Hoosier Morning for Sept. 12

Four things we learned from IU’s win over Ball State, Mike writes.

From Saturday, the Hoosiers voodoo what it takes to win the game, Andy writes.

IU women’s soccer and field hockey both picked up wins on Sunday, we reported.

After starting the season 2-0, Indiana readies for some rest and recruiting with a bye week coming up, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Self-inflicted wounds were the biggest problem for Ball State in its loss to Indiana, Dakota Crawford of the Muncie Star-Press writes.

Numbers that matter from the Hoosiers’ 30-20 win over the Cardinals, Nick Holmes of HoosierHuddle.com writes.

Former Hoosier Tevin Coleman made a splash catching the ball out of the backfield in the Atlanta Falcons’ opener Sunday, Andrew Hirsh of AtlantaFalcons.com writes.

An in-depth look at IU basketball’s offensive sets and what makes the Hoosiers among the nation’s elite offensive teams, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Iowa basketball picked up a pair of big-man commitments over the weekend from players with IU interest, Don Doxsie of the Quad City Times writes.

Olympians from the state of Indiana, including representatives of IU, received the Sagamore of the Wabash on Sunday, WTHR.com reports.

For Andy and his voodoo, here’s Doris Day with “You Do Something To Me.”


  1. Unless IU FB program is not capable one thing I learned (which has been a problem in the past before KW and has continued during his time) with this team is win they get up somewhat big 30-0 quit acting like you are up 60-0 and keep intensity level up or increase intensity level. Take a look at Jim Harbaugh and others in his league. He and others like him go for the kill until almost the very end.

  2. t- Agree. Where is our memory of how Badgers run up a score in the neighborhood of an 80-13 shellacking…..? What damn laurels are we resting on?
    And why so much punting? Where is gunslinger Wilson gone? Where is the coach who challenges conventional thinking, opens up the field, takes risks realizing “opportunity costs” are much bigger at a place like Indiana…. at a program dying for excitement, big plays, momentum, pedal on the metal….and points? Conservative football because we can control a line of scrimmage against FIU ….or Ball State? These are the exact sort of teams we should be having grand fun….(not to mention treating like tadpoles being dissected in a freshman biology lab at Jordan Hall).
    Did hiring Tom Crean as our defensive coordinator instantaneously zap Wilson of his fun powers? Where is our Slip ‘N’ Slide coach? Boring enough to be a forever .500 football team(only courtesy of a pathetically soft non-conference schedule)…Even more boring to fall back onto conventional models of boring, risk-averse football concluding with Cream Puff and Radio Flyer Wagon Bowls.
    Open this baby up! Put some duct tape on Allen! Unleash the genius and the offense! Balanced attacks….? Balanced crowds. Balanced empty seats on opening day. Snore…….

  3. Through it’s history the past 50 plus years IU has had many big scores run up on them….sometimes when the other team was not even really trying to run up the score…Will Lagow develop into the Babe as in Babe Laufenberg…a noteable gunslinger.

  4. Doris has something there…a good form of birth control. Song just lulls you to sleep before any love making. Coaches need to quit playing that kind of music mid way through the fourth quarter.

  5. Off-topic…Trump campaign sends well-wishes to Hillary while
    providing new footage of her just before entering the van.

  6. H4H, I too miss the aggressive play calling and wondered if I was just imagining it. Used to be we would hurry up so fast DBs didn’t get out into coverage and we would walk into the endzone on with an uncontested deep pass. Those days seem to be over once Littrell left to go to UNC.

  7. See, you da man. Littrell’s absence is a very solid point. Not seeing the urgency …Seems like a much more conventional “balanced” attack. That may work against FIU and BSU. A bit less optimistic of pace, pound, and risk aversion against the big boys. Also not sure how much of that style helps fill Memorial.

  8. Wilson is not going to gamble as big or as often has in the past now that IU has a semblance of a defense. The lack of a D is why he gambled.

  9. I meant coaches need to stop starting to play that kind of D.D. music in the middle of 3rd quarter because it continues throughout the rest of game. Then fans that are there start to leave early. Maybe F.G. and company could start implementing after game one to two hour festivals for those who stay until end of game (music/live local band/IU band, food, cheerleaders, meet the team etc. Festivals could be on stand by and ready to go only for wins after games. Maybe that would provide second half incentives to win games.

