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  1. It should be fun this year to see how the D plays. I think the two D hires this year are great additions and will improve recruiting in the future seasons. So much of coaching is getting players in the right position and some times you have to make what others think is an unusual move. One year I had a DB that just didn’t have ball skills but was a tough kid. He worked hard in the weight room and gained weight to get to 190 so I moved him to DT; he became an all-SAC player. Another DB on a different team had the same issue will playing the ball [I was a DB coach along with being HC] but he was very athletic and 6’3″ 180. I moved him to DE and he become on the top DE in the State of Indiana. I think Coach Deal will have to do some of the same things with players [not DBs] to make sure players have the skills needed to do the job.

    I hope to get to a Spring Practice and see how they are doing, especially the defensive front. I do know from watching videos of Coach at other schools he will bring passion and attention to detail allowing the players to run fast knowing teammates will cover their responsibilities not allowing gaps in the defense. The talent on the D is better so we will see what difference, if any, coaching will make. It would be great to have an average defense to go with a prolific offense.

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