IUWBB: Hoosiers beat Illinois on the road, 80-68

Indiana picked up its third straight win with a road victory Wednesday over Illinois, 80-68.

Tyra Buss led the Hoosiers with 21 points. Amanda Cahill produced her eighth double-double of the season with 15 points, 12 rebounds and three blocks. Kym Royster, Karlee McBride and Alexis Gassion each finished with 10 points.

The Hoosiers (16-9, 8-5 Big Ten) started off slow, getting behind 9-2 with 6:39 left in the first quarter. But IU charged back with a 9-0 run and led the rest of the game after a layup by Gassion made it 13-11 midway through the period.

IU took a 25-18  lead into the second quarter and a 44-34 lead into halftime. Illinois (8-16, 1-12 Big Ten) shot 8-of-21 from 3, but the Hoosiers outrebounded the Illini, 49-33, including 18 offensive rebounds. That translated to a 17-2 advantage on second-chance points for the Hoosiers.

This was the Hoosiers’ second Big Ten road victory of the season, and the Hoosiers’ sixth win in their last seven games. IU returns to Assembly Hall Sunday for a rematch with Wisconsin. The Hoosiers lost to the Badgers, on the road, in the conference opener.

The win also puts IU a half-game behind Minnesota (16-7, 8-4 Big Ten) and in fifth place in the Big Ten standings. Minnesota will visit Assembly Hall on Feb. 18.


  1. Coach Moren appears to be doing a great job. The Hoosiers show improvement virtually every outing. The caustic critics of her seem quite foolish at this point.

  2. Her critics didn’t look at her past coaching to know she is a good coach. The way the team is playing shows improvement from her coaching and I hope the team continues to improve and finish the season with a great job this year.

  3. Chet, very astute of you on the comment about the Moren critics, couldn’t have said it better myself! Tremendous win on the road for our girls. The biggest difference in the game other than another strong defensive effort was our rebounding. Turning 18 offensive rebounds into 17 second chance points for the Hoosiers was the difference. Another terrific defensive effort by Jenn Anderson on their star center Chatrice White who had been averaging almost 18 points and 9.8 rebounds a game. We held her to 10 points and 1 rebound in 23 minutes of play before she fouled out. We had 5 players in double figures which was great lead by Tyra Buss with 21 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. Amanda Cahill continues to dominate for the Hoosiers with another double-double (which is her 8th this season) with 15 points and 12 rebounds. Cahill may quietly be the most consistent player in the conference! Alexis Gassion just missed a double-double with 10 points and 9 rebounds. It was great to see Kym Royster with 10 points and 10 rebounds for her first career double-double when Anderson got in foul trouble in the 3rd quarter. Jess Walter had 7 points off the bench and Karlee McBride added 10 more points.
    The girls are really on a roll playing their best ball of the season with 6 wins in their last 7 games only losing to 5th ranked Maryland in that span of games. And yes Chet, the kids are really responding to coach Moren and the staff, anyone who has seen this team play lately could not dispute that! Chet, you are correct, this team has gotten better with every game as they have applied coach Moren’s kind of defense which has been quite stout the latter part of the year. The improvement of this team over last year has been quite apparent.
    One other thing I would like to point out, a poster who shall remain nameless said about a month ago when addressing how we “screw” all of the visiting teams by shooting so many free throws in Assembly Hall when I was referring to our dribble drive offense, might take note that in tonight’s game we hit 20 of 29 free throws on the road with Illinois going 8 of 13 from the line. So I guess it would be safe to assume that according to that poster, the 3 officials must have been Indiana fans? I would like to point out that 2 of the three officials were Bryan Enterline and Bob Trammell who have both worked in the National Championship games. Go Hoosiers!!

  4. They were a little slow out of gate being down 7-0 but soon got the ship righted and maintained control from there. I have to agree with the others they seem to be on a consistant roll, so good to see them pull out another road win. Good to see Royster get her first double double of her career, would like to see her do more of that the rest of the way as they could use that down the stretch. Back home with Wis. and Minns both will be tough and then on the road at Iowa and Neb which will be even tougher. The Iowa game could be flexed onto BTN. The top 4 teams will get the double bye in the BIG PLAYOFF, problem is even if the Hoosiers are tied for it they have a couple more losses overall than every one working for positions. Still Im happy to see the big improvement over the last couple of years in the conf.

