Mistakes bury IU in 33-28 loss to Wake Forest.

Indiana’s first play of the day went for a 75-yard touchdown.

The rest of its afternoon was far less efficient.

In a game that could have provided a positive launching point for the start of conference play next week, the Hoosiers tripped and stumbled their way through a 33-28 loss to Wake Forest on Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

There were interceptions, costly penalties and a running attack that never materialized with the Hoosiers missing both right guard Dan Feeney (concussion) and right tackle Dimitric Camiel (back) due to injuries.

Indiana actually outgained Wake Forest 611-352 behind a statistically superior passing day by quarterback Richard Lagow, but a long list of miscues and misfires doomed them ahead of next Saturday’s primetime matchup against Michigan State.

“We just had way too many errors,” Indiana coach Kevin Wilson said. “Making nine penalties — a lot of them were critical.”

Indeed, there was no fatal blow so much as Indiana fell victim to an accumulation of mistakes.

With IU ahead 7-0 early, defensive tackle Ralph Green III set the tone for the day on Wake’s first possession. On the Deacons second play from scrimmage, linebacker Tegray Scales punched the ball out of the hands of receiver Cortez Lewis and IU corner Rashard Fant recovered it at the Wake 30-yard line.

But officials had thrown a flag, whistling Green for jumping offsides.

Later, down seven late in the second quarter, IU was driving inside the Wake 20 when another gaffe helped prevent the Hoosiers from cashing in.

Quarterback Richard Lagow completed a 14-yard pass to Mitchell Paige that carried IU to the Deacon 2, but a holding call against freshman left tackle Coy Cronk knocked Indiana back. Two plays later, a 36-yard field goal attempt by Griffin Oakes was blocked.

And don’t forget about a fourth-quarter defensive sequence that saw the Hoosiers flagged four times on a single drive. There were two face-mask calls, including one that negated a 16-yard sack, a holding call and an offside flag. They all added up to a 75-yard scoring drive for the Deacons, who watched quarterback John Wolford scamper into the end zone on an 11-yard keeper that put Wake ahead 33-21 with 10 minutes to play.

“Penalties ruin potential,” linebacker Tegray Scales said. “We were just trying to make plays. We had the opportunities to (make plays), we just did not.”

Offensively, it was a boom and bust kind of day for Lagow and his men.

Lagow threw for 496 yards, completing 28 of his 47 passes and throwing for three touchdowns. But he also tossed five picks.

Indiana, which has thrived on runs to the right side in the past, clearly missed the combined presence of Feeney and Camiel. Jacob Bailey started in place of Feeney at right guard and Brandon Knight, who has mostly played left tackle and tight end during his first year-plus in college, manned right tackle.

The Hoosiers rushed for only 115 yards, and Devine Redding’s streak of five consecutive 100-yard performances fizzled. He led IU with 68 yards on 16 carries.

“We didn’t run the ball (poorly) because those two guys weren’t there,” Wilson said. “We didn’t run the ball because we didn’t block well.”

Lagow didn’t throw a single interception across IU’s first two games, but that changed Saturday.

Two of those interceptions were the result of tipped balls by his receivers. Two more were simply bad throws. Another came during a broken play.

There was no arguing with his first throw of the game, a bullet to the gut of Nick Westbrook, who ran 75 yards clear to the end zone 13 seconds into the contest.

On the other hand, his first interception led to a serious scoring swing.

Lagow had receiver Luke Timian in the end zone, but the ball deflected into the hands of safety Jessie Bates. That turned into a 12-play, 61-yard scoring drive for the Deacons, who capped the possession with a four-yard read-option keeper by Wolford.

Indiana’s defense actually authored a pretty strong performance against Wolford for much of the first half, including a string of three consecutive three-and-outs.

But the Hoosiers wilted late in the half.