  10. It’s a semblance of one against FIU and BSU. I’ll join in as ape pounding on his chest when it is a semblance of a defense against MSU, OSU, Michigan.

    I get that nobody cares about style points….”A win is a win” is commonplace jargon in the commonplace world of journalistic apologist jungle rot. But who’s nobody in “nobody cares?” Nobody is the 10-15 thousand nugget’s worth of seats always left unfilled at Memorial. Nobody is the fan who won’t buy the tickets to see a brand of safe and conservative football against early season mid-majors. Nobody is the lifeless student in the stands who will need lightning to strike at Memorial(in the form of beat-downs a MAC team with memorable big play performances, huge lopsided scores in IU’s favor, or a shocking upset against a truly elite BIG powerhouse) to kill the old doldrums and decades worth of memories of embarrassing football and ultimate goals of .500 seasons. Nobody is the dark cloud blocking a Memorial sun that will not shine rays of hope via a style of football coasting during the second game of a soft non-conference schedule to protect jobs(with or without a sturdy huff and puff of the wolf blowing at the house of the three little pigs that we now have a defense that will eat you).
    Nobody is the death of concepts in apology that nestle in the bosom of slogans like “a win is a win.” Nobody is the shellacking a young Bobby Knight against Digger Phelps in basketball. Nobody is the infusion of something utterly shocking at the core to convince a tired cloud that Wilson and IU Football has more in store than briefly rising up from the same old hospital bed on death’s door before OSU sucks the air out of our lungs.

    Risk is built into the job of IU football. It should certainly carry enough risk to not build comforts into coaching contracts after a thrown bowl game. It has no laurels to rest. Please don’t tell me it rests on getting to one of those crappy bottom tier “Winsawin” bowl games for pigs with straw houses. When the ugly cursed thoughts return to temper “Win Today!” with “a win is a win” risk free philosophy …..then you are drowning in the delusion of your own importance. Safe football at Memorial? Sounds nearly as fun as safe Playboy bunnies at the Vatican.
    If you do not take risk(offensively and defensively) nor bring a killer instinct to batter a BSU team with a recklessness in vengeance, hostility, and risk that mirrors enough confidence to do so, then the contracts of happiness in “good enough” that is IU will always make it a rest area rather than a destination.

  11. t- The only thing that would get IU Football fans to stay through four quarters would be …(a) Bobby Knight….(b) Donald Trump….(c) Jesus….(d) Jessie’s Girl performed by Rick Springfield and Jesse Ventura.

  12. We really shouldn’t be saying ANYTHING about these first 3-4 games if we know our history. Mouths shut, keyboards silent, thoughts dimmed or focused elsewhere until week 5. If IU football has taught us anything over the last 12 years, its that the non-conference schedule has about a 0% reliability rating as a predictor of success conference play. In fact, I think there may be an inverse relationship: the more wins we have against NC opponents, the fewer we will have against the Big 10 (Wasn’t that the signature of the Lynch years – the 4-0 or 3-1 start followed by the 0-7 finish?)

  13. You are exactly right, Seahawk. I like the “inverse relationship” concept. Sorta like the inverse relationship of Inside the Apologist Hall posting glowing stories of Tom Crean’s coaching genius as it relates to going on a deep tournament run. The gluttony of praise always seems to be the medicine of temperance for the substandard cube of”Sweet” results we starve upon. The more “everything hinges,” the more likely the door comes unhinged in choke-like fashion.
    Remember how they used to think margarine was actually healthier than even a conservative amount of butter? I never went for margarine or cooking sprays. I’ve always trusted the inverse relationships. I’ve always trusted anything deemed healthy by Monsanto Unsaturated Incorporated was more likely to kill me than risky butter.
    I do have an example of a direct relationship…..The more I hear of IU soon erupting onto the scene as a legit BIG football team, the more I see Wilson’s belt size erupting. Too much margarine.

