Kevin Wilson’s lawnmower, Swedish fish and other notes from the radio show

Kevin Wilson paves his path to serenity on a zero-turn lawnmower.

The Indiana coach revealed on his weekly radio show Wednesday that the most relaxing part of his week is when he saddles up his mower and goes for a ride.

“To me, that’s kind of peaceful,” Wilson said.

Peaceful and productive, that’s the Wilson landscaping experience.

“My staff guys know when I’m doing that because I’m thinking a lot,” Wilson said. “I’ll come in with a bunch of ideas like, ‘Why don’t we do this, this, this, this, this?’

— Wilson said Dan Feeney (concussion) was active in practice Wednesday, but indicated doctors have yet to determine whether Feeney will play Saturday against Wake Forest.

“We’ll see,” Wilson said. “He looked good today. Did some work, but I think, again, those things are always up to the doctors.”

— The IU coach said he knows of a “a couple” NFL general managers who will be in Bloomington for the Wake Forest game.

“We have team scouts watching, but when team owners and general managers come to watch your team, they’re looking at guys,” Wilson said. “I got a feeling 67 is one of the guys they’ll be taking a peek at.”

— A fan, Tony in Bedford, emailed to ask Wilson whether Feeney will get the name “Pancake” before the year is over.

“Is that because he’s eating them?” Wilson responded.

— Speaking of food, a fan asked Wilson about team nutrition. One of the more interesting insights centered on the team’s use of Swedish fish candy. Wilson says the team eats a meal together approximately three hours and 45 minutes prior to kickoff each Saturday, but relies on pick-me-ups like Swedish fish during halftime.

“By the time the game goes and you’re in the fourth quarter, you’re six, seven hours from when you’ve eaten,” Wilson said. “Sometimes, you need some substance that doesn’t affect your stomach and gets you through the end of the game or overtime.”

Host Don Fischer was a little confused about what, exactly, Swedish fish are.

“It’s a sugar blast that doesn’t give you a crash,” Wilson said.

— If you couldn’t tell already, Wilson really, really likes freshman hybrid safety Marcelino Ball.

“He’s a ball junkie,” Wilson said. “He’s a good football player. We’re pleased he’s here and the thing is … he’s not even close to what he can be and what we want him to be.”

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  1. It is pretty clear Coach Wilson is more comfortable in his role as HC now. Several factors contribute to that – getting a new contract, getting to a bowl game, improved roster, a DC he can count on to make the defense better, etc. I hope all this adds up to a better season this year and as long as the injured players get back soon and IU can avoid any more major injuries which should lead to a better season.

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