Wolford cut through coordinator Tom Allen’s unit in two minutes, pushing his offense 80 yards in six plays. He capped the drive with a 26-yard pass to Chuck Wade in the back of the end zone that built the Wake Forest advantage to 21-7 by halftime.

“We gave up too many points and we had too many mistakes,” safety Jonathan Crawford said. “In the end, we just have to come through.”

Wake Forest kicker Mike Weaver sandwiched a pair of field goals around Westbrook’s second touchdown of the game, and the Deacons had Indiana down 27-14 late in the third quarter.

IU’s quick-strike offense made a cameo late in the period on a four-play, 65-yard drive that saw 280-pound freshman Tyler Natee on the field as a wildcat quarterback on the one-yard touchdown keeper that closed the possession.

But that was all from Indiana, save for a fluke touchdown reception in garbage time by Donavan Hale.

Blame the mistakes. There were plenty of them.

“We lose the turnover battle and some scoring opportunities, had a kicking blunder (and poor) field goal blocking,” Wilson said. “A lot of things led to us being short on the stick.”


  1. In spite of numerous stupid penalties, IU’s defense is still much improved. At least IU’s defense was making aggressive mistakes.

    Must beat Penn State now if IU wants to go to a bowl game.

    Two weeks to prepare for this game and IU’s vaunted offense was a mistake machine. Either Feeney is superman or IU’s coaching staff failed to prepare this team properly.

  2. Another high powered offensive performance that has been hopefully overrated not just this season but many seasons. Injury here and an injury there….Lack of coaching here and lack of coaching there….Mistake here and mistake there….Lack of talent here and lack of talent there….Pretty much sums up IU football tradition. FOOLS GOLD!

  3. Yes, IU football tradition, how could we overlook that?

    We used to mean something in basketball. We mean nothing in basketball now.

    We never amounted to anything in football. We still don’t.

    It’s not Crean‘s fault. No, it’s Willy Wonka‘s.

  4. too many turnovers and too many penalties….the penalties have plague IU in all three games this year….looks like a long season (5-7, 4-8).

  5. This game was disappointing and discouraging but it is just one game. ND’s loss to Duke shows MSU may be over rated so it is important for IU to have this offense come together. IU had to make major adjustments against a good defensive front and they didn’t get it done. This coaching staff has earned the reputation of developing offenses and it is time to show they can do it with talented players that have different skills than in the past.

    Defensively our D is at a point that coach Allen described earlier ‘are they going to put their foot in the ground and arm in the air saying things will change.’ The defense didn’t play too bad but they were exposed time after time due to the turnovers the offense had. No one has claimed this defense is a shut down team but that they are an improved defense and they showed that against WF.

    I am concerned about the special teams mistake again this game. It indicates a lack of attention to details and I hope this isn’t what led to this blocked FG. This game showed IU isn’t yet ready for tough games. I hope with another week to prepare IU is more prepared for the games coming up in the schedule.

  6. Early on several were saying how deep the team was regarding receivers. I felt IU had a really really good group of receivers but no deeper than they needed to be and the loss of Cobb hurt. IU still has a really good group of receivers but not a really really good group. Cobb was a huge loss.

  7. In the Ball State game radio Fish sidekick B.S. called blocked punt way before it happened in game. He kept saying punter was taking way to much time as compared to the week before in Florida and predicted blocked punt. He could tell from the press box.

  8. Still terribly inefficient on 3rd downs. Too many self- inflicted wounds. So much for the offensive line depth as no Feeney and no Camiel meant no running game. The defense should stress penalties since they stress take aways and got none. Maybe if they stress penalites, they will stop getting so many- like 4 in 5 plays to give Wake Forrest the win. Maybe this is the best a KW team can do- more talented yet too undisciplined to consistently win. Another special teams mistake- a blocked field goal? One week after a blocked punt? Good teams don’t beat themselves. IU isn’t a good team. They have enough talent. But as of now, they aren’t a good team.

