1. I can’t remember a year when IU had 4 or more players invited to the NFL combine. Is it the high point?

  2. HC, I hope it is only the high point to this stage for IU’s football program. There will be IU football players invited in the future and hopefully with the quality of recruits there will be more than this NFL Combine so time soon in the future. Wouldn’t it be great if the team development continues and IU routinely gets 7 or 8 players invited to the Combine in the future; it won’t be now but in the future if the new DC and DL coaches can greatly improve the defense in the next few years and leads to better season with more wins.

    This year will be critical to start getting more upper level of recruits. If IU stays around .500 it will be tough to get better recruits; if this team can put things together and have a “magical” season then I could envision more upper level of recruits wanting to come to IU.

    It is nice to see so many Hoosiers invited to the Combine and I hope it is just a harbinger of seasons with even more being invited to the Combine.

  3. It looks like IU recruit Khalil Bryant is better than recruiting services rated him as he won the MVP award for the Florida V Georgia All-Star game. It is good to see IU recruits excelling against top competition as it shows the quality of player our coaches see versus what others have them rated.

    If anyone has news from other All-Star games and how IU recruits do in them please post them so the rest of us get the news too.

  4. vesuvius – I would like to present a Mount Vesuvius Pumice(MVP) award to all committed fans waiting alongside V13 for Hoosier Football to explode….?

  5. Harvard, I certainly hope this coming year is the year long suffering IU football fans can see an IU team become a factor in the B1G. We have been waiting a long time and when success happened in the past the team couldn’t continue being a factor IE Rose Bowl team, Mallory’s teams for a couple of years; hopefully when it does happen the team can sustain their success.

  6. Like I keep saying, V13, you are a gem. I’m grateful you have a sense of humor as well.

    Please know that I’m only having a bit of fun with your screen name(albeit sorta juxtaposed with rather non-explosive past of Hoosier Football)…I most certainly believe you examine all the idiosyncrasies with a deeper observance of the recruits, schemes, developing personnel, coaching changes, etc….than I could begin to know.

    I will stick by a couple claims I made earlier…(1) I don’t believe the majority of fans care about “almost.” (2) My mind was changed on retaining Wilson by the safe way he approached the Pinstripe Bowl…It was a rare chance on a national stage to pull out all the stops(as he most frequently did in many games that found fans second guessing him for trickery, 4th and longer than a couple yards, field position decisions, onside kicks, etc). He played that contest ultraconservative to secure his own future….He abandoned no-holds-barred and didn’t put on full display his usual approach to the game….He chose losing respectably over doing the things that would have proven just how much better we were than Duke. That contest should have never come down to a field goal.

    I wish I could get into all the details….I look for a coach that stays true to his nature …We have enough “playing it safe” with the Cupcake King over at Assembly. I thought IU Football was a place I could see the unrestrained risk/fun that comes with a coach willing to play tough teams(outthink, out-risk, and out-react them) to steal a stage. The last thing I would expect is to dial it back on our biggest stage in years against a team like Duke.

  7. But rest assured, you will never hear me mocking IU Football because one linebacker on our squad is less plump than Mike Singletary. Side-to-side speed, getting planted and low, force per pound, squaring up on a tackle….all have to bring a lot to evaluations outside of just being weighed like a pig at a slaughterhouse. And those things take a very clever recruiting eye when most the prime fat pigs have already committed to Oscar “Urban” Mayer/Meyer State.

  8. Harvard, no problem with using my screen name. Coach Wilson slowed down the offense to try and help out the defense. He learned from the NFL coaches that use the no huddle to use different speeds so defenses could get set and in the rhythm of the offense. People misjudge the no huddle as a hurry up offense as it can be used to run the clock if the coach wants to do that. The Duke game wouldn’t have come down to a FG if the offense didn’t come up short too many times. I hope in 2016 the offense finishes more drives in the end zone and not settling for FGs.

    Yes there are excellent players the “big time” programs miss out on and it is proven every year by schools that don’t get the 5 star players. Tevin Coleman [Howard proved it too] proved that very well as he was better than OSU RB and other top B1G teams. Our OL men have proven that as well. Programs like IU have live on players that have been underrated by “big” programs. I sure would like to have a LB like Singletary as he was a beast in college and in the NFL. Even a player like Watt or Nesbit that walked on and became All-Stars because they were willing to work hard enough. I hope our defensive front players imitate those two and become dominate on defense.

    DO you or anyone else know that the Spring Practice dates are as I would like to time a visit up to my mom’s place when IU is practicing.

  9. V- just like negative people generally are less successful than positive people, higher rated recruits are generally more successful than lower rated recruits. More than 90% of 5 star recruits go on to play in the NFL and less than 10% of 2 star recruits get drafted. So all though not a perfect science, better rated recruits will generally lead to better teams. While KW remains at the bottom of the B1G for HS recruiting, he has overachieved with JUCO’s and transfers with Patrick and Howard last year and Legow and Thompson this year. My hope is that he can still bring in a couple of JUCO defensive linemen. That is the only glaring weakness I can see for next year. (Too many “ifs” for the d-line- If Hoff improves, if McCray is as good as hoped, if Ralph Green can take the next step, if one of the bandits can supply a pass rush) But If they can shore up that defensive line, they could be looking at FIU, Ball State, Wake Forest, Maryland, Rutgers and Purdue as wins and Nebraska, Penn State and Northwestern as toss ups. Possibly 8 wins. I think that would be hard to achieve but also possible.

  10. Hoosier86, yes many of the 5 star athletes go to the NFL but with the coaching IU does develops NFL players with lower recruits [just not as many as the teams with 5 star players]. If IU wins 8 games or more this year they should get some 4 and 5 star athletes to come to IU in the 2017 class. With Coach Hagen coaching DL they will be improved and be more active on the DL plus with the better athletic DBs playing at the hybrid OLB can put pressure on the QB when stunted to attack the OL. We will see in Spring Practice how well the DL will be but the DL will have good size and athletic players on the DL. Coach Allen is enthusiastic and a good teaching coach so we should see a defense more intense for the games.

    Yes it would be nice to get a couple of DL players from the JC level. IU still has one or two scholarships so it could be possible they could get a DT or two but I won’t count on that. I hope to get to a practice when the team is in pads and working on 7 on 7 or even 11 on 11 this Spring. It would be great if IU wins 8 games or more in 2016 and it isn’t out of the realm for IU to still challenge UM, MSU, and OSU. MSU was weaker on D this past year and lose a lot on O, while OSU lost a lot of players and you don’t know what their chemistry will be like. Michigan will have a new QB so we will have to see how that team does because their defense faded down the stretch after playing very well earlier in the season. IU could pull off an upset or two with the offense we will have if the D does improve like Coach Allen has done at his other stops. It is an exciting time for the IU football team and I hope they surprise us with how well they play instead of disappointing us with close loses.

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