IUWBB: Hoosiers complete perfect home record, beat PSU, 76-55

Indiana completed a perfect home season with a 76-55 win over Penn State on Saturday, doing what it needed to do to secure a double bye in the Big Ten tournament.

IU had five players in double figures, led by Tyra Buss with 16 points. Amanda Cahill posted her tenth double double of the season with 14 points and 14 rebounds.

With the win, IU (20-10, 12-6) has its most regular season wins in program history. If Minnesota loses to No. 6 Maryland on Sunday, IU will get a bye to the quarterfinals of the conference tournament. If the Golden Gophers win, the Hoosiers will be the No. 5 seed.

IU hit 45.2 percent of its shots, and outrebounded the Lady Lions, 38-34 . Alexis Gassion finished with 13 points, Jenn Anderson had 11 and Kym Royster posted 10.


  1. A tremendous effort today by a team determined to take care of business before a terrific home crowd of 5,246. As it has been most of the season, the defense set the tone for the game. We held Penn St. to 19 first half points while we put up 44. Penn St. shot 29% from the floor in the first half. Penn St. shot 37% for the whole game but, the first half was the determining factor. State’s premier freshman guard, Teniya Page hit only 1 of 7 shots attempted in the game. She has been their best player the second half of the season. Allowing her only 7 attempts was big. IU’s bench came through with 25 points today which has been a little bit of a problem lately. Of course, Jenn Anderson scored 11 of those bench points since she didn’t start to allow senior Lyndsay Leikum to start her last home game. Anderson also had 6 rebounds to go along with the 11 points. Amanda Cahill had her 10th double-double of the year with 14 points, 14 rebounds to go along with 4 assists and 3 steals. Tyra Buss scored 16 points to go with 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals. Alexis Gassion had her 8th strong game in a row after a short mid-season slump. She had 13 points and six assists. The other double figure scorer was Kym Royster who had 1o points with 4 rebounds and 2 assists. The most out standing IU stat of the day was 22 assists on the 28 baskets scored!
    We now need to waif for the result tomorrow of the Minnesota-Maryland game to see where we finish in the conference standings? If Minnesota loses at Maryland, IU will finish in 4th place which will give them the double bye in the conference tournament.
    I would like to say one more thing about today’s crowd, it was GREAT!! It really is a shame it has taken all year and the last game of the year to get this kind of crowd. This team has played great at home all year long which is proven by being undefeated at Assembly Hall, something that has never been done before. And now with 20 victory’s, we have set a women’s regular season record. What a great season this team has given us, now, on to the tournament! Let us not forget what a fantastic job this coaching staff has done preparing this team for each game this year! Go Hoosiers!

  2. Great crowd for sure, best of Morens tenure. Nice to see the win, err blowout and to see everyone get on the floor, the emotional last game for Leikem. Daniel getting a couple baskets and a couple rebounds and as the anouncers remarked a bit of a smile from Moren for Danny. So the record is made 14-0 at home and 20 wins both records for the women. So now we wait to see if we get 4th seed and play friday or the 5th seed and play thurs- good luck and go Hoosiers!

  3. A lot to like very much about the IU lady bb program….players/team led by head coach T. Moren and staff.

  4. A great win for a great group of women who love to play team basketball! Well done Coach Moren and staff. Please fully unpack the bags and hang up all of the clothes and enjoy a long and successful career as Coach of the Lady Hoosiers! I think that I saw in Royster a young player that can be great for the next 3 years. I am so optimistic that I am hoping that a full year of weight and conditioning, a full year of working on footwork, a full year of learning tough work around the rim, and a full year of learning basketball ( call it gaining a higher basketball IQ) will help Williams become a solid contributor! Women’s basketball at Indiana has a very bright future!

  5. Its pretty obvious Williams has not just been sitting on her behind, but that the coaches have been working with her to be better able to move and pivot under the basket, nice job. I was taking a little inventory of the players currently available to return plus the incoming recruits which also includes Elbert and it comes to 15 players. That also is the max amount offered to Div. 1 college women basketball teams. Hmmm, 15 players providing no one transfers sounds like a potential problem keeping players happy, time will tell. I said this before but with the success IU has and will have this season the chances are there to get that prise recruit looking our way. That recruit that before this years success would have been looking at other major powers in the country. Crazy you say,, well crazier things have happened.

  6. In the previous post I left out the word scholarship when I was referring to the 15 player max allowed to Div 1 womens ncaa basketball.