  9. The team is not a very good team yet, just has the potential to be a good team this year. It is clear at this point the coaches don’t have the right way to make them a good team. The biggest concern at this point is why the offense hasn’t come together yet. They have some talented players but none that are dominate players so far with the exception of Feeney. IU isn’t much different than MSU at this point of the season while Wisconsin has improved quite a bit.

    IU has a chance to save this season yet and win some games they aren’t expected to win. It was clear against WF IU lost this game more than WF won the game. It is easier to correct mistakes than it is to improve talent in a season. IU needs to clean up many mistakes in a short time to turn this season around ro a winning season.

  10. V- they can, but will they? Maybe mediocre is the high water mark for a KW team. When you look at programs that win without the 4 and 5 star talent, they seem to limit penalties and turnovers, run the ball well, defend against the run, stress special teams and are efficient with their offenses. So far, I believe we have defended against the run pretty well. Other than that, we’ve had trouble with everything else. That isn’t a recipe for success.

  11. Indiana continues to be good enough to lose by just a little bit. Sadly, that is significant progress but simply adds to the frustration of being a Hoosier football fan. And to think, last week Wilson was complaining about the fans, pretty bold for a guy who has never had a winning season.

  12. Les Miles is now available.He probably wouldn’t meet Indiana’s standards because he has actually won something.

  13. Are we willing to lose Crean to hire a big bucks/big name football coach? We’re paying hamburger prices for our coach at Memorial ….We’re paying dry-aged prime prices for hamburger at Assembly.

    I think we could bring in a name like Bill Coen to Assembly and still have great success…We don’t need Brad Stevens to get to back onto elite stages(Elite 8 and Final Four). Conservative spending on a quality basketball is just what the doctored ordered for Assembly. Apply the savings to generate the shock treatment to Memorial that could serve as answer to that long left open question: Can a big name hire change the culture of losing at Memorial? I believe it’s worth the gamble. But we must first change the balance of spending. Far too many dollars have been blown for Sweet 16s.

  14. As of June 30, 2014, Coen’s annual salary was $448,082 (courtesy: Wikipedia).

    Think Coen would take a doubling of his salary to coach at IU? Get this thing more in balance. What it takes to bring winning football and top talent to Memorial deserves more pay. At minimum, we satisfy some age-old questions: Does it take grotesque amounts of spending to win at Assembly? Can conservative spending at Memorial ever provide the shock treatment to lift the program from the cellar?

  15. Hard to believe Wilson got a 6-year deal worth over 15 million for a 2-6 conference record and a trip to a Pinstripe Bowl. Guess we sink or swim with Wilson. Bitching is rather pointless. We won’t be buying out the contract of Hoosier Football’s Bobby Knight anytime soon.

    Our main focus should be the refusal to bury our basketball program with another 6-8 years of Crean. We can easily acquire a far better coach at 1/2 to 2/3 the investment.

  16. Ya wanna know why fans won’t show up year after year? That’s why. Any and every time this team has a chance to make a meaningful leap, in front of the home crowd, no less……..FLOP! Over and over again like a broken record.

    Les Miles might be the only thing left that could make me invest my viewing time in this Hoosier program again – as long as he doesn’t bring Cam Cameron with him.

  17. It is hard to follow a team that flops when they have a chance to step up and be a team in the upper level of the B1G. This team still has a chance to have some really good wins this year but they will have to change on penalties and turnovers if they have any chance to win those games. It is time to show fans they are backing a team that knows how to win and will do what they need to do to win games. Last year Nebraska was the team coming up short but learned so far what they have to do to win this year. It is possible for IU to do the same thing this game but it will take our coaches and players to take a different approach to the game. I was very happy when we got a DC that did change our approach to defense but the defense this game at the end of each half to do what they did last year.

    To win games IU needs to win this year they will have to play much better than they have so far. I hope they settle on who they are playing each game and work hard to get to better each week.

