Max Bielfeldt discusses his IU experience on Dan Dakich show #iubb

Indiana forward Max Bielfeldt joined the Dan Dakich Show on WFNI 1070 AM on Tuesday afternoon to chat about his transition from Michigan to Indiana and the Hoosiers’ push toward a Big Ten title.

A lightly edited transcript follows:

Dan Dakich: When did you find out you had the biggest calves in America?
Max Bielfeldt: “Probably the day you told me when I was at Michigan. The whole nation was reminding me every day the day after our games.”

DD: People are talking about the increase not only in makes, but the frequency that you shoot 3s. Why have you increased the frequency?
MB: “I really worked on it this summer from working with the coaches and perfecting my form to shooting as best as I possibly can. I have kind of gotten in a groove here. In past years when I shot them, I didn’t make them at as quite as high of a percentage and I’ve really honed in and worked at it. I’ve been making them a lot more this year.”

DD: You go on the block and flip one in around A.J. Hammons on Saturday. Take me through that. Where was your brain at that time?
MB: “I faced him up and he’s got a couple inches on me, so I wasn’t about to shoot over him. I tried to rip him and get him on a couple fakes. He didn’t really bite, so I went with the old step-through and saw a little glimmer of the basket and felt I could put it in. I got it.”

DD: How much fun have you had with this team?
MB: “I definitely love this team. When I was looking for a place to spend my fifth year, one of the things that stuck out to me was the personalities on this team and the guys that I’d be able to play with. I think overall with that and the academics and being closer to home and it being Indiana at the end of the day, too, it was a no-brainer. But definitely — the guys are so much fun to play with no matter who’s out there. It’s just awesome.”

DD: How much did the Kelley School factor it?
MB: “Big time. It’s the No. 1 online business program in the nation. It’s a 15-month program. I only have one year of eligibility and it’s a 15-month program, so I’ll have to hang around for the summer. Once basketball is done, I can finish my degree and go pursue whatever I’m going to pursue next so it opened a lot of options for me. It was one of the best things that could happen.”

DD: How many schools did you look at and visit?
MB: “I visited Iowa State, Nebraska, DePaul and Indiana. Like you were saying about the grad transfer rule, a lot of guys will go play then once they’re done playing they’ll stop the whole school thing if they don’t have to anymore. But in my case, I’m looking at actually finishing the master’s program and developing both academically and athletically, so I think in my case it’s a little different from the big percentage of people.”

DD: Having played at Indiana before, were you surprised with the love fans have for not only IU, but for you?
MB: “I remember coming and playing here and it was always a unique place to play because the fan base was so engaged, whether they were 5 years old or 95. It was always a fun place to play because there’s a lot of energy. Indiana knows their basketball. They know everything that’s going on, they know all the rules, they’re just engaged with every call. If there’s a bad call, they’re always letting the refs know. I could always feel that, and now being here, you really see it and the passion that Hoosiers have for their team.”

DD: Are you surprised with the love for you coming in here so quickly?
MB: “Yeah, I love the reception that I’ve had. I’m only here for one year. People could just put me in as just a guy who’s there on a one-year contract and it’s not a big deal. But I think the response I’ve gotten is awesome. The fans have really supported me.”

DD: Do you realize you’re a sex symbol on campus?
MB: “I didn’t know that until I re-watched the Michigan game and I heard you drop that line, too. I did not know that. I’m in all online classes, so I don’t get exposed to campus as much as a normal person. I’m always in the gym, the apartment and just generally around town, but that’s pretty funny.”

DD: When I had a good game when I played at Indiana, I’d be the first one to show up to class, or stand around the union, stand around my door.
MB: “I might have to go take a two-hour stroll throughout campus or something.”

DD: Moving on, you had a big win but now you’re going on the road. Do you take it upon yourself to educate everybody that, ‘Hey look, we have to keep going here?’
MB: “Big time. That’s definitely what I’ve been trying to stress. We can’t get satisfied, especially going to a place like Illinois. They’re down in the conference, they need a big win and it’s an Illinois-Indiana rivalry. I grew up being an Illinois fan, so I know what it means for those guys. It’s definitely going to be a tough place to play, too. They have a great fan base as well, and we’re going to go in there and it’s not going to be an easy one to pull out. We’re definitely going to have to bring all of our guns.”

