IUWBB: Hoosiers win streak halted at Iowa

Indiana’s five-game win streak came to a halt in a 76-73 loss Sunday as a comeback effort fell short at Iowa.

The Hoosiers (18-10, 10-6 Big Ten) outscored the Hawkeyes in every quarter other than the second, inevitably unable to overcome a 24-8 disadvantage in that period. IU trailed by 17 points with 7:54 left in the third quarter but closed to within one point with 50.4 seconds left in the fourth after a three-point play by Amanda Cahill.

With time slipping away, IU had to foul to put Ally Disterhoft on the line, and she made two free throws with 15 seconds remaining. On the final possession, Karlee McBride and Tyra Buss each missed 3-poimt attempts to assure Iowa’s victory.

Amanda Cahill, who was 2-of-10 from the field at one point, finished with 22 points on 8-of-17 shooting and added 14 rebounds for her ninth double-double of the season. Tyra Buss finished with 18, Alexis Gassion had 15 and Jenn Anderson also had a double-double with 10 points and 10 boards.

Disterhoft did most of the damage for Iowa (17-11, 7-9 Big Ten) with 19 points and eight rebounds. Freshman point guard Tania Davis added 17 points. Fellow freshmen Chase Coley and Megan Gustafson each finished with 10 points.


  1. As was predicted, this would be the start of a tough road trip and it was. What put us in such a tough spot was being outscored 24-8 in the second quarter going 3 for 15 from the field which lead to a 43-28 deficit at the half. We played a much better second half cutting the lead to 1 point (74-73) with 50.4 seconds to go but, the crucial play of the game was stopping Iowa with a terrific defensive effort but, not securing the defensive rebound on the missed shot by Iowa. We then had to foul and they hit 2 free throws making it a 3 point game and we missed the 2 threes at the end of the game. At one point we were outscored 25-2 through the end of the 1st quarter and through a point in the second quarter which was back breaking. Iowa shot 47% for the game holding us to 41%. Iowa had all 5 starters in double figures. We were only 6 for 24 from beyond the arc which hurt while Iowa was 6 for 13. We did out rebound Iowa 41-35. Another thing that really hurt us was only getting 2 points from the bench which was from a Kym Royster field goal. Amanda Cahill had a strong game with 22 points, 14 rebounds for her 9th double-double of the year and handed out 3 assists. Tyra Buss had 18 points, 3 assists and 4 steals. Jenn Anderson continued her strong play with another double-double of 10 points and 10 rebounds. Alexis Gassion was our 4th double figure scorer with 15 points and 4 assists. This was the 3rd game on the road this year that we came down to one possession at the end of the game where we failed to secure a rebound on an opponents missed shot which would have allowed us an opportunity to win. In 2 of those games (Wisconsin and Iowa) we out rebounded them in the game but failed to get an important rebound at the end. This was a hard one to lose because it was there for the taking despite getting behind so far. The encouraging thing from this game is the fight and determination by the players to get back into position to win it down the stretch. Our next game at Nebraska Wednesday night becomes huge as far as NCAA post season considerations go, a win there would be very beneficial for our cause. Nebraska is a VERY tough place to play to say the least, they always have a huge crowd! We have our fate in our hands in the next 2 games, I am hoping that we are up to the task?
    BTW, I was watching the Northwestern-Wisconsin women’s game earlier today and the Washington Mystics WNBA coach was doing the color analyst work on the broadcast, he stated that he thought Teri Moren should get consideration for Big 10 coach of the year for the job she and her staff have done with this team this year. He said it should be between Brenda Freeze (Maryland) and Kevin McGuff (Ohio St) and Moren. He said he thought Moren might deserve it because Indiana has come from nowhere this year to possibly finish so high in the conference. Very nice words to hear from an impartial observer.

  2. Mike C’s comments, as always, appear to be spot-on to me.
    I would add that Nebraska is really banged-up, and got clobbered by Purdue today (68-50) at Nebraska.
    Apparently Nebraska is without their starting point guard and her back-up.
    Hoosiers have to take advantage, it would seem to me, to get into the NCAA.
    Who would have guessed we would even be talking about an NCAA bid at the end of last season?
    Great work by Coach Moren and an IU team that simply refuses to quit.

  3. It sounds as though these ladies have a great deal of heart. Considering all they have been through as a team it’s very impressive what they have accomplished. Tonight they were slapped down hard and early but fought to the end.