  18. Les Miles is a pipe dream…We just committed 6 years and 15 million to Wilson. The only thing not a pipe dream is buying out Crean’s remaining contract after he flops again with a talented team.
    Going on 9 years and he has yet to take us to the second Saturday in the Big Dance. The state Indiana is overflowing with top hoops talent. Developing a 60 man football roster when surrounded by high-flying programs like OSU and Michigan(and often ND) is a gargantuan task compared to five talented ballers well-coached who can achieve something special in March.

    Watch U. of Washington flop before all is said and done. Wilson is not the elephant in the room of IU Sports dysfunctional ways of late. He has far more promise than the guy we can finally rid ourselves from pious and pompous shackles…..and grotesque salary.

  19. 2 years ago we lost to Bowling Green then went on the road to beat Missouri the next game. So maybe we come back and win. MSU is definitely not as good as the last few years. And Natee and Patrick got into the Wake game so both will be ready next week. I liked the I back set with Natee and Newton and also using Natee as the option QB. He just needs to learn when to keep and when to pitch the ball. I think they purposely did not throw to Patrick. He should be a main target next week. Feeney gets back, Camiel gets back, we can get the the season back on track.

  20. Of course Les Miles is a pipe dream. So is IU ever being ranked near the top 25 in our lifetime. Yes it’s true Indiana beat Missouri on the road two years ago. Different team different time.Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

  21. Well, we can fix the basketball side of the equation in the immediacy….and we can save a schnitzel-ton of money. It’s not a pipe dream to get a hoops coach who can get us into the second weekend of an NCAA tournament in “our lifetime.”
    I’m not prepared to give up on Wilson. Tough emotional weekend with the tragic death of Hep’s daughter. We have a QB with the right swagger and plenty of arm. One non-conference loss does not sink a season.

    Indiana 44
    MSU 35

  22. As soon as I saw Camiel and Bailey both were out beside Feeney I immediately figured it would be a long day for the rushing offense needed to help open up schemed passing. You can’t lose that much manpower on the OL and not feel some negative. I also must admit WF was far better than I anticipated. They were pretty solid all game. Nice to see Jones get some catches. All the mistakes IU made are correctable.

  23. The thing I took away from KW’s presser was how fragile Lagow’s confidence must be. Wilson is going way out of his way to say the 5, yes 5, interceptions were not his fault. What do you think KW would be saying if Sudfeld ever threw 5 picks? KW is also going out of his way to say Lagow is doing a good job and that there isn’t a qb controversy. KW was also trying to put a positive spin on Lagow drawing the personal foul for speaking back to the official. If Sudfeld did that, he’d have been benched.

  24. Lagow is spilling over with talent and potential…That’s what Wilson understands. He’ll redeem himself just fine against MSU.

  25. Lagow does have potential.But It did not spill into Austin,Waco, College Station or Houston. His talent landed him instead in the Midwest with a Big Ten also ran. Let’s hope he continues to improve.

  26. Wilson’s redeeming comments about Lagow where pretty accurate from the stadium seat I occupied. He described the 5 picks just as I saw them. My big picture observation of the whole game it did not look to me the Hoosiers were as physical as they have been not only in the previous 2 games but also last year.

  27. Forgive me….I forgot that Tom Crean is the only man on earth who can find talent ready to blossom while other programs land more hyped or “sure thing” 5-stars.

    Who knows…? Lagow may soon be Hoosier Football’s “also ran” version of Crean locating OG Anunoby. I’m far from the expert, but Gunner Kiel was pretty hyped. How’s that turned out?
    And I guess you can degrade any recruit coming to play for an “also ran” program like Indiana…. Jordan Howard and Tevin Coleman are doing pretty well for signing with an “also ran.”

  28. When you throw five interceptions, it’s likely to cost you the game. This was no different. Hopefully, Lagow can dust himself off and grind hard during the Michigan State game.