  14. Well said, Harvard; you are a master at cycling in your signature coined phrases and talking points, time and time again. Is there ever a topic where Tom Crean and “everything hinges” can’t be brought into the discussion?

    By the way, unsaturated is the good fat, so that can’t be Monsanto’s nickname. It would be “Saturated Incorporated.” Currently being pursued by German chemical giant Bayer, by the way. Wouldn’t that be ironic. Corporate monsters of former Axis and Ally rival countries united under the insidious banner of global capitalism.

  15. oops…..And all this time I thought frying chicken Crisco shortening was a better alternative than chemicals made to turn white sludge into frying motor oil. Is it truly “organic” or just a label allowing a grocer to charge twice as much? Why do organic strawberries still appear to be on steroids? I’ve seen fresh strawberries grow in the wild…They don’t look like the “organic” monster fruits. They don’t have the large white interior flesh of those things I get in the store. Wild strawberries(or even those you go pick yourself at a strawberry farm) are red throughout. And those organic strawberries even have a perfuming sort of taste(almost as if the supposed “organic” distributor is bathing them in a perfume strawberry spray/wash(which I’m sure is also an “organic” perfume made from a natural derivative of the last two wild strawberries left on the planet saved a 20 years ago to make a monster strawberries taste like the real McCoy). Bigger is better….Monster strawberries…Steroid-infused chickens that are still organic because they aren’t fed the body parts of other chickens….I have a feeling that saturated vs unsaturated is the least of my worries. Whatever they are using to make cows beefier and leaner, corn huskier, chickens 6 pounds instead of 2.5 to 3 pounds…turkeys 34 pounds…and strawberries the size of tennis balls is probably going to turn my liver to clay anyway.

    Oh…Ready for the touche? You ruined my IU Football when you brought up Allen reminding you of Tom Crean. You are a slippery sort of fellow. You put the saturated Crean into my unsaturated healthy diet of Hoosier football. That wasn’t very nice. I think you even mentioned clapping as a final injection of Monsanto-style deception/manipulation. If you truly know the difference between saturated clapping and unsaturated clapping, why would you engage in such trickery to the consumer of IU Athletics? Easy Answer: ESTABLISHMENT HUSKY FAN.

  16. Well, didn’t F.G. light some firecrackers or cherry bombs and have a place for kids to swing and play around in the south end zone a few years ago. That did not work either.

  17. Bet Washington is waaaaaay overrated…Just look what Alabama did to a Pac 12 team. Wish we could get a team like the Washington Huskies on our football schedule. Would be a blast to see a notorious bottom-feeder of the Big 10 put a lickin’ on another overrated program from the Pacthetic Conference. Now that would bring some real “mouths shut, keyboards silent, thoughts dimmed or focused elsewhere” ….I would then run with Tom Allen being the football version of Tom Crean. Maybe we can meet at the Rose Bowl…? You just never know. As they say…Don’t ever wish Tom Crean upon our football….As a Washington Husky fan, you might just get it.

  18. t- Was never a big fan of the Knothole. First, it sounds like a bad case of hemorrhoids. Second, I thought Football had warnings from the FDA aimed at young people/kids sorta like cigarettes…and saturated fats? Should we really encourage parents to place their kids next to an activity that turns brains into Swiss cheese? Is it even responsible parenting to bring your kid to a football game anymore? I’ve heard some say that IU’s admission standards(Fred’s tough approach) puts us at a disadvantage in recruiting. How honorable we worry about admission standard in a sport that rattles the brain as if hitting it against hard pavement for six months of the year.

  19. IU leads husky series 2-1 …with one of those wins what could be labeled as a signature win as the huskies were ranked team…leading to another sustained false hope

  20. Maybe both of IU wins came over ranked husky team…I know one was. That would rank in the second tier of high points for IU fb program history regardless if huskies should have been ranked or not. This year looking for 4 game win streak (4 IU links in a row) against p.u. How many IU 4 links in a row are on there?

  21. What’s Indiana’s basketball series record against the Huskies…? Hell, what’s lowly Purdue’s record look like against them(b-ball and football)…? Just curious. Where do you find these stats?

