Hoosiers hold off Boilers, 77-73

Arm-in-arm and sharing smiles, Yogi Ferrell and Troy Williams skipped off the court Saturday night with a victory they had to have.

For nearly 35 minutes, it seemed a mere formality until a late — and ultimately unsuccessful — Purdue rally forced the Hoosiers to sweat out their 77-73 win over their natural rival.

Although it didn’t include a graceful finish, Saturday’s win keeps No. 22 Indiana at the head of the Big Ten title race with three games remaining in the regular season. Nearly every Hoosier who saw the floor authored a signature moment, while Williams led four IU players in double figures with 19 points.

Ferrell added 18, while Thomas Bryant and Max Bielfeldt each added 10 points for IU, which returns to action Thursday night at Illinois.

The Boilers asserted their size advantage early, and the hulking frontcourt trio of A.J. Hammons, Isaac Haas and Caleb Swanigan accounted for 20 of Purdue’s 28 first-half points. But Indiana refused to bend in the mismatch, and used its collection of frontcourt players, including Bryant, Bielfeldt, Juwan Morgan, OG Anunoby and Collin Hartman, to keep pace.

An energetic stretch from Williams seven minutes into the game led to IU’s first lead. It began with Williams dunking over Purdue 7-footer Isaac Haas before diving for a ball to force a tie up and a change of possession. On the other end, Williams drove and kicked to Morgan, who hit a 3-pointer that put the Hoosiers ahead 17-15.

Williams was all over the place during a frenetic first half, and crossed the 1,000-career point plateau with a breakaway dunk that built IU’s lead to 12 points with six minutes to play before the break.

Indiana led 35-28 at halftime, at which point Williams and Ferrell each had a co-team-high 14 points.

The Hoosiers were at their best during the first half, playing crisp and simple basketball that produced only one turnover. By the end of the night, IU added only three additional errors.

In one of his toughest matchups of the season, Bryant found his footing early in the second half when he scored each of the Hoosiers first seven points of the period.

Then there was Bielfeldt, who accounted for eight points during a 10-0 run midway through the second half. He was a feature at both ends, hitting a pair of 3s, and in between, drawing a key foul on Hammons — his third of the night

Indiana led by as many as 19 points midway through the second half, but a furious rally by Purdue in the waning moments forced IU to sweat out the victory. The Boilers outscored IU 18-7 in the final five minutes, and used a 7-0 run in the final minute to get within 75-73 on Dakota Mathias’ 3-pointer with 36 seconds remaining.

But the Hoosiers held on, using a goaltending call against Hammons on a Ferrell drive to boost their lead to four with eight seconds to go.

Excitement for this game — the only matchup between the in-state rivals this season — began building days ago, and on an unseasonably warm morning in Bloomington, students started lining up outside the arena early. There was a palpable buzz around town all day, as parties around the downtown campus spilled out of homes and into front yards in the hours before tip-off.

Once inside Assembly Hall, students heckled Purdue during warmups and rained boos on the Boilers as they were introduced.

And although the win didn’t come easy, it proved to be an occasion to celebrate.


  1. Great win. Delaney should have his house egged for approving any scenario where this game doesn’t happen TWO times a year.

    Love beating Purdue so much.

  2. Yes it was a great win. You had to know Purdue was too good of a team not to make a run at the end. IU did what they had to do to win. Hats off to the team and the coaching staff for this one.

  3. Whatever happened to Clarion….? I admire the man for his principles. I’m not totally sure if he’s holding out because of the Scoop log-in requirements, but I do recall him making comments that he would not partake if this place went that route.

    Great victory tonight…But the enthusiasm is somewhat tempered by the absence of freewheeling emotions that used to make Scoop so unique.
    No Seahawk Tom…No Remora….No Rico Chet…No Tsao…No Clarion…No NoMendacity….No Punjab.

    Maybe it’s not the changes at Scoop…? Who knows? Maybe some have just moved on from being so invested….Maybe some weren’t willing to give personal email addresses? Maybe none can buy into Crean simply because we beat good teams at home….?

    Wonder if Geoff still wants less Troy…?

    Take care all…I think I’m done commenting until the end of our run in March Madness. I miss too many of the people that no longer show up on Scoop. More face shots of Jeremy and Mike can’t make up for the voices and superb minds that don’t want to write here anymore.

    Have always enjoyed you, Double Down.. Stay soft as AJ Hammons. Same goes for you, Chet. We battle a lot, but I’ve always felt you had my back when it mattered….See you both whenever.


