Hulls looking forward to playing in Germany next season #iubb

For the first 23 years of his life, Bloomington was all he knew.

Now, Jordan Hulls is set to move to his fourth European country in four seasons as a professional.

The former Indiana and Bloomington South standout has signed to play next season in Germany with Eisbären Bremerhaven in the Basketball Bundesliga. It’s an opportunity Hulls has eyed since turning pro in 2013, and one that represents another big step forward.

“The BBL is a great league,” Hulls said. “My agent and I, we’ve always had our eye on Germany, knowing how good of a league it is. We always wanted to get in there if it was the right fit. This year happened to be the year for me to go to Germany and I’m really excited about the opportunity. The competition is great and the league itself is very well-known. It’s a step up for where I need to go in my career and I’m just trying to work my way up as high as I can go.”

Hulls began his career in Poland and spent his second professional season in Kosovo. Last year brought him to Belgium, where he averaged 12.3 points and 3.3 assists, while shooting 54 percent from the field and 48 percent from 3-point range, according to statistics posted on

While playing for Hubo Limburg United in Belgium, Hulls helped a young team advance to the final four of the playoffs, where it fell to top-seeded Oostende in the fifth game of a best-of-five series. For the season, Hulls scored in double figures in 24 of the 35 games he played.

“Each year I’ve been able to find a way to help the team win and do what I can do, whether that’s shooting, setting guys up coming off ball screens, or whatever the case may be,” Hulls said. “I’ve learned to control the tempo of the game more and more each year. I’m just trying to learn the styles and be an extension of the coach on the court. That’s something I was able to do in college and then I’ve translated that over to playing in the pros.”

While his basketball approach has translated to Europe, his off-the-court lifestyle has required yearly adjustments.

Hulls says he’s still not fluent in any language other than English, but he’s picked up enough to chat and be polite. Bremerhaven, Hulls’ next stop, is located on the North Sea.

“It’s been awesome,” Hulls said. “Each country provides new things to learn, new cultures. My first year in Poland was probably the biggest culture shock because I had never been out of Bloomington, really. That was a little bit different. Each place, I’ve met great people.

“… Last year, I had my wife with me, so that was really cool to travel the world together, go to Paris, Amsterdam and all these cool places. It just makes you realize that there’s so much more out there than just Indiana. There are so many cool things out there. I’ve had my parents visit, her parents have visited and we’ve had a couple friends come and visit. It’s provided a lot of new adventures and new memories for us, which is pretty neat.”

For now, Hulls is enjoying an abbreviated summer stateside.

He’s scheduled to depart for Germany on Aug. 7 — roughly a week earlier than he’s been required to leave for previous assignments. In the meantime, he’s looking forward to playing with former IU teammates Christian Watford and Will Sheehey next week in The Tournament, a 5-on-5, single-elimination event that includes 64 teams made up of former college stars and pro players.

The team that includes Hulls, Watford and Sheehey, which is called Armored Athlete, is scheduled to begin play next Saturday morning in Chicago.

Next month, Hulls and his family will host their annual Never Lose Hoop golf outing on Saturday, Aug. 6 at Eagle Pointe Golf Resort. More information on the event, including a registration form, can be found at

From there, Hulls will be looking forward to resuming his professional career in another new country.

“I’m really excited to get there and get to work,” Hulls said.


  1. Yea Jordy! In many ways Crean’s most significant recruit! In most ways Jordan Hulls has always been the “Poster Boy” for Indiana Basketball in the 21st Century, like Steve Alford was for an earlier period. It is great to see an excellent young man do well!

  2. Jordy,

    Wish you the very best with the Bremerhaven team. Glad to hear, too, you’re enjoying life in Europe and taking advantage of the opportunity to live there. Have a great year.

  3. Nice to see him doin well plus verdell jones had a 40 point game last yr in the d-league

  4. It always does the heart good to hear about one of the ‘good guys’ taking positive steps.

  5. Gardening in spring is nice; I love the preparatory work and the lack of mosquitos. Watching the daffodils, bulbs, and asparagus come up is very nice, especially after a long winter.

    However, there is something that I adore about being outside during those hot summer months when the hydrangeas are blooming and the zucchini are ready to explode. Contrary to the sentiments of some of my wussy west coast brethren, I love the humidity in this area of the country. Mrs. ‘Steve in Ottawa’ loves it too! There is never any doubt about what clothes you (won’t) need. Give me a pair of flip flops, shorts, a light t-shirt, and a shovel, and I’m a happy camper. Come 8PM, the barbecue and the cooler come out, along with the fireflies, and it is summer evening bliss.

    Sometimes Europe, sometimes you’re down.
    Jordan Hulls could always stroke it from downtown.

  6. ^Decent little vignette of the good life in the Midwest. But the author has some redundancy issues. A daffodil is a bulb, for one…no need to list them as separate entities. Also, 8 PM is too late to start in with the cooler and BBQ. Icy lagers are best enjoyed by 6pm at the latest.

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  9. coach w and Harvard always disappear from the Scoop and reappear at the same time. Very interesting.

    I think coachw is onto something with the tinypic.

  10. Here’s a bigger version of the picture yo. Yes, Harvard and I have been practicing telepathy for a long time. Currently it has evolved into a sort of apathy at a distance.

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  12. Here now is a list of the top ten reasons for Thomas Aaron Crean to retire next season as Indiana head basketball coach:

    10. Not retiring, just consciously moving to the next level: “uncoaching”.
    9. Crean for Indiana AD in 2017!
    8. After nine years fans figure it out that you’re incompetent (It happened while at Marquette).
    7. Indiana deserves an elite basketball coach.
    6. Indiana deserves a basketball coach.
    5. Finally pursuing long time dream as full time clown.
    4. The family of the famous Antarctic explorer has decided to sue.
    3. Joyce is retiring.
    2. Made enough money. Indiana punished enough.
    1. Even BruinsNation is asking for it (and they’re collecting signatures now).

    Enough said.

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