1. I was “Glad” to see the use of props at the 4:20 mark while trash-talking Troy…

    In a season littered with cupcakes and the claimed ‘happenstance’ of an unprecedented soft BIG schedule, the next three games will be the only thing approaching an indicator of the identity and toughness this team(albeit somewhat qualified by the fact two of the three are at home). Very strange year though…It almost appears as if OSU and Wisconsin are the favorites going into the Big 10 Tournament…

    Not a fan of Duke or NC, but that was a hell of a game….It was fun watching a very shorthanded and young Duke team look for absolutely no excuses and proceed to play with the sort of toughness that is indicative of an approach to the game that speaks to “elite.” All I’ve ever wanted for Indiana Basketball.. It gets so tiring to play revolving door of “blame game” on certain players….So refreshing to see freshman and sophomores of Duke play like seniors because a coach has brought the right mindset to, not only his team, but the entire culture of the place. :Elite’ doesn’t come on a silver platter…It’s earned in the battles of strong scheduling and never deflecting accountability…It’s not built on a year-after-year indoctrinated mindset/carrousel of individual targets painted on the backs of previous administrations or the highs and lows of specific players. It has nothing to do with winning or losing in terms of the final score….

    At IU we’ve been brainwashed into a losing mindset…Even in victory, it remains in the hip pocket for the next time accountability needs replaced with an excuse. It’s sad when entire games are summed up with “Good Troy” showed up tonight. It’s sad that we’ve been so brainwashed to believe that is the approach of a ‘winner’ at a once elite basketball program. We serve as the puppets for defeatism…We feed ourselves on the rhetoric of what losers live by….We don’t know how to win even when we do win. Everything is careful…Everything is to deflect where true accountability should rest. And this stands true for all the mud that was thrown at Blackmon before Troy became the next target.. We don’t own it anymore…We don’t own our losses..We don’t own our victories without some sort of qualification. That sort of ;competitive/basketball culture( a culture nothing to do with clean noses, going to classes, and clean recruiting) is on the opposite side of the world of what it takes to hang banners.

    And how about Roy Williams taking responsibility for not calling a timeout? That can be second-guessed forever.. …But again, the refreshing part of the whole thing is hearing such a successful coach throw the heartbreak on his own shoulders. That’s how you provide to the spine of accountability that places yourself with your team…What a total contrast from the individualistic approach, the disjointed approach…the approach that always places the coach behind a steel wall as if you can separate the parts of something that must grow as a team…This was also once Indiana Basketball.

  2. Wow…I never knew the name Rod Temperton before yesterday. ….I never knew Rod Temperton had such a huge impact on early funk and providing the ‘groove’ and ‘compositions’ to so many big music hits/performers….Michael Jackson(Thriller) and Quincy Jones would eventually work with Temperton)…What a cool-ass story…of a geeky kid in a tiny flat in England simply in love with the sounds as they bounced around in his brain and found an organ keyboard to his only outlet.

    0:38 mark: “All the songs on Heat Wave’s first LP were written and composed by the organ player.”

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