DD: The Bielfeldts have buildings named after you over there at Illinois. Is there a little extra here with your family’s history with Illinois?
MB: “Yeah, I was at the 2005 Final Four run when they lost to North Carolina in the championship. I went to all the games I could growing up. For me, it was just being a diehard fan. As far as the connections go, that’s the main thing for me when playing Illinois. It holds a little extra place in my heart because they were my favorite team for 15 years. It’s always fun to go back and be on the other side of it and think about all the games you watched when you were 8 years old. It’s always kind of fun to go back there. I think I have a 10-1 (record) against Illinois since coming to college. Hopefully we can keep that up.”

DD: Did you get recruited by them?
MB: “Yeah, I got recruited out of high school. It was between Michigan and Illinois and I ended up choosing Michigan.”


  1. Dakich gets more press here than CNN gives Trump.

    Max has certainly provided some depth inside(and some surprisingly good numbers from the perimeter).

    Sadly, at the end of the day, I do believe he’ll see his former team go deeper this March. It’s all about the coaching ability and performing under pressure once the stakes get higher.

  2. Coaching is always overrated and Michigan doesn’t have the talent to go past the first weekend of the dance…Michigan fans want coach B gone worse than you want CTC gone.

  3. Oh darn, he’s back from his Scoop vacation.

    Bart, it is not possible for any person or group of people to want a coach gone more than Harvard wants Crean gone from IU. Harvard hates Tom Crean. His disdain for Crean evolved into an obsession years ago. Crean could win the NCAA Championship and Harvard would still post a barrage of criticisms against Crean on the Scoop.

  4. Zak Irvin is pretty good…Damn…Another Indiana kid that didn’t want anything to do with a preachier and his roulette wheel…Irvin is just the sort of player that will get hot in the Dance….Not having LeVert is a pretty big hit but their chances are still certainly higher than a team continually handcuffed by the worst coach in the conference. We’ve seen what that looks like way too many times already. Mark Donnal is an interesting name to keep an eye on…25 points against Maryland…?

    They are certainly not the Mitch team….but I doubt Bedfelt is percieved as a great loss to their chances…Max is a much bigger plus for Crean(he arrived well-schooled at the game with an added chip on his shoulder) than a loss for Beilein.

    My wants have nothing do with it. nor do those of Michigan fans…We are getting very thin in the backcourt if RJ doesn’t somewhere near healthy.

  5. Knight won three championships and many fans wanted him gone while he was bringing home those banners? So why give me such lonely company? And how many hated on Davis(even after getting a team to a Championship game) in the backdrop of complete turmoil after Knight’s release?

    Of course, there were no popular blogs back then….Thank goodness, I guess…Chet would have played Harvard and ran Knight out of town before Quinn Buckner could lace up his Converse.

    And, at least, I never undermined a coach before he even had a chance to coach his first game….You hated and threw vomit on Mallory before the man had an office chair, Mr. Perfect.

  6. Have you ever noticed how Dakich and all the guys on ESPN simply adore the job Tom Crean is doing at Indiana? Pause and reflect…? ESPN…? Company started in some garage in Vermont…..They love owning all the basketball history that Bobby merely used his genius to harness its full potential…I can fully understand their love of Indiana ….Our scrubs used to transfer to Providence(not the other way around)…

    And that Dan guy…That blabbermouth that sends his kid to Michigan but yet just can’t give enough praise to Tom Crean…? He has no ax to grind with Indiana…Indiana was so sold on his coaching ability that even mopping up a Sampson mess was worth the trouble of a one or two-year deal….He’s such a good man for throwing love Tom’s way.

