Indiana remains undefeated at home, beats Wisconsin 67-57

Indiana overcame a poor shooting second quarter to beat Wisconsin 67-57 at Assembly Hall on Sunday.

The Hoosiers (17-9, 9-5 Big Ten) hit just 14 percent of their shots in the second period, falling behind 29-23 at halftime. But they were fueled by 24 points and nine rebounds from Tyra Buss, 18 of those points coming in the second half. Amanda Cahill added 12 points and seven rebounds despite being limited in the first half by foul trouble.

Nicole Bauman, who scored 24 points for the Badgers in a road loss for the Hoosiers Dec. 31, was held scoreless in the second half by the Hoosiers defense. Wisconsin finished 38.9 percent from the field, including 2-of-9 from 3.


  1. Have to really like the direction IU women basketball is headed with the leadership of T. Moren and staff, T.Buss, A. Cahill and the rest of lady Hoosiers.

  2. IUWBB 12-0 at home. Great run but trouble is coming to town in the form of the Gophers. The last two games they have scored over 100 pts. Can we slow down that freight train? We will definitely need to be on our A-Game to have a chance. Great job today by Lex on Bauman held her to 8pts. Hopefully unlucky number 13 home game wont be our downfall. It will be scary to say the least–Good luck IU.

  3. With the win tonight, IU has now won 8 of their last 10 and 4 games in a row. Again, our defense leads the way after trailing by 6 points at the half. In the 3rd quarter, we hold Wisconsin to 4 of 14 from the floor allowing us to take a 40-37 lead. The other reason we took the lead, after the 3rd after shooting 30% in the first half, we shot 44% in the 3rd quarter and then hit 6 of 10 field goals in the 4th quarter. After being held to 23 first half points, we scored 44 points in the second half. We had a strong floor game with only 9 turnovers in the game. Wisconsin’s Nicole Bauman is in the top 3 in three point shooting in the conference and after scoring 8 points in the first half, Alexis Gassion held her scoreless in the second half. Gassion also contributed 10 points. Tyra Buss had another outstanding game with 24 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists. This is the second game this year where Buss has had 9 rebounds just missing a double-double by 1 rebound. Buss has had 3 other games this year with double-doubles in scoring and rebounds. Amanda Cahill had 12 points and 7 rebounds while playing in foul trouble much of the game. Kym Royster had another good game with 6 points and 2 blocks in just 10 minutes of play. Karlee McBride scored 9 points on 3 big three pointers. A very nice crowd of 3,362 showed up despite the weather. The winner of the IU-Minnesota game Thursday night will move into 3rd place in the conference. Minnesota is a very good team that sets just above us in the standings and features Rachel Banhum who scored 60 points last week against Northwestern in Evanston which tied the record for most points scored in an NCAA game in history. I watched that game and her play was outstanding! The Golden Gophers got us earlier this year at their place by 4 points in a game that was ours for the taking. It would bode well for us to have a very large crowd Thursday night for this most important contest. If we could finish in the top 4 in the conference standings, we would secure a double bye in the conference tournament which would be terrific this year when you consider where we finished last year. Just one other note which some may not be aware of, in Charlie Crean’s Bracketology, IU is currently a number 10 seed for the NCAA Tournament which is something we have not been considered for in quite a while. For those that have been detractors of this team and the coaching staff, this only goes to show you of the great improvement of this year’s team! Go Hoosiers!!

  4. I also have watched both of Minn last two games which includes the 60 by Banhum and the two over century games, one being 112 and the other 110. They really push it and not just the point guard , they all do. Yes we lost by 4 at their place but like us appears they are a lot better team at this point. We are currently tied for 4th place but upcoming game could change things if we lose, plus after that two road games with Iowa and Neb. and Im sure both of those teams feel they owe us a payback, so nothing will be easy. I had not heard about Creans Bracettology and a potential 10th seed for NCAA sounds almost unheard of to even make the field . When did we last make the NCAA anyway? With two of the final 4 games at home at least we have a chance, but those two road games iffy at best. I would also think Moren would have to be high on the list for Conf Coach of the Year.

