IUWBB: Moren B1G Coach of the Year, Buss first team All-Big Ten

Teri Moren and her point guard came away with major conference honors Monday.

Moren, having led Indiana to a program-record 20 regular season wins, is the Big Ten Coach of the Year. The sophomore Buss, who leads the Hoosiers in scoring at 19 points per game, made the All-Big Ten first team.

Moren and Buss have each thrived in their second seasons at IU, which has resulted into a turnaround campaign. With Moren arriving in August 2014, the Hoosiers struggled to a 15-16 record and a 4-14 mark in conference play. A lack of chemistry on and off the court amplified concerns about the trajectory of the program following Curt Miller’s departure. Four players left in the offseason.

This year, there has been reason for renewed optimism. IU finished 12-6 versus Big Ten foes, finishing No. 4 in the conference standings and earning a double bye in this week’s conference tournament. IU was also a perfect 14-0 at Assembly Hall in 2015-16.

Just as Moren was unconcerned about perception following last season, Moren was not going to put any stock into individual accolades Monday when asked about being in the coach of the year conversation.

“I have an incredible staff. I have incredible people that I get to work with every day, and I’ve never bought into public opinion, because if you do that, you only set yourself up for frustration,” Moren said during the Big Ten coaches teleconference, before conference awards were announced, “because nobody on the outside has any idea of what we do in Cook Hall and how we go about our business every day and what we know we have to do in order to build this thing and build it in the right way.”

Amanda Cahill was also honored by the conference as a second team selection by the media. Cahill has 10 double-doubles on the season, and the 6-foot-2 sophomore averages 14.6 points and 8.5 rebounds per contest. Cahill was honorable mention by the Big Ten coaches.

All year, the Hoosiers have talked about their buy-in to Moren’s defensive philosophy. At the same time, the sophomore duo of Amanda Cahill and Buss has provided IU with consistent scoring, with Buss taking the ball and pushing the pace.


  1. Simply put – Awesome!!

    Extremely proud of the women’s team and their accomplishments thus far, we’re still not done yet either.

    Couldn’t be happier for Coach Moren. She and her coaching staff deserve this without a doubt.

    One of many awards for Tyra and Amanda. I would have liked to have seen Gassion pick up one as well. She deserves a defensive award for sure.

    Go Hoosiers!!!

    (MikeC – shoot me an email tallguy1516 at Gmail)

  2. What a great announcement for our program. A well deserved award for coach Moren after turning around this program in a short period of time. Tyra Buss gaining All Big 10 first team accolades is really no surprise and Amanda Cahill gaining 2nd team accolades was also well deserved! These 3 awards are indicative of the success of our program this year. Keep it up girls, you have been an inspiration all year long! Go Hoosiers!

  3. Simply Awesome- I have been telling my brother if Moren doesnt get Coach of the year B1G something is wrong in denmark. Buss certainly deserves her honor as does Cahill. Im also surprised Lex didnt get something at least on the defensive side. I couldnt be happier when I came on line and saw this headline , but although these are well deserved awards they are only building blocks for the future.

  4. Way to go,Coach, Buss & Cahill, what a great accomplishment! I am very surprised Gassion didn’t receive anything, defensive at least! I’m excited to see what this team will do in the BIG tourney. Go Hoosiers!

  5. I really like Gassion as a player. There are just a bunch of players on a bunch of teams in big ten. CONGRATULATIONS TO T. MOREN A. CAHILL, AND T. BUSS. BUSS IS THRIVING AS COLLEGE PLAYER AS IS CAHILL AND REST OF TEAM UNDER T. MOREN AND STAFF.

  6. @t says, are you saying Gassion isn’t deserving to be recognized? IU last year 14-15(regular season) 2 high profile players are gone in Brooks & Agler and we finish 20-10 this year! I have checked out the all B1G stats and Gassion doesn’t lead in steals or is even close, however I do know from watching this team she is very important on the floor & we wouldn’t have won the Wisconsin or Minnesota game without her on the floor.
    I did notice that she leads the B1G in assist/to ratio.

