afford a game against Kentucky? His expensive big assets….( I forgot what I was going to say).

  22. Didn’t I say he’s most of the time bewildered? (But he’s otherwise very sure of himself.)

    I think Podunker was right when he said Crean as a coach has improved massively this year. I wonder how exactly it happened?

  23. Harv, the B1G Tournament Championship cred doesn’t mean much to me. However, I think Indiana still needs to do whatever we can to increase our SOS to get a better seed in the tournament. I think at least getting to the finals, on top of winning our last 2 regular season games, is super important to getting out of the 4-6 seed range we’re currently in.

  24. It’s funny, I don’t know a Hoosier fan that pays much attention to the Big Ten tournament. I wonder if they would if we weren’t so terrible in it?

  25. So now we are blaming Crean for the rest of the Big Ten sucking and not having good recruits for this season? The Big Ten put this schedule together. How many of you Colt’s fans defend them about the AFC South being crappy by saying “Hey, they just play the teams that are on their schedule. It isn’t their fault the teams stink.” Same thing here, it isn’t IU’s fault that the Big Ten is down this year and they are taking advantage of that like a good team should.

  26. Since the Colts usually win their division their schedule, among other teams, consists of other division winners. That’s how the NFL evens out the playing field. The Colts generally play among the toughest schedules in the league year in and year out.

    No need to apologize for playing a division winner schedule.

  27. Funny how ‘logins” still come with accusations that I’m using alternative screen names..

    Chet- I’ve never accused you of being a liar. You shouldn’t call me one. I have always claimed that the only other screen name that I bother with is “The Lord of..” alternative/moniker. I don’t believe the ‘edit profile’ option would even allow for more than one alternative.

    Speaking of waste….It really pisses me off when I see the complete idiocy of many road warriors who repeatedly take their perfectly clean gigantic pickup trucks and SUVs through car washes…..Seems like the damn things outnumber cars 10 to 1 anymore….As if these dumb-ass monstrous vehicles(usually with one person inside and nothing ever in the cargo areas) aren’t doing enough by blocking any view of a roadway, increasing reliance on petroleum, and sucking up energy only to take up more space in stuffing future landfills with more batteries, plastics, pollutants and rubber…?
    With an inevitable water crises looming, it just irks the crap out of me to see how many just waste on keeping a bit of extra dust off a car.. And they tell us to flush our toilets less frequently and not use any running water to brush our teeth? But waste 8 million gallons of water per day in every community across Yuppyland to suds up our wheels…? Yup….This is conservation in the 21st century pf perfectly manicured chemically-treated green lawns being watered by automatic sprinklers after a rain….Oops..Some sprinkler over-spray got on the three shiny tanks parked in the driveway in front of the unneeded 4000 sq ft. home….(where your careful to not flush too much)…Better go take the Chevy Suburban tanks to the car wash again…Let the tank idle in line behind 25 other perfectly clean Navigators and battleships with airplane tires….Mustn’t have those unsightly water spots on our shiny tanks while they’re drinking lead in Flint and 6 of every 10 states in the country are drying up……

    Yes, DiCaprio……We get it….Americans waste water like they’ll waste 2 hours on a sh___ ,movie. I’ll drink a gallon of pop at that sh__ movie….I’ll run to the restroom…I’ll flush that urinal…That urinal will be clogged …The water will be overflowing….Maybe just wash our cars with cola and piss on Hollywood?

  28. oops..

    With inevitable water crises looming….

    At least we’re not wasting water while blogging…..Maybe we should now discuss junk mail? I am convinced we are the most environmentally conscious country on the planet.. Should I save a thousand trees per day …or should I subscribe to my AARP magazines and accompanying life insurance offers that will come with the subscription…. ? Old people reading material and diet suggestions for normal bowel habits seems of far greater importance than a forest for birds….
    But I’m going to put off that decision while I take my clean car through the car wash…

  29. Harv,
    You’d love my truck. Where I live, once you get off the main county roads everything is dirt or gravel. Most of the smaller county roads are gravel, as well.

    I’ve got a friend that lives on one of the few privately owned pieces of property on the east side of the lake. The view is unbelievable. So is the drive. In the winter, if it gets above freezing, it’s deep rutted mud topped with some combination of snow and dirt. I watched the Super Bowl at his place. Next time I was in town I went to the car wash. I had no expectations of a clean truck. I just wanted to free up a little space for my tires in the wheel well.

    All the clean trucks out here have Texas license plates on them and they’re owned by some ‘cowboy’ who came up from Dallas or Houston to ski. Besides being the only clean trucks they are the only ones with 2 wheel drive.

  30. Ah, there they are! It took them a while to find new ways to diminish this IU team’s accomplishment, but they are such a persistent bunch, I knew they’d come around sooner or later. Hope no one was injured in making the effort required to minimize IU’s accomplishment.