    That’s how winners respond. Good for them. I wouldn’t bet against them next outing.

  4. Consider the fact we were down by 19 at one point and thats a long way to come back against a good Iowa team and we almost did, we had our chances but couldnt get it done. As Mike C said we didnt get enough help from our bench that was much needed. That will also be needed at Neb. Yes they fill their arena for the women unlike IU. We need to beat Neb and Penn state which will help our chances for the big dance.

  5. Here’s the deal for finishing in the top 4 of the conference standings in order to collect a double bye in the Big 10 tournament. With IU and Minnesota tied for 4th at this time with 10-6 records, we of course finish at Nebraska and at home to Penn St.. Minnesota plays Ohio St. at home and then goes to Maryland. I don’t think they can win either game which would hypothetically finish them with a 10-8 record. If we, at the worse would split our last 2 games, we would go 11-7 which would allow us to finish 4th and gain the double bye. Now if Michigan St. who is right above us at 11-5 would lose their last 2 games at Illinois and at home against Ohio St., they would tie us at 11-7 for 3rd place if we split. I really doubt they will lose to Illinois but, I believe they will lose to Ohio St. which would give them a 12-6 record good for 3rd in the standings. Now of course if we were to beat Nebraska there and beat Penn St. at our place we wind up 12-6 which would put us in 3rd or 4th depending on what Minnesota does ? Like I said, I don’t look for Minnesota to win either game. As far as the NCAA tournament goes, if we split our two games, we are probably on the bubble depending on what happens in the conference tournament?
    Just something for you to think about the next week. It will surely be interesting without a doubt? Before the season started, I never thought we would be thinking about any of this the last week of the season? This has certainly turned out to be a very exciting season of women’s basketball, haven’t had this much fun in years following the women. Go Hoosiers!!

  6. Mike C. – I too had been looking Mich St and Minn. last 3 games and had noticed the same thing , they have a tougher finish than Iu but we still need to win. Would be nice to see us finish in the top 4 and get the double bye plus finish strong enough to get a bid into the big dance. Also I will be disappointed if Moren does not get coach of the year, I would like to think it would be a shoe in with the job she has done with this team. The other two coaches in the running their teams have already been at the top so I cant either of those getting it but who knows how they will decide it.

  7. Last night I watched the Michigan St.-Minnesota game where the Spartans won 114-106. In this game Aerial Powers scored 40 points for the Spartans but, the amazing performance was by Rachel Banham who scored 52 points becoming the all time Big 10 career scoring leader with 2,291 points. Banham hit 8 three pointers in the game. Two weeks ago against Northwestern she tied the NCAA record for most points in a game of 60 in double over time. What makes last night’s performance more impressive is it only took her 40 minutes to score the 52 points as opposed to the 50 minute double overtime game when she scored 60 points. As I was watching the game, I realized again, what a great effort that Alexis Gassion and her team mates did in holding Banham to the 29 hard earned points she scored against us this past Thursday. This game last night was one of the most amazing games I have watched in all of my 69 years. Wow!!

  8. IU women basketball team like others for both men and women have frequently fallen behind in games by 15 or so points in first half or early in second half. It often comes to bite you with a loss. This year IU women have fought back and won some games where they fell way behind. They need to correct this problem and stay within 10 at any time during first half or early in third quarter.

  9. In the time periods that I mentioned in previous post…Focus, mental toughness, and physicality need to be addressed during that stage of game….. Maybe with a time out or two emphasizing this for players to take ownership along with plays/strategy.

  10. I also went back and watched the Wis vs NW game with color being done by coach Mike Thibault. Nice to hear the quality , experience, and credibility and hearing the game thru a coaches eyes. Nice comments about IU and Moren. Also noted was the quotes about IU needing to finish strong and maybe win a couple B1G tourney games to make the big dance. So now after losing the Iowa game the Neb. game seems a must as does the Penn St. game for those eyes watching with power from the NCAA committee. The bench will again most likely be key in the upcoming Neb. someone has to come thru. Next year I expect Royster to be much stronger and therefore more of a force inside. Walters seems to have lost her confidence in her shot and maybe that extends back to the concussion, but Im sure she will come back strong again next season. This does not mean Im writing her off for the remainder of this season but it is what it is. Moren still has hope she will find her shot as she continues to give her minutes either for that reason or simply because of the lack of depth– onward hoosiers!