  5. One thing I omitted in my earlier post was the play of Jenn Anderson. Again she gritted out another “tough” performance with her broken finger. Although her stat line is not impressive when you look at it; 1 for 4 from the field with 4 fouls but, she did play 30 minutes fighting against the much more athletic Michala Johnson. Jenn did have 10 rebounds and played well defensively on the inside as she always does. Jenn has become the glue for this team along with Amanda Cahill on the inside. Her toughness is on display every night with her fractured finger! Although the finger really diminishes her play offensively with her left hand as noticed when she missed the layup (attempted with her left hand) under the basket after a rebound, what we can never take away from her is her excellent competitive nature. Lets hear it for Jenn!!

  6. Gotta remember, these are coach Miller’s recruits. The test will be what kind of recruiting Moren can do to keep high caliber talent coming in. We aren’t very deep, so to avoid a let down the staff better be getting some talent in on their own to really convince people they are the real deal.

  7. One other point to remember is that in the previous game against Minn. was also the game Royster had her career high 17 pt game output. She is giving us some quality minutes and we need for that to continue.

  8. I thought half of Miller recruits are elsewhere as they should be. Better team , much better team without them and him. Geez!

  9. Im thinking the only remaining original recruit of Millers is Darby Foresman. Miller started recruiting her in the eighth grade, but it appears it was the current coaching staff who actually signed her and Im very happy she didnt back out. Two current state championships in one class and is up for a third this year in one level up in 3A., she is used to winning much as Tyra is , winning breeds winning, need I say more.

  10. Buss, Walter, Anderson, Cahill, Gassion, McBride, Leikem. Seem to be the go-to girls + Royster. Which of these did Moren recruit, t?

  11. Hoosire86, why do you even come on this board? You have not demonstrated any basketball knowledge.
    You have not shared any insight on IU women’s basketball. You have this burring desire for the team to fail.
    It is apparent you have a ax to grind with Coach Moren. You absolutely know nothing about sports. All the players on IU’s roster are ALL coaches players.
    She is COACHING them everyday. They believe in her.. they play there hearts out for her… they are HER players. Stop sounding foolish.
    Coach is and will bring in (TOUGH HARDNOSED) Players that fits and believes in her system. They are players with her fortitude and toughness.
    No matter how much you wish for failure it will not happen..

  12. Archer you couldn’t be more wrong. My point is the vote is still out on this staff until they prove they can continue to bring in top notch talent and continue to build. What’s wrong about that? But let’s say you’re correct and I wish for failure (which is unbelievably not true) do you see the current Moren recruits (Williams, Towner, Wairau) as high caliber athletes like the 7-8 that are in the rotation now?

  13. My point is if we are going to continue to improve this program, we better set expectations a little higher on the recruiting side. No doubt about that.

  14. Just hold tight enjoy and support this years teams. Don’t worry about the years to come.
    Believe in Coach that she is a winner and knows how too win that includes recruiting.
    Max of 15 players on a roster you really only need 8-9 in a solid rotation. She will always have that in
    her system. I have not seen the two freshmen play but I do know what will be walking through Assembly’s door
    in the future.

  15. My add T. Moren has a good record this year with a substantial more challenging pre season schedule than in past. If Miller was coaching they would have same record because they would be undefeated in preseason due to playing weak teams. Plus have a couple wins in big ten….it would be a non tough team that would live and die by the 3. T. Moren program is headed in such a much better direction.

  16. Let’s not forget that we have an outstanding guard sitting on the bench every game by the name of Tia Elbert. She is extremely athletic, a very good scorer ( 21 points last season at Wake Forest), a hard nose defender, and has a very good work ethic. She averaged 36 points per game as a high school senior and was named to the Big East all freshmen team. She has a year of playing experience under her belt and after this season of working in the Hoosier system she should be firing on all cylinders at the start of next season. With the addition of next years incoming talent this team will be able to ramp up some full court pressure and be more aggressive as they will have a much deeper bench.

  17. Scwartzie, You are saying the same thing I said in a post about 2 months ago about Tia and about the incoming recruits next year, god job! Tia is an excellent player and one of the recruits named Ris Gulley who is from Texas is a guard that is super quick and shoots the ball a lot like Buss. She will be an excellent addition next year along with Foresman who is an excellent player. Next year’s class is full of athletic players which is what we need to continue to compete in this conference. Lets not forget that Moren’s emphasis on defense has been the driving force to this team’s success!

