1. She’s an outstanding young lady and her passion and sentiments were very touching, but I’m not sure why she got so emotional during the taping of this interview. Hope everything with her loved ones is O.K.

  2. So many things change once college ends…..She is likely still processing it all. I think we are always processing how fast things move. And when you’re in those moments you love most(for Ashley, that was likely with her teammates competing), you are so lost in the happiness that you subconsciously hold it where you believe keeps it forever shielded from time. And then you wake up one morning and it’s the day you can no longer keep it in that place. Her fears are a revelation of beauty and honesty. Her tears should bring no shame.
    The experience of college and all the “firsts” that rush into life away from home is where you hope to find yourself. Just when that ocean crossing journey can seem most rewarding, a shoreline appears and you must say goodbye to the stormy seas that made you feel so alive. Those were the friends and the crew that found you at your highest…and sometimes at your lowest. Those are winds in your sails to push you…Those were the late nights talking in intimacy of things you could never share with a parent…Who and the hell wants what is after?

  3. That was kind of..beautiful Harvard. snif….snif… Few yrs back took one of my grand-daughters to a IU bb game. Ms. Benson and team were in the lobby talking up volleyball. Grand-daughter latched onto Ms Benson . Took a few yrs before she stopped asking to go see ‘the pretty woman at IU’.

  4. Thanks Ron….snif..snif
    And one day she’ll probably be a parent …and then a grandparent. She’ll have to send them on their voyage, but she’ll get get glimpses of herself from long ago…She’ll taste again the days of wild stormy seas. She’ll see their beautiful uniqueness and her smiles back at them will provide them distant sunlight and starry nights to inspire them on their own journey. But how different it becomes when you feel so invested in their well-being…Somehow you must resist and stay off of their journey. You must allow them to capture every wave to feel in the moment as you once did. You’ll want to jump aboard to recapture your own day as you stare down deep into the warm crystal clear waters of your best memories. It will feel like a whale tugging a harpoon line on your heart….. But it is their journey now and you must let it go. And a tear will drop again…the tears of time to fill the scariest of a well of what has been left behind.

    You’ll go to Hoosier Scoop and search upon this sunny island of disjointed old salts all wishing it back. You’ll be an “expert”…or a “hater”…or “imposter”…or “fool living in the past”…You’ll be “delusional” or “narcissistic”…or “still living in mom’s basement”(which, I sadly guess, would be mom’s coffin..because mom is dead).
    You’ll be called many things by this island of swirling ghosts…..We are the remnants of the old conquered fears and happiest tears thrown overboard in a better day. We are the gray driftwood of broken hulls washed up upon this seaweed infested beach. We all call back to yesterday like screaming frat-rat seagulls trailing the old winds and the once full sails thirsting for a stormy sea…

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