1. It would just be awesome if one time on the road against MSU or Maryland or Wisconsin or Iowa or Purdue we made halftime adjustments and they actually worked. I will keep hoping.

  2. The way to beat IU is to out physical and mental tough them. Wait til they cool from 3 point line. At home with the crowd they often stay hot or able to hit enough 3’s and make plays to win this year. On road they start hot and after working to get lead they lose it by continually taking stupid 3’s about as fast as they get lead. By then opponent gets momentum and IU legs are tired. Then they get man handled as true team identity is exploited. Result is a bad loss….Game not even close with a tough MSU team….but even worse was Penn State loss. IU should only loose to Penn State at Penn State 1 time every 10 years and certainly not this year. Again, a team like Penn State was tougher physically and mentally.

  3. Complete loss of focus and a total collapse in the second half. Losing to Michigan State on the road is not a bad thing but not being competitive is. If you are one of those who loves to sing the praises of the coach every time IU wins , you should be ready to catch some flack for how poorly his team was prepared to play in the last twenty minutes of this game.

  4. Yep.
    When it got physical underneath IU just settled for jumpers that they weren’t hitting. How many uncontested layups did MSU shoot in the last 5 minutes? There wasn’t even an attempt to play defense the last few minutes.

    They were totally unprepared to play a disciplined physical team.

  5. How many times do our guards drive at poor angles to the hoop with absolutely no chance to convert?

    Crean listened to the critics by demoting Troy, but I don’t think cutting into his confidence was the panacea.

    When Yogi and Troy are hooking up on back-cuts and alley-oop plays, this team gets more difficult to defend.
    Bielfeldt had a nice game(because that’s where MSU was placing their least focus), but it’s not the formula(not the level of athleticism) that will get it done in March.

    We’ll likely finish 3-2 in the final stretch…Unless we take down Iowa on the road, the stellar record(13-5) will likely be without one signature win away from Assembly Hall. I guess that’s where only playing MSU, Purdue, and Maryland once a piece can get you….

    Unprecedented weak schedule…It will never happen again. Depending on your side of the fence with regard to Crean’s status, it’s either the most wonderful happenstance odds in the world, or brutally bad luck to witness more of the same in the coming years.

  6. IU bb research committee for men working on pre conference schedule right now for next season and thereafter to find weakest division one teams with to give IU men’s basketball a chance to have a 25 win season.

  7. When we win, as in beating the #4 ranked team, not comments. When we lose, to a school known for not losing at home, lots of comments. How interesting.

  8. I counted six comments(after excluding comments from Chet, Podunker, and myself) after Iowa win…Excluding ‘Team Narcissists’ again, there are currently four comments after the loss to MSU. Four comments is “lots” of comments?

    Geoff gave a rather positive and lengthy post after the Iowa win.

    Still an unprecedented weak schedule with absolutely no signature win away from Assembly. And because of the weak non-conference scheduling, along with a BIG schedule that found us playing 3 of the 4 top tier teams only once, we’ll likely finish the regular without one impressive road win against a Top 25 team.

    Six comments from semi-frequent contributors after the Iowa win….Currently four comments from semi-frequent contributors after the MSU loss. A total of 10 comments after two games against pretty premier teams from the BIG….

    Log-in requirements @ Scoop may be the main reason for soft participation…Another possibility is Seahawk Tom and every other former “troll” Jeremy would brand can no longer comment with 10 different screen names…A final possibility is IU Basketball has grown into IU Football under Tom Crean….Many are just tired of the year-after-year movie presented by Glass and Crean: hype that fizzles and true national irrelevance because the definitions of success under this administration is always built on very watered down scheduling. Fans fed on the hype of helium games of McNeese State…Alcorn State…Kennibunkport State, etc, etc, etc. can’t get excited because they know what happens when our hyped success built on weak scheduling hits the road or anything beyond an opening round in March Madness. Once we play really well-coached athletic squads away from Assembly, we crumble and dissolve like a biscuit cookie on the gums of a teething baby.

  9. Aren’t we also a school know for not losing at home….? Other than the true bottom-feeders of any strong conference, who does stumble at home more than once out of every 10 games?

    But the teams that usually have some built-in durability in the Big Dance will have a couple signature road wins on their resume…. Who would put their money on teams that built a resume on cupcakes and can only get “big” wins with the energy of a home crowd?

    Maybe it’s a credit to Scoop to not have some sort of equivalent proportional representation of the numbers that still flock in a brain-dead state of apathy to Assembly Hall….Basketball at IU should be more than simply feeding dinosaurs and child zombies on the ‘reunion party’ flesh of Knight’s trophy teams from the days of 8-track tapes and Foreigner songs.
    Teams not tested because of the defeatism that comes with fatty soft scheduling(no muscle) do often go ‘Cold as Ice‘ in hostile environments or in the pressure cooker of March Madness.

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