  18. In the recruiting interviews in Nov Moren spoke quite highly of Gulley. She thinks Ria sort of flew under the radar. Morens own words “we think we hit a home run with her” hope so. Yes hopefully Tia will be a big addition to the team. My brother takes an IU magazine and in past years he said they usually may only run one big story on the women, last year it was Moren and Buss and Cahill, this year so far it was Tia for whatever that may mean.

  19. Tha old softball coach. I don’t think you’re happy unless someone says something negative so you can blow off so here goes. I don’t care if we win the Big Ten I still won’t care for Coach moren. I cheer for the girls and I hope they do well. I am amazed that some of our posters, mainly you and T and coach moren after every loss last year said we’re not big enough, or not athletic enough. BS! I love coaches who take responsibility for losses and don’t blame their players. I always thought we had enough talent to win with what we had. We have improved this year as we lost basically nothing from last year and the girls are all a year older and better. We play the best teams in the Big Ten once and the worst teams twice. Several teams were hit very hard by graduation Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota etc. We could very easily win the rest of our games with Nebraska and Iowa being tossups on the road. You can’t say our players aren’t good enough when we lose and coach moren is John Wooden when we win. Let’s wait until all of Coach millers recruits are gone Mike C before you start with all the I told you so’s. As far as HFHs comments go, I find him funny, not classless as you say. I’ve met very few people from Purdue that I like anyway. Did you go there Mike?

  20. Did I say something bad again….? Please don’t turn off the game, Nurse Ratched.

  21. Nathan, as long as we know it’s personal and not about IU that makes it OK.

    Harv will be the first one to tell you he’s often classless. Me, too. It’s what we do. I’m guessing he doesn’t want your support.

    Nobody appreciates the guy who says he’ll hate on the team no matter how hard they work and how much they win against the odds. Nobody likes that.

    Really, nobody.

    So, if you’re just on here to vent, that’s cool.

    If you hope we don’t see you as a douche, well, good luck with that.

  22. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but it’s interest rates that compound upon my college loans…..

  23. Well Nathan, it seems like most people on here have figured you out. Yes, some teams have lost key players from last year but, players come and go every year. Since you mentioned Nebraska, I doubt very must that anyone thought Shepard was going to come in and have the impact that she has had this year? And really, you mention Minnesota, did I read the standings right, they are 3rd in the league standings, right? Nathan, never been one to say I told you so, the season is what it is. Don’t believe anyone on here has stated that Moren is John Wooden? But, it is undeniable that she has coached the hell out of this team that is still athletically challenged and small by most team’s standards in the league. Heaven forbid you could acknowledge the fine job that her and her staff have done with this team, no matter who’s players they are! They are winning games because they are well coached and they play well together. Oh, so we lost nothing from last year, I certainly believe that Larryn Brooks was our leading scorer on last year’s team, nothing huh? I don’t know if you have been paying attention or not, but at least twice this year during her postgame press conference or in the paper, coach Moren stated that she was responsible for a loss due to an in game decision or preparation. And one other thing, I stated on here earlier this year that there is one place I will NOT go to watch my Hoosiers and that is Lafayette! Can’t bring myself to enter that building simple because it is the home of Purdue! My hatred for them is pure!

  24. It’s actually fun to watch a team that has competent teamwork, game strategy, competitve toughness, loves playing for a common purpose, having fun, and getting a lot out of their ability both, as a team and individually. This goes for both, players and coaches. I have not seen that for several years regarding IU women basketball. One exception was when Miller was here you did see it if 3 ball was going in. However, not to much of a strategy after that.

  25. That’s being said, I don’t find too much wrong with Nathan’s 9:58 p.m. post*

    *(Jeremy-maybe you could convince the tech wizards to bring back numbering the posts…? And do we really need a space for a ‘gravatar?’ Doesn’t appear too many contributors care to use the feature…And using the same repeating tiny silhouettes next to each screen name is sorta creepy conformist…It’s as if you’re lining us up like ‘Sorry’ game pieces….)

    Breaking News: Many changes coming to Scoop.. HT’s Marketing Department has suggested transportation upgrades as well.