    As one blogger pointed out, the stadium will never be filled when we lay eggs like this at home. The football fan base is fragile at best and already is suffering hairline cracks. Wake Forest wasn’t the better team but good luck convincing the fans, otherwise.

  29. And other contributors(I believe it was davis) have said the stadium will never be filled(or take decades to get to the point of continual sellouts) even if we don’t lay eggs and we pile up winning seasons. At some sites, and within some university/campus cultures, there is not the infectious desire to spend three to four hours of a Saturday at a football game. And let’s be honest, $45.00 for a seat to the general public adds up in a hurry if you’re JPat taking your family. I haven’t gone to an IU game in ages. I was actually trying to talk my family into going to the BSU game….I looked up the prices….considered the construction down hwy 37….considered the gas roundtrip…considered the cost of meals. Sure, it sounded like a fun way to spend a Saturday. But was it worth $200-$250….? Every team lays eggs…ND is laying quite a few this season. Sadly, it’s often the atmosphere I already expect/construct in my mind(students looking at their devices instead of really caring about the game, 1/2 filled stadium, flat crowd win or lose) that kills the desire even more than the difficult commute or overall expense.
    I have seen plenty of QBs have sorry-ass games…I’ve seen plenty that have had multiple sorry-ass games in one season while earning 25 million per year. I have watched a Bear QB that came out of an elite college football program(U. of Florida) stink it up in the NFL and go into total meltdown in a Super Bowl.
    Lagow is in his 3rd game as a Hoosier. He had a bad outing. Let’s please stop the sky from falling…Now we’re going to blame the historic lack of inspiration at Memorial for Lagow’s bad outing? Sounds like good plan to me. Sounds like a great way to build a young man’s confidence.

  30. The next three games will tell us all we need to know concerning our slope of improvement.
    I do know we were a much tougher opponent for Duke than that team they bitch-slapped around in South Bend. I guess that makes us better team(with a far better defense) than the Irish. Duke and Indiana stand atop the college football world. Sadly, only one of those programs still gets to Final Fours as well. At least our Glass is half full.

  31. Wake Forest received 9 votes as one of the “others receiving votes” in the AP Top 25 rankings. Sort of interesting that Duke was nowhere to be found in “others receiving votes” after defeating ND in South Bend.

    Will Wake Forest soon be a Top 25 team?

  32. H4H They may be in top 25. Very impressive in their 3rd year of rebuilding the program after going 3 – 9 last year. Also with the injuries they had facing us with their quarterback, running back, rover, safety and two defensive linemen sidelined by injuries. Definitely a program on a quick rise at 4-0.

  33. Ben- WF is 4-0 and beat IU (2-1). WF is the better team.

    v13- Details, details, indeed. Like I’ve been sayin’ KW does not pay any attention to the kicking game and it shows.

    The real shame is that this stinkfest happened in front of 45k+ fans. That’s a very good turnout for IUFB.

  34. I would attend Hoosier football games if it were les miles from my home.

    Sorry…It was just too easy.

  35. So it begs the question. What are we now measuring KW in terms of progress in his sixth year with the best team he has ever had? Based on just making it to another bowl? Perceived improvement in the program based on not getting beat too bad by top conference teams? The defense getting better? Based on the first winning record in 9 years?

  36. In all the problems from this game not many have noticed the defense, although not a shut down defense, played a good game that would have won most IU games. The defense only gave up two TDs while the offense still isn’t in sync yet. As hard as it is to say based on past seasons the problem is the OL more than anything else. They have not dominated the LOS like last year and have made it hard to run the ball in every game. I don’t know what is going on with them but getting the OL back to where it has been in the past would solve many problems for the offense. Meanwhile our defense continues to play much better than in the past although not as good as we want.

  37. WF had 59 more total yards on the ground(WF:189, IU: 130)…Both teams averaged 3.6 per carry.
    We destroyed them in overall yardage(IU: 611, WF: 352) and passing yardage(IU: 496, WF: 172).