    Here’s the bottom line as far as I’m concerned: If you hate/despise/loath Tom Crean more than you celebrate his team’s accomplishment, you’re not an IU fan. Not sure what you are, but you’re not an IU fan. If you are saddened by IU’s success this season more than you’re happy for his team’s success, because it increases the odds of Tom Crean remaining IU’s basketball coach, you’re not an IU fan. If you hate Crean more than you love IU basketball, you need to do some serious introspection.

    Regardless of whether IU wins another game this year or not, Crean’s team has exceeded almost every college basketball expert’s expectations. His team’s success this year has exceeded almost every IU fans’ expectations. His team’s performance has improved significantly relative to last year’s performance. Anything beyond the existing achievement will be icing on the cake for this IU basketball team. And Tom Crean, while not likely to be confused with the best college basketball coaches alive, deserves the respect and gratitude of IU fans for producing yet another successful IU basketball season.

  31. Strength of schedule

    So I think we can all agree the every major college team has 5 or 6 teams in their schedule that they are expected to beat handily. The reason is simple…money. These small and weak teams need the money.
    The other 5 or 6 teams on the pre season schedule like Wake, UNLV, Creighton, ND have been good solid teams in the past even though they may not be this year. So how do we know? How do we know who will be good 2 or 3 years in advance? Sure I miss the matchup against Kentucky but do we all truly believe that it was Crean by himself that killed the longstanding rivalry? I’m not sure anyone can or does know what their SOS will be before the year starts. Injuries, transfers, coaching changes, 1 and done makes it impossible to accurately predict year to year what kind of schedule you will have.
    Could someone please tell me how much control CTC has in the scheduling? Is that not the job of the A.D.

  32. Crean’s record is extremely mixed. And it gets old to be told that criticism of him is akin to being a bad Indiana fan.

    Firstly, the last two years were spectacular disasters. Missed the tournament completely (as well as the NIT), then we secured #10 seed after managing to win one game in the B1G Tourney last year. Turmoil within the team and just terrible basketball being played.

    We were ranked #15 to start the year. We had one of the best Senior PGs in the country returning, a 5 star recruit center, and (although it is fashionable to hate on him) JBJ who is our 3rd McDonald’s All American. Only 4 teams had more MDAA on their squads.

    We crapped the bed in the non-conference season. Would anyone argue that were weren’t anything but awful before Dick Clark’s ghost struck the bell at midnight on 2015? Then we played Rutgers to a basic stalemate in our first game of the B1G season. Things were not looking good.

    Then, we started hitting our groove. We played much better as the season progressed. However, we didn’t exactly play flawlessly. We lucked out playing inferior competition in some games where we didn’t play our A game.

    This month, the Hoosiers have proven they were about who we were at the beginning of the season. Middle of the Top #25 nationally.

    This team and Crean still have a lot more to prove. Being satisfied with performance at this point is something that should be reserved for schools like Northwestern, or Purdue. 🙂 Not a team looking for banner #6.

    I like this team now. We could be dangerous. I just don’t see how anyone could make the argument that our Coach has done anything close to “exceeding expectations” in his job performance. I hope he earns his paycheck by taking the Hoosiers deep this March. I’ve forgotten that feeling.

  33. Podunker you’re wrong in oh so many ways. If I think another coach would do a better job than Crean I’m not an IU fan? This is akin to saying that those who vote against a two-term president are not patriotic. And then you say the team has exceeded expectations. Sure enough since Crean’s style is to lower them first. That’s what he did when he first stepped in Assembly Hall and ran Jordan Crawford out of town.

    Anything beyond the existing achievement will be icing on the cake for this IU basketball team.

    You confuse icing on the cake with the real deal.

  34. Crean’s record is extremely mixed. And it gets old to be told that criticism of him is akin to being a bad Indiana fan.

    This team and Crean still have a lot more to prove. Being satisfied with performance at this point is something that should be reserved for schools like Northwestern, or Purdue. ) Not a team looking for banner #6.

    Thank you, Double Down.

    And we have no reason to be skeptical, correct?
    And we didn’t see what happened to a #1 Crean team going against a long, athletic Syracuse team?
    And we didn’t see the skid last season(losing 6 of our last 8) while needing a win against Northwester in the BIG Tournament (our new ‘Wildcat’ rival..since we’re talking about McDonald’s All-Americans) to just get off the ‘bubble’..?
    And we didn’t see a 2015 March Madness team that completely fumble the last moments of a game against Wichita St,; forgetting to foul and stop the last precious seconds of a clock in a winnable game while the ‘in control’ coach is doing an imitation of a pogo stick with a hot coals in his socks….?
    And we didn’t watch Duke make us look like a high school team …? And we didn’t watch\ MSU bitch-slap us in East Lansing.. ?
    And we didn’t what happened at Maui.when we finally had an opportunity to give the fans some exciting non-conference competition?
    And we didn’t see an unprecedented soft season pass by with no SIGNATURE win (non-conference or conference) away from Assembly Hall(unless you’re claiming @ Michigan without Mitch…lol)…?

