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  1. It is this change in attitude that is why I believe the defense will be much better this year. Oliver was open about not all players bought into the defense in the past and that now all players have bought in. When they see coaches held to the same standard it makes it natural that players buy into it. This attention to detail applies to technique work and it all adds up to a much better defense. As a result where Coach Allen has been has seen an immediate improvement in defense and Oliver makes it sound as if the defense is far ahead of where it was last summer. He is also acknowledged Coach Canton’s new approach to weight/conditioning training as making a big difference. Coach Wilson said in an interview that he was a bit worried at how much weight the players have gained. He asked Canton if they could still run but Coach Wilson also pointed out the players looked trim even with the weight gain.

    It certainly seems like IUFB is moving up into the big time with weight training and defensive approach, we may see the results this year.

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