    Take out the penalties and the interceptions and we basically dominated them. It’s no different than b-ball. Turnovers and bad fouls can kill you.

    I think many of the mental mistakes came with the emotional weight of the morning. It doesn’t take much to take an edge off. It’s only Lagow’s 3rd game. Sometimes potential never marries to excitability/demeanor/confidence. A bit more balanced attack and run game may have settled Lagow down. Time will tell….but I still like a Hoosier offense that airs it out.

  38. I like our chances throwing short screens to Patrick. Put a 230 lb receiver that runs a 4.35 against a 190 lb pound cornerback and he should win every time. Patrick should be able to drag any db for at least 4 yards. I also would like to see them throw to Danny Friend more often. Friend is huge and can catch the ball. Some short passes might loosen up the defensive front and give us more lanes to run inside as well as give some more opportunities to go over the top to Westbrook and Jones. MSU probably does what Wake did- stack the box, keep us from running and force Lagow to make throws.

  39. Davis,

    My point is this. If we could’ve calmed Lagow down, we could’ve won the game based on free points on interceptions alone. We gave it away. The defense played respectable for the most part. Wake Forest wasn’t the better team on the field. Indiana was the better team, but we more or less went into the Christmas spirit a little early and “gave it away”.

  40. I’ll add one other thing. You’re right. 45,000 is very respectable for a Indiana Hoosier football game. Again, until this team wins on a consistent basis it will struggle to fill the stands. Losses like this at home hurt. I imagine many fans have already gave up and I bet it will be a struggle to get it full like this again this year, unless this team goes on a torrid rampage.

  41. The season hinges on MSU….It could be argued that everything hinges on MSU. I think the crowd will be HeeeeeeeuuuuuuGE! this Saturday.

    Hoosiers 44
    MSU 35

  42. It saddens me to read that 45,000 people in attendance at an IU home game is respectable. I get your point, with IU football, everything is relative. But it’s very sad that on a beautiful, warm, sunny day in September, with a team that was 2 – 0, coming off its best season in a decade, IU could only attract 45,000 people into the stadium. And that may represent ticket sales, but I doubt there were ever 45,000 people inside Memorial Stadium throughout the entire day. Of course, losing the game to Wake Forest, and in the manner it was lost, reinforces all the negative beliefs that so many Hoosiers have about IU Football.

    Wilson’s decision not to remove Lagow from the game after throwing five INTs must have been discouraging to at least two of the back-up QBs on IU’s roster. And I suspect it will increase the risk of losing them to transfer after this season is finished. Perhaps Wilson would not have a problem if they did. We know Wilson really loves tall, strong-armed QBs, but if ever there was a game when an IU back-up should have gotten a chance to play, it was last Saturday. And it suggests that Wilson sees a significant difference between Lagow and his next best QB.

  43. Poppycock….Wilson was absolutely correct in leaving Lagow in the game. Let the other QBs transfer. Though we all know that won’t happen(Zander and Cameron wouldn’t get much interest from other teams in power conferences).

    Memorial seats around 52,000. 45,000 is sad? You expected a sellout against Wake Forest? More poppycock.

    Indiana 44
    MSU 35

    Lagow will play great football.
    The game will be a sellout.

  44. H4H, it will be great for IU to beat MSU this year. I hope Lagow gets the protection to play great and receivers to catch every ball they touch. I hope we get Feeney and Camiel back along with Patrick as full go receiver and targeted. It will be great to see him with the ball in his hands.

  45. v13- That’s all we can really do. We can armchair QB….and we can question Wilson’s decisions until we’re Duke blue. But what’s the point? Glass just signed Wilson to a 6-year/$15,000,000 deal. How would you like one million multiplied by fifteen in your bank account after six years?
    We have a coach who was never a head coach until IU….We have an ex-junior college QB who will soon be getting his first taste of Big 10 football.
    Somehow…some way, All we can do hope that these men are supremely grateful of the unique opportunity that only a place like Indiana can present. I hope they appreciate us enough to never believe we have grown used to losing. It’s time to claim our hearts and prove that you don’t have to be a “big name” to win a “big game.”