    Oh, The Establishment …Oh, the guys that could once stop MJ but couldn’t stop Indiana from looking right through them……

    So, I ask you geniuses again….Why does ESPN and Dan Dakich keep reminding us of how fabulous a coach we have? Why do so many of those ESPN Establishment analysts so frequently reminding us of the terrible state of affairs poor Tommy had to inherit (now 8-years in the past) almost more frequently than the excuse-maker needs it? Pause and reflect as to why they simply adore the place that has never adored them back? I guess they’re just great people…..

  7. …even mopping up a Sampson mess [wasn’t] worth the trouble of a one or two-year deal

  8. And while the ESPN Sports/Media Establishment(and that poor scorned ex-Hoosier guard turned radio blowbag from Crown Point who averaged 2 ppg) throws all their love at Crean, they seem to stay pretty mum lips on the geek from Butler building the Celtics back into a dynasty team…Hmmm? First Larry Bird…..and then Brad Stevens.. Meanwhile, more love for Tom Crean and those impressive Sweet 16’s… ? Pause and reflect….Pause and reflect.

  9. It’s called ratings…do you actually think they spout their love for anyone that has a good storyline for anything other than ratings? That is why you call them the establishment isn’t it? I have changed my opinion of your tired stance concerning CTC. I now believe that no coach could ever live up to the highest of high standards because you come from and still live in past. The “good ole days” are gone and no amount of floral descriptions and witty blog speak will change this.
    Btw do you believe that Dakich “sent” his son to play at Michigan? So you believe that modern day parents have that much control over their children these days? Please H4H give up your flip phone and Levi 501 jeans and step into something close to the modern era.

  10. Ok Harv, that’s outright silly. Brad Stevens is getting mad props from NBA commentators, analysts and fans for what he’s done with this Celtics team. He’s been given sole credit for taking a vastly less talented team to playoff level competition.

    This “oh, nobody acknowledges poor little ‘ole Indiana” stuff is hilarious.

  11. Btw do you believe that Dakich sent his son to play at Michigan?

    No, Bart…He didn’t send his son to “play” at Michigan….He sent his son to ride pine. Have you seen that kid play?

    And if you like “good ole days,” you’ll never tire of the backward preacher that wants to be Bobby so much that he plans a reunion with Knight’s ’70s and ’80s teams after every other failed March Madness season. Yup, I’m the guy that needs the past.

    How did you know I still had a flip phone….Love the flip phone. Getting harder to get into the 501’s….They fit funky at the waste….If I had my way, I’d bring back Disco…Every night, would be Boogie Nights. ..with jeans hanging on for dear life..
    You’ll get old one day too, Bart. The yellow cab will still be shiny, but you’ll find the sagging jeans still exposing that favorable hiney….Sadly, you’ll believe it’s true as my faded 501’s are still the most favorable blue.

  12. You guys should see me try to text on my flip phone…I have all the dexterity of a toddler just graduated from Gerber to finger foods…It’s not a pretty sight.

    Double Down- Maybe we’re watching a different ESPN….All I hear is Warriors…Warriors…Warriors…Warriors…Warriors.. Better than MJ and Bulls…Better than MJ and the Bulls…Better than MJ and the Bulls……(enter one day of a short interlude where quality time was spent on)….Manning dropped his drawers…Manning dropped his drawers….as big topic now moves from deflated balls of Brady to nutty activity in a Tennessee locker room….Let’s get back to the Warriors….Warriors….Warriors…Warriors. …Warriors….Warriors.

    Then I spin over to an IU game to listen to Dakich spiting out his scorned BS and how Indiana is better with Crean and without Blackmon….What a tool.

  13. I’m so old that I was once involved in a pyramid scheme…..that included my friend, King Tut.

  14. I’m so old that I remember when a TV dinner was the ‘food channel.’

    I’m so old that the plaque in my arteries no longer blocks blood flow…It has turned to coral…….

    I’m so old that I my last gallon of milk has a more promising expiration date..

  15. I suppose we all see what we want to in Max but I think it’s safe to say he has been given more latitude and is a much more valuable contributor for the Hoosiers than he was at Michigan. They certainly had no plans for him this season. I like him as a player and he seems like a nice enough person.