  22. Other than our five basketball banners, the two programs do mirror up to each other nearly as closely as Tom Allen and Tom Crean. Huskies and Hoosiers are like brothers of another mother. Always overrated…Always topping out at Sweet 16’s. Both places pretend to be liberal institutions but are more like hippy hotels stuck in the 1970s. Washington gave us Ted Bundy….IU gave us Ted Kitchel.

  23. I’m just razzin’ Seahawk…. He’s a good guy. Loves his Huskies and Hoosiers like a loyal husband loves wife and mistress equally.

    Indiana is likely no match for a Washington Husky football team. Maybe someday. Husky Remix.

    How many times have you heard “razzin'” used on Scoop. Zilch. It’s like a Razzin’ in the Sun.

  24. In that 2 game win streak against the Washington Huskies 1978 IU won 14 to 7. However, the next game brought IU fb tradition back to reality with a loss to Nebraska 69 to 17. When Nebraska was up about 30 to 0 they continued to about 60 or so on their way to a final of 69 before IU was allowed to score a respectable 17. Even not to many years ago Virginia which is no Nebraska had a similar game against IU.

  25. After the 19 78 Nebraska game I remember Lee Corso saying…”Did you see how big those guys were.” 1979 with Tim Wilbur Corso and IU did win them a Holiday bowl game against BYU, another respectable IU highlight.

  26. BYU was 11-0. IU was 7-4 before the game and game was played in San Diego, California. That’s a IU football highlight. 1979 there were 15 bwl games. 2016 there were 45 bowl games. That’s like turning an Old Fashion into a shot glass of water.

  27. It’s somewhat interesting that the heyday(shot glass of a tipsy heyminute?) of our football program was during the midst of some of our grandest basketball dominance. The energy on a campus while the candy stripes were born…along with trips to Final Fours and undefeated seasons even turned a graveyard named Memorial into a brief cocktail party of sorts for the dead.

    The football experiment continues….Meanwhile Brad Stevens rebuilds the Celtics(ironically and appropriately doing it while dusting off a distant star named Isaiah Thomas) and the banners require a separate budget for fabric preservationists and humidity controlled dimly lit glass frames before they turn into mummy linen dust.

    1. Harv,
      Just stop. We don’t need a string of posts from you on how great Brad Stevens is and Tom Crean isn’t. First, I think we get it already. Second, I don’t link those stories because Brad Stevens doesn’t have anything to do with IU other than being a pipe dream.

  28. Asked what it would take for him to unfold his arms on the Celtics’ sideline and let out a primal scream, Stevens doesn’t hesitate.

    “I feel like that would be when you win it all,” he says. “That’s why we do this, right?”

    No….no…no, Brad. We’ve seen crazy screaming and it wasn’t after winning anything that approaches “all.”

  29. Weird; I’ve been trying to post for hours but seem to have been “locked out.” What on earth is going on today?

    Huskies are looking good so far, but they’ve only played cupcakes. Like with IU, I’m nervous about getting prematurely excited about them. In fact, until they beat Oregon I won’t bat an eyelash.

    I’m glad you saw that Crean/Allen post. You didn’t respond, so I thought I might not have posted it in time to get in ahead of one of your monthly self-imposed hiatuses. I think one redeeming factor about Allen, where comparisons to Crean are concerned, is his lack of a widow’s peak with that parted “duck tail” hair sticking up that Crean has. Better to be bald there completely, than to be stuck between two worlds.

    The organic strawberries are still big because they are grown in controlled environments and fed lots of fancy plant-based fertilizers. They also probably are doused with “organic” pest control solutions. The USDA lowers their standards routinely for what is considered “organic”; I think we’re currently at 75%, meaning that growers can use 25% conventional insecticides and fertilizers and still market their berries as organic. Doesn’t make much sense, does it. Pretty soon “organic” will have about as much meaning as the label “All Natural.”

    What’s the solution? Buy your strawberries from the local farmer at the farmer’s market. Lots of local growers have higher-level certifications than the USDA. Better yet, grow your own darned strawberries. I did last year, and there were plenty of just-under-golf-ball-sized beauties. The biggest threat to your berries are the darned chipmunks, who somehow are able to calculate when the strawberries reach the perfect ripeness point and get there 15 minutes before you do to bite into them.