  26. I never said always, Chet. But maybe just explain to me all the things in Nathan’s post that haven’t been seen in your own posts(or just about anyone on here for that matter)? Who hasn’t placed doubts on coaches..Who hasn’t questioned soft scheduling? Who hasn’t expressed feelings of previous hires being more qualified than recent/new hires(Men’s and Women’s programs)? And what makes you the ultimate judge as to the sincere level of passion, or love for IU, in the heart of all hearts of any Scoop contributor? Gosh, I witnessed someone on here a few years back that was planting tons of doubt on a football coach(Defensive Coordinator to be more specific) before said hire even coached his first game That sure seems a lot more sinister than anything I see in Nathan’s recent post.

    Of course I like compliments…And it would be just as cheap and sassy for me to claim you didn’t like Nathan’s tone because he offered a compliment to someone you feel some sort of hostility or resentment…or inadequacy…..I mean, you did attack a guy that didn’t even mention your name in his post.. Why not just leave it between Nathan and MikeC? I was going to stay out of the whole thing(even though their was an inference that MikeC must have made some “classless” comment thrown my direction).. Please don’t label me as some needy narcissist when you placed yourself into a discussion between MikeC and Nathan that made no mention of you and didn’t appear to bring your name(in terms of flattery or insult) into their heated discussion. I would certainly feel that my response would make some sense seeing how my name was mentioned . I didn’t attack MikeC (though Nathan was defending some sort of attack on my behalf)…I was merely gracious by thanking someone I don’t even know for enjoying a couple of my weak attempts at humor..

    Maybe you’re not the jealous type…But it sure seems as if you were overreacting (especially in the context of someone who has been on this blog for years and has seen a lot worse…Dare I mention ‘4guards’…’Lassie’….and a host of truly nasty stuff that has been placed on the pages of Scoop?) ..

  27. Nathan has been taking personal swipes at Coach Moren (and several of the players…such a tough guy) since day one. I was simply responding to that and his comment, “I don’t care if we win the Big Ten I still won’t care for Coach moren.”

    I just picked up on his comment about you because it was a slow, letter high curve that didn’t break.

    Feelings of ‘inadequacy’? Yeah, that’s another struggle I deal with.

    My life is all about my suffering.

  28. I probably also read too much into your ‘projection’ vs. ‘transference’ comments…….but I ‘struggle’ with motives that seem to beat around the bush more than Donald Trump.

    Donald Trump beats around the bush…:? Get it, Chet? That’s another weak attempt at humor…Fetch! Go find that bone..You probably just forgot where you put it…Check to see if it’s buried next to that raccoon you once had over for dinner.
    One of the most successful Americans, a wealth-building Godzilla who’s going to make us “win again,” never stops beating around the bush.
    Unfortunately, Chet… A lot of people just don’t know how to step back and have a bit of fun with their “perfect” lives…They don’t know make the joke on them..They have no ability to try a hand at a bit of self-depreciating humor….They want to simply build that podium higher…and higher…and higher. They want to look down at everyone who challenges them…and in doing so, they look down at us all. I do read too much into things.. And I don’t need your genius to tell me something is a slow curve ball…I’ve seem enough oiled up sliders delivered with a lot of mean spin to know….And maybe I just took the swing because I get sick of those so careful to not laugh or not self-deprecate…or fix my grammar ..or tell me I’m manic…and just seem to never beat around the bush…Get my drift?

    How ’bout that Manning guy? Somewhere Tom Brady’s locker room equipment manager is breathing a big sigh of relief. .

  29. Just wanted to correct some info posted by another member concerning Tia Elbert. At tartan high school she did avg about 35 pts a game as a senior , but bear in mind they do play 40 min in minn. as compared to indy’s 32min. Also she did not play at wake forest , but instead played at Marquette. She appeared in 31 games playing about 30 mins a game avg 8.6 pts a game with 3.0 assists. Looks like she might have at least started some of those games which was quite good for a freshman. Im sure she is rearing to go here and will do quite well as a hoosier. Also 3 players transferred from Marquette and the reason given in my brothers magazine was that the coach was leaving,,, sound familiar.

  30. Steve W, very nice info on Tia. After all the back and forth between Chet and H4H that really had very little to do with women’s basketball, it’s nice to get back to the original subject. Great job! Nice to know that some of us are really interested in the girls. All information on the team is appreciated.