    Everybody wins…except Michigan. Gotta love that.

  16. He’s certainly an upgrade from the soft Max that went back to his Hoetzel California…And this Max shoots 3-pointers better and “that’s all I need to know.”

    But, unfortunately, I still believe Michigan has more than enough talent and will go deeper in the Big Dance…simply because the coaching is of a higher caliber.

    Max found a nice place to get some PT. We had no legit backup for Bryant.

  17. The problem with trying to predict how far a team will go in the tourney is that a lot of it depends on where you go and who you draw. In the first round, Michigan may run into a team that they don’t match up well against and get completely blown out or they could draw a team that they match up well with and win. H4H having any basketball IQ should know this and try not to spout off predictions. If he was so good at predictions, I would expect to see him be perfect in his brackets every year. Bad match ups is what kills you in the tourney more than talent on your team.

  18. All true, 1992. But this bad match-up crap is overrated. Well-coached teams find a way to overcome most bad match-ups. Is it a bad match-up to watch a Wichita St. guard go unabated down the lane for about 20 layups in game without any adjustment whatsoever? Is it a bad match-up that prevents a team from fouling in the final seconds so they can have a chance to get the ball back and win the game?

    No adjustments.
    No communication evident from bench to floor
    Crean’s teams only now how to play one way = rely on more energy than the opposition with very little tactical focus.
    We tend to overrate our own talent
    Outside of Yogi, our controlled floor speed is average at best. Troy often out of control…Bryant has poor foot speed and displays side-to-side weaknesses/reaction on help defense..Often gives up on the play(Purdue is gigantic inside, but a lack of foot speed is also their issue. Slow flyswatters. .They are also far from inspiring in the backcourt).

    Match-ups…? I would say momentum shifts within games are bigger.. IU teams under Crean have demonstrated very little grit when their backs are against the wall…You’ll never see a Crean team come back from 17 points down(e.g. Mike Davis and the Hoosiers against Duke in 2003) ….We are one dimensional in style and not built to implement adjustments.

    Talent on paper..? Obviously important…More important is to play collectively above perceived individual talents…

    Final Note: I would have much preferred to see this team get a bit humbled this year by playing a much more challenging non-conference schedule, along with a tougher conference lineup. I would much rather be the team going into March as a lower seed taken too lightly than an overrated higher seed that built much of their resume on an unprecedented soft season(mostly home games against the better teams of the conference and high percentage of home/away match-ups against the bottom tier of our conference). That’s where ‘match-ups’ become important; the match-ups that prepare you for March Madness are avoided by Crean..

    What can work to our advantage in the ‘Dance?’ The many options in our abundance of very strong 3-point shooters can demoralize an opponent to the point of pick your poison defense.. (Beilfeldt hitting from the outside and Bryant recently demonstrating the same ability are big pluses).

  19. Guys like Fife, Moye, Coverdale…..had far more ‘grit’ than pure talent.

    McGary of Michigan had the fire in his belly and love for the big stage.

    The above names are were not surefire NBA level talent….They were “it factor” guys with high b-ball IQ…They are guys that hunger for the big moments and fight through momentum swings to seize those moments(e.g. Scott Skiles at the Indiana State H.S. Finals) ….

    Crean relies too much on simply recruiting “upside” talent….You have to recruit on b-ball IQ and grit as well…and composure….and fortitude…and great vision/awareness/savvy . I also believe a team embodies the level of such traits coming from their leader. I look at coaches and often ask myself who I would pick in a street fight. Acting relentless and being relentless must do more than share same dress.

  20. I always fail at brackets…I have too big a love for choosing Davids over Goliaths. I have too much a heart for girt and beautifully coached teams to overcome the shortcomings of rosters not packed with future NBA talent. I also love the teams like the old Cleveland State squads…Teams that will just go at you full throttle….All the way to the Final Four, I’m still pulling for the upset. It must be the anti-Establishment in me.. I hate watching tournaments totally monopolized by the same teams year after year.
    But I guess the upsets wouldn’t be near as much fun without that monopolization of dynasties like Duke….