    But a win @ Iowa shall purify me of all doubts like being baptized in the River Jordan…..(no, I mean the one that Frat Rats pee in after getting drunk on beating St. Johns in Maui)…?

  35. Lunardi had us going up against Valpo in the First Round….

    Probably be either Valpo or Houston… …or maybe even Butler(after a play-in game).. I’m sure Valpo, a private university founded in ‘Christian; principles, will be experiencing actual coaching at halftime…while Crean will be praying for big numbers from Troy and another 20 million on the upcoming lifetime coaching contract from the AD he hired…..

  36. I’m pretty sure nobody anywhere picked the Hoosiers to win the Big Ten so, as far as the conference is concerned, they greatly exceeded preseason expectations.

  37. Actually the predictions in kenpom were fairly correct: going 8-0 in the first eight games, then finishing 13-5 (original prediction). If anybody “exceeded” expectations on Tom Crean’s behalf it’s Iowa and Maryland. They had tougher schedules but were expected to do better. But clearly a win in Iowa would be refreshing! A win in Assembly against MD is however absolutely necessary, otherwise we will again see the nets being cut after a loss (nobody wants that to become the trademark moment for Crean after winning a conference title). They can prove us all doubters wrong with wins in Iowa and on Senior Day. Then and only then it’s time to exceed expectations.

  38. I’m glad we have a scoop insider that has actually been in the locker room at halftime to give us the scoop on how Valpo and IU coaches go about their business. It’s amazing the info this gives us about the inner working of the team. I was getting tired of the pure speculation and innuendo we get from most scoop contributors.

  39. Dakich gets ‘Coach of the Year’ and a BIG Title with the unprecedented soft BIG schedule that fell with Charmin happenstance into Tommy’s lap(if you believe it’s all so wonderfully random to only play Purdue, MSU, and Maryland once each while doubling up with the usual bottom-feeders).

    ESPN is calling us a Final Four team…..Yikes…Have they actually dug into the schedule? Do they know we are without one SIGNATURE win away from Assembly? Of course, they would love nothing more for premature adulation and a long Crean extension(permanently burying Indiana).

  40. I was going to start a top ten list but it would not go through. Maybe too many links. Maybe I’m out of line, again. Here’s one: Tom Crean in a typical day as Indiana coach, from helping stranded motorists, to giving a moping guy he met in AH a job, to making Eric Arnett pitcher of the year, to eventually even restoring order in the Universe).

    Then, the flipping side of that coin, shortly after losing to Syracuse

    Shame on me.

  41. Rerun
    Didn’t realize you had to have a signature win to be considered good. You might say we haven’t been battle tested away from home but no one can refute the numbers we have put up this year.

  42. The Hoosiers are 4th in the country in field goal percentage (50.2), 6th in 3-point field goal percentage (41.7), 8th in scoring margin (14.1), 11th in 3-point field goals made per game (10.1), and 12th in scoring offense (82.9).
    Over the last four+ years, IU is 116-51 and leads the Big Ten with 21 regular season wins over ranked opponents during that time. Since 2011, the Hoosiers have averaged 23 wins per season compared to 20 averaged at IU from 1995-2008.

  43. Seems as though people forget the 7 long years IU went without a Big Ten title in precious Bob Knight’s last decade with a heavily padded preseason schedule. Sorry but anyway you slice it TC has won two and if you are a fan of IU basketball then that should make you happy.

  44. Knight had 7 BiG titles with Indiana in his first 11 seasons at Indiana. He had 4 titles over the next 9 years. It’s really very foolish to place any of Crean’s resume anywhere near a sentence containing the name Bob Knight. Five Final Four trips and 3 Banners…..
    Davis won/shared the BIG title in 2002(with a very strong group of Knight’s recruits that Davis would get to a Championship game). Not to take anything away from Davis’s stupendous job with the surrounding massive turmoil, but it’s probably pretty safe to say Knight takes that bunch to at least one BIG title….(which would be two BIG titles since the ’93 Title).

    Did Knight fade …? Yup. Did he have a very good bunch coming in(Coverdale, Fife, Moye, Jeffries, Newton, Leach, Hornsby) right after he was discharged?…Yup. Was recruiting changing to the point it didn’t fit his ego combined with his monumental image and first two decades of success? Yup. He was a time bomb of the non-clapping variety…The necessity and rigors of coddling recruits was passing him by. His ego likely grew to a point that he believed it was a privilege to learn from him….and be verbally abused by him.. Did having to play an only son also serve as a distraction? Probably.

    Even during Bobby’s glory days, there were plenty of fans happy for Knight’s teams/players while still not being the biggest fan of the coach. Let’s stop with be “happy” for a guy that has taken us to a pair of Sweet 16’s …How happy were people that believed Bill Lynch was a joke? How “happy” are they for Wilson getting to a bowl game? How “happy” were some when we hired Doug Mallory? How much were they a “fan” to undermine a coach before he even unpacked boxes in his office? How happy were people for James Blackmon? How happy is Geoff when we get more Troy Williams on the floor?

