1. You guys hit the nail on the head. Crean flat out refuses to bench Troy Williams despite being a negative impact on this team. I wouldn’t let him see the floor against Nebraska and then unleash him on AJ Hammonds on Sat. night on defense, even though he sucks on defense. Perhaps some pine would help that problem. I think he could annoy AJ with his speed and that would also keep Bryant out of foul trouble. Against Purdue, I just don’t see any way Bryant stays out of foul trouble. Their bigs are too good. Heavy doses of Beilfeldt and Troy against AJ is my recipe for this game. If Troy can’t be effective, I’d go with OG who is our single best defender anyway.

  2. I know Troy drives people crazy with his “Good Troy”/”Bad Troy” persona. As maddening as it can be some times, I’m not sure benching him for a game is the recipe for success for the team or Troy himself. Let’s remember, he was a big reason why we won the Iowa game at home.

    Maybe Troy should be given a shorter leash in terms how long he’s allowed to be out on the floor when he’s in struggle mode.

    I also don’t blame Troy 100%. I’m not sure why they went away from calling plays where they set screens and get Troy free on those backcuts. Yogi has turned into an outstanding passer and he doesn’t really need that much daylight to get ball to one of the most athletically gifted players in the country.

    But, our offense at MSU was just a lot of guys standing around the perimeter. Troy caught the ball outside the three point line with his man on him almost every time. That is where Troy is at his absolute worst. I’d have a higher % of conversion in that scheme.

  3. I don’t know how to break it to some of you, but the propensity for ‘turnovers’ on a Tom Crean team did not start with Troy Williams.

    The propensity to also blame ONE Hoosier name for baffling bad games and embarrassing team performances did not start with Troy Williams.

    VJ III was often being labeled as someone that was completely dysfunctional to the team…

    It was implied Watford was a slacker….About the time fans were attacking him again and were finally over ‘THE SHOT’ that won a ‘Best Play of the Year” ESPN award, he proceeded to make huge block against Temple.once again saving the Hoosiers from heartbreak(this time in March rather than a rough around the edges freshman UK team in early December)..

    Sheehey also had a ton of athleticism ….Went all the way to Florida to find him.. It was nice to have some inventive person attach half his name to half of Dipo’s(marketing intended more for Crean), but Sheehey was just as big a “Good Will”/”Bad/Will”..He made a ton of bad decisions in plenty situations ..He got off the “scapegoat’ list when a ball happened to bounce of the rim in his direction in the final moments of a March Madness game against VCU. ‘Good Will’ Hunting’ became less important after that 10-ft jumper from the baseline found some net and sent us to a Sweet 16.

    And then there’s Jordy being famously referred to as the ‘worst defender in all of college basketball’…Seth Davis found an assistant coach to throw more criticisms at Jordy in a Sports Illustrated piece…More mud for a Hoosier being singled out.

    How many years will it take to know teams with complete breakdowns in approach and focus…teams that always flirt with high double-digit turnover numbers…..teams that look unprepared down the stretch of the season….teams that can’t figure out attacking a zone(or attempting to implement an effective one in their own right)….and teams lacking so much synergy every apologist seeks a new villain on the roster that doesn’t include the TOP brass?

    Those in the Crean Establishment love nothing more than to always blame kids wearing the uniform…. At a school once storied in the game, who do you think is the last ONE person in the world they’d like to see take a permanent sort of bench?

    Bad basketball…mega turnovers…poor decisions by poorly coached kids….the waste of energy found in mystery weaves of unimportant movement in an offense, …dumb fouls….dumb moments in March of NOT fouling to stop a clock and regain possession….stupid inbound plays that don’t work….inability to defend critical inbound plays…..watching team go down the lane fore easy buckets with zero resistance 15 times a game…..Twenty turnovers a game…..complete stagnancy when a team goes zone….

    Yup, it all began with Troy Williams.

  4. oops…

    …..watching [an opposing] team go down the lane [for] easy buckets with no resistance 15 times a game

    Didn’t it all start with blame on ONE name? Kelvin

    And then Jeff Meyer…

    And then we blamed the Twitter Monster….Tweeting is bad.

    And then we blamed the temptations of liquor that all normal kids on b-ball scholarships amass in convenience store parking lots under the camouflage of a 7-footer…

    And when Troy moves on(after we drop that new contract extension for the genius instructing these self-destructing dimwits in candy stripes), we’ll soon find another ONE name on the roster to blame.

    Tijan Forever…Tijan Forever…..Tijan we could not blame. I mean…how could we? And the beat goes on.

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