  4. I’m with ya on the sentiment, Harv. And you can always count on my softness. Charmin baby, Charmin. Miss a lot of the old regulars in a big way. For me, they were the reason for coming around and assaulting the English language in these white boxes.

    Hope all those folks come back around again.

    HT Tech folks have gacked this one. Taking away all the tools that build the community around here and not replacing it with anything better. I understand the issues with IP changing trolls and spambots. But, lots of places have solved that issue. Putting up more roadblocks and moving everything to Twitter wasn’t the answer. Hope they take this as honest to goodness feedback.

    Anyway, going out to the celebrate the win. Feels so good to beat Mr Jack.

  5. Good Troy, 2 straight games? I’ll take it.

    Once again, OG & Morgan need to play more. And for God’s sake, Niego & Burton??? WTF? Crean is one great mystery man. Maybe THAT is the strategy? Do stupid stuff and puzzle the opponent.

    Whatever….we won!

    Onto Illini. Danger socked between Purdue & Iowa.

  6. I can’t wait to hear “Donald Trump’s” comments after our “run in March Madness.” Love the red herring distraction after another great win. That’s right, attack IP and #’s 10 and 15. In the same 12 hour period, Duke loses, KYjelly loses, and IU beats Purdue. What’s it going to take to make some “fans” happy? Gawd bless you.

  7. Did I used to get a different version of the Scoop than some of you? I’ve always had to give an email address.

    Anyway, great win. Glad we had that big lead. Gotta give CTC props, that was a great defensive game plan. Never expected to say that. The Hoosiers are golden for the Big Dance.

    Let’s finish strong.

  8. Oh the temptation is almost overwhelming. But I shall resist it and count my blessings.

    Really impressive win tonight. Purdue waited too long to start making threes. Even though it got close toward the end, I never felt IU was at risk of losing. And I loved the lack of turnovers.

  9. Good leadership by Yogi. Stellar play. And great play by Williams, Bielfeldt, Bryant, Hartman, Johnson, Anunoby, Morgan and other members of the supporting cast. Great defense the likes of which we’ve not seen this season. Great toughness, too. Wow! What great team play and consistency throughout the game! To win the Big 10, all will need to bring it for the next three games with the “good” Troy showing up for all three like he has the past two games.

    Great coaching job by Crean and staff. What a joy and delight to watch!

  10. Yes, I still want less Troy. I did enjoy his hustle tonight, but there’s the absolutely mindless T he got. I mean, maybe a junior high player makes that mistake once, but to make it on national TV against your rival? Dakich is right – that is “just Troy being Troy”, but I can’t stand it. Maybe it doesn’t cost us the game tonight, but it means I can’t trust him with the simplest of things when it counts. Mostly it’s coaching… Crean is trying to develop the player to the detriment of the team. Instead of focusing on what Troy does well and place him in those positions in the system Crean decides to try to expand Troy’s game and hurt the team. No matter how many times Troy turns the ball over on the first possession of the game or the 2nd half Crean still runs the play right though him… No matter how many times Troy fumbles the ball away while trying to drive into traffic against a set D from 15 feet atop the key Crean still calls that play 8-10 times a game… If Crean knew how to use him so we only got good Troy instead of stupid Troy then I’d be all for 30 minutes a night of that train wreck… But we have to count on Troy to dial himself back, and that just isn’t a strategy I can trust in the Tourney.

    Other than that, very good win last night. Still shaking my head at Yogi’s 3rd grade TO with under a minute to play. It literally blows my mind that he was that careless at that moment in time.

  11. Harvard, I’m definitely having login issues, and that’s why I’ve been away .

    This has been a fun team to watch. An old friend of mine, and a major lover of college sports, always says watch out for the teams with Senior QBs or Senior Point Guards. Colonel Ferrel is in a major groove right now, and his leadership gives me hope that we might win a few playoff games despite Crean.

  12. The only difference about logging in this site is the NEW requirement of a password. My e-mail address was always required. So other than complaining about “change” in general, there shouldn’t be too many past commenters who suddenly quit using this forum for any valid reason. (I did experience an initial snag getting a password, but Jeremy immediately fixed me up when I e-mailed him about problems).