  31. Great job! Nice to know that some of us are really interested in the girls

    I wonder how many girls are left lonely because of compulsive blogging or just far too much time spent with sports …? Nonetheless, this one is dedicated to MikeC. Never shall our Hoosier ‘girls’ be lonely on Scoop.

    Speaking of lonely girls, where the hell is NoMendacity? She seemed so excited to breakthrough all the log-in roadblocks(actually sent a ‘thank you’ post to Jeremy)….and then nothing. Strange.

    I just want to also say that I know Chet is a really decent guy. I know he’s a proud husband and father. And I know he’s honest.

  32. My folks once owned a Beagle….We didn’t have that Beagle for very long. I was a very young lad…I think the Beagle’s name was ‘Margo.’ Margo had this habit of singling ‘Lonely Girl’…Her midnight howl sounding much like the cover version of the song that I provided in the previous post.

    We lived in the country.. I could just about sleep through anything, but I think Margo kept my mother up…I recall some sleep interruptions when I’d hear my dad screaming at the top of his angry lungs for Margo to shut up …He had a set of Tarzan lungs…When he yelled in the middle of the night, it set off a different sort of alarm in my adolescent brain in deep sleep…Anyway, Margo would perch herself on a back deck that spanned around his dream home…Margo’s “Lonely Girl’ cry would echo into the ravine filled with tall oak trees stretching to the moon…

    And then I just remember never hearing Margo again…..My dad simply loved all his country dogs…We had German Shepherds…All through my childhood we had all sorts of mutts that we picked up abandoned on the sides of country roads…We loved them from first day brought home until the very sad day they were placed in final rest under a special tree on our property.. But Margo was the exception…Margo was never buried on the property…At least, I don’t think so. …”The girls team'(aka…my mom) sorta told coach(my dad) to not renew Margo’s scholarship….Margo did make one return visit to her old back deck stage for a final performance…And then I never heard her ‘Lonely Girl’ again. That must have been the night my dad,didn’t yell at Margo..

  33. Steve W, I think bree boles is also a miller recruit. I enjoy your input as you don’t deem it necessary to comment on things you know nothing about. Archer, if I didn’t know better I’d say you sound like an AAU coach who is trying to stay in good with coach Moren. Have a player coming in soon? Hoosier 86 pointed out some reasonable things. Funny how we let T. make negative comments about the girls and coach Miller for the last year and nobody says a word. Some of our newer posters have been running Tom Crean and a few of his players down for years. T if you look on most teams there are a couple of studs, the rest of the team is made up of role players. Any one of the girls who left could have fit a role here. As far as coach Miller’s coaching ability, you and Mike C can look it up. By the way coach Moren recruited five girls her first year. How are they doing T? Are these girls not good enough too? Nathill XII, I don’t hate anyone, it’s too toxic. What I dislike is kids not being treated with the respect they deserve and people who comment on things they know nothing about. Chet the douche go back to the men’s side. I’ve been following the girls for 3 years and I said in my post i back the girls but I don’t care for Coach moren. I’ll leave it at that. Try reading what I said. Most people don’t know or care about all the things that went down last year. I understand Mike C transfers happen everywhere but at least crean treated his transfers with dignity compared to the classless ( your words Mike C) way moren treated hers. Mike C losing Llaryn wasn’t a big loss as by the end of the year she was a mere shadow of herself. Moren gave Buss all of her minutes this year so it was no loss. Minnesota is 3rd Mike C but if you have a brain you realize we have 2 really good teams in the Big Ten then six or seven who are fairly even. Also I think we are as big and athletic as any of them except for the top 2. Stop making excuses. Minnesota by the way lost the best player in the league plus their second best player. Are you paying attention? And I know Rachel B. is back. We are a better team this year but don’t rewrite history to fit your narrative. Every time things calm down and the team is doing alright you have to make some comment to stir things up again. Are you a moren hater using reverse psychology? I’m on to you.