    Can you imagine the target that starts growing on your back after true dynasty level success at the game? It’s not always easy being on top as well….I guess all those things make March Madness the greatest event in sports….It brings out the true personality of the greatest game ever invented. The perfect number of players on a stage to make it all so damn unpredictable……

  21. The opening round games are often your true Final Fours….Does that make sense? It’s where the emotions really take hold of a contest….It’s where the high seeds summoning the composure required in being a “favorite” collides with the greatest forces to the emotions of the “unnoticed”…or “somewhat disrespected” …or “unheralded’ or “the doubted” who come with a giant dart aimed at the percieved superiority of the team with an “elite” target on the back. Final Fours are won and lost in the first and second rounds….It’s where backbone and maturity in a team truly tested shines through…It’s where underdogs with such traits can destroy more talented teams with such “personality” and “internalized belief.”

  22. Bart came out of hiding …and hoosier1992 entered into the debate…and DoubleDown brought in some thoughts regarding the incredible coaching job Brad Stevens is doing at Boston…and Chet brought some nice thoughts to the table regarding Beilfeldt….

  23. Dakich was going pretty hard at ‘religious people’ today….Anyone else catch it on his afternoon ‘1070 The Fan’ talk show(it was during the ‘Mean Tweets’ segment)?
    He was carrying on about some dude that keeps terrorizing him..He said this specific “mean tweeter” who is attacking him has some ‘Psalms” Bible verse next to their Twitter handle….Wow…..Sounds familiar….?(Sorta like guy with an inferiority complex taking over a basketball program and attacking every villain affiliated with Sampson while building a Twitter page with IU pictures glowingly juxtaposed with Joyce tweets, Bible quotes, adulation for the ‘Knight way,’ etc, etc.)…

    Be careful, Dan. Somebody might just think you’re drawing comparisons……

  24. But we all know Dan isn’t going after religion per se…He’s going after someone that uses religion as a podium/excuse of sorts to put himself/herself above everyone else….to solidify the very vengeful/jealous/mean-spirited attack. Dan’s just saying(paraphrasing here)…”Grow a pair…Throw your punches in the non-sucker variety without shielding yourself via righteous symbols of perfection…Don’t use the ‘untouchable’ Bible as your protective armor while fitting your tongue with brass knuckles.”

  25. Harvard….

    I understand your dislike or disapproval of Tom Crean…I get that…I really do. At the same time I’m one for giving credit where credit is due. IU is competing for a big ten title. There are 3 games left and Iu is on top. Iu is in the drivers seat for an out right big ten championship. It’s fun to be in the mix. Ow many years have we watched other teams compete for a title why we were just trying to be in the top half? Iu needed a big man….Crean went out and got a damn good one. Although he has had a strong reputation for being a guard oriented coach…id find it hard to believe one wouldn’t agree Crean has brought in the very best big man in Iu history during his time at Iu.
    Although his style of play can be extremely frustrating at times….on the other hand it can be the most entertaining basketball in
    the country. Players play basketball to play in the NBA. No doubt about it. I find it hard to believe any recruit that wants to be in the nba can not appreciate the of offense run at Iu under Crean.
    Did Crean have to wipe the whole team out when he was hired? I’m starting to think so. A lot of those players when he arrived had a commitment to a coach who really committed to a bad culture. Were they bad basketball players? No. Both Knight and Crean have had players with legal issues, but the culture and character of the basketball teams wasn’t overwhelmed by those players like it was under Simpsons teams.
    Iu athletics were a mess 10 years before knight was fired and the fans have endured the punishment for it. Once it reaches the level of destruction it did it takes a lot of time to correct it. Was Tom Crean very many peoples first choice for the job? No. Do I feel given the state of the program they made the best available hire? I’m starting to. The man took a big chance and a big hit on his professional record to coach here. He’s won the first out right big ten in 17 years. He’s on the verge of winning 2 big tens in the last 4 years. He’s produced exciting players…#1 teams…Mcdonalds all Americans…Indiana mr basketballs…nation wide talent…big wins…ect. How many records set by past coaches and players does this team have to beat? Most 3s in one game…most consecutive home wins in a season…all time Iu assist leader…biggest point run in big ten history…most starts by one player…and on the heals of being tied for most big ten championships.
    I’m just saying coaching college basketball especially at Iu isn’t easy. Give the guy a little credit looking at his situation and body of work. He’s still a young coach and when some of the big boys across the country start calling it quits…and if he can correct his faults and weaknesses…it may end up very well. Go Hoosiers.