    No UK rivalry…No 2-game series with Purdue. Unbelievably soft non-conference scheduling…I guess if you’re ducking very difficult places/teams to play then you would be happy. I guess if you’re getting 90% of those wins against top-10 opponents on our home court, you’d be even more happy. It’s good to be happy. A general state of “you should be finding happiness” has always been sold by dominant corporate elite(the 1%)to the masses as “healthier” no matter how downtrodden those they squash to keep on the bottom tier of society… The pursuit of happiness…? Sometimes it’s the end-all rather than being a bit happier when you truly put yourself to a test and can live with the criticism that come alongside the real measurements of greatness. . And sometimes you also feel your pursuits of happiness mean more when you witness forgiveness and wishing others(even those that have made mistakes) a better life ahead…Sure seems like a better alternative than spending your first five year vilifying and calling those that have tripped up as the “wreckers” of the world to find your happiness.

  45. Bart, You are so right. I for 1 have never understood how a soft OOC schedule can be used for both a crutch to why you have an over achieving season and as the vaunted complaint for an under achieving season. Both juvenile attempts at justification by biased thinking.

  46. I’m also very happy to see Jason Willams, a Dukie through and through(changed his name to ‘Jay’ as to not be associated with the Duke team destroyed by Mike Davis and a gritty bunch of Hoosiers during a regional semi in Lexington). talk of the Hoosiers as the next Golden State Warriors…and a Final Four team…I’m also very “happy” to see such long held bitterness(much like that of Dan Dakich) at Indiana manifest its scars upon the heart via a desire to tell us just how full of complete adulation Hoosiers should feel to have Tom Crean as our basketball figurehead for another decade…I love it in when guys from Duke that we spanked want to encourage us to embrace our happiness….And I also love it when ex-Hoosiers that average 2 pts/game in their 4-year career and who got passed up for the coaching job at Indiana(while having the mess of a frivolous NCAA investigation and player removals thrown in his face) are also telling Hoosiers how much they should be ‘happy’ for Tom Crean…..

    I know another guy that’s very happy for Indiana and Tom Crean…..That would be Bobby Knight. ..But he plays his card as miserable at Indiana to keep the apologists and those scorned in their little happy soft pillowy happy, happy happy state(the one Demolition Dan and Dukie Jay love to sell). Dakich is like a giant Prozac pill for Hoosiers…”Please take with one tall Glass of Sweet 16 holier-than-thou watered down schedule….”

  47. “…Duke team destroyed by Mike Davis and a gritty bunch of Hoosiers…”

    Are you referring to the game we won when Williams missed his game tying free throw in the final seconds?

    I guess the bar for being ‘destroyed’ is now down to a single free throw.

  48. And I also love it when ex-Hoosiers that average 2 pts/game in their 4-year career and who got passed up for the coaching job at Indiana(while having the mess of a frivolous NCAA investigation and player removals thrown in his face) are also telling Hoosiers how much they should be ‘happy’ for Tom Crean

    Complete and utter hogwash…frivolous? 600 illegal txt messages while on probration…failed drug test swept under the native American rugs…lack of class attendance…late for team meetings, practices, and travel…Dakich called in every kid that he dismissed and gave them a chance by saying go to class be on time and pee in a cup every week until you are clean and you can stay but they didn’t want that because of Ray Mccallun…we all forget about how he poisioned that team with 4 games remaining and Dakich on a recruitment trip.

  49. The powers that be…..wrecked the Indiana H.S. basketball tournament so it could be cushy soft and defeatist enough for everyone to be “happy.” Guess that is the end-all in Hoosier blood anymore…Get to your trophy via any means of least resistance…Yup…Exactly what those geniuses in positions of power with the IHSAA though….If you build softness, it will bring happiness. Let David play more Davids…Let Goliath never be challenged by the huge hearts of pit bulls around their ankles…Goliath will be happier losing to an equal…. rather than being scarred for life from a loss against a “nobody” that wanted it more…

    Yup, build soft happiness for all, and they will come. Are they coming to the IHSAA Basketball games like they did when only one team got the big trophy and the final blue ribbon…Are the sectional sites being packed with happy fans loving to play cupcakes just like their cupcake team?

    And this is the “happiness’ you want at Indiana University. You want your blue ribbon no matter how you get it.

    Crean is our happy Fonzarelli….He kicks Duke like a jukebox…and then a ‘happy’ record begins to play.

  50. Exactly what those geniuses in positions of power with the IHSAA [thought]..

    No, a 3-way calling investigation wasn’t frivolous(made perfectly acceptable the following year)….I mean it’s completely sinister compared to fake SAT tests and inventing classes at UNC that came with wonderful ‘ghost’ grades….It’s so much more honorable to score an ‘A’ in a class that didn’t even exist. Yes, Bart…, the NCAA is a complete and utter joke.. Where are the penalities for Louisville and UNC…? Will they ever be kept close to the vest and then dumped upon a team on the eve of March Madness…Riggggght.

