IUWBB: Indiana tied for 3rd in B1G with 93-79 win over Minnesota

Indiana extended its home winning streak and pushed itself up the Big Ten standings with a 93-79 win over Minnesota at Assembly Hall on Thursday.

Tyra Buss led the Hoosiers (18-9, 10-5 Big Ten) with 27 points, nine rebounds and seven assists. Alexis Gassion, who helped defend Rachel Banham, added 16 points and six assists. Jenn Anderson added 18.

IU trailed 17-15 going into the second quarter, but outscored the Golden Gophers (18-8, 10-5 Big Ten) by a margin of 28-19 in the second quarter, shooting 10-of-16 from the field. A six-point halftime lead grew to 13 on two free throws by Kym Royster, before Banham hit two free throws of her own in the third quarter with less than one second on the clock.

Minnesota would reduce the lead to 74-71 with 6:01 to play, but Gassion hit a jumper and a three-point play to extend the lead back out to eight. The Hoosiers hit 9-of-13 free throws in the final quarter to preserve the lead.

IU is now tied for third in the Big Ten conference with Minnesota and Michigan State at 10-5.


  1. Stellar defensive performance which was especially crucial on a night when all the players had to do was breath on each other for a foul call. Both teams were getting crazy calls their way. I didn’t look at the box score but the total number of fouls had to be around 30.

    Gassion continues her dominant/lockdown defense as well as double figures in scoring. Couple that with two blocks and two steals… What a night for her!!! If Alexis wasn’t in the game tonight I don’t know if we win. Not to take away anyone else’s performance because there were great efforts put forth tonight (Buss, Royster, everyone really). But when Gassion had her fourth foul called on her in the 4th quarter and had to sit, the game clearly was turning towards Minnesota and Bauman. When Alexis came back, she had a different assignment but her presence was still felt. Tyshee Towner was also very impressive in her defensive as well but didn’t play as long as Alexis.

    Tied for third in the B1G and I couldn’t be prouder of the team. You can tell they have a lot of fun playing together too. It’s really nice to see their unselfish play and genuine friendship.

    Unfortunately, the turnout in numbers of fans hasn’t changed with their success of late. Hopefully with a Saturday game next weekend the fans will come and support this special team.

    Go Hoosiers!!!

  2. Tyra , Jenn and Lex were all huge in tonights game. Royster was also key tonight with 11 pts 4reb. Cahill had a subpar game shooting the ball unusual for her but we got the win, two road games coming up and they will be tough. Sure would be nice to steal one of those. I too am greatly disappointed at the lack of fans only 2500 tonight 1000 less than a couple recent games and this was such a big and important game for both teams. What does it take for the students to back this team, its truly sad when they play so hard and are doing so well. You look around the league and you see full arenas at places like Neb. Purdue, and Minn. Keep Pushing Ladies- Go IU

  3. Tallguy15, to answer your question, 31 fouls called on Minnesota and 28 on Indiana. This was a tremendous win for our ladies! The game was so chopped up by the continuous fouls being called, it was sometimes hard to watch. But, our girls persevered and pulled out this all important win. There were many hero’s tonight, first of all Tyra Buss lead with 27 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 steals. All of that playing with a lingering cold she has had for a month, she coughed all through the post game press conference. At times during the game you could see her basically gasping for air during dead ball situations. Alexis Gassion as mentioned in the other two posts was huge in this game guarding Minnesota’s Rachel Banhan who is the conference’s leading scorer holding her to 9 first half points. Banham went off for 20 points in the second half but, every shot she took was contested fiercely by Gassion, Tyshee Towner and other players. Banham had to force 23 shots to hit 9 field goals and was forced into 6 turnovers by the tough defense. Gassion also offensively had 16 points, 5 rebounds , 6 assists, 2 blocks and 2 steals. Amanda Cahill struggled tonight shooting the ball as she was in foul trouble all night but was big on the boards with 8 rebounds. Jenn Anderson continued her stellar play with a career high tying 18 points and 5 rebounds. Kym Royster continues to progress nicely with 11 points, 4 rebounds and 2 blocks. Lyndsay Leikem also contributed 5 rebounds in 13 minutes of play. All in all, it was a great team effort. Another thing that I would like to mention about a couple of posters who continue to say that the team chemistry is not nearly as good as the coach’s and players claim should have seen the players postgame press conference tonight that featured Buss, Anderson and Gassion. If you would have seen these 3 girls laughing and cutting up during the 5 minute session, you would have wondered what the hell these posters are referring to as far as their claim of “bad” chemistry?? What I saw during that was NOT bad chemistry, you can’t fake what was apparently going on between those 3 girls. Some of you people need to just stop and quit making this stuff up because you don’t like the coach.
    Tallguy 15 and Steve, I agree, although the crowd was loud at times, it wasn’t nearly big enough for this important of a game. I still just don’t understand why the students refuse to support this team? It’s simply a damn shame!! Tied for 3rd place in the conference now, if we can win 2 of the next 3 we may be able to hold that spot and secure a double bye in the conference tournament! One other thing, according to Charlie Crean’s “Bracetology” this week prior to tonight’s game, we were a # 9 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Go Hoosiers!!

  4. I dont understand Cremes brackettology , I thought it would be the top 5 or 6 finishers but Creme still had Purdue at number #11 seed and they wont finish in the top 6. He talked about the curve , maybe it will be more about who you beat during the season rather than the traditional way of what spot you finish, confusing to me.