  7. IU has attained the #4 seed and the coveted double bye in the Big 10 conference tournament due to # 6 ranked Maryland destroying Minnesota 110-77. What a tremendous season this has turned out to be for our ladies! Charlie Creme said after the Maryland-Minnesoa game on ESPN 2 that he has 5 Big 10 teams in the NCAA Tournament. Ohio St., Maryland, Michigan St., IU and Purdue. IU now plays at approximately 2:30 pm on Friday afternoon in the conference tournament. It is very possible that we will play Minnesota who is the 5 seed in that game if the Gophers win Thursday afternoon. I hope we can get a large IU contingent at Bankers Life Fieldhouse Friday to support our girls. Go Hoosiers!!

  8. Creme also said that if Minn had competed better against the terps that he would have them in but now has them backed out. He also said that having a superstar on your team does not play into it. But the halftime crew indicated they would vote them in if any way possible . I too will be surprised if Minn doesnt make it and it just could depend on how they do in the upcoming tourney. Back to our girls , a great story indeed they have come up from the ashes that is the big ten cellar. Moren could and should get coach of year in the B1G, Double-bye and dont play till friday, at least they will be well rested, hope they do well.

  9. Just wanted to comment on Darby Foresman. I have seen her play in person a couple of times and she fits the uptempo style IU likes to play as that is pretty much how Heritage Christian plays. Darby is quite talented in the paint with either facing or with her back to the rim, but mostly she likes playing on the wing or taking the 12-15′ jumper. Ive noticed in the espn scouting guide for the last 3 years the comments are her footwork in the paint is ” Superb”. She will be quite adaptable to whatever the coaches need from her.

  10. Steve W., as far as Darby Forseman is concerned, you referred to us getting a quality recruit, she may be it! On this website in the Hoosier Morning section under the “it’s Indiana” section there is an article that appeared in yesterday’s Star about Forseman. Go to that article and read it. In that article writer Kyle Neddenriep refers to “ProspectsNation.com who ranks graduating seniors, they have Forseman as the 55th ranked senior in their top 100. ESPN has Forseman ranked 66th in this year’s class. While I am not real sure, I would speculate that Forseman may be the highest ranked player we have ever signed? While she committed when Miller was here, the article states that it was a foregone conclusion that she would always attend IU because it is close to home and she has always been an IU fan. So, lets don’t have a bunch of folks jump on here and state she was a Miller recruit, that is not the case, SHE WAS AN IU RECRUIT!
    I have said all year in several posts that I think she will be really big for us next year. Her size (6’3”) and very good athleticism will benefit us tremendously! I would guess that with her terrific perimeter shooting skills she may be another Amanda Cahill clone, We will take that in a heart beat! Cahill may be as consistent a player from game to game as there is in the conference! Really looking forward to seeing her next year!

  11. Mike C. – I will check out that article when I get a chance. I have no doubt Darby is a quality recruit and nice to hear Prospects has her 55th 10 spots up from espn’s, but I guess my reference should have stated an elite recruit as opposed to quality. Im thinking an even higher ranked prospect could give us the nod when seeing what is being built here now. I noticed on the Maryland game the other day they said they have the #1 incoming recruiting class for next year.

  12. Mike– Read the article and yes Darby is the ultimate team player but does what she needs too, Ive seen her rip down some rebounds with the authority of Jenn Anderson. Plus the fact remains she is not even the best player on the Heritage Christian team. Tyasha Harris at 5’10” avg 23 pts a game and is locked in at #27 on espn hoopgurls and as far as I know still has not selected a school, maybe theres more to that story.

  13. Tyasha Harris— Some of the schools considered– Ky, Rutgers, Iowa, Purdue, South Carolina. Moren you better get on it before its too late, and most likely it is.

  14. Steve W., if there are no transfers and we are maxed out at 15 next year, there is obviously no room for Harris? I assume without knowing that Harris is a senior this year? If so, we obviously have no room. Steve, I understand what you mean by a premier recruit. If things keep going the way they have so far this year, I think the possibility of a big time recruit is inevitable in the next couple of years. Success breeds success as we all know. I really believe the class coming in next year along with Tia Elbert will help us in every way we need. More size and athleticism in the areas we need. Go Hoosiers!

  15. Mike C: as I said in my post, in recruiting there is always a way to have room for a great recruit! You and I don’t have to know how, but it can always be done if everyone wants to do it.

  16. Thank you for your kind words about Darby Foresman! She is very excited to join a great team this summer and we can not wait to see what happens in the postseason this year. You are correct “SHE WAS AN IU RECRUIT!” and she is very excited to play for Coach Moren.

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