IUWBB: Hoosiers improve to 11-0 at home, beat Nebraska 59-47

Indiana improved to 11-0 at home with a 59-47 win over Nebraska on Sunday.

Tyra Buss led the Hoosiers with 17 points, 11 rebounds, seven steals and six assists. Amanda Cahill picked up her seventh double double of the season, with 16 points, 13 rebounds and five assists.

The Hoosiers (15-9, 7-5 Big Ten) shot only 31.9 percent from the field, including 2-of-16 from 3-point range. But they limited Nebraska (16-7, 7-5 Big Ten) to 35.7 percent shooting, including 2-of-13 from 3. The Cornhuskers also turned the ball over 26 times.

Jessica Shepard scored 18 points to lead the Cornhuskers, but it was a hard-earned total because of Jenn Anderson’s defensive effort.


  1. This team is the real deal. It’s a special group of coaches and players. The sky is the limit.

    Shooting below 35% in field goals and even less in 3pt% and still winning by double-digits is amazing.

    The crowd was modestly bigger for a weekend game (over 3300). Hopefully this next Sunday will garner more fans to show support for this hard working team.

    There are those teams that are just perennial powers and then there are teams like the Hoosiers this year which I guarantee no one wants to face.

    Go Hoosiers!!

  2. I agree with everything TallGuy15 said. This was again a GREAT defensive effort that brought us this victory. To realize that we only shot 31.9% from the floor and were only 2 for 16 from the arc, it just shows that our defensive effort was the key! First of all, although the stats don’t show it, Jenn Anderson had a terrific game defensively in holding Jessica Shepard to 18 points, all of which were well earned. Every shot Shepard took was under great pressure from Anderson and her team mates. To go along with Shepard’s double-double, she also had 11 turnovers which shows the pressure she was under from our defense. Our team only had 14 turnovers and Shepard herself almost matched that. Nebraska had 26 turnovers as a team which lead to 23 points for IU. One other big factor in the game was holding Natalie Romeo to 0 for 7 from beyond the 3 point arc, she is one of the best 3 point shooters in the conference. We held Nebraska to 2 for 13 from beyond the 3 point arc.
    On our side of the ball was Tyra Buss’s terrific game with 17 points, 11 rebounds, 6 assists and 7 steals. This was Buss’s second consecutive double-double. Amanda Cahill also continued her dominate play of late with her second consecutive double-double with 16 points and 14 rebounds and 5 assists. Alexis Gassion also contributed 15 points. Jenn Anderson mentioned in the post game press conference that she has been playing with a broken left figure for 5 weeks now, what a tough kid! All in all, it was a great effort by our girls, now, on to Illinois Wednesday night where it will be tough to play after only beating them 2 points in our place a couple of weeks ago. Go Hoosiers!!

  3. They are the real deal. They have a synergy that belies the individual players.

    There’s a lot to like about this team.

  4. I was happy with the defensive effort on both Sheppard and Romeo , Jenn did an excellent job especially with fractured finger. I was also happy to see a bigger crowd even if it was due to the special event – ladies day or whatever it was. 3300 maybe the biggest crowd since Moren has been there. Now lets go to ILL. and get a road win, any road game would be a big win and we can do it — Go IU.

  5. Steve W., we have now had 4 crowds this year of over 3,000. We had 3,088 against Samford, 3,642 against Yale and 3,602 when we played Michigan as well as the 3,300 you mentioned for the Nebraska game. I know we had a game last year of over 4,000, although I don’t remember who it was against? Our attendance has been a long time gripe of mine for years. The thing I really don’t understand is the student attendance? For women’s basketball they can get in free by simply showing their student ID’s. When you consider that we have the largest student season ticket base in the country for men’s basketball (9,000+), why is it we can’t get at least 1,000 students to come to a women’s game, I simply don’t understand it? When you consider how well this team is playing, it’s a real shame that we can’t get more people to attend. I will say one thing about the crowds that we have been getting, in many of the games this year they have been very loud at opportune times during the games. Go Hoosiers!

  6. AD Glass has to be laughing in his hat at his hire of Moren and her philosophy for BB with the IUW program. No doubt he is anticipating increased success to bring more attendance and he should get it with Moren at the helm. This strong D Moren coaches will hold back many defeats as more talent commits to boost the on the court product. I like what I’m hearing from you fellas who follow the program closely. MikeC I agree there should be 500-1000 ex-HS girl players who would want to be staunch fans of the college game and the program.

  7. Mike C. Thanks for the info on the attendance of certain games. Maybe someone can put a bird in the ear of the AD about scheduling a men-women double header which surely would get more in the seats and I have a feeling once they watch the women they will be sold on their game. The program is headed in the right direction and eventually they will get that elite recruit that in the past have steered clear of the IU program. But it is also quite obvious that we need that elite , head-scratcher, double head nod win over a team like Ohio State or Maryland, but we are not quite there as yet, maybe next years incoming group can help get us there.

  8. Tennessee has a very nice basketball arena that currently seats around 22,000. During the Pat Summit years they would schedule men’s and women’s doubleheaders in order to increase attendance at the men’s games.

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