1. Nice job, Price. Maybe your best presentation to date. And that background(at first I thought it was an opened cream and crimson parachute), is much better than the pitiful blotchy gray thing normally behind you. Keep with the chute….or the flags….Ahhhh…Remember the FLAGS!!!!!!!! chant on LiveChats? Good times.

    Also loved this line:

    …just don’t insult us with a bunch of paper tigers.

    This site ain’t so bad.

  2. Nice job in the delivery, Jeremy. But most IU basketball fans already knew IU schedules too many “paper tigers” every season. Instead of just repeating the obvious, why not recommend specific changes to what appears to be IU’s scheduling policy. How many games should IU play against top 10, top 25, and top 50 teams in the pre-conference schedule? Should any cupcakes remain on the schedule? And didn’t this specific subject get addressed a couple years ago in an interview with Glass? As I recall, Glass explained why it is not as easy (and/or cost-effective) as it might seem to schedule games with top programs. In some cases, IU is doing favors for schools who need the money and are willing to take a beating at Memorial Stadium in exchange for cash.

    Here’s one specific recommendation. I would have IU play one Pac-12 team each season in a home and home arrangement. Playing teams like AZ, UCLA, USC, Oregon, Stanford, Colorado, Utah, and Washington out west would increase IU’s exposure to that part of the country. The problem is, the travel required to get to and from those campuses is expensive, makes it even tougher to win and is tough on athletes actually trying to pursue a degree.

  3. Aren’t we getting Louisville on a regular basis soon….or was that deal not competed? I thought Louisville was the answer to no more IU vs. UK border rivalry game?

    This video obviously supplemented the piece by Jeremy that was available via the HT subscription site(JP placed the link in Hoosier Morning). My response in today’s Hoosier Morning thread suffices plenty.

    A few more top tier programs in our non-conference(especially a border rivalry…or maybe Sampson’s Houston…or Alford’s Bruins) would provide a lot more energy/anticipation for fans attending a game(semi-neutral site in Indy or at Assembly), but it doesn’t solve anything with regard to banner droughts. Players have ceilings …Coaches have ceilings. Michigan gets to Final Fours…Butler gets to Final Fours…Louisville gets to Final Fours….Wisconsin gets to Final Fours….MSU gets to Final Fours….Villanova even broke through again. There success has nothing to do with a few more penciling in of tougher non-conference opponents.

    Crean was gifted the softest BIG schedule in the history of the conference last season. We had more singular games against the upper tier and far more home and home contests against the bottom-feeders of our conference. When Crean’s back was too the wall, Establishment/Delany delivered. They protected the “arrangement” of the Hoosiers current ceiling circumstance.

    Just replace “feelings” with “ceilings.”

  4. We have our Bobby Knight of football over at Memorial.
    I don’t know if we’ll ever see a coach at Assembly again who can walk in the rafters of our championship days. Bless them for praying to everything in the heavens above McCracken….and bless the indelible memory for those of us lucky enough to watch a coach at Assembly who busted through all ceilings to put teams onto storied cloth.
    Without such cloth, we are the cupcakes bastards and the teams of one lucky trip to a Final Four. Without one basketball coach who refuses to walk with charlatans who denigrate the concept of teaching the game, our
    Assembly wouldn’t have the lore worth a pot to piss in….nor the money that flows from donors to remodel the old banner cave.

  5. And that’s all scheduling a challenging opponent is really about…It’s about teaching…It’s no different than taking a challenging class to study…Do you prefer to take the easy approach for the easier passing grade? Do you want to challenge your teams to learn against the best subjects of the game under the stress of equal or superior competition…or do you want to always fear hurting their egos and your own? Do you want to think like a banner school …or merely survive on the heritage its past?

  6. Another avenue that might be worth exploring is getting rid of the Mississippi Valley States of the world on the schedule, and replacing them with teams in Indiana. Evansville, Ball State, Valpo, etc. These games would certainly bring out more people and effort from the players in my opinion.

    I’m glad we rotate Notre Dame and Butler every year, but these should be yearly games on the schedule as well.

  7. Ben, I’ve always felt the scheduling deficiency the Crossroads Classic created was far greater than the promotion and subsequent event the extravaganza hyped(not down playing it is a big $ maker). Butler and ND on the schedule every year is far more appealing to this fan than sitting in Bankers Life and getting to watch IU play only 1 every year. I also think we should play Pitt and Cuse every year for tuneups before B1G play. But with other big time programs trying to build their winning season starting with lower hanging fruit for OOC games I see where IU will always have some room for some teams like MVS.

  8. Good suggestion, Ben. There are dozens of schools within a 3-hour drive of Bloomigton that would make for entertaining/higher fan value games.
    I think some of these smaller Indiana programs are avoided because they have very strong basketball heritage(the late Majerus @ Ball St…Homer & Bryce Drew @ Valpo, etc). I’m sure some of the cupcakes we schedule also have their own proud traditions, but there is a much greater glare of obvious/awe/uneasiness when small Indiana schools come into Bloomington and play a cleaner, error-free, more polished game of hoops than we are accustomed to seeing at the House of Madness not March.

    The problem is not the scheduling. We have the ACC/BIG Challenge…We have numerous early season tournaments with ample higher level competition(held in DC, NYC’s Madison Square, Indy’s Crossroads Classic, Hawaii’s Maui Invitational, etc, etc). If we would have had wins in some of the second round games of these bracketed tournaments, we would have encountered today’s more elite teams.

    It’s time for the local media and the administration to stop with the distractions. We hear them all…We hear of quality recruits that don’t meet our standards…We hear of all the futile attempts to put Crean’s friend down at UK back on a yearly cycle. Every year there’s a new distraction in town….Every year becomes Geoff’s next “bridge year.” Do you think a coach like Bobby Knight ever contemplated bridge years? Problem is…bridges require tall supports and steel cables thousands of feet above ground level. Bridges simply don’t work when the X’s and O’s construction codes have such low ceilings to operate. The final four pillars supporting the longest central point of a bridge’s span require elite coaching.
    You can’t schedule an Elite 8 or a trip to the Final Four. You have to win your way to one.
    And until you do so at a place like Indiana, your bridge is merely a blueprint over troubled water.

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