  11. T, I basically agree with what you are saying about possibly calling a time out or 2 to stop another team’s run but, the new rules changes have really curtailed that strategy. They have taken a time out away this year, now down to 4. You really have to be carefull now because you absolutely must have 2 time outs going into the 4th quarter in case you need to advance the ball to half court with under a minute to play in a close game. In essence, I agree with what you are saying but, the rules are in the way.
    Steve W, I agree with your bench statement, we need more production if we are to win these last 2 games and compete in the conference tournament. As you stated about Royster next year, I told a gentleman sitting next to me about 3 or 4 games ago that she needed to come back next year having added about 10 to 15 pounds of muscle. If she can do that she will be a premier player for us! We have seen flashes of what she can be, the added strength next year would be very benifisial for us. Our depth next year will be greatly improved with added size and better athletes. Steve you are correct in our lack of depth this year. It is very apparent how much we are effected offensively on the floor when Buss is on the bench. We saw this again this past game when Buss picked up her second foul and went to the bench for a couple of minutes, our offense came to a screeching halt. Next year with Tia Elbert available and Ria Gulley on board, our point guard depth will be greatly improved. Go Hoosiers!

  12. It may have nothing to do with confidence. Those are just the types of motor skills that can be impacted by a concussion for an extended time. Either way, I hope it does not affect her over the long term.

  13. In the latest Charlie Crean bracketology out yesterday, Ohio St. is a 2 seed, Maryland is a 3 seed, Michigan St. is a 6 seed, IU is a 10 seed and Purdue is a 12 seed. To hold that 10 seed we really need to steal a win at Nebraska and finish strong at home against Penn St. BTW, on the Big 10 Network last night on the Women’s Sports report there was a very nice interview with Tyra Buss. Before the interview, Lisa Byington said she had spoken to many IU players through the season wanting to know why this year’s team was so much better than last year’s and better chemistry was the first thing that was mentioned by all players. OK, Hoosierfan and Nathan, time for you to interject your negativity.

  14. Yes I saw the latest bracketololgy today IU dropped from 9 last week to 10. We cannot crash and burn these last two games as we can be looking in from the outside. They are looking at teams on a roll not those on a downhill slide. Also I stayed up to watch the Buss interview supposedly at 11:30 pm on btn but I did not see it , not sure how it got by me but it did. Also of note IU lost the 1 poll vote they had last week.

  15. I just watched the Buss interview picked it up on btn to go. Talking about the chemistry of the team and how they knew they could do something special even before the season started.

  16. Thats OK Mike , guess no ones perfect. 🙂

    Since the national spotlight has shown so brightly of recent on Rachel Banham of late, it would be hard to imagine Minn. not being invited to the big dance regardless of how they finish. In my mind that is exactly the kind of image they want and it will draw more attention to the women’s game especially if she is playing in it. When you think about the injury she had last year when she had to sit out and wasnt even sure if she was going to come back this year makes it even more amazing

  17. Question(just for fun):

    Why is a “bracketologist” taken any more seriously than a snake oil salesman? When are they not changing their concoction to cure previously sick brackets? They read some tea leaves….Then they bring out some new tea…and read some more leaves…..Then they change crystal balls more than bowling alley offers different finger holes….. What on earth makes these bozos so respected for an ever-changing opinion that usually ends up totally wrong anyway? Here’s and idea, Mr. & Mrs. Basketball Team…Go out and win some games and don’t worry about Lunardi’s toupee sending messages to a comet in the sky.

  18. Recently went back for info on Ria Gulley. Info has her anywhere from 5′ 7″ to 5′ 10″. I watched two vids on you tube of 2013 AAU 2014 AAU. She appeared smallish closer to the lower end of the given heights more tyra buss size. In the recruiting interviews with Greg Murray Coach Moren they list her as 5′ 9″ but I cant see it unless she has grown a couple inches in the last couple of years which isnt likely. Over on ESPN with the info from 2015 Nike nationals they have her at 5′ 7″ and from the vids I watched thats most likely correct. Regardless she is definitely a pt guard and seems to have the same grit as Tyra so it looks like with Tia and Ria , Tyra may get more rest.

  19. As a follow up to the above post of mine I was able to bring up the Clark high school roster thru maxpreps. As soph. they have Ria Gulley listed as 5′ 8″ but As a junior 5′ 10″ senior 5′ 10″. Im hoping the latter is correct as opposed the espn’s listing of 5′ 7″.

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