  30. Sorry, Jeremy. I got sidetracked because Seahawk/Husky Tom used to go on and on about Isaiah Thomas(former Washington Husky)…..And then when he dropped the lookalike and clapping joke about how Allen reminded him of Crean, it just go me spinning the tires down that old tired gravel road….And then you taking that nonsensical story from Inside the You Know What…..and you plastering it into your Hoosier Morning as if it’s something delivered from Moses on a mountaintop.
    Bottom Line: I’m sure there’s a lot of nonsense about genius coaches out there(football and basketball alike). Some guys get to championship games with teams never really pegged to do so…Some even do so in back to back seasons. From my novice vantage point, that’s a bit more proof in the genius pudding….The rest is just….?…..How do you say it, again….? Speculative puff?

  31. You probably bought strawberry seeds from the Alex Rodriguez seed store. ….or did you use injections of Miracle-Gro?

  32. ….or is it speculative fluff?

    You still got it, Seahawk…I was suddenly transported to the green Indiana fields at my parent’s country home where wild strawberries once grew only feet away from a basketball court I’d spend the majority of lazy hours in the summers of my youth. They grew right under a hand operated water pump my dad had installed near the court…It blasted out the coldest and freshest water sourced from spring-fed underground reserves of a ravine …I lived in paradise and never realized it.

  33. At this time last year after 2 games the IU D had given up 8 TD’s in both wins. This year after 2 W’s the D has given up 2 TD’s. That is as elementary as is is possibly viable to illustrate why Wilson has not had to gamble on the offensive side of the ball. It has absolutely nothing to do with the past 60-70 years of IU FB history(almost all of which I witnessed or followed closely). It is only about the now and will not change unless the D starts breaking down in games IU has a decent chance to win.

  34. Country home in Indiana with wild strawberries and a basketball court. Sounds like paradise indeed. Was there a large glass iced tea dispenser sitting on the counter every day, light condensation on the outside and lemon wedges on the inside, to help with the sweltering summer heat?

    These days the water in the Midwest tastes like a mouthful of dirt and clay, with a hint of chlorine. I went to Maine for the first time this year for my 10 year wedding anniversary; drank water straight from the faucet in little seaside towns. Clear, pure, cold, like your parents’ farm. Nice to know places still exist where you can do that.

  35. It was just a small patch of wild strawberries…They didn’t come in every year. I didn’t live on a farm….I will someday, hopefully tell you a most wild tale of a true dreamer. My father was that dreamer. He loved his one-of-a-kind home and his hunk of acreage that became my childhood paradise. We even had a peach tree…I think it only produced for a couple years…but I don’t think I’ve tasted a better peach since…The tiny little tree was near the border of our summer vegetable garden(quite the long walk from the house). I also remember one season of picking giant wild blackberries that were growing alongside the lonely gravel road heading up to our property. My mom made a delicious pie from them. Someday….I’ll tell you the tale.

    Clarion- I’ll defer to your football expertise.

  36. Oh…and my b-ball court at the country home was a very rugged thing….No pavement The ground sorta sloped upward to the imaginary free throw vicinity…My hours of playing finally wore down grass into a hard packed down dirt semicircle of sorts ….But it was always bumpy and patchy and it would be a challenge to maintain a dribble. But I kid you not….it was paradise to play out there. The main pole supporting the hoop was a leftover beam of the many timbers my dad used to build his home. We attached a couple angular pieces of large timber coming off each side of the beam(around a 45 degree angle…with each piece probably 5 ft. long) to attach the plywood backboard(making it more like an official goal where you would not run into the pole while going in for a layup). The court was at the midpoint of the long walk from house to garden…My view while playing was a beautiful 10 acre expanse of green grass with a couple young maples and borders of giant blue spruce pine trees. I also flagged a lot of fly balls in that field too….when I could get my dad to grab my Louisville slugger and pound some deep shots I would love to run down(as if I was playing center field at Wrigley). My dad was a powerful man …He’d toss a hardball into the air and whack it 300 ft and high to the heavens with little effort.

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