    The reason I haven’t had much to comment here is due to the internal emotional conflicts I have about this year’s team. As any of the regulars here know, I have been very negative about Tom Crean remaining as the coach of my beloved IU Hoosiers. During the last few years, my negative attitude toward Crean has increased to the point that I’ve been consistently rooting for IU to be defeated, so that Crean’s exit would be the sooner the better, and every loss was a step in that direction. I was quite comfortable wearing my IU garb on game day, rooting for the other team, regarding this as my way of SUPPORTING my beloved Hoosiers basketball.
    I’ve had to deal with extreme internal conflict while watching this year’s successes. My disdain for Crean continues, but I have found it very difficult to NOT LIKE this team, unlike what have been my feelings the last few years. I’ve watched every game, still hoping for each to be a loss, but it’s getting difficult to maintain my lousy attitude. I really like this team, like how they have improved as a TEAM, and really just love most of the players, just like I did in the old days (before I grew to despise Crean and all the phoniness and incompetence he represented to me, opinions aptly described by HFH primarily).
    It’s still not clear to me if I will ever come around to fully supporting this team,(because of my feelings re :Crean). Plus I’m still waiting for their end of season collapse. Maybe if they make it past the Sweet 16, my LOVE for IU bb will return in TRUE form (instead of the perverted form of fandom I’ve been experiencing).
    But for now, it’s not much fun feeling conflicted and confused. I’m really ready for the season to be over, one way or the other, as I stand on the brink of having to possibly accept that Crean will NEVER be fired and I might as well try to turn my attitude about IU bb back to what it used to be, and should always be. Seems like quite a challenge at this point…….

    There are probably other fans who feel like I currently do toward IU bb. Many more others have just detached from having great interest in IU bb such as used to exist over 20 years ago. Maybe we “ex-pats”
    can be reclaimed, maybe not. If I remember correctly, wasn’t it the stated aim of the IU Administration, especially Myles Brand, to DECREASE IU’s identity and passion about basketball? Seems they succeeded !

  13. Nice, real nice, fade-away win. The team (at least in this Assembly Hall) plays with purpose and poise. The schedule was put together with much thought and helped build confidence, which shows now. Coach Crean now looks like a brilliant (though still a bit mad) scientist that has discovered a new major source of energy. More often than not it resembles an atomic bomb rather than something that can be controlled and directed towards closing down games efficiently — but it’s been working to our advantage so far.

    I don’t see this team losing at Illinois. I think Iowa is rattled but still disrespects us so that should work (again) to our advantage. Iowa might also have trouble with Wisconsin later today (it’s good we played Wiscy when we did, since they’re an entirely different team now). We destroyed Maryland last year in Assembly Hall and it can happen again: Maryland is overrated.

    Tom Crean deserves his 2nd B1G title and it may very well carry on into the B1G tourney. If we face MSU, Purdue, Michigan or OSU again this year it will be in Indy, close to home, so no reason for this magical run to not continue well into next month…

  14. ^ Sorry, Iowa plays Wiscy on Wednesday, not today. Badgers have won 7 of their last 8 and can still finish conference play very strong by winning 5 out of their last 5 (first one of those today at home against Illinois).

  15. How can anyone say they love IU basketball and root against them? The hatred for a man you have never met and know nothing about except from what you read in the bloated and misguided media leads you to such disdain. If one man here can say they know CTC personality and have experienced something to make them know for sure his character is flawed or wicked then please come forward. Btw this isn’t an endorsement for or against CTC but I’m just tired of people spouting about things they know nothing about.

  16. NoMen, you don’t have to love Crean to support IU bb. You don’t have to love Crean in order to be excited about the opportunity this year’s team has. Your comments imply that you hate Crean more than you love IU bb. And as I’ve documented, it’s been a lot longer than 20 years since a lot of IU fans had that “TRUE love” for IU basketball. A lot of die-hard IU fans were very “conflicted” about IU bb during the last seven or eight years of Knight’s time at IU, not to mention the seven or so years after he was fired. But when you write, “I’m really ready for the season to be over, one way or the other,” those feelings indicate that you’re no longer conflicted. How can any true IU fan be ready for this season to be over, one way or the other? Maybe you never really were an IU bb fan as much as you were Bob Knight fan. Maybe when Knight left IU, your allegiance went with him. Nothing wrong with that, and you certainly would not have been alone. But I was a steadfast IU fan long before Knight arrived in Bloomington, and I’ve been one every day since Knight was fired. I don’t care who the coach is, or how much I dislike him, I will remain steadfast in my support of IU.

    As for Crean getting fired, “never” is a long time. But I think it is safe to say that his team’s success this season suggests that your suffering will continue a few more years. But if I was Crean, I’d coach through the end of my contract, or until I lead IU to the final four, whichever came first. Then I’d resign and get a fresh start at another school where there are not so many conflicted basketball fans still living in the past.

  17. The Only Thing I can add is the Purdue-IU games should be played on Saturday, not during the week.

  18. IU should play Purdue home and away every year.
    Playing only once a year in a storied rivalry like this one is just one more example of the greed that is ruining college athletics.
    What an electric atmosphere last night was!

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