  7. Great accomplishments! Now the fun begins…March Maddness! Make some noise Lady Hoosiers, you’ve got the game and the grit to do it!

  8. No, I am not saying A. Gassion does not deserve to be recognized. I liked her last year and always thought she would be one of the main players for the team. I am saying from a non bias (from a non Hoosier fan) standpoint there are always deserving players who (not just Gassion) get left out of the mix…..when it comes to all conference, all American, all tournament, MVP’s, most improved, etc. selections. It in no way takes away from her value to IU women bb nor her personal accomplishments.

  9. Congrats Coach Moren! What an accomplishment for being with us just two years. Our best wishes to you and the team in the tournament.

  10. Did anyone see the jab at Jeremy Price in the comments section of yesterday’s H-T article online? Maybe he (and Jon Blau) will think twice before writing future derisive articles on Coach Moren or the direction she’s taking the IU WBB program. Demonizing the Coach after 6 months on the job was pretty lowbrow, and their sources (disgruntled players, parents, and former HS/AAU coaches I assume) today seem pretty suspect. Yes it was a tumultuous time, but not completely unexpected considering the scenario Moren stepped into as the new head coach. It’s very evident watching this year’s team that the departure of certain players was good for the program Moren is trying to build, and hopefully good for those players as well (no ill will here… I wish them success too). I’ve kept a close eye on Coach Moren’s career and she’s been a winner at every level she’s coached. It should be no surprise to anyone that she’s developing a winning formula at IU.

    1. FeverFan,
      I saw the jab, and that’s fine. I’d expect nothing less. I’d also write the same column if I had it to do over. It wasn’t about what Moren could or couldn’t do as a coach, but how last year was handled. Some players’ departures were for the better, but not all of them were necessary. But what’s in the past is in the past, and when success came this year, I wrote a recent column giving her due credit for this year’s turnaround.

  11. Well said FeverFan, last year certain people were very critical of AD Glass and Moren for several reasons. Glass was criticized for hiring a Purdue grad for the job. Some were highly critical saying it was basically high treason to hire anyone from Purdue. Some, after this hiring, were asking for Glass to be fired for hiring a Purdue grad, how insane is that? Some were saying that this would be another Sharon Versyp hiring suggesting that Moren would be here one or two years and then move on to a better job? Look, I hate Purdue as much as anybody but, if that person can coach and turn a struggling program into a winner, I am on board! And as far as Moren taking this job and in time, moving on to another job (Purdue, which some suggested), I doubt that this is going to happen, Versyp isn’t going anywhere and Moren after all is from Seymour where she grew up which is right around the corner. I really believe that Moren is here as long as we are willing to have her and with the job she is doing, why would we want her to leave? Some of those people need to get over themselves and be incredibly happy that the program is headed in the direction that we prefer! We are near the top of the conference at this time and we owe this to Moren and her staff. The success we have witnessed this year so far is what we have always wanted! We can only hope this success continues for years to come. If it does, we will know that AD Glass made the right decision 2 summers ago. At this time, it appears that Glass knew what he was doing and those few Moren haters were simply what they are…haters. Moren was the right choice and we and Hoosier Nation are benefiting from that choice!! Go Hoosiers!!

  12. As T. Moren has stated her old growing up and high school stomping grounds is Seymour, Indiana right in IU country. How cool is it for her to play on a successful team @ Purdue and continue in a coaching direction that led her to being a successful coach @ IU if her success continues to grow….. How cool is that for her and both universities plus her high school stomping grounds. Just a real blessing story.

  13. When Moren was first hired and knowing she was a purdue grad I had some rumblings in my head , but when I read and heard what she had to say about defense those rumblings left me. Defense was the key in my mind , loved how she put it. Some players didn’t or wouldnt buy into it . For my money maybe it was all for the good , those who left. The only thing that still bothers me some is the departure of Maura., the best long range shooter IU will ever see, I wonder if she really got a chance. That now though is water under the bridge and I hope all who left do well in their new environments. Lets just hope that we can hang on to Moren for a long time and thats what she wants too. But as we all know MONEY can move heaven and earth.