    Dakich is scorned because Indiana didn’t give him a chance when it was all so terribly burning to the ground(before Jesus came down on the heels a Joey Glass prophesy)….He wanted a practice court named after him…Dan wanted his house on Golden Pond.next to John Cougar… It would have looked something like this

    But I’m actually happier that Jay(Jason) Williams wants us to embrace our happiness too…? Wonder how ‘happy’ he would be for our ‘Coach of the Year’ if that early season score against his Dukies was reversed…? I bet he’d be as happy as the game when Mike Davis(a guy that was the recipient of a lot of Hoosier happiness) out-coached a god.

  51. Indiana was preseason picked between 2nd – 4th to start the year. Maryland was the consensus pick to win it.

    Indiana did NOT greatly exceed expectations by winning the B1G at the beginning of the season.

    Indiana greatly exceeded expectations by winning the B1G after playing so poorly to start the season. It really was a heck of a turn around regardless of the soft schedule.


    I hope Tommy C doesn’t lose a game the rest of the year. Banner up and all that. But this whole, “We’ve exceeded expectations this year” meme is moving the goal posts.

  52. Bart, what happened with Ray McCallum and the recruiting trip? There have always been folks that talked about something really blew up right at the end of the season after DD took over for Sampson, but I’ve never heard what even allegedly happened.

  53. Sorry, I didn’t missed a word correcting on my phone there….that question should read, what happened with Ray McCallum with DD out on his recruiting trip?


  54. Bart is the Bloomington ‘hear all, know all’…..with hoops in the same manner J Pat is with football…He knows McCallum like I know Homer Drew.
    Somehow Kelvin got over the wall…..and all the ‘insiders’ wanted to watch a 3-way Humpty fall…Dan wanted to put Humpty Hoosier back together again….build a stronger wall with wider seat. But fat-ass Crean was already on his way….Humpty had to find another way…to be happy.

  55. 7 players (Eric Gordon was not one of them) wanted Ray Ray as their coach and while DD was recruiting…a team meeting was held and those 7 tried to convince the rest that if they tried 1 final boycott the university would buckle under the pressure…Gordon was the stand up guy that said absolutely not and the meeting was reported to come to blows…if you watched the game footage of the last 4 games you will see how the offense was completely different because of how those players felt about Gordon…DD won’t give the details but just listen how he speaks of Eric Gordon.

  56. Despite what Podunker has been writing here about how I (and other like me) CANNOT possibly be IU BB fans, I eagerly look forward to tonight’s game, just like a “true” fan does. My favorite IU shirt (with #40 on the front) is ready to be proudly worn, and I will once again be rooting for the opposition, this time Iowa.

    My game anticipation is at least equal to those of you hoping IU wins. I, on the other hand, am still hoping and anticipating a (slightly delayed) “late season meltdown” so typical of ALL previous Crean teams. There are still plenty of opportunities ahead to thwart the undeserved adulation suddenly being heaped on Crean as if he actually was the great coach you all PRETEND he is/has become.

    I will continue my somewhat unusual style of being a TRUE IU BB fan throughout the remainder of the season as we battle Maryland, in the BiG tournament and the NCAA tournament. If by some chance my hopes are shattered because IU actually pulls off a deep run in the NCAA, I can always look forward to next season’s inevitable shortcomings. Sadly, this season has set back my #1 goal of getting rid of Crean, (it seemed so close by the end of last season), but I’ve not given up hope for his demise. I’m positive Crean will once again return to true form of showing his coaching incompetence coupled with sanctimonious, self-promoting press releases and press conferences. That’s what IUBB had become under Crean, and will no doubt return to form shortly.

    One thing I know for sure–I can’t ever and will never be 100% behind a Crean coached team ! But I will always remain a genuine IU BB fan no matter how many folks try to deny my right to claim this “birthright” .
    And I will soon enough again(if not this year, then next year for sure….) have more “happy endings” with IUbb than what occurred during this FLUKE of a year.

    Go Iowa! Get that win tonight ! (from a TRUE IUBB FAN)

  57. All innuendo…No facts…Sounds like you’re a “hater,” Bart.

    Do you remember the story of McRobbie’s son rolling lots of “fatty” in his dorm room?

    I would also want Ray McCullum as my coach. Dakich had attachment disorders…He still has them. He has the same “never been validated by Bobby’ issues as Crean too. That’s why he’s so ‘happy’ for Tom…They are kindred souls. Sampson never cared about Knight validation. And no matter how clean his whistles, he would have never been fully supported. Haters gonna hate. The man took a chance on some kids that didn’t have didn’t have many odds in their favor…Live out of a car on the streets of Chicago and then tell me how you wouldn’t be careful with how you pick your friends. SINNERS! LIGHT THE TORCHES! CHASE THE MEYER! 19 FFFFFFFFFFFFFs!!!! What’s this about McRobbie rolling a fatty? Any inside info on that, Bart? Was he rolling as many as Devin Davis?