  46. I don’t suspect Lagow will lose his job. I do question why we didn’t bench him temporarily to prove a point. I agree with what Harvard said on transferring. I doubt they go anywhere else as the interest level would be low. Illinois State, Ball State perhaps…

  47. I will be at this game against MSU so I really hope IU wins the game. I will love to see Patrick with the ball in his hands and watch him do what the coaches saw last year as scout team player. I hope IU players learned their lesson from the WF game.

    Ben I agree Lagow will not lose his job and I wish the coaches hadn’t messed with his throwing motions. When you watch the best Qbs in the NFL all have different throwing motions so why IU coaches think they have to change a QBs throwing motion is beyond me. I coached very good high school QBs and didn’t change their throwing motions unless it really was creating a problem.

    IU needs to play their best game this year against MSU to win the game. I hope IU’s defense can play like Wisconsin’s defense against MSU and our DBs need to play the receivers tight while our defensive front needs to pressure MSU’s QB with a lot heat. Our OL also needs to play much better , especially the left side, to give our RBs lanes to run in and give our QB protection to find open receivers.

  48. A HC can’t win with some fans. If he platoons his QB’s he is called for doing so. If his QB makes mistakes in a game and is not subbed out he gets called again. Lagow naturally was showing frustration even through his calm exterior. Both Johns and Wilson are very good QB coaches and Lagow no doubt was getting instruction on the sidelines during possessions to address the mistakes. Handling those frustrations was for certain an emphasis in the film room this week. We’ll see a much different Lagow come Saturday displaying that improvement.

  49. have not been to any practices or a gme this year…can only go by what is published in the media about this team…from spring IU football we heard that Richard Lagow had a big time arm, but lacked in accuracy…Lagow was overthrowning receivers in the spring football game an is still overthrowning wide receivers today…what makes everyone think Camion Patrick will have a big game against MSU, when everything depends on Lagow getting him the football in the proper (timing) position….a good or great wide receivers can only be as good as the QB getting him the football…the ceiling is very high on Richard Lagow, but can he improve…..Ryan Leaf had a big time arm, but he never could find or get the football to the receivers properly….i have always been inform that timing between QB and WR is a necessity, if that is true expect a few overthrown passes in the area of Patrick doing this game….do not get me wrong i believe this is a good team and will have a couple of surprise wins this year, just do not know how good this team is..maybe my expectation where to high for this team….but i will always follow and back IU football…..GO IU and GO Kevin Wilson

  50. IU79- I agree with you about Lagow. He’s got a big arm but tends to throw too high and too hard- a bad combination. I think the hope with Patrick is that you can put him in motion, pitch him the ball and now you have a running back with the speed of Tevin Coleman and the power of Jordan Howard. Or you put him in the slot, let him take a step back and a quick screen pass gives you a 230 lb running back against a 190 lb cornerback. He just presents a lot of opportunity for big plays that are low risk. The biggest problem last week was that IU had trouble running and Lagow had to pass. He was much better in the first 2 games when he was throwing when they had more balance. Problem is MSU is also very good against the run. But I still feel we’ll pull out a win. The defense will step up, and the combination of Patrick and Tyler Natee in the red zone gives us the upset. Go Hoosiers!

