Camion Patrick to undergo knee surgery Wednesday #iufb

The public’s first glimpse at heralded receiver-turned-running back Camion Patrick will have to wait.

Patrick will undergo surgery Wednesday to repair an injured knee and will miss Indiana’s spring football game on Friday evening. IU coach Kevin Wilson said the junior college transfer could be dealing with a ligament tear, but doctors won’t know exactly what they’re dealing with until the operation.

A timeline for Patrick’s recovery is unclear, though Wilson said he expects him to be limited for summer workouts.

“We’ll get in there and see,” Wilson said. “I think they’re kind of waiting to see. We’re not sure if it’s a full tear, a partial tear — is it an ACL (tear), is it cartilage? We’ll know after surgery.”

The knee injury, which he suffered earlier this month, is the latest blow to Patrick’s Indiana football career.

After arriving on campus last summer, he failed to academically qualify to play during the 2015 season. Patrick finished the summer a credit short after trying to fit — and pass — a class into an accelerated summer schedule. IU petitioned the NCAA to deem Patrick eligible, but that request was ultimately denied.

This spring, Patrick was in the running to become Indiana’s next starting running back. Although he originally joined IU’s program as a receiver after two standout years on East Mississippi Community College’s back-to-back national championship teams, the Hoosiers thought he could bring power and athleticism to a backfield that lost leading rusher Jordan Howard to the NFL Draft.

Patrick, a 6-foot-2, 223-pound former Tennessee commit, was IU’s scout team player of the year last fall, and earned weekly honors on four occasions.


  1. I hope for Patrick’s sake along with for IUFB, coaches, and fans that it is an easy fix with a short recovery time. I have to wonder if this will move him back to WR were he has excelled in JC and on IU’s scout team.

  2. Chet, Is it not correct MRI’s are conclusive in identifying what the injury is in a joint? I’ve experienced 2 and it certainly pinpointed both.

  3. It sure does seem in KW era key players with excellent potential have their share of injuries among other issues that have accumulated for many set backs. However, KW and program keeps plugging along for slow steady continued positive growth. Hopefully, it will translate into consistent winning seasons…..I think it will. (7 plus win seasons)

  4. HC, MRIs give doctors a good look at the injury but I know from my experience it didn’t show all the damage that exist. In my spinal surgeries, my surgeon, one of the best in Indy/country, told me he was surprised at how much work he had to do to fix my spine. Often doctors have to use several different test to determine what they will face in surgery yet even then they can be surprised by what they find when they open us up.

    Has anyone see how Patrick’s surgery went yesterday?

  5. HC, funny you should ask. Well, not ‘ha ha’ funny. I just had, as I remember, my 7th or 8th MRI last week and got the reading yesterday. I went in with a known, to me anyway, torn biceps tendon and the MRI found…more. My shoulder is currently held together by surface tension. Surgery in 3 weeks or so.

    To answer your question…it’s pretty darned good. Based on my experiences you can have an additional injury that is masked by an injury to an adjacent anatomical structure if the first injury has caused significant soft tissue damage. Tissue that is torn and inflamed shows as a bright white area that can obscure the surrounding tissue somewhat. Even in those situations, again my experience, a good radiologist will note that the secondary injury is possible or that the structure could not be fully visualized.

    I had a really nasty mountain biking accident in 2007 and my surgeon was quite specific in telling me that the damage was such that the MRI probably did not identify all the injuries. It was more like being hit by a car than a single structural failure. That kind of thing is not common in something like an ACL or MCL tear where a single structure was pushed beyond it’s limits and failed. Those kind of things are usually pretty clear on an MRI. That being said it is not at all unusual to be told that the full extent of an injury cannot be fully determined until the time of surgery.

  6. Chet, gotcha, thanks. Just to add to the conversation I’ve had 2 distal tendon ruptures to the same arm 9 years apart. The 1st time it happened my arm was B&B from the wrist to the armpit. 2nd time about half as much. 1st time I was 2 1/2 days in the hospital. 2nd time a little over 6 1/2 hours. Both times attempting to leverage or lift something 1 man should not try alone. I’ve got a left arm that’s had 3 surgeries and looks like I knew Jim Bowie up close and personal. Since the 2nd one my Bride acts like she still sets the nest whenever I’m into a project outside. Luv it!

  7. Has anyone seen or heard anything about how Patrick’s surgery went yesterday? I sure hope there is good news about the extent of his energy and about how long his recovery will be. I haven’t found any official news yet in the media although you would think IU would release a statement today.

  8. I have endured 8 shoulder separations….Most of which occurred at this very keyboard.

  9. HC, this will be my 4th shoulder surgery, the third on this one. I had to have total reconstruction(s) following that accident I referred to earlier. That put me out of action for nearly a year. Surgery is supposed to be about 4+ hours and I’ll probably head home shortly afterward. Six weeks in a sling and 2 months of rehab is the plan.

    I had a series of unfortunate events mostly related to my inability to accept aging. My wife is pretty tired of this $hit but she’ll take great care of me anyway.

  10. Chet, We’re both fortunate for marrying above us. With best regards I hope your surgeon has 20-05 vision and 3 golden hands. Good luck……….

  11. Chet, good luck with your surgery and recovery. It isn’t any fun dealing with a year of surgeries and recoveries. Where would we be with our wonderful wives that help us through all our surgeries and recoveries?

  12. Thanks. I’ve come to accept this stuff as part of the deal.

    My right arm hasn’t performed up to specs in some time. My doctor has given me reason to believe that may change.

    It’s all good.

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