  14. I wonder if anyone caught the Tyra interview with Dan Dakich on his show yesterday. The most interesting part to me was Tyra’s question to Dan— “what will it take to get you to the fieldhouse on friday” ? I know those interested will check it out and find out the answer.

  15. Dear Jeremy-my apologies. I didn’t realize you had ‘all-access’ to the women’s program and were thus so well-informed.

    1. FeverFan,
      Don’t think that’s what I said. I wrote my informed “opinion” then and now. I know you have a much different view from where you sit, but I think we all agree Moren and staff deserve a ton of credit for turning things around on and off the court.

  16. I totally agree that Big Ten coach of the year Teri Moren and her staff deserve a ton of credit for turning things around on and off the court.
    And I think the HT coverage this year has been fair and balanced. I enjoyed it very much.

  17. So she went to Purdue.

    Dan Gable wrestled for Iowa’s arch rival, Iowa State. He coached nine consecutive national championships for Iowa.

    Get over it.

  18. Right on Chet, couldn’t have stated it any more eloquently myself. The Gable comparison is terrific, great example! When success is all around us, why do narrow minded people have to nit-pic about this? She can flat out coach, what more could we want? Revel in the success of our program, GO Hoosiers!!

  19. Sounds like the same gestapo that permanently protects and surrounds Crean now building walls for the Moren helm change…Why don’t football coaches get this kind of protection?
    Journalists cannot even offer mild commentary without being attacked or labeled anti-Indiana. Are they really being anti-anything or offering an objective opinion/pros and cons to any regime change? And should they really be pro-Indiana.
    I would hope that some true IU fans would never want a culture anything close to what may have occurred at places like Penn State football….or Louisville basketball(though the latter example far more severe both serve as examples of levels of untouchable corruption). When programs move toward the temptations of corruption(via the influence of silencing donated dollars, power based in strong-arming/job intimidation over a local/campus press that could serve as oversight), the last thing you want is a bunch of ‘yes men/women’ journalists.

    Very surprising that simply opinions from a journalist(giving perspectives on negative and positive consequences surrounding the major topics of the day) is looked at so negatively. Given the destructive examples in college sports when money and winning takes complete hold over principle and decency, Beware of what you might be asking for if you allow fear tactics to completely silence a press of any attempts to climb over those walls. I can never understand the fear and the removal of access that surrounds some of our programs. What can Jeremy really do, say, or question that would serve as more harmful than to not offer review/insight/critique from a vantage point, hopefully, not corrupted by the money and powers within?
    The mere fact that Jeremy chooses to offer opinion or commentary speaks to an influence not so gripping as to fear repercussions. I find it utterly nuts that anyone would want a bullied press when we have witnessed the horror stories within protected walls at some very sick ‘prestigious’ athletic programs.
    I tend to always wonder what is being protected when journalists are shut out of the process or fear their every typed word of offered rebuttal/countering viewpoints. Do you want Penn State locker room showers? Do you desire hookers luring your child into a dorm room because it’s the prize for playing a game of basketball at your school?: Do you want closed off practices so protected as to allow a coach to physically assualt a kid?

    And if such powers buying silence can protect a coach/program, isn’t it also possible that inner corruption could purposely undermine a coach/program as well? My viewpoint has always been the more access the better…The more opinions the better. The more sources involved in getting inside our athletic programs the better. There should be no closed doors nor unwillingness to communicate with the press. If you believe in what you are doing is ethical and representative of truth, there is no reason to hide.

  20. Yup…Moren being from PU should not be an issue. Good coaches should be appreciated and valued not matter their origins…There’s likely nothing to fear of mixing Purdue into the love of old Mr. Banners McCracken It nearly gives me goosebumps…and tears of sorts…..much like a Wes Craven movie.

  21. For those bitching who believe we should always have two games(home/away) scheduled with Purdue…….? For those who believe a storied rivalry game like IU vs. Purdue should not have been a men’s game only played in Assembly Hall…?
    What in the hell are you complaining about…? We beat the pants of Purdue at Assembly and we also did the same in a barn-burner that went into overtime on the road

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