  58. Thanks Bart. I’ve heard about something happening, but didn’t know what “supposedly” happened. Very interesting. Makes total sense. They did ok for a couple games after DD left and then it all fell apart.

  59. NoMendacity-

    You take it to a new level…..Very dark.. A level of honesty that is refreshingly divergent to the stagnant ‘holier-than-thou’ protectionism(the always inherent bias of local Establishment journalism from so-called former Hoosiers) and the pristine portrait that continually turns my stomach. You rage against the lack of spine that follows a facade of praise and meltdown truth that always rears its ugly head in a Crean March.

  60. Taking a chance on kids living in a car….we have all hear this same crap 100 times…I think it’s great that the minor violating rules coach took a chance on these kids…but the help stopped once they arrived on campus…a real mentor would have continued helping by holding these kids accountable for their actions…but how can a guy that breaks the little non important rules be expected to tell young men to go to class and not sell weed.

    I’m not a lover or hater of CTC…I just love Indiana basketball and I want to see our young men succeed in the court…but for the life of me and can’t see how someone could hate someone they have never met. Wishing 12 to 15 young men to fail because of their coach is just selfish…you may be a fan but you are a selfish fan.

  61. Why would Dakich even take a recruiting trip when Rome was burning…? That’s reason enough to never put that blowbag doofus in a head coaching chair.

    Dakich has also claimed to be mostly responsible for bringing in Cody….He’ll blow anything up an ass for a headline.

  62. I’m sure Ray Ray sent him an email saying that he was going to blow up the team when he leaves. That’s what stand up guys that do!

  63. Did Crean ever meet any of the young men he encouraged :”hate’ on a doorstep? Backing a bus over people(coaches and players alike…Except for the Almighty Holy EJ) that have done plenty to already destroy their own lives is ‘hateful’ in my world. It’s also a weak spine…And that weak spine never fails when the the true pressures of the job come calling in March.

  64. Thanks, Harv, always good to take it to a NEW LEVEL, even if it’s very dark. TRUE FEELINGS are often very dark, and rarely expressed in this era of VERBAL “correctness”. It’s still my belief that many passionate IU BB fans share my dark feelings, although most express those dark feelings with a lack of interest or at least a lack of passion for IU BB, instead of my preference to proudly continue wearing IU garb while rooting for the opposition. That’s just my personal shtick, and it makes me feel much better about the subject of IU BB and it’s current coach.

    Time to change into my IU shirt, gotta go to town to run a few errands, buy some catfish fillets and a couple of six packs of Heinekin, and get ready for a delightful evening of watching Trump freak out all the Repubs again, followed by hopefully seeing my favorite team getting trounced in Iowa.

  65. Why do you call him Ray Ray…Is that double hate, Bart? What is most selfish is to not just take a job and do it….Crean needed all that same small ‘hate’ that you are exhibiting to rally support for a preaching charlatan who will always need validation via a target…And that’s the reason for the reunions…It is not to celebrate anything truly in the heart of spirited and undaunted.Hoosiers. ,Here is the biggest thug of all; the aim of his need to be validated and accepted. Here is the smirking face of ultimate neediness, targets, and selfishness.

  66. When I tell my family that my IU game has concluded for the evening, they are more frequently asking me if they lost after the game is over….They believe actual victories are losses because they no longer hear my wild cheers from the designated ‘watch Hoosiers’ room. They no longer hear the ‘f-bombs’ and screams of horrible officiating…They no longer hear huge “YES!!!!” chants… It is all rather sad.. I once had so much fun. No amount of beer can bring it back.


  67. Haha… I knew dissing Knight and his absolutely mediocre last 7 years of futility would stir the pot. Let’s not forget his losing record vs. Kentucky. Vs. Tom Izzo. Face it he lost his touch long before he got ignominiously and deservedly canned. Seems Mike Davis was able to get way more out of Knights players then the General ever would’ve.

  68. “Wishing 12 to 15 young men to fail because of their coach is just selfish…you may be a fan but you are a selfish fan.” Very well said, Bart. Right on target.

    And for those who say, I’m an IU fan but I want IU to fire Crean so we can get a better basketball coach, you’re not living in the real world. So you want a coach that generates more than two Big Ten Championships in four years? Hey, we all want to win the Big Ten Championship every year, but that’s not going to happen. We all want IU to win ten consecutive NCAA National Championships, but that’s pure fantasy. There are better coaches than Tom Crean working in college basketball, but none of them are available. And even if they were, IU could not afford to pay them what the market determines their worth to be. Iu is not going to pay a basketball coach $6 million a year. Not going to happen my friend. So please, tell us the coaches IU should consider hiring to replace Crean. Tell us who those men are that would produce greater success than Tom Crean has over the recent past. And then tell us how much IU should pay those men. Come on, I want specifics instead of this vague reference to wanting a better basketball coach. Who are those better basketball coaches that IU could afford hire?

