3-star athlete Peyton Hendershot commits to IU #iufb

Indiana tapped into central Indiana to land its latest recruit in the 2017 class.

Peyton Hendershot, a three-star athlete from Tri-West, announced his commitment to IU on Tuesday night, becoming the eighth player to give a verbal pledge to the Hoosiers this cycle.

Hendershot originally chose Ball State in March, but decommitted days after receiving an IU offer last month. The 6-foot-4, 215-pound prospect also had offers from Syracuse, Wake Forest, Cincinnati and Bowling Green, among others. According to 247 Sports, Hendershot is viewed as either a tight end or defensive end in Bloomington.

“First off, I want to start by saying thanks to all schools who have continued to recruit me, but after talking (with) my family I have decided to verbally commit to Indiana University!” Hendershot wrote on his Twitter account.

Last fall, Hendershot made 51 catches for 685 yards and scored eight touchdowns. On the other side of the ball, he posted 30 tackles, including five for loss and four sacks. Hendershot also helped the Bruins’ basketball team to a semistate appearance in March.

Hendershot’s commitment means that half of IU’s current eight-man recruiting class hails from inside the state. Indiana signed only two in-state players in its 2016 class. Hendershot is joined by Avon athlete Bryant Fitzgerald, Ben Davis defensive tackle LeShaun Minor and Carmel defensive end Britt Beery.

Including Beery, IU already has landed commitments from three defensive ends in this class. Hendershot would be the first tight end.


  1. It is good to get another Hoosier player coming to IU. He fits the mold of what Coach Wilson is pushing for recruits – Length and size. He has the frame to add weight and become a dominate TE. I really like how he catches the ball with his hands first and doesn’t need to use his body to haul in passes. He also shows good mobility as a basketball player which helps him on the football field. It would be good to see IU focus on the TE more to help spread out the defenses.

  2. Solid recruit who should substantially contribute to program especially a couple years down the road.

  3. NIce to see an in-state kid not only choosing to play for IU but excited for the opportunity. He looks like he has a big frame, catches the ball well and blocks well. He also averaged double digits in poiints and rebounding for the basketball team. Hope we land a few more like him from the Hoosier state.

  4. Is it an added bonus that if IU sucks up local talent, that makes it harder recruiting for Per-doo-doo? Nothing like aggravating ol’ Pee-yew, I always say!

  5. 123, It is good to see in-state kids excited to play at IU. Another one that really is excited is Bryant Fitzgerald from Avon talking about playing for the state school. IU is in a good position to get Potts from Fishers and he would be a great pickup for IU on the defensive side. It will be interesting when IU starts getting some offensive commitments to see who they are able to get as a QB in this class along with RB and WR. I expect they will get big and tall OLmen with athletic ability.

    As I have said before, this season will have a lot to say about how many 4 star or 5 star players they can sign in 2017 and 2018. With Maryland and Rutgers hires it is very important to win big this year so as not to slip or hold steady. Those schools have talent in their states while Indiana has to score big in the state but still need national signings to keep building the roster. The next few seasons will determine if IU can move up into the top 15 or 20. To do that they have to get top talent to compete and beat the teams in the B1G East.

  6. V- I agree totally. We either move up or move back. Potts would be a great get especially since he was set on going to Notre Dame last year. Supposedly we are in the running for a 4 star defensive tackle that decommitted from Iowa. I think we both expect an explosive offense with an improved defense that should get them from 6-6 up to 8-4. That kind of season along with the stable coaching staff should allow them to get some more 4 star athletes. Seems like Indiana puts out a 4 star qb about every other year. Unfortunately they haven’t been ending up at IU. If Lagow spins it the way I think he can and has IU at the top of the B1G for offense again, some of the top talent will have to start taking a long look at playing in Bloomington.

  7. The thing being most positive is IU has been for a couple of 3 seasons consistently in the hunt for solid talent other good teams also want. That says everything about the growing respect the coaching staff is projecting and earning in HS programs. I agree about a 4-5* Hoosier HS’er QB should soon be on the horizon for IU to win over. I still maintain there will be 3-4 D players this year shine bright in the Allen system. That will help in state recruiting on that side of the ball along also with the condition of the Puffer Belly PUkes laying in the gutter just off the curb. IU should really do well with Hoosier and close in Great Lakes talent the better ND and OSU do. Since there are only 85 rides for them also. Wilson and staff always seem to be positioned well that last month before LOI day.

  8. HC, it has been nice seeing IU getting players that the ‘bigger’ programs offered on. We know those teams saw the talent IU coaches saw in these players and have watched our coaches develop them into outstanding offensive players. I think we now have defensive coaches that can develop players to the same extent offensive coaches do with their players.

    You are right that under coach Wilson IU does well the closer signing day comes around. I do have to wonder why 4 and 5 star players keep going to OSU, ND, UM, etc when they see players sitting that came into the program highly rated. I get the chance to win a title but they also have to consider playing time. Of course they have big egos that tell them they will beat out everyone at the school they are committed to. IU is getting that way at RB but only at 3 star or lower. I guess it comes down to winning more games because IU’s offensive players have performed so well 5 star players should see the value of being coached by our coaches; although evidence says 5 star players can’t see that value. Maybe in a couple of years IU will see 5 star players want to come to IU.

  9. Precisely. This process of aggressive recruiting is a style never seen at IU before. Style of play, W/L results, perseverance, work ethic and good human relations building with HS programs is the only path for a successful IUFB program. The *s will notice even if only in a drip-drip pattern early on. Yes, I now feel confident we have a top notch D staff. This years record will be the result of that.

  10. Here comes the boom: Georgia cornerback LaDamion Hunt just committed. 6′ 180 runs a 4.49 forty and loves to hit people. That will work! UK, Louisville, Purdue, West Virginia and Minnesota offered including a bunch more mid majors. Nice get

  11. 123, Yes the 2017 class keeps growing and the type of players in this class seem to be much better on the field. It is nice to have players that like to hit coming in as every player doesn’t like contact.

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