1. I don’t use over used adjectives regularly but that was an awesome display Coach Wilson put on for 45 minutes yesterday. A few months back I complimented on how good a press conference I thought Wilson had just spoke at after viewing the video. A few characters on here tried to make light of me for expressing those feelings. This most recent presser on NSD reminds me why I’ve been laughing at that criticism ever since. Wilson is damn good on his feet and explains with simple severity why his system is working. Great job.

  2. Man, I finally figured out how to crack this fortress after weeks of “Incorrect CAPTCHA” messages.

    Love how much you love CW, Clarion.

  3. You know Tom I fought that CAPTCHA crap for several days and never did get a post to go through. I felt as though I took a wrong turn at the bakery. Leave it to IT guys to always want to change the color of GREEN. Now a new name is coming too for the SCOOP, as if something is wrong with it for all this time. Power anymore means removing someones signature and projecting your own on. That department at the HT must be shy of duties or simply over staffed.

    Ya, your correct I like a guy to take charge, take action, take responsibility, surround himself with good people and give credit to every 1 but himself. They all become achievers beyond and outside any individual measure would be.

  4. I wasn’t convinced KW was the long term solution prior to last season, but I think he has really grown from a good offensive coordinator to now a good head coach. His press conferences are getting much better too. I like that he doesn’t blow smoke and admits when there are problems. He mentioned that in the past they recruited dbs and receivers that where too small. I also liked that he admitted they missed on some in state guys and will need to do a better job in years to come. Refreshing to hear coaches that will actually admit when they make mistakes. I also like this class- tall, athletic lineman, receivers and dbs plus 2 speed running backs and a 260 bundle of muscle for an H back, fullback that can get the tough yards. Not to mention that he also got an experienced qb. Really good class. Just wish they got some more d tackles and d ends. But the defensive end they did get looks very quick on film. Really good finish for a class that was ranked in the 90’s just a few months ago.

  5. Hoosier 86,
    That’s what I have been hoping for all along. I understood IU didn’t hire Nick Saban from the beginning. I hoped they hired a smart guy with a solid football background who would develop the nuances of being head coach as he went along.

    I’m still a fan.

  6. The Scoop has been a mess for some time now. Hope it get fixed soon.

    As for Wilson. press conference, I was very impressed. And he was obviously feeling very good that day. He was as upbeat and playful as I’ve ever seen him. My guess is that a new 7-year contract with a huge raise will do that for most people.

    My only concern is that this IU recruiting class was still ranked near the bottom of the Big Ten. The so-called experts were not impressed! I know recruiting class rankings are highly subjective, but they still influence people’s perception of a program’s trajectory, and they influence the ability to recruit in the future. Mack Brown, former head coach at Texas, recently said something to the affect of, “winning in college football is all about recruiting.” If that’s true, while Wilson is doing much better than his predecessors and is an effective “opportunist,” he must improve the quality (and ranking) of his recruiting classes in the next three years if IU football is going to get to where he wants it to be. A key indicator of progress in the future will be his ability to sign his share of the best in-state talent.

  7. PO, you are right about this site being a mess for a while as I just now got back on this site. The experts may not rate the class very high but looking at the tape of each player I have to disagree with them. It is now up to the coaches to develop their ability to make them into top B1G players. We have seen this happen on the offensive side and I hope with our new DC it can happen on the defense. I am a bit concerned about coach McDaniel not coming back as the front seemed to improve under his tutelage; maybe his replace will do as well and be a better recruiter. I also have some concern with the DB coaches but will wait and see how this 2016 group does. If it continues to be a weakness I hope Coach Wilson is willing to make a change there that he has avoided making so far. I know he created changes to make the coaching better for the DBs but we need to see the improvement on the field this coming Fall.

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