  69. Validation and acceptance are basic human needs…at least he isn’t a cheat…one thing you can’t add to your excel spreadsheet of miniscule CTC faults is NCAA violations.

    I’m sure your family has heard the hate for CTC everyday for years now…they are brainwashed.

    Btw I believe marijuana is this year’s MVP…DD and Holt are gone and we are better off…ty Mary Jane!

  70. Wishing for your team to lose because they are a pro franchise and they are one only more loss away from drafting the next Andrew Luck or Cam Newton…sure, I get that.

    Wishing for your team to lose when they are one win away from an outright conference championship, but you dislike a coach, sounds more like a personality disorder.

  71. Crean has lost me, but I certainly don’t hate him. I’m pulling for Indiana to win the National Championship and, as long as he’s the head basketball coach, for him as well. I hope we make a deep run this year.

    This year, I saw some growth from him. Instead of calling these stupid defenses where he switches from man to zone in the same possession, he simplified things. He’s gotten out of his way of trying to be “too clever.” I give him a lot of credit for that adjustment. It saved Indiana’s season.

    He certainly is an odd duck personally. But he was pretty genuinely awesome for Brian Jones and his family (he’s the one who had and died from ALS last yea)r. It wasn’t for show. Lots of private things that I know about being friends with the family. I’ll keep them to myself, but Crean was genuinely invested in being there for them last year. It meant the world to all of them and Crean didn’t have to do any of it.

    I like that the program is clean and that he makes a massive effort to support the best academic support staff in the NCAA. This Sampson nostalgia makes me sick when I think about how dismissive he was to them. Sampson was a terrible person who failed those kids starting there.

    I still don’t think Crean is the right guy for the job, but I don’t hate the man. I certainly want Indiana to win more than for him to fail.

  72. Double Down is correct about Brian Jones…I had the privilege of transporting Brian and his sister on several occasions and the things that CTC did for Brian were amazing. Most of those were never reported by the local press.

  73. “Almighty EJ”… that’s a good one. I almost spit out my food when I read that. And that says a lot: I am currently eating maybe the most delicious dish I’ve ever cooked – a homemade moussaka, following a Bobby Flay recipe (here it is, if you wanna have a go at it). Tender eggplant layered and baked with spiced minced lamb, and topped with a layer of goat cheese bechamel with lemon zest? Yes, please.

  74. DD, I hear you.

    I have gotten so exasperated with CTC I want to throw a show at the TV but the fact is…he’s doing things differently and the team has locked up at least a share of the Big Ten championship. Make a deep tournament run and you’re golden as far as I’m concerned. He’s not dating my daughter. He just coaching my alma mater’s basketball team.

    That’s what I cheer for. CTC has done some silly things but when I read people whining because he claps too much I’d like to slap them upside the head.

    What are they? Four year olds?

    I am not emotionally invested in CTC or anyone else bearing the title ‘coach’. Win games, win championships, don’t cheat and don’t embarrass the school.

    That’s all I expect from a coach. He apparently is a good citizen and a decent person. That’s a plus.

    UCLA is in 10th place in the Pac 12. Colorado is in 5th and they’ve NEVER had a good basketball team. But there are people that were calling for Alford to come ‘save’ IU basketball. He can’t win in the Pac 12 with UCLA. That’s like losing the AFC East coaching New England. There’s just no excuse.

    Keep winning, don’t cheat, don’t embarrass the school. I’ll be a fan.

  75. ^ First off Alford already went to two sweet sixteens at UCLA and won a PAC-12 tourney in his first two seasons. He also won a B1G tourney with Iowa something your man hasn’t been able to do in eight years. Gloat as you want over the fact that your man got lucky this year (two months ago we were losing to Rutgers in the second half) and Alford is trying to set up a system that those people don’t understand and accept. Coach K was 3-11 at the end of his third season at Duke. Alford is doing better but has had a mixed season in which he won some big games and lost a lot of small ones that he shouldn’t have. It’s not over till it’s over Chesterton. I sure would have loved to see Bryce Alford in cream and crimson but it wasn’t to be since the position had been taken by the walk-on. Gloat now. Gloat as you want. Didn’t have any higher expectations of you than that. And by all means enjoy the game tonight.

  76. he simplified things

    He didn’t simplify anything, DD…It was all simplified by happenstance.