    1. Creme tweeted last night that Purdue had fallen to among the first four out, along with Iowa. Minnesota isn’t even in the discussion, because it’s about strength of schedule along with who you beat, not standing in the Big Ten.

      Indiana could get a 7 seed with a strong finish, but could easily miss the tourney if it fades. I’d say Hoosiers need to win one of the two road games at Iowa and Nebraska then finish off Penn State at home to clinch a spot ahead of the conference tourney.

  5. This is definitely a tournament team now they’re just playing for seeding hopefully they manage a 7 out of it

  6. A well rounded tough competitive game. Mental and physical toughness on display with a highly spirited win. T. Moren said she was going to upgrade pre-conference schedule with better tougher teams… She did. Players have paid attention, learned and developed this year as has a whole team. Example: T. Buss was decent has freshman…..but she is self actualizing realizing her potential as sophomore comparing herself to freshman year and what she was in high school. A. Cahill and A.Gassion are the other rocks who like Buss are self actualizing their potential. J. Anderson and L. Leikem just keep getting better and better as they continue to develop. Just great attitudes and representatives for IU women bb all the way around. Then the development of K. Royster who keeps learning and improving and T. Towner displaying a positive attitude and purpose in her game. The whole team and coaching staff; adds up to a very productive both, defensively and offensively on the court and off court representation of IU women basketball program for 2015-2016 thus far.

  7. Thanks for the update on fouls MikeC. 59 fouls is absolutely crazy. We’ve witnessed some poorly officiated games but this one has to rank near the top.

    The officials weren’t terrible by any means but they were calling some fouls out of position and definitely ticky-tack calls.

    In retrospect I don’t believe one team had any true advantage over the other based on the officiating, however, momentum can surely be stymied by tons of calls.

    As far as the team’s chemistry. You can definitely see the chemistry this team has during their warm-ups, during the game, and in their post game conferences. It’s great to see and I hope they can continue this trend into the next season. That should be relatively easy with everyone except Lyndsay coming back (barring any transfers). The successes they’ve had this year can certainly bring a unit together but it seems to me they have great respect for each other as teammates and that was evident from the start of the season as well.

    Go Hoosiers!!

  8. Jeremy, Tallguy15 and his family sits in the row in front of me at all the home games. He and I were talking last night before the game and I told him the exact same thing. I said that if we could win 3 of our last 4 we could probably hold on to the # 9 seed heading into the NCAA tournament. As you say, if we do indeed pull this off, our seed will be even better than the #9 seed?

  9. The latest bracketology was dated 2-16 so it was printed before we beat Minn. Yes I agree as I said before we do need to steal one of those road games and that will be hard to do as both those teams are waiting on us with revenge on their minds. But that is going to take a huge team effort . I love the way we are playing defense at this time , even though some players werent on their mark we came out ahead because of the total effort. Cant say enough for the job Lex did on Branham, that was a hard earned 29 pts but most of that got in the second half when players were getting in foul trouble. When you watch those road games [ Iowa has a chance to be on tv] take a look at the home crowd especially at Neb the arena will be full. Thats a pisser.

    1. Here’s another resource for women’s NCAA seeding. It has IU as a 10 seed, still among the last four at-large teams in. I think the Hoosiers almost have to run the table in the regular season to get something like a 7 seed. At this point, the focus has to be just making it in, because they are on the bubble.

      Lastly, consider it a personal pet peeve, but telling other people they aren’t true fans is about as dumb as it can get. We all have different levels of fandom, but that’s shaped in part by our experiences. Just because somebody has had a bad experience that leads them to be critical of a player or coach doesn’t mean they aren’t a true fan.

  10. Nice victory in a very important game. I’ve been involved with sports for close to 6 decades. I have seen literally thousands of sporting events, been a coach and an official. To say that game was poorly officiated would be a huge understatement. Those must have been some good hallucinogens that crew was on because they were seeing things that did not exist. An absolutely pitiful job.
    Now we need to steal a win on the road and hold serve at home and get to 20 wins before the conference tournament.

  11. I just noticed that both Men and Women are in the RPI top 50 index., Men at #38 Women #47 there are 4 teams in the B1G ahead of IU in the RPI. The main contributing factors in the RPI are:

    1. Div 1 winning Pct.- 25%
    2. Strength of schedule–50%
    3. Opponets strength of schedule–25%

    So yes IM guessing what we are seeing now In IU’s seeding line has a lot to do with what Moren did early on this season improving our strength of schedule and also how we are playing now. So in my opinion those of you who have been dissing Moren are not true IU fans if at all.

  12. SteveW, very nice post with a lot of information. The last paragraph was beautiful, Preach it sir!

  13. Jeremy– I think Clint Eastwood said it best— ” Opinions are like A__ Holes everybody’s got one”

  14. Well having the Chattanooga win apart of their resume is good even though mercer is the best team in the southern conference but i a disagree mr price i think iu is in barring a total collapse meaning they lose the last 3 plus the game in the big ten tourney

  15. I think they are in also but sure would be nice to get one of those road games. As of 2-16 Creme has IU sitting as a 9 seed which was before the Minn win which cant hurt. Even though Creme is predicting 5 will go from the big 10 he also said depending on how it finishes that 6 might end of going. Looking for a big finish to the IU season.

  16. To further prove how good of a defender Gassion is… Minnesota is at halftime with #25 Michigan State and Banham already has 26 points.

    Another hour until we get a better idea how far the women’s team can really go.

    Go Hoosiers!!

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