  26. Ben_M-

    Thanks for taking the time to post your opinions without personal attacks…I’ll just beg to differ…I’ll also say that I believe there are fabulous young coaches all over the Big 10…Unfortunately, I don’t think the guy we have will ever grow into a future ‘big boy’.’

    Big 10 titles are nice…Purdue has a lot of them. What do we think of Purdue? Have they even ever been to a Final Four? I would have loved to have seen Crean get the gig at Purdue so he could continue in their long tradition of greatness that never sniffs a banner.

    Truly great coaches and great programs don’t just win at home, Ben. They prepare their teams by scheduling quality non-conference opponents…They don’t play things safe to simply look like the Purdues of college basketball.

    We had an unprecedented soft BIG schedule this year….I absolutely don’t know how you only get Maryland, MSU, Purdue(the in-state rival), OSU, and Wisconsin only once each…at a place like Indiana. That’s a BIG schedule you hand to Northwestern….It sure doesn’t fit “Because it’s Indiana.” Is the BIG schedule built so soft, Crean’s problem? I really don’t know. I do think there are sinister forces at work in high places(media Establishment blowbags and those within leadership positions within the BIG) that love nothing more than to add to a narrative of Crean as a quality coach..IU is a big money for their BIG network…..If it makes some think we’ve accomplished something truly indicative to what the candy stripes should strive, so be it, I guess…? .

    March Madness and the Big 10 tournament will give us a better idea of what Crean and the Hoosiers have built in terms of ‘grit’ on their resume.. I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing ‘Coach of the Year’ for Tom Crean….And then we’re going to hear how we would have been a Final Four team if Blackmon wouldn’t have had a season-ending injury and RJ could have been 100%.

    I’m excited to watch ND and Valpo…..I’m looking forward to watching programs that never search for excuses…Maybe even Butler can find a way to win the Big East tournament….I wish I didn’t have to be so brutally honest…I just put far more in those programs putting the state of Indiana on the map than the school named after the state…..We are happier as a ‘new and improved’ Purdue ..We are happier bragging about lottery picks than Final Four trips…We are content with success built on softness rather than heartbreak built on a true test of our candy stripes lore. I really wish I could buy in, Ben_M…

    Indiana is simply a ‘funhouse’ of mirrors …..under this AD and coach. It’s a wonderfully marketable product that fattens bank accounts without fattening worrying about finding more space for banners. It’s right where the Establishment loves her. Noticeable…Profitable…A coach they can secretly snicker while still taking full advantage of the money a hoops fan base like that of Indiana can bring their networks. This is the Establishment’s perfect world…Our culture is perfect and our basketball is uninspiring…Yippee.

  27. oops.
    It’s a wonderfully marketable product that fattens bank accounts [without the worry of] finding more space for banners

  28. “id find it hard to believe one wouldn’t agree Crean has brought in the very best big man in Iu history”

    Come on, Ben_M. You are either kidding or you are under the age of 15. Walt Bellamy, George McGinnis, Steve Downing, Dean Garrett, Steve Green, Kent Benson, Kirk Haston, Jared Jeffries, Ted Kitchel, Landon Turner, Ray Tolbert, and Scott May were all better than any big man we’ve seen during the CTC era. Those are just the ones off the top of my head. Cody was a solid player but let’s not get carried away.

    Harv, Regarding Purdue and Final Fours, I know Rick Mount lead them to the title game in ’69. They also bumped off IU in the tourney on their way to a Final Four in 19080.