  51. Lagow is a talent and he showed some character and fight when the chips were down. I trust Wilson’s decision that Lagow deserves to be the starter. I like Lagow. But if ever a coach was going to give a back-up QB an opportunity to get in the game, last Saturday was a good opportunity to do so, especially after Lagow mouthed off to the ref and earned a 15-yard Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty. It may have been the right decision for both Lagow and the team to keep him in the game, but I doubt the other four QBs on the roster appreciate that, and now see the writing on the wall. And if they’re not good enough to transfer to another school, D-1 or otherwise, why are they on IU’s roster? I read in today’s newspaper that Alabama’s back-up QB just left the team and announced he will transfer. And he’d played in several games already this season! I hope I’m wrong, but I can’t imagine all five QBs on IU’s roster will remain with the team after the season is over. And unfortunately, it will be the best back-ups that are most likely to transfer. If you want to keep the pigeons in the park, you have to feed them once in a while.

  52. No way there was 45,000 people in the stands during Saturday’s game against Wake Forest. IU may have sold 45,000 tickets, but many of those were unused.

    After losing at home to Wisconsin, I suspect MSU is going to be hyper-motivated to get back on the winning track. Therefore, I do not share anyone’s optimism that IU will beat MSU this Saturday. It would be wonderful if we do, but it’s not likely. We’re going to see just how improved IU’s defense is on Saturday, especially against the run. Holding MSU to less than last year’s tally of 52 points will be a sign of significant improvement.

  53. In the history of IU Football, I don’t recall an athlete as hyped as Patrick.

    Sorta funny…He played h.s. football for a guy named Zeller …. and now everything hinges on Patrick. Academics sent him back behind the veil ..Torn ACL hasn’t stopped the preordained talk of a “monstrous” talent with big unassuming heart who can erupt from the depths of a wildly imagined unknown to resurrect a mystery into storybook reality ….
    The legend grows larger than the Loch Ness monster in the deep black lake of Hoosier Football. Will he pop up his head this weekend? Will he swallow a Spartan boater like a small lake trout snack…? Or will he catch the lens of a lucky camera in some blurred shadowy image of a running back only to be discounted and deleted faster from history than Hillary’s emails? Is he the real deal… or is he a floating banana peel ready to take our fantasies right off the ground they hover? Will we soon know? v-13, look into your crystal ball and tell me what you see….But rub it with no distortions of a crazy Scoop journalist in the room….for there was another legend named Zeller who barely grabs a headline these days….And then there was that Hanner kid who Dustin filled with more hot air than the Hindenburg to be the next’ Hakeem the Dream.’

    I’m excited as everyone else….but doesn’t OSU have like….an entire backfield of these who are gaining more than invisible yardage?

  54. Oh, Podunker of Poppycockville..

    You fill the air with such defeatism and doubt for our coach. We had a player have child molestation charges brought against him. We had a heroin dealer on the team last year. Mouthing off to a ref is hardly Salem Witch Trial material. The kid’s got some gumption….Heaven forbid someone wearing the helmet of the most joked about team in the history of college football brings a little moxie to the Saturday on the defeatist park bench.

  55. Ever hear of Jim McMahon…..? He also had a mouth. Guys in the trenches loved to play for him. He has a Super Bowl ring.
    Did you ever hear of this loose cannon with a bird’s nest for a hairdo and is now a heartbeat from becoming President? Can’t imagine how many “flags” have been thrown against the mouth of that “leader.”

    In today’s world, a mouth is a sign of greatness in a great leader. You don’t bench those people….You place their names on ballots and buildings. Get with the program, bro.

  56. Bottom line, beating MSU or not, it is now time to get this program to a winning record. kw received a nice extension which was deserved, improvement now judged by record and bowl.

  57. CaliHoosier- Have you ever met DoubleDown? Tell him I said hello.

    I agree…Enough with the whining about fan support…Enough with the injury excuses….Enough with the revolving door of defensive coordinators to buy more time…Enough of the legend building of players never seen or heard. It’s time to start winning some Big 10 games. It’s time to judge on more than promises and hype. Six years was too long of an extension. I would have given him six months at best after a 2-6 conference record and blowing a bowl game against Duke. I like Wilson….but you don’t build winning programs on the security of long contracts with thin results.

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