  5. Apparently all of the Moren haters have crawled back into their holes.
    Teri Moren was coached at Purdue by Lin Dunn, who continues to mentor her.
    Lin attended both IU games held at Vanderbilt, and Teri was all ears.
    IU women’s basketball is about to become even more special.than it is already.
    It sounded to me that Kim Royster saved the day in the third quarter at Illinois.
    Seems that each week a different player saves the day.

  6. And here I thought Bob Knight was the only lowlife loser bestowing the virtues and genius of former “greats” tied to Purdue Basketball….? He went to a fairgrounds in Indy to feed pigs crying over an old piece of Boiler bacon ready to kick its last bucket of feed….Gave him a big fat kiss for a lifetime of rolling in mud while Hoosiers were rolling in Final Fours and 3 NCAA Championships. Somehow people confuse that with believing he would have ever stood next to a John Wooden swine while he was putting up banners in Bloomington.

    Having someone from Purdue fix anything IU Basketball is like asking the Jiffy Lube attendant to tinker with your Porsche. Knight honored the Jiffy Lube Comb-over kid for his 25 years of oil and filter changes at the old banner(less) garage in West Lafayette. Hard to imagine he got so much ‘hate’ for that when we now allow Purdue bay attendants to marry into the Bloomington family.

  7. H4H, here’s the deal. we have a coach that is an Indiana girl born and bread in Seymour but, went to Purdue. She played under coach Lin Dunn while she started her last two years as the point guard. She is in the Indiana basketball Hall of Fame. She has been a successful head coach everywhere she has been. It is quite obvious that she and her staff have improved this team as the year has gone on, this is what GOOD coaches do! Regardless of where she went to school, it is obvious that she can coach which is what is important. And it only makes sense that she would refer to her Hall of Fame college coach to confer about her coaching approach.
    All of the cute little posts that you put on this website about her being a Purdue graduate, while you think is clever, it is actually quite classless. The real issue here is, SHE CAN COACH! The team has reacted positively to her and the staff and the team is improving, what else could a REAL IU fan want? In a perfect world, all of the coaches throughout the IU sports system would be IU grads but, lets get real, there is not a university in the country that could probably make that claim. For God sakes, get over it, the women can coach and she was at least born in Indiana. Go Hoosiers!!

  8. It takes a good coach to turn a program around and Im convinced we have one for as long as we can keep her. For those than can remember it was Larry Brown who first turned the pacers around , made them believe they could be winners and they won. The same thing is happening at IU they believe in what is being taught and are going out and proving what has been taught , they believe in the system and it has worked for them especially this season. The next step will be the big win that has evaded them so far as I spoke about before. Its quite obvious that we dont have the talent needed as yet , we have a rather small team, maybe an over achiever but they are winning because they BELIEVE and trust in each other and the system= Go Hoosiers!!

  9. Nice road victory last night. Kim Royster was huge n the third quarter. She had a double double in just 15 minutes of playing time. Still to many careless turnovers but a road win is a road win.
    I stated in a previous post that the coaching staff has done a fantastic job considering the mess this program was in 18 months ago when they were hired. I should have said phenomenal job. this team has a legitimate opportunity to grab a top four spot in the Big Ten tournament. They are WNIT qualified and with one more win should be a lock. With their RPI of 41 and a very strong strength of schedule 2 or 3 more wins should be their ticket to the Big Dance. At this point Coach Moren is certainly a strong candidate for conference coach of the year.
    Lets be LOUD on Sunday!

  10. scwartzie
    Great point on Moren “conf coach of the year” I had not thought about that but have to agree she has a chance depending on how they finish the season, hopefully strong. They need some help though from some struggling members that need to step up and get hot at the right time. The ones who are hot need to stay hot. Hopefully the success the team is having this year will eventually lure that big fish so needed for a struggling program on the rise.

  11. This team is good! This Coach is good! These players are good! What a delight for IU athletics! Go Hoosier Women!

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