  29. Rick Mount would have been a bit early for me….I could see them getting to a Final Four in 19080. But I think you get my point…Lot of banners in Mackey of the Big 10 Title variety.. I guess they’ve just had 80 years of bad luck and poor ‘match-ups.’..Must have gotten Syracuse at every Sweet 16 during Comb-over dominance.

    Alan Henderson….? DJ White..? Not even sure if Bryant is a Marco Killingsworth…..or could come up big like Jared Odle did against a #1 Duke in a regional semi…

    But Indiana used a 17-5 run over a span of 6½ minutes to close
    to 63-62 with 5:42 left as Jarrad Odle scored 11 of his 15 points.

    And let’s not even start on the list of Indiana ‘bigs’ Crean missed on during his tenure….It’s a pretty damn long list….The kid that played at Butler(from Connersville) was probably a better than Zeller….Jeff Howard..? That young man was a fearless workhouse on the glass…Very savvy around the hoop as well…All people remember is Gordon Hayward, but Butler had all the right pieces(in addition to a pretty good coach) in making those back-to-back Championship game runs.

  30. They have taken our candy stripes….They have taken our swagger. They are wearing them wrong.
    We need to schedule these thugs.

  31. I can understand H4H bashing CTC for every little miscue during his tenure even though I get tired of reading it in almost post. But for anyone to say that IU gets an easy B10 schedule because the establishment wants to see Crean or IU succeed because of money or ratings is just wrong. The schedule is computer generated without input from Delany or Fred G. This is just college basketball and not the grassy knoll in Dallas.

  32. Make up your mind, Bart…With radio shows it’s all about ratings….But with gigantic sports networks it’s not about ratings? ESPN was built on basketball and March Madness…It was built by dudes of the East in their garages. The entire brass of the company likely went to every school up and down the East Coast..

    What a cool computer, guys… Look our new ‘software’ developed by Mark Cuban generated 20 different possible BIG schedules for the upcoming seasons…Who wants to proceeded to pick one out of a hat .?..and maybe pick another one out of a hat..?…Don’t like that one either? It’s o.k., just keep picking one out of the hat.
    ….If we give Tommy a hard schedule atop all those non-conference cupcakes, they might just have a season not too stellar for that Hoosier bright fellar…. Even some of those Joyce wall-builders of the puritanical apologists’ compound in B-town might awake from their ‘Knight of the Living Dead Sampson Thug’ movie…It takes a lot of ‘heat’ for those zombies of indifference to go out and find a competent coach… Only a couple more soft BIG seasons for Mr. Hoosier Charmin and our “computer generated”(wink-wink) random scheduling(wink..wink) and they’ll give that clapping buffoon a contract that stretches to the moon….no matter his clumsy ways in March.
    Oh, look what reaching one more time into the hat gave us!….That one looks nice and pretty… and it’s squeezably soft just for Tommy. I love being the Big 10 commissioner from Jersey and UNC… Indiana ratings + keep zombies asleep + a clown at McCracken! Can life get any better?

  33. oops..

    …who wants to [proceed] to pick one out of a hat.

    And quit painting me as the only guy on Scoop that thinks Crean “sucks” as a coach…Geoff once used that exact word to describe our basketball coach…Everyone on here respected his basketball opinions..He’s probably grown disheartened knowing we may be stuck with this guy for a very long time because of the soft scheduling….He doesn’t post with anything the old excitement. It’s such a horrible double-edged sword….You cheer for the success of your team knowing that a hint of short term success for this tower of Charmin is like an eternal kiss of death in terms of rebuilding to something elite again.
    Double Down has also shown plenty distaste for the soft non-conference scheduling ..He’s also expressed plenty of opinions regarding the way Davis and Holt were expelled.

    Chet has expressed plenty of doubts as well….

    ‘Coach of the Year’ coming soon….Glass is working on that new lifetime contract that will stretch to the moon. .

  34. “But we all know Dan isn’t going after religion per se…He’s going after someone that uses religion as a podium/excuse of sorts to put himself/herself above everyone else….to solidify the very vengeful/jealous/mean-spirited attack.” WOW! I mean WOW. Blending hypocrisy and bigotry makes for one toxic brew.

