IU releases initial fall depth chart #iufb

CHICAGO — Here’s the first look at Indiana’s depth chart entering next week’s preseason camp.

Keep in mind, Kevin Wilson’s public depth chart typically doesn’t carry a lot of weight. But, at the very least, you can use this as a guide for where guys are and where things stand. Starters in bold.

LT: Brandon Knight,
Delroy Baker
LG: Wes Martin, Jacob Bailey
C: Wes Rogers, Simon Stepaniak
RG: Dan Feeney, Simon Stepaniak
RT: Dimitric Camiel, DaVondre Love
WR: Ricky Jones, Luke Timian
WR: Simmie Cobbs, Nick Westbrook
WR: Mitchell Paige, J-Shun Harris
QB: Danny Cameron or Zander Diamont or Richard Lagow
RB: Devine Redding, Mike Majette
TE: Danny Friend, Jordan Fuchs

DE: Greg Gooch,
Nile Sykes
DT: Nate Hoff, Robert McCray
DT: Ralph Green III, Ja’merez Bowen
DE: Jacob Robinson, Brandon Wilson
LB: Marcus Oliver, T.J. Simmons
LB: Tegray Scales, Clyde Newton
CB: Rashard Fant, Leon Thornton
HUSKY: Ben Bach, Jayme Thompson or Zeke Walker
S: Jonathan Crawford, Jameel Cook
S: Chase Dutra, Tony Fields
CB: Andre Brown, Tyler Green

K: Griffin Oakes,
Logan Justus
P: Joseph Gedeon, Jake Shake
LS: Dan Godsil, Logan Robbins
H: Mitchell Paige, Joseph Gedeon
KR: Devonte Williams, Mike Majette
PR: Mitchell Paige, J-Shun Harris

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  1. Charting the depths has never been anything new for IU Football. Das Hoosier Boot sunk a long time ago.
    How about some “Surfacing Charts” …? We’ve been on the bottom so long, we’ve run out of cured hams(formerly known as coaches) Llyod Bridges spent less time underwater.

    Maybe this season will feel like this….

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