  34. Tia will give us much needed help at the guard position. Like I said we desperately need help there. We should run the table the rest of the way with competetive games on the road. HFH keep up the good work. Love your input as well as mike c. I am originally for Illinois and love Tyra but I don’t think her high school team ever advanced anywhere in the postseason. don’t remember that. maybe Mike C. can look that up. I don’t know for sure. This is in response to Steve W’s comment about TIA

  35. Coach Miller recruited Indiana very well.he would have had 3 girls on his team with multiple state championships had he behaved himself. I hope coach Moren will be able to recruit Indiana girls soon but right now her reputation with Indiana high school and AAU coaches is not very good.hopefully this will change. It’s great to recruit Texas (thanks for Coach Lloyd) and New Zealand but Bree and Darby will help her recruit Indiana as they are great kids. All true Hoosier fans would love to see some of our own play for IU. As far as T’s judgment regarding players ability and coaches ability please disregard what she says she doesn’t have a clue.

  36. Nathan, the only person I seem to stir up is you. And about us being as athletic or as big as any team in the conference but two? Rutgers is bigger than us with 2 girls 6′ 3″ and another 6′ 5′ and are more athletic than us at all positions. Penn St. is much bigger than us with (although we haven’t played them yet) 3 to 4 girls that are over 6′ 3″ and one at 6′ 6″. Nebraska goes 6′ 5′ and 6′ 4′ up front with a 6′ point guard. Purdue matches us in size but, also has a 6’5″ girl and is more athletic than us at basically every position on the floor. These are not excuses, they are facts, go look at their rosters. So YOU claim losing our leading scorer last year was no loss, really? So having buss and Brooks playing beside each other is no different than just having Buss, do you hear yourself? Apparently YOU are not paying attention, you do realize that Minnesota has the top scoring duo in the NATION in Mikayla Wagner and Rachel Banhum, right? Ohio St. is second with Mitchel and Alston. And BTW, I can see nowhere where I rewrote history, these are simply facts! No, I am not a Moren hater, I respect the job she has done this year.

  37. L. Brooks was not good for IU under T. Moren. L. Brooks had a great frosh year because of C. Miller style. L. Brooks lacked defense and was a selfish player under T. Moren. I am glad L. Brooks is gone. She was not good enough, physical enough, not big enough and she hit her high point as freshman for IU. L. Brooks did not fit into current system and it was very apparent when she played as sophomore. T. Moren is doing not just a good job but a very good to excellent job. It remains to be seen if she will do a great job as I am not biased on my opinion. I for one just know what I am talking about.

  38. You’re right Mike. We are so small and unathletic we have no chance. We should call and cancel the rest of the season. I have much more confidence in our girls than you do. A couple of qualities we have that you seem to ignore are basketball IQ and basketball skill. We have both. Coach Miller recruited that. Lots of teams have great athletes but have little basketball skill and cannot shoot. finally since you never address the fact that t has constantly ridiculed the abilities of past players and coaches but you are quick to defend the present players and coach I guess that makes you a hypocrite. I hope we have a chance tonight. Go Hoosiers

  39. As usual Nathan, you have completely missed my point again? Yes, the reason we are winning is because of good basketball IQ and basketball skill, I agree but, what you fail to recognize because of your hatred of the coach is that this team has been transformed into a very good team because of the great job the coaching staff has done getting these girls ready to play each night and the way the coaching staff has emphasized defense which has been the deciding element in many wins this year! And, why in the world should I take issue in most things t says since I agree with almost everything that t points out? In my mind there is very little to “address” there? Believe me, I have all kinds of confidence in these girls AND the coaching staff. What I simply point out in my posts is the ability of the opponent we are about to play. I so far this year have watched roughly about 200 games of which I have seen every team in our conference play at least 3 times this year. That being said, I have a general awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of teams in the conference since I see them so much. So when I write something about an upcoming opponent, it comes from a little knowledge of that said opponent. I don’t knock our lack of ability in these posts, I am simply stating what we have to deal with going into these games. I am trying to make this as simple as possible for you to understand. Call me a hypocrite if you must, I am just stating what I know, not knocking our team. Your sarcasm is very amusing…….:-) I know you don’t want to hear again about my basketball back ground, so I will spare you but, 60 years of being around this game has given me an understanding of the game whether you agree with me or not and, I will always be a tried and true Hoosier fan till I die!! One other thing, Go Hoosiers!

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