    No, “we” don’t “all know.” Only “special” people have the ability to read other people’s minds. But even if that is correct, who cares? Somebody, somewhere must have done you really, really wrong, Harv. But please stop highjacking Scoop threads for the purpose of venting your spleen.

  35. I didn’t say you were the only guy that believes CTC sucks. And you think that scheduling is just putting the team’s into a computer and getting a schedule? There are dozens of variables that influence scheduling just the men’s season. These venues are used for many other sports and events. Its much easier to make your point when you focus solely on a situation with only one variable. But you just keep on thinking that the establishment is making our B10 schedule easy so that CTC continues to look good in the national spotlight.
    If CTC makes the final four with a few years remaining in his contract and his family close to being grown and off to college means that the lure of the NBA might just make your dreams come true. Just keep praying next to Dakich and Joyce.

  36. After watching this team perform I’m glad that Davis and Holt are gone. It looks like this team really likes playing together without the distractions that those guys brought to the table.

  37. Bart,
    It certainly appears that way, doesn’t it? These guys have gone from looking confused and running through the entire emotion portfolio to being locked in (at least locked in long enough to win).

    I think it’s pretty clear that team chemistry is as good as we have seen from the Hoosiers in a long, long time.

    I really don’t care who gets the credit.

  38. Podunker- ‘manic’…’delusional’….’hijacker’…’done you wrong’.. ‘hypocrite’….’bigot..? I cast many labels too….
    I’ll tale all those labels and raise you one. for it is the “hypocrite” and “bigot” that came to Bloomington who needed stone-throwers like both of us to validate his briefcase of labels…”19 F’s” …”Decimation”…”Cancer”…”Burned to the ground”….”You wrecked the program”…”We pray at halftime…” They are all labels. Labels for the “bad” people…Labels for the “good” people (some, I suppose, identified with the “good” wholesome practices of praying). But what of the one that doesn’t pray? Does he or she deserve our judgment that comes with more words of division and not inclusion? They are meant’ to separate and discriminate without hope for any redemption for those given the label…Basketball programs can be fixed while we cast forever broken those we send away with full indictment of indifference, labels, and contempt. They were all cast to the waters to sink as disappearing stones into the cold depths of oceans where man’s contempt for another man should silence and fill….But no ocean could hold such separated out imperfections…Where to put the “delusional?” Where to put the “manic” soul so lost? What cold place to send the kid with the ‘F’ that ruined our world and our basketball program so saintly protected that they should have never been invited in the first place? Soon there would be no waters with so many rocks …But low and behold it took the mystery of a beautiful place to turn all those hardened and old stones forgotten and wash them of their differences that war us upon each of us. The cold rocks would be turned into soft sands and the waves would be the hope as they washed upon a quiet beach..And in those sands would be the warmth and the forgiveness of a faith that found something for everyone to hold the sun and the love we could somehow keep for each other.

    You take care.


  39. The compositor of the Hoosiers has sure changed…

    More Midwestern recruits/fill-in’s/grad transfers, etc getting most the PT….Morgan and OG from Missouri…Beilfeldt, Zeisloft, Niego…from Illinois….Hartman and Yogi from Indiana.

    And did anyone hear Seth Green talking of Crean’s staff/assistants? That part of our bench has also undergone quite the change as well….Green was implying a much more group-oriented approach to the tactical decisions coming from the bendh…He talked of how all of Crean’s assistants/brain trust have head coaching experience..

    Don’t be fooled by Crean placing all those papers he was lining up on the scorers’ table. Was he coaching or doing his tax returns?

    Makes you wonder how much assistant coaches can bring to the table? Just look what Wisconsin is doing after losing the “great” Bo Ryan…They have also discovered a new chemistry…after the departure of the guy that was likely perceived as the total identity of the team…Pretty amazing…And the new Wisconsin head coach(forgive me for forgetting his name…or not really caring his name) doesn’t even do his tax returns during a game…Amazing stuff.

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