    PATHWAY TO SIMPLIFICATION(a,k.a. Happystance):

    ■ Coaching changes: Chuck Martin has a much bigger calming effect than what was present with the similarly wired McClain.
    ■ Chosen One injury allowed leadership to rise from Yogi: His rotations were of a smaller roulette wheel with the injury of a favored status recruit(oh, how quickly we forget how it almost appeared a miracle happened when Verdell was injured for a couple weeks and Crean had to “simplify.”)
    ■ Hot seat Reaction: He reacted to a fan base angry over Troy(Geoff likely sent him 40 loving letters…signed “YOU SUCK.”)
    Beilfeldt and Niego Falling out of Sky ; Exit projects, guys in funk, fatty rollers cut, lower b-ball IQ, and tragically injured(Hanner/project, AmbiStan/funk, Holt/fatty roller cut, and Devin/tragic injury)
    ■ Changing of Crean’s MAX-imums…We can always contemplate if he had his eye on Beilfeldt before cutting Holt and Devin….That might have been a very dark and shrewd move….but I’ll give him happenstance. Let’s also not forget the departure of the soft “I’m Max Hoetzel California and that’s all you need to know…”…..also providing better quality happenstance rotations into our lineup.

    All the above equals (1) more calm from the bench, (2) higher overall b-ball IQ, less previously proven tendencies to excessively play “chosen one’ guys over what’s best for the chemistry/overall product,,(3) shorter rotations and (4) higher quality bench made up of more Midwestern and U. of Michigan coaching…

    And then there’s that unprecedented soft schedule….where there wasn’t even ‘signature’ strong play against top-notch opponents.

  77. oops…forgot my marker/bullet

    ■ Beilfeldt and Niego Falling out of Sky ; Exit projects, guys in funk, fatty rollers cut, lower b-ball IQ, and tragically injured(Hanner/project, AmbiStan/funk, Holt/fatty roller cut, and Devin/tragic injury).

    If we go simplified deep, it’s mostly the result of another Midwest/Michigan guy making the most storm(much in the style of McGary’s motor and high b-ball IQ meteorological taking the Wolverines to a Final Four).

    Look at the roster compared to a couple years ago…Enter more Midwest Grit: Beilfeldt, Zeisloft, OG, Morgan, Hartman(now not plagued by injury), Yogi staying full four years,….Exit confusion of ‘chosen one'(JBJ), California arrogance, and East Coast.guy in funk of changing shooting hands…

    Bryant has a tremendous heart, but his b-ball IQ came extremely raw.. And I can assure you, any improvement in such defensive understanding, board anticipation, positioning, is not coming from InTompetent…It’s coming via Chuck Martin’s(patience), Hartman, and Beilfeldt. Where is this team without the Michigan grad transfer…? Answer: Almost as dysfunctional and narcissistically lost as ever.

  78. Very well said, Chet.

    Crean’s brother-in-law, Jim Harbaugh is a very odd duck, but no one challenges his ability to coach football. Bob Knight is a very odd duck, and he is considered one the greatest coaches of all time. The oddest duck of all is Bill Belichick, but nobody in New England cares. Nobody gives a damn if a person is an odd duck as long as they win. Winning cures everything. But I’ll take Crean as an odd duck over the scumbag down in Louisville, or the a cheater Calipari who stays one step ahead of NCAA sanctions and makes a mockery of the concept of “student athlete.”

    None of the “fire Crean” crowd has identified any candidates to replace him. Talk is cheap, and vague generalities are worthless.

    If Crean leads IU to the outright Big Champioship and into the round of 8, it will be amazing how fast he will become the “right man for the job” at IU. Then the question will be, can IU keep him?

  79. He does embarrass the school…in so, so many ways.

    And what’s with Dakich fist-pumping an Illinois coach that claimed most his NCAA fame because of a Sampson kid? Does Groce even get the Illinois job without his grandest resume moment coming via the stunning of Georgetown in the NCAA tournament…And who went on fire in that game? That’s what you’re fist-pumping, Dan..

  80. Crean is an odd duck..? If Crean was a duck he couldn’t find a pond. If he found the most beautiful water retreat in the forest, he’d claim a falling acorn wrecked it. He would plan quacking reunions …with nearly dead ducks to have his quack sound less like a chicken being butchered….He would duck-pray in front of the largest apartment fountain….

  81. I could name many candidates to replace Crean…Daffy, Donald, Rubber Ducky, Disco Duck…to only name a few.

  82. “two months ago we were losing to Rutgers in the second half”

    Easily the stupidest comment on the internet today. You just can’t make up gems like that.

  83. Oh there’s Chet again … the Trump rally must have let out early.

    Dude take a look here:


    Read how the article starts:

    Two months ago, IU was losing to Rutgers in the second half of its Big Ten opener.

    Not a stupid comment. Simply a reality,

    You choose to insult and thus you insult yourself.

    Tom Crean: Making Indiana Great Again. Just like the Trump campaign. Clap clap clap!

  84. …and you said it again.

    I need to go back over those partial scores from the second half of games and find out who the best teams are.

    You’re hilarious.

  85. …and I just had to sit through a caucus to vote for someone to run against that nut case.

  86. Keep wearing that lucky #40 Jersey! I got my pencil out and I’m writing down those predictions about we can still be the 5th seed in the B1G tourney…is that common core math? H4H has his family gathered in the kitchen telling them that Indiana won and they win the outright B1G championship…the youngest of the family members all have confused looks on their faces…but daddy you didn’t even clap or cheer, aren’t you happy?

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