Indiana quarterback Richard Lagow looks to pass during the Sept. 1 win at Florida International. Chris Howell | Herald-Times

Hoosier Morning for Sept. 14

Simmie Cobbs had surgery that may end his season, while Camion Patrick’s season is just about to start, Mike writes.

The third-ranked IU soccer team heads to Michigan for its Big Ten road opener tonight, I wrote.

Who can pick up the slack at wide receiver with Simmie Cobbs injured, asks Sammy Jacobs of

Former IU linebacker Matt Mayberry speaks to overcoming addiction in his new book, Jordan Guskey of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Five factors from the Hoosiers’ win over Ball State, Billy at writes.

A wrapup of Hoosiers in the NFL for Week 1, at

Five-star power forward Billy Preston added Indiana to his top-five list on Tuesday, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall reports.

Suggesting campaign slogans for its preseason top 25 in college basketball, including No. 11 Indiana, via

For Hoosiers coming off surgery past and present, “Like A Surgeon” by Weird Al Yankovic.


  1. is a tremendously informative statistics arsenal about everything IUFB. Damn good thing they offer a glossary as I need it almost every time I read a new post. Offers insight into areas not thought much about and helps prove trends you believe are happening on the field during competition. I thoroughly enjoy it and appreciate it.

  2. Some national stats I just read were very pleasing to the eye and adds value to Coach Tom Allen’s depth of effectiveness. In the same point in time last year after 2 games IU in scoring D was ranked 107 and total D 119. This year IU is ranked for scoring D 34th and total D 61st. The trend in my eyes is a cousin to astounding. Undoubtedly #’s will rise as B1G games reflect the competition played but hell that is the same trend as they did last season and every season before. Trending positive and facts to prove it.

  3. Yes Coach Allen has the defense trending the right way and the same way he has in the past at schools he coached. He is just doing the outstanding job he has in the past and IU is benefiting from it. IU didn’t give up a lot more points in the B1G season last year than they did in the early part of the season. The defense will continue to get better especially now that they have had success with coach.

    I really like how there are several players around the ball on most plays. No more having to make one on one plays which you lose against outstanding players. Now there are several IU players to beat if the offensive player wants to gain ground.

    I too appreciate punt Jonh punt site.

  4. We are all products of a cocktail of inherited traits, environment, and interactions moving to the beat of a constant shaking and changing of those things.
    I see IU Football as finally having positive leaders in place to mold something different in a collective identity. But the environment of cynicism that surrounds a program that has long not been accountable to itself is not an unnatural phenomenon. Outside of the practice field, and the wonderful camaraderie that can grow from locker rooms in any team, there is still the cynical world chiseling away….It may be more of an indifference than mean-spirited public mockery, but it can’t be denied some of that fan indifference will take years to shed.
    But Wilson and the staff he has brought give all appearances of men with far more stubborn constitutions and it is their belief within every individual interaction(player and community) that is beginning to change the personality of IU Football.
    If they succeed in the quest to marry their will and contempt for indifference into the hearts of their teams, it may be one of the greatest turnarounds in the history of sport. For those not painfully loyal IU Football fans, enjoy your spoiled good lot of dominance via inheritance. But to ride on the wings of a first flight that may soon be IU Football is something Hoosiers will never forget. When the leap of faith is simply not a mirage but built into the personality of a gritty bunch of talented young men turning that jersey true to its Indiana nature, feel lucky to be a witness. We will shock the naysayers. This team is not only gang-tackling its opponent, they are smothering 40 years of those identifying with the sad and dysfunctional rather because it was better than having no identity at all.

    We, undaunted Hoosiers, hustle back to huddle with the birth of pride in our hearts. Proud of Indiana Football as we kick indifference in the teeth.

  5. H4H, very well said, and I hope this is the turn around we have been hoping for so long. The fans are slowly coming around as season ticket sales are up. Having a special season with a better season expected the following year will bring more fans in. People like winners and IUFB needs to win to bring more fans in.

    I really liked your last line:
    We, undaunted Hoosiers, hustle back to huddle with the birth of pride in our hearts. Proud of Indiana Football as we kick indifference in the teeth.

  6. Sort of a quirky observation……I’m looking at the photo of Lagow provided above and I’m noticing that his extended left hand looks rather delicate and small. The hand in view with palm up is clearly more in the foreground of the photo(his left shoulder angled more toward the camera) making one think this would exaggerate the size of the hand and thus causing it to appear unusually large. Do I conclude correctly that Lagow has tiny hands? Very slender fingers with a size appropriate for a game of patty cake with The Donald. Also noticeable is the stark contrast in muscle development when comparing the throwing arm to the one that just hangs there….This tells me that he doesn’t play much hoops…..nor has spent significant time in summer jobs delivering furniture or heavy appliances.
    Have you ever noticed how Roger Federer has the same sort of thing going on with the frail looking dangling left arm while his racket-slinging right bicep and forearm is construction worker worthy?

    It is a very nice photo of Lagow…The shadow landing on his face from part of the helmet cage sorta gives him a cookie duster. And his facial expression conveys a cool and confident focus with a determined stare downfield. He certainly looks the part in pose……albeit with tiny hands and almost useless looking strength in the left arm.


    Sort of interesting…..A lot of college QBs never play in the harsh elements(the extreme cold, wet, snowy of a Lambeau….or Soldier Field). The season is not as long in college and most bowl games are played where the conditions are warm and cozy. Hands go untested in gripping the ball in challenged conditions. Who could ever forget Rex “Butterfingers” Grossman in the rainy conditions of Super Bowl XLI…?
    My guess is that Andrew Luck has huge hands….Even in the harshest conditions, I doubt he’d be prone to fumblitis.

    Grossman had difficulty avoiding turnovers, however, and threw 20 interceptions and lost five fumbles during the year. In the last seven games of the season, he turned the ball over 